Dirty Helen

It was more than twelve months since the young women had moved next door in all that time we hardly spoken, just the odd good morning, how are you, the garden looks good that sort of thing.

Not at all an unattractive women Helen I found out her name, looked about 5’4” probably carrying a few more pounds than she should, but she still looked good when she trotted off to work in her too tight pencil skirts and 3” patent shoes with bare brown legs. Her clothes all looked rather threadbare but clean and tidy Oh I’d love to have done more than just pass the time of day with Helen.

I found out via neighbours that she was 42 and estranged from her husband for reasons unknown, she had moved here and taken on quite a large mortgage even though her job was a little risky.

This all change one Friday morning when I was taking my dog Sabre for his morning walk something we did together twice a day, I saw a white van with two men turn up outside my neighbours front door, both men wore smart suits and looked very official. I watched them knock next door and within a few moments could her Helen crying in clear distress.

Me well I’m Peter or Pete, 59 a widow of four years, loosing my Mary had changed my life completely not just the daily company but the sex oh such wonderful sex. I eat at the pub three nights a week now, this is for the company more than the food the pub offers, I can cook but foods however good is not so tasty when eaten alone. Ours had been a good marriage in every way if you know what I mean I’d re – learnt what my right hand was for since she went and I’d ordered a lot of porn on the internet in the last three years also.

Back to that fateful morning, can I help here were my opening gambit as I approached Helen’s door, she looked drawn and weary and also speechless. We took the meeting indoors where It took a few minutes and a lot of insistence to find out that the men were bailiffs, and Helen was behind on her mortgage payments and a cluster of other bills. The bailiffs I could see were not very happy with my interference, and after a thirty minute discussion about financial rulings found themselves leaving with a cheque for a quarter of the bill they were a lot less happy. Helen still speechless and also amazed, her next door neighbour an accountant not just getting them to accept just the mortgage interest and other bills, but also paying the ?500 necessary from his own pocket.

It took me quite a time and a hot cup of tea to calm her down and find out more about her problems. It turned out she had taken out a large mortgage when leaving her husband, and three months ago she had been made redundant and realised the job market was not going to be very helpful.

I made more tea and chatted to her for quite a while, changing the subject as much as possible, and by the end of our little chat she had agreed to be my cleaning lady on an ad hock agreement, she would come in three times a week to clean and also do a little extra food when she cooked dinner thus keeping me out of the pub.

I’m sure Helen after just a couple of visits knew what effect she was having on me. Short flared skirts, she found easy to clean in, but over firm thighs on full show when she was at her work a sight to behold for this old man.

It was only a few weeks before Helen admitted although the money was really helpful without more work she would soon be back in trouble. This seemed an opportunity not to be missed so I went for it, Helen looked aghast as I spoke, don’t you realise your sat on a fortune Helen, an absolute fortune, I for one would pay just to look at your body let alone touch it. At first I thought I’d gone to far, her face red with indignation blurting out her objections calling me a filthy pervert…. then total silence and the shuffling of feet.

Two hours later we had come to an arrangement, and knew so much more about each other, and each others history

I’d told Helen how Mary had been a very willing and sexy lady, while being a great wife and provider, we had done many different things behind closed doors although I didn’t go into full detail.

Helen admitted to me like Mary she couldn’t have children, but for her it had been the end of her marriage her husband had wanted children and as it was her fault and he made sure she new it, for the last six years at the end of the marriage they had not shared a bed, and she was certain he had other women.

I asked her about sex, blushing bright red she talked about Big Jim….. I was a bit slow on the uptake before realising this was a rubber friend much needed during the last few years, and after much prompting she admitted it was to her BIG. Like me she never went into detail, but her mind was racing she and her husband had only ever had vanilla sex and after looking on line at stories and picture’s she new she wanted more.

The arrangement…….. she was nervous at the start she agreed she would clean slutty for me to double her pay and then see how it progressed.

