Locked in a cold room with a sexy naked girl

Consciousness took the stage my eyes fluttering open,
a bright light piercing my retinas, blinding my newly
opened light receptors, forcing them inert once more.
Sitting up quickly, my brain threatening to burst
through my skull with a painful hammering; I bring my
hands to my head, cradling my face in an attempt to
maintain my skulls integrity.

Quickly I realize I am naked. No clothing, no
blankets, nothing to keep warm within sight, and damn
it is cold in here. It has to be 50-60 degrees at

What the fuck, I thought. Removing my hands from my
face I peered out to my surroundings. There I sat, in
a room with padded walls, and floor. The only
furnishing granted to this room was a toilet/sink
combo, something that you might find in a jail cell.
The only thing different was that it seemed to be
lined with a thick rubber like substance. In short the
room appeared to be for holding someone crazy, on
suicide watch.

“What is this?” I mumble, confused. Have I been
committed to a mental hospital, I wondered. I haven’t
done anything wrong or crazy? “What the fuck is going
on?” I question the room. Quickly moving to my feet,
my head began to throb again. Slowing my ascent I push
myself fully from the floor. On my feet I turn and
scan the room, finding the outlines of the door now
that the intense spotlight in the ceiling is out of my

With a purpose, I go to the door; I pound my fist.
OPEN THE DOOR!” I scream in rage, the padding
restricting the desired displacement, and limiting the
desired effect. The pain in my head helping me reach
exhaustion fairly quick, I give up and sit down in the
corner. “Shit”

Minutes or maybe hours pass, when suddenly a distorted
voice enters the room the ceiling, a speaker most
likely, “Hello John. I hope you have been comfortable.
I’m sure you have been wondering why you’re here?
You’re here because I would like to play a game.”

“I’m not playing shit asshole! Let me the fuck out of
this room. I haven’t done anything!”

“If you want to leave, you have to win the game.
Playing or not, isn’t a choice you get to make. You
see, shortly there will be a girl entering your room.
You two will stay together in your room for up to 24
hours. If at the end of those 24 hours, you have not
ejaculated, in or outside the girl, you can go free.”
The voice let out a deep, but brief, and entirely evil
laugh. “However if you do cum, in this girl, on her
body, or anywhere else in the room before time
expires, you will die.”

Is this a joke I quiz myself. “Is this some kind of
joke? Who the fuck are you? If I don’t cum I can go?
You promise?”

“Yes John, I promise. Although there is one bonus
element I’ll share with you. You’ve been injected with
a new liquid prototype, similar to a drug you might
know, Viagra. It’s slow to take effect, but when it
does you won’t be able to keep your cock from becoming
rigid. In fact it’ll be the hardest you’ve ever been.
The problem is, that when you cum, the side effects of
the drug causes an almost immediate and massive heart
attack. “The enigmatic voice laughed again “24 hours,
without cumming you go free, or you’re dead. Good luck
John.” The voice departed.

“Hey wait, can you at least turn up the heat? I’m
freezing.” I yell, apparently to no one as I wrap my
arms around my cooling body.

Given a thread of hope, I cling to it. My mind racing,
no problem I can do this. I’ll just stay away from
this girl; I won’t let her touch me. If she tries to
get close to me or fuck me, or anything sexual to my
cock I’ll punch her in the face. No bitch is worth
dying for, I only have to resist for 24 hours, then I
can get out of here and find another girl to fuck
until my heart’s, or more realistically cock’s
content. My resolve firm, I wait.

I sat there in my corner, thinking of fat hairy women,
developing a mental focus that will keep my semen in
my balls and me alive. Without notice the door flies
open, I turn my head to see a girl’s body shoved
forward into the room, she falls on her side her ass
pointing in my direction just feet from me. The door
closing as quickly as it opened. A digital clock
appears above the doorframe, the time reading 24:00,
23:59. It has started.

