Being owned 1.

I was lying on the double bed. He had just left. His cum was drying on the sheets and on my body. Feeling a bit sore I had no desire to get up. Later, get up, clean myself and go back to bed. Nothing to do anyway.

So this was my life now. Doing nothing except taking a shower, sleep, eat, get fucked, repeat. Just a few months ago it had been different. Closing my eyes I remembered.

It was a bright summer morning. Birds were singing while I let the sun warm my stiff body. The night hadn’t been that bad. I had found a comfy place in the bushes in this park. Today was one of the better days to live on the streets, I decided as I stretched myself. Maybe I would even be lucky and the nice guy was working in the bakery today. He usually gave me a free coffee and sometimes even food that had turned out too bad to sell.

The feeling of being watched was there again. I had had it over the last week and I turned around. Some guy walking his dog, some kids on the playground and a woman crossing the park. No one seemed to pay me any attention, but the feeling lingered on.

The scene shifted. Green grass became barren ground, the group of trees where I had spent the night rocks, shrubbery. Silence, eerie silence. Slowly I patted my pockets. This was wrong, I knew it. Forcing myself one step, another step, one more I finally stepped out of the memory. Sounds reached my ears again children’s laughter, birdsong. God, I needed a coffee.

Outside the shop I stopped, tried to spot the guys behind the counter. No luck today, two other guys were working. Some coins were still in my pocket. I pulled them out, counted them. A coffee – or a roll. Five pence short of the deal. With a deep sigh I turned around. I would try to get some more money. That was when the men suit approached me. “Ms Ferguson?”

I froze. No one had called me by my name for ages. I didn’t know him. “Yes?” I asked. He smiled, came closer. “I would like to talk to you for a moment. Can I get you a coffee or anything?” He was young. Smart suit, shiny shoes, and I had noticed the Irish accent. “Milk, two sugar please.”

White teeth flashed as he smiled at me. “I get the coffee and then we should go somewhere more private. I have a,” he paused, “ delicate but interesting offer.”

Dumbfounded I just nodded. Thoughts were racing through my head but outwardly I stayed calm. Show no emotions, no weakness, watch your back.

What kind of offer? How did he know my name?

I followed him inside. He ordered two coffees and some rolls as well. As soon as the clerk put the cups on the counter I took mine and went over to the little table to get milk and sugar. My hand trembled just a little as I poured the milk. I spilled some of the sugar as well. He joined me just as I had brushed the spillage away and replaced the lid on my cup.

“Any idea where we can go?” I nodded. The park seemed a good idea. Public but we should be able to find a secluded bench.

Neither of us spoke as I led the way. Sitting down on a bench in the sun I looked up at him. “An interesting offer?” Now he just nodded and sat down. As he placed the bag with the rolls on his other side the smell of bacon wafted over to me and made my stomach turn. I sipped my hot coffee and waited.

“If you would have followed the news you would be aware that your brother is in trouble. Serious trouble. Caught with drugs and a girl in Thailand.” I swallowed hard. My little brother, just a kid when I had left.

“It might have been his reaction to your disappearance. Falling in with the wrong crowd, taking and selling drugs.”

Sipping my coffee I listened. There was nothing I could do about that.

“An interested party could help him. The offer is to get him out of the country and help him while he gets tried at home.”

“What do I have to do?” No matter what, I would do it.

He smiled a warm smile, looked around.

“It’s a kind of prostitution. A year and a day you would be his property, fulfil his… cravings.”

“And my brother would go free?” He thought for a moment. “Therapy is the best we could do. For two years and a day.”

I licked my lips, had to clear my throat as I held out my hand. “Deal.”

His eyes widened, pure astonishment on his face. Then he smiled again, took my hand. “Deal.”

That had been the beginning of a long day. Some hours in his car, nearly as many hours in a private plane. He gave me food, water and otherwise left me alone.

The sun was setting as the led me towards a bungalow in this huge private park. The place which would be my home for the next two years.

It seemed like pure luxury to me. A big living room complete with a big couch, a shelf fool of books and a big TV. A big bedroom with a seemingly huge double bed, a bathroom with shower and tub. The small kitchen had a hob, microwave and a big fridge. Every room had big windows and no curtains but I didn’t care. The bedroom had no wardrobe either but the small chest of drawers would be more than sufficient for my few belongings.

“Take a bath or a shower, shave yourself and relax.” The voice of the young man startled me and I spun around. He was polite enough to pretend he hadn’t noticed. “You will meet your owner tomorrow.

“Can I wash my clothes somewhere?” I hadn’t seen a washing machine anywhere. If I was to meet my owner – I inwardly shuddered at that word – and had to tidy myself up washing my clothes was a very good idea. “Leave your clothes outside the door. You won’t need them during your stay bur you will get it back once the deal is completed.”