That day I provided her with a parcel containing an outfit for her first visit I also asked her to apply make – up to suit the outfit

. Two days later the knock at the back door, Helen stood in a raincoat and 4” black high heels she pushed passed me to enter quickly. Once in I could see her make – up thicker and blacker than any street whore, and when she shyly took off the coat revealing the outfit I had given her she had an immediate effect, a French maid’s outfit last worn by Mary, a Mary who was a size smaller than Helen, she was bursting out at the seams her tits and in particular her nipples erect and firm.

All morning her face was glowing red either with embarrassment or excitement, alongside an inquisitive Sabre I followed her from room to room enjoying the view the only fault I found were her panties a little old fashioned covering to much and nowhere as sheer as the maids blouse, but that didn’t take anything away from her ass it wobbled nicely and her arse crease stood out even in those knickers.

The arrangement continued like this for the next couple of visits Helen showing off and me getting harder and harder, then over coffee I told her more of my life with Mary in particular the sex side.

I also started to plug her more about Big Jim and how she used it, after lots of giggling and blushing we finished up with her agreeing to bring it round on her next visit. I’m not sure who was more excited

The next day Helen arrived in her raincoat, pushing quickly into the kitchen and at the same time pulling a fat 8” rubber dildo from the folds of her coat, she giggled as she waggled that fat monster. I took it from her and looking directly into her eyes I held the base to her mouth “lick it Helen” she licked the base knowingly and then watched as I stuck the suction pad on the kitchen table, it wobbled wildly when I released it. Looking Helen in the eye once more I spoke forcefully “there is just one more thing those panties need to go now” I offered her a tiny sheer white thong, turning her back to me she completed the transformation in seconds.

The next minute there she stood her duster ready for cleaning “dining room windows today Helen you’ll need these” I announced forcefully directing and following her with a short lightweight three rung step ladder with a high support bar. She opened it wide stepping right up too the third rung knowing she’d be showing me her near naked ass.

A sight for any man to behold a size 12 ass squeezed into almost see – through size 10 panties. As she manoeuvred herself this way and that on the steps, the tiny string affair slid round her firm globes, suddenly her legs stretched upward and rested on the window sill immediately the panties rode to one side her pussy and anal ring shot into view Helen felt a cool breath hit her women hood she was really enjoying showing herself to Pete and knew there was no turning back. Pete got a full view of that full swollen cunt Helen’s labia petals were opening and looked so very wet and inviting, a dew drop of her juices forming along her slit. Her foot slid along the sill right to the end I was right below her breathing in her sex odour and taking in the view as she bent opening herself still further, her breathing was heavy and laboured she was ready and it showed.

I took the bull by the horns “I think big Jim needs you Helen” I spoke the words quietly and firmly, while taking her calf and upper leg firmly to steady her as she dismounted firstly the sill and then the steps.

She moved before me head bowed a blush across her cheeks, I new there moved in front of me a submissive young women. “hands flat on the table legs nice and wide” once again I spoke firmly there was no going back for Helen. I pulled big Jim from the table making sure she saw it’s firmness as I lifted it behind her, “do you want this Helen” a thin smile crossed her lips, and a slight nod of her head.

She wanted it and I was going to give it to her. A startled moan escaped her lips as I simply lined it up with her cunt and introduced the first four inches, I wasn’t stopping, pulling back halfway then pushing the full length home. There was a cry of anguish her legs wobbled then spread wider and wider accepting her rubber lover pushing back, gasping for air obscenities exploding from her lips….. harder ram it up me fuuuuuck yes faster, big Jim was covered in her fluids running the length of the dildo dripping down her white firm thighs.

Thirty minutes and what must have been four orgasms at least, she’d begged me to stop after two, but begged me to continue after three only when her knees finally give way did I stop. During that time she’d screamed and mumbled obscenities and purred like a Cheshire cat anything do anything I’m yours please use me, no complaints were heard when my fat wet finger stroked her crinkly bumhole in fact I swear she pushed back as I went in to the first knuckle.