A rush of panic, hope and concern all enter my mind at
once. Can I resist for so long? The time has started,
I can do this! Looking to the girl on the floor, she
has a slender body, her hips rising into the air above
the rest of her. Her legs are together, I can make out
her pussy between her legs. It’s looks as if it’s
peeking out between her ass cheeks, examining my
frame, plotting to kill me; however guilt is building
in my stomach, I hope she isn’t hurt.

The girl doesn’t move, as I sit there looking at her
ass, at that pussy, that slick, hairless pussy. That
pussy looks like it would feel good glued around my
cock. I wonder what it would feel like to have my cock
in there sliding around inside those slick lips I
think, as I feel my cock stiffen in anticipation.

Shaking my head, I pull myself out of it. I can’t
think like this I tell myself. I can’t fuck this girl;
I’ll die if I do. I shouldn’t even think about it, I
have to resist every temptation. FAT HAIRY WOMEN, FAT
HAIRY WOMEN, I chant internally, envisioning large
women, coated in hair, sweat and grease dripping down
from their chins and armpits with a toothless and very
un-seductive smile

Turning my head to look away from that alluring
pleasure hole between this girls legs, I try my best
to ignore it, and her; trying to keep my cock from
growing anymore.

Breaking the rooms silence the girl groans, “Oooo,

Looking back at her, her arms wrap around her body as
she groans in what I would assume is pain. She slowly
sits up, gathering her wits. I consider her thoughts,
and what she might know of my situation, as well as
the large globes on her chest as gravity pulls on
them, forcing them to jiggle on her ascent.

“Are you ok?” I ask her

Turning her head she looks at me. “I want to go home.”
She sobs. Pulling her knees to her chest, she puts her
head down, resting it on her knee caps; her crying
filling the room with noise; her long brown hair
falling around her slight frame, acting almost as a
translucent cloak to protect her.

I can’t help but feel bad for her; she’s trapped just
like I am. She’s scared, like I am. She is so small,
so beautiful; I can’t blame her for being terrified. I
start to feel bad for her; feelings of guilt fill my
mind on how I should be protecting this girl.

“What’s your name?” I ask her “I’m John.”

Lifting her chin slightly, peering from between long
strands of hair, I see red swollen eyes. “Beth, I’m
Beth.” She tells me

“It’s good to meet you Beth. Don’t worry; we’ll get
out of here. “I say, trying to give her some comfort

Beth gives me a little smile, “Thank you John, I hope
so. I really miss my family.”

“I’ll be sure to get you back to them, I promise
Beth.” I say, wanting to help this beautiful girl in a
time of need. My subconscious rationalizing that I’m
just a caring guy, and that it’s not my dick trying to
seduce this woman.

Beth smiles back at me in acknowledgement. Rubbing her
shoulders and down the length of her arms, I watch her
body shiver “It sure is cold in here. I wish there was
something to cover up with.” She says as her body
continues to shake

“I know what you mean. It sure is fucking cold.” I rub
my own shoulders in agreement

“John, maybe we could sit together and share our body
heat, you know like they do in the military. We might
freeze to death otherwise.” She says

I have to be honest, this thought made sense, as well
as excited by the idea of having her sensual body
pressed to mine; my cock jumping to an increased
capacity. I then remember that this would be one step
closer to losing my life. Surely with her body pressed
to me, my resistance would wear. “I don’t know Beth,
we’re both naked, and… I don’t know…” My fleshy
pole continuing to climb, almost to full attention.

“John, we could die if we don’t. It’s cold in here. Do
you want to freeze to death because you didn’t want to
let me cuddle with you just because we’re both naked?”
she asked logically

Her reason being sound, I knew I didn’t have much of
an option. I would have to endure increased temptation
in the face of another kind of threat on my life. “OK
Beth, you win, come on over here and let’s do this” My
cock applauding my choice.

Beth remaining silent for a moment gives a slight
smile “Ok John, It’ll be fine. There are no other
options and I am freezing.” Beth leaning forward
crawling over to me, her large breasts hanging below
her as she moved towards me, her nipples clearly very
hard almost brushing the floor. My cock twitches with
the excitement of forbidden desires.