I nodded. “Anything else I have to know?”

“There is food in the fridge, you can watch TV, read, do whatever you want tonight. He will tell you the rules tomorrow.”

I barely slept that night. Naked I tossed and turned between the satin sheets. My owner. Who might he be? What might he want? Around dawn I drifted off to sleep.

“Good morning.” The deep voice woke me. A man was standing in the door. I sat up in bed, the duvet still covering my body. “Good morning,” I replied and looked at him. His black hair was quite long and untidy, his face didn’t reveal his age. Tall and slender he was standing there, watching me with his dark brown eyes.

“Get up, I want to look at you.” Slowly I got up, took some steps towards him. Fully aware of my nakedness I avoided his gaze looked down at my naked feet. He crossed the small distance between us, touched me. First my legs, the newly shaved skin between them. “You’ll have to practise that. You missed some.” I nodded, muttered a timid “Yes”. He laughed. A deep rich laugh. “You have time, but you should really try. You are mine for the time being. The rules are easy. No clothes, keep shaved, take care of your body. You will find everything you need in the bathroom. When I want you I or one of my staff will get you, otherwise you are free to do as you please. You will address me as ‘master’ or ‘sir’. Understood?”

I nodded again. “Yes, Sir.”

He smiled at me. “Now, I want you. Come on.”

I followed him to the living room. He smiled again as he kicked the rug aside and revealed a trapdoor.

My skin was covered in goosebumps as I followed him through the dark an cool tunnel. What had I gotten myself into? This place seemed like a dream – and must have cost a fortune. After a seemingly long walk I noticed doors in the walls to the left and the right. I counted to six when he opened door number seven.

Light blinded me. The ceiling was completely made of glass, filling the room with the sunlight. The room itself seemed bare. Only as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw the pedestal in the middle of the room. Embedded in the surface were some shackles.

“Come over here.” It was two by two metres at least I noticed, as I stepped towards it. I shivered. “On this?” He nodded and I climbed up. “How do you want me? On my back?” He chuckled and pointed to the metal cuffs. “On your knees. Doggy.” He chuckled again and I swallowed hard.

The metal lay cool on my ankles and wrists as he fastened them. So I knelt on the stone slab, legs spread apart. I flinched as I felt his hand between my legs.

His finger parted the soft, freshly shaven lips, feeling for the entrance. Probing around he asked “How long?”

I didn’t understand and looked over my shoulder. The finger that had been gently probing inside me withdrew. “How long since you have been fucked?”

I tried to shrug my shoulders. “A year, maybe longer.” He smiled a warm smile, nodded. Slowly his finger started circling my clit. I closed my eyes. There was nothing I could do about it. And a deal was a deal. To be fair, it felt good. His experienced fingers stroked me, aroused me. That wasn’t so bad at all.

I relaxed, let his fingers get me ready for whatever he had in mind. The next time his fingers probed it slid in easily. I was wet, horny and moaned. And he stopped, stepped away.

“You may scream if you want to.” Irritated I looked at him. “But I don’t have to?” “No, you don’t have to.” He smiled and left the room.

He left me like this, shackled, aroused and in this weird room. It wasn’t cold but my nipples were nearly as hard as the stone I was kneeling on. I felt my fast heartbeat, tried to control my fast breathing.

The door opened. His footsteps and another sound. A clicking sound. I turned my head. He was back, leading a big black dog. “Fuck”, I cursed and my stomach turned to ice. All longing seemed to be gone. “As I said, you can scream if you want.”

The dog jumped up and I heard and felt him sniffing between my legs. Begging would be no good. I had agreed. I wished I hadn’t.

“Mount.” His voice was quiet, authoritative and instantly I felt the dog jumping me. His claws scratched my back just a little, I felt his hips move as he started to hump me right away. His dick poked between my still parted pussy lips. Just a short time afterwards he found the entrance and slid inside.

The humiliation burned more than the dogs cock hurt. His – our- owner had prepared me well. Deeper and deeper he fucked me, panting his warm breath down my neck. Fast, hard he fucked me. I bit my lip. Looking aside I saw him standing there. He was watching the show. No sign of arousal. He just smiled, seemed pleased.

I felt something happen. The dick inside me seemed to grow even more, stretching me, filling me. “Oh fuck, no.” I thought but I felt the dog cum inside me, knotting me. I let out a groan and hung my head. Shame made my cheeks burn. Here I was, knotted by a dog while his owner was watching me. It did not matter that I did not have a choice, that it was a deal. I closed my eyes. Unsure how long this would last. I felt the dogs cum inside me, his fur on my back.

I heard the footsteps but did not open my eyes. “Good boy.” It felt like he was patting the dog. Then he patted me on the head. “Good girl.”