When she had recovered her breath I led her towards the living room, at the same time I let Sabre into the kitchen and threw him the sticky mess of a dildo, he smelt, licked and devoured Helen’s sweet fluids. When he’d finished the giant wolf hound sat in the door way watching as I lay Helen across the specially designed coffee table face down and proceeded lashing both her wrists and ankles to the table legs two big cushions under her belly pushing her holes really high and open. Helen was so excited her tummy churning this is what she’d wished for during the last few years she was scared but new she was willing to do anything.

I held up before her eyes another dildo’s much larger than hers fully fourteen inches long and four inches round, too big Helen gasped in shock…… what is it Pete… please no much to big. Helen didn’t realise that she was going to be fucked with was a giant replica of a dog cock.

Helen felt the heavy rubber monster across her back tracing a path across her burnt plum down to her enlarged clit, then back across her lips before slowly entering her eager twat.

Oh she took it and she loved it inch after inch opened and stretched her willing cunt, she screamed but this was not in pain but in lust…. please Pete never stop so full god yeeeeeees. It all disappeared right up to the big ball at the end Helen would know soon enough about the knot.

Pete left that massive member firmly embedded in Helen the end resting precariously on the coffee table moving round to Helens head pants quickly remove, suck me Helen he barked suck my cock.

Her eyes shot open she looked up at him then down at his cock she could see it was rock hard with pre – cum dripping from the pee hole, a smile crossed her face has her mouth opened wide licking and sucking on that fat 9” piece of meat.

She had longed for years to take a cock in this way to have sex like this, she felt lost in lust.

Then she felt something else something abrasive between her legs lapping at her… she panicked trying to look behind her, shush Helen we’ll look after you, what was it god it felt so good. She smiled up at him once more taking his cock all the way into her throat.

The dildo started to work it’s way out before falling to the floor with a heavy thud, Helen felt empty and cold down there and Pete new it. Reaching over and slapping her slowly across her ass, an indication for Sabre, and for this big dog well trained dog…. no second invitation was needed, front legs up on the table pulling at Helen’s waist, his large red dog cock was probing to find Helen’s sopping cunt…. he hurt her a little as he pounded and then somehow without guidance he was home, well at least three inches and with one more push he was fully home. Helen was panicking at first she realised it was Sabre a dog was fucking her….. no please I can’t you can’t we can’t, oh she tried to get away from Sabre, but her ropes prevented her.

Then she was overtaken her cunt was on fire a dog cock giving her pleasure she had never experienced before, every inch throbbed inside her it was like a jack hammer pounding her so fast. Ramming into her so deep at breakneck speed.

Helen could feel it growing inside her stretching her beyond anything she had ever known, she would later find out she had taken a six inch diameter knot and 10” of dog cock and a gallon of hot dog cum.

Hot was not the word his roasting concoction of slimy dog spunk brewing inside her cunt held there by his knot and she loved it.

It was fully fifteen minutes before Sabre’s dog cock began to shrink only then did he slide from her cunt, she felt exhausted her mouth gasping, with spunk dripping from that hole to, Pete had cum in her mouth while Sabre had defiled her and she had hardly noticed.

Pete showered her slowly and gently, Helen was very quite, and Pete was concerned she was to quite, had he gone to far.

Thirty minutes later she lay across his lap in just a fluffy dressing gown and spoke for the first time

“that was filthy and perhaps disgusting, but it was the most exciting thing I have ever done I felt like a slut and loved it”

They talked for what seemed like hours in fact until Helen fell asleep, she’d loved Sabre fucking her his size, his fur on her skin even the scratches on her hips. In future she wanted Pete and Sabre to fuck her to eat her and to eat them in fact do everything to her she had read about over the last few years.

Pete’s mind raced as he carried Helen to his bed, he looked down on her as she slept oh he had found the ideal replacement for is long lost Mary and tomorrow his filthy plans would be set in motion.