Reaching me she takes a moment to examine me. “I don’t
want to be weird about it, but I’m really cold and I
feel like if I could sit between your legs with my
back to you, it would help work out the most. That way
three sides of me could be warm. Would that be ok

A mixture of sexual desire and my males need to
protect this defenseless woman I agreed, forsaking a
portion of my survival instinct. Bending my knees, I
pull my legs apart, my cock falling with a faint thud.
Beth looking at it giggled. Crawling between my legs,
she turned backing herself into my chest. “Lift your
penis up and have it rest against my back. It’s ok I

Taking a hold of my cock I lift it, as she presses her
back against me my cock lodged firmly pointing
straight up between our bodies, my scrotum resting
between the top of her ass crack. Our bodies firmly
together Beth says “That’s so much better, thank you
John” with maybe an imagined backwards grind against
my concrete rod.

Excitement and fear consumed my mind.


Over the next hours two things happened. One, Beth
regularly wiggled in between my legs, moving her
smooth body, and creating a lot of nice and deadly
friction on my body; two my cock began aching, really
aching, for more stimulation and from being trapped in
this position for so long. It clearly wanted to glide
in and out of this females body, not be stuck up
between me and her back.

Tense, and pulsating my cock strained against my will
to get more sensations, a combination of mild
pleasure, and pain from being so hard while stuck in
this position. Beth pushed her ass back against me,
her pert cheeks massaging the base of my rod.

“Are you ok John? Your penis feels really hard against
my back. Do you want to try something else?” she

“To be honest Beth, my dick is starting to hurt being
hard like this and forced into the same position for
so long.” I said, knowing I had to move it, it was
very uncomfortable, and hmm, can you get a blood clot
like this?

Taking a moment to consider Beth offered flatly, “Why
don’t you lay it flat on the floor between my butt
cheeks. That way it can lie flat, and my butt should
keep it warm.”

Oh my god, I thought. Having my cock horizontal being
squeezed by her ass checks, with that tight little
slit pressing down into its length. I really wanted
this, god damnit I think to myself. Why couldn’t this
happen to me in some other situation that didn’t
involve my death? “I� I don’t know Beth. I don’t know
if that would be a good idea to have… have myself in
that part of your body.”

“Oh John, We’re already naked together, it wouldn’t be
any different. We have to do this to survive, and we
don’t want your poor penis to get hurt being in the
same position for so many hours. You don’t want it to
get so hard and break off from being stuck like that
do you?” Beth countered

Break off? I thought, was that possible? I thought
that was a silly idea. My mind drifted back to the
blood clot concern, as well as the painful ache. I did
really need to get it in a different position,
something that would still allow us to stay pressed
together to stay warm and alive. Fuck.. I don’t have
much of a choice do I? “I guess you’re right Beth. If
you lift your butt up a little bit, I’ll lay it down.”

Beth putting her hands on the floor at our sides
lifted her rear end off the floor, letting my cock
land comfortably flat onto the floor below her ass.
“Alright Beth, let me guide you down, go slow so you
don’t land on it the wrong way.” I warned her.

Convincing myself this was for my cock, and to avoid a
third kind of death, I placed my hands on her ass
cheeks. Slowly she lowered herself with my hands
guiding her into the right position. Once she was
centimeters from being flat on the floor, Beth said,
“Here, I think this will help more.” Letting my hands
support her weight, she used her hands to pull her ass
cheeks apart as I let her hit the floor.

My cock in sticking straight out ahead of me now,
instead of straight up, trapped between the floor, and
two very tight and firm ass checks, clenching both
sides of it.

“Kind of like a penis burrito.” Beth giggled, looking
back at me.

“Yeah, I guess so.” I said, my cock filled with a
dreadful pleasure.

Trying to stave off the enjoyment of this position, it
wasn’t any help when Beth began to softly clench her
butt cheeks together, to release them, and repeat. It
felt so good; I closed my eyes and enjoyed the
sensations. Beth continued her ministrations on my
cock with her ass for several short minutes.

My subconscious letting out a moan, Beth’s ass kept
pulsating around me. The feeling then transitioned.
She kept the pulsations around my cock, and started to
rock her ass back and forth along the length of my
shaft. Forgetting my dilemma, I sat there letting this
very sexy girl rock her ass back and forth on my cock,
squeezing it tightly between her firm little cheeks.

I could feel her pussy grinding down onto my cock, its
fluid dripping out to coat me like a drooling mouth,
hungry for its dinner. It didn’t help much for
lubrication in the current motions, but I felt it; it
was wet, and it was hot and more importantly, it sent
the pleasure in my cock to the next stage, one step
closer to my demise.

Beth sliding her ass back and forth along the cold
floor, gliding up and down my length, it coated in the
juice flowing from her hot hole. Placing her small
hands over mine, she brought my hands up to cup her
larger tits, the nipples pressed into my palms as she
finished a backstroke; pressing her body tightly
backwards into mine. I felt so good, I didn’t want to

I began to massager this girl’s breast, squeezing and
squishing her titty flesh. I pinched her nipples with
my index finger and thumb while the rest of my hands
held the rest of the soft meat tight in my embrace,
lust pushing me to want more.

These motions continued for several minutes, Beth
sliding her ass crack along my cock, me fondling her D
sized tits, as I pushed her long brown hair to one
side, I brought my head down and began placing little
kisses along her neck, and sucking. Beth moaned and
with increased effort continued her motions to
stimulate my cock. My god I felt like I could cum from

Cum! I thought “Beth, we need to stop this.” I said as
I pulled my hands from her seductive tits and placed
them firmly on her waist restraining her thrusts.

“Wh� why John? Doesn’t it feel good?” Beth purred,
while trying to slide her hips. “You’ve made me really

I knew she was wet, it was practically flowing freely
out of her and pooling on my cock between our bodies.
“I, I just can’t Beth, this isn’t right. Please stop.”

Taking a moment Beth began to quietly sob “John,
please.. They said that if I can’t have an orgasm from
your cock in me I’ll die from a drug they injected me

Fuck, fuck… what the fuck do I do? She must want to
fuck to save her own life. “I can’t Beth, If I cum;
I’ll die. I was injected with a drug that will kill me
if I cum.”

“You don’t have to cum, I just have to have an orgasm,
and please we can do this.” Her hips starting their
motion along my cock again, my hands no longer
resisting her; I can do this. I have no choice; I have
to do this to save her life, to save our lives!

Loosening my grip, her hips begin to grind along my
length once more, my hands adding to her momentum.
Damn her slit feels good I thought. I can hold out, I
have to.

Beth turns around on my lap, straddling my waist with
her legs wrapped around me. “I need you in me John; I
won’t be able to orgasm otherwise.” She lifted her
body, my cock springing upwards, pointing directly
into her steaming, slick, and deadly opening. My cock
clearly more interested in pussy than life stood hard
and proud as Beth’s body came down onto it, enveloping
it, gulping it down. She let out a moan, a satisfied
utterance of satisfaction; satisfaction of a trap
successfully sprung?

I didn’t care at that point, my mind torn between the
ecstasy surrounding my cock, the fleshy folds fluidly
gripping me, falling onto my lap only to tightly pull
up with my cock squeezed by her muscles; trying to
milk the cum from my body with each thrust and the
thought of sweet, and deadly release.

Beth’s legs tightly clung around me, her ankles locked
behind my back; her arms around my shoulders pulling
me into her body. Her tits, and those nipples, god
damn those hard nipples are sensuously piercing into
my chest, her spongy tits with those sharp nipples
ground into me with her plunging down onto my cock;
taking me into her body with desperation.

“Yes John, Yes, ohh god your cock feels good so deep
inside me. I love your cock inside me, so deep in my
pussy, JOHN oh JOHN yes, your cock belongs in my
pussy. I wish you could cum inside my body. Oh god
John I wish you could fill my womb with your cum.”
Beth chanted into my ear as she maintained her
bouncing, her movements shortening. She kept more and
more of my cock locked deep inside her hot prison, her
movements shortening to the bottom inch of my cock.

I felt it; I knew I couldn’t last much longer, her
pussy felt so good, so tight, fuck her pussy feels so
good. My cock tensed inside her, enlarging, causing
her to moan with pleasure. “Oh God yes John, your cock
is so big.”

“Be.. Beth.. I am going to cum soon; we have to stop.”

Beth intensified her downward squats, her pussy
gripping me, her fluids coating me, her muscles
clenching with each movement; encouraging my cock,
provoking it to release inside it, to feed her womb
with my seed. Beth’s energy seemed unreal, as if an
addiction was compelling her body for its fix. “MMmm
MmM, I’m almost… almost there John, please just
another minute, another minute and I’ll cum all over
your cock.” She muttered, clearly with difficulty; her
sole focus centering on hard flesh filling the hole
between her slender legs. “Please save my life John!”

Concentrating, I tried to hold off my ejaculation. As
much as I wanted to let her have it, to fill up her
tight canal, to even impregnate her should it come to
that. Like a starving man who wanted nothing more than
food, I cared for nothing but to fill this girl’s body
with cum. No, no! I can’t cum; I need to hold off
until she cums. There will be other pussy, there will
be many other chances to let loose inside a needy
pussy. “Ok Beth, please hurry, I can’t hold out much
longer.” My cock threatening to let loose deep inside
it’s burning prison, threatening to, demanding to.

Her pussy spasming around me, Beth sprang up and
pulled herself back down with the help of gravity. Her
pussy going wild around my cock, sucking, milking,
begging for my cum, screaming that it belonged deep
inside her body. My cock tensing, I can’t hold it; I
can’t hold it any longer. I felt my cum rising, I knew
it was about to come, another several thrusts and I
would be filling this girl with my male essence, I
would be dead. “Beth please, please stop.” My male
organ refusing to listen, it didn’t care, fill this
girls body at all costs was its dogma.

“I’m cumming John, oh God please I have to finish. Oh
Yes!!” She kept going, pushing down, my cock being
constricted inside her body, her cervix hitting the
tip. “Oh god John, oh god, oh god, fuck me John, fuck

Her body was too much, I was going to cum; her pussy
felt too good, I couldn’t resist. “Beth I’m going to
cum, please stop!” My body ignoring my words, my cock
needed to do what it was made to; to fill this tight
pussy with the ejaculate it was created to deliver.

“Oh god John, just a minute longer, just a minute
longer.” She moaned, as she grave an extra hard
squeeze with her pussy she leaned forward to whisper
in my ear “Cum in me John, fill my pussy, let your cum
go inside my body.”

Oh fuck, my cock’s firing its seed deeply inside her.
The pleasure, fuck it felt so good. I was paralyzed in
pleasure as I squirted myself into her. Her cervix
planted onto the end of my cock, kissing my cock as it
drank my cum into her womb, the deadly kiss of her

My cock continued unloading into her, pulse after
pulse my life out of me and into her. Her pussy
milking my cock still, draining me; I spurted into her
womb repeatedly while she held herself down tightly to
me, keeping my length fully in her still insisting on
taking the entirety of my load as deeply into her as

The pleasure was almost unbearable. The stimulus
overpowering any conscious thoughts, my entire being
consumed in the transfer of fluids from my body to
hers, via our wet bond, my body’s most basic instinct
being fulfilled in the most extreme manner.

After the longest and most intense orgasm of my life
it began to leave me, her pussies’ spasms coming to an
end, but the tight grip remains as she sits on me,
deeply planted onto my cock. She loosens her arms from
me, and sits back, keeping me fully inside her. She
looked at me in the eyes with sadness. With a lust
forgotten memory, my chest suddenly began pounding
with pain, an incredible pain. My hands on my chest,
oh damn it, shit, my chest is on fire. I fell back
onto the ground, Beth watching me with that sad and
knowing look.

“I’m sorry John, I needed your cum to win.” She said,
as everything went dark.