My Bitch Likes it Rough

I was 29 married with two children and the most innofensive vanilla wife you could ever ask for. Sex was straight, missionary, no coming in her mouth, and never going anywhere near her asshole. IT WAS BORING!

Then I met Anna (name changed).

She was 48 unhappily married and had been a friend through my work for about a year. I had an office in the local hospital and she was one of my operatives. We would flirt occasionally but nothing ever came of it. I’m sure that other people thought we were having an affair but we were not.

All that changed though one weekend, when i was pulling a double shift, looking after the daytime staff, then the evening crew. Anna was helping me out with the evening crew, all was fine until we got close to the end of the shift at about 9pm. I was in my office finishing off the days paperwork and staff reports when In came Anna. I smiled at her and she sat down facing me on the other side of the desk. For a woman of 48 she was in good nick. Her blonde hair was always tied back in a neat bun. She had a slender neck, narrow shoulders and i guess her tits were about a 36d, although in need of a bit of support these days. Her legs were well proportioned and she stood about 5’7.
She had tears in her eyes and when she spoke, her voice faltered slightly, which was unusual for her.
“Barry’s Gone back to his mothers” she said. Barry being her husband. “For good I think”.
I asked why, believing that all was well in her household.
“He…. He can’t satisfy me anymore and he knows his limitations, so he’s gone” with that she began sobbing.
I came around from behind the desk and did my best to comfort her.
“If there’s anythhing i can do to help…” i offered.

“Would you take me home tonight after shift ends, I don’t want to be alone”
knowing that my wife would probably be in bed and asl**p i didn’t hesitate to say yes, after all she was just a friend in need. Anna left to get her things, so i thought i’d better at least try and phone home. My wife Sue answered the phone. Dilemma. Do i tell her the truth or make something up. I made something up! I told her i was going to my brother in laws after work for a few beers and to let off a little steam, something i did on occasions. Sue told me not to worry and if i was going to drink not to drive home until the morning.

I Hung up the phone and closed the office up and made my way down to the staff parking lot, where anna was waiting for me by my car. I had been to Anna’s house before so knew where i was going and we arrived about 20 mins later. The house was a detached affair on the edge of a village about 15 miles outside of the city.

Once inside, Anna put the lights on, showed me into the kitchen put the kettle on and excused herself.
I made two cups of coffee lit a cigarette and waited for anna.
After about 5 mins she reappeared wearing a black silk dressing gown. she took her cup and we sat together in the main living room.

“John” she asked “can i be completely honest with you.”
“Of course” i replied
“There are things about me you dont know, things that i’m not proud of but nonetheless are a part of my life. Barry tried and ultimately failed to give me what i wanted. I’ve known you now for a couple of years and I know that you can keep a confidence”
I was intrigued now, and thought for sure she wanted to fuck me! All this was leading up to seemed farmilliar, an oversexed woman, a guy who couldn’t keep up because of age……….HOW WRONG WAS I!

“you can tell me anything Anna, you know that. What’s the matter?”
“Well…………… I’m a Masochist!”
I was not expecting that!
“I like to be used, abused, whipped, beaten… ”
“What! ” was all i could manage
Anna stood up and removed the dressing gown, revealing her nakedness and various bruises, cuts and on her back faded marks that could only have been made by a whip.
“I need this, but Barry cant do it anymore. I need a new master and I want it to be you.”
“You can do whatever you like to me, i will be your slave. You can beat me, hurt me, humilliate me, treat me the way i deserve to be treated. In return, I will do anything you want me to do, sexually or otherwise.”

I laughed, but she was serious.
“You doubt me? . . . .. .. .. Hit me!”
I stood and made as if to leave.
Anna Stood in from of me “Please John…..HIT ME!”

Now I’m a pretty big guy, 18 stone and 5’11. I have big hands and although a little out of shape still quite powerful.
She didn’t get to ask me a third time, my right hand made a harsh loud contact with her left cheek. She stumbled, it catching her off guard. She righted herself and stood to attention,her face rapidly reddening. With hands behind her back with her jaw raised, eyes open and focussed on mine.
Slap after slap i hit her, again and again, and the harder I slapped her the more she smiled.

After about 10 slaps i was beinning to relax a little. I pushed the furniture in the living room to the sides giving us more room to work in. I told her to untie her hair from the bun and tie it into a pony tail. She obeyed knowing why i wanted her to do this. I took off my shirt and then my shoes and trousers and underwear.

Grabbing her by the hair I forced her to he knees and fed my half hard cock into her mouth, she sucked and worked it with enthusiasm then I pulled it from her mouth and repositioned her over my knee and began to smack her ass cheeks. They too soon reddened up. Harder and harder I smacked her until I could feel the unmistakeable trickle of wetness dripping from her cunt onto my leg. Forcing her to her knees I put my hands tightly around her throat and began to squeeze whilst fucking her mouth, It didn’t take long before she was choking inside too on what seemed like a gallon of my cum, but she never spilled a drop.
My cock spent, I slumped back into a chair, she put her head on my knee and looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Thank you Master”, Can we go upstairs now, I have a few things you might like to see.

Anna stood up and took my hand, she led me to the stairs and I followed her up to the first floor. There was a door on the left, a door on the right and the stairs continued up to what i assumed was an attic room.

She pushed open the right door and then stood back respectfully. He head lowered she made no eye contact. I walked past her and into an unremarkable bedroom, furnished much like any other. At least on first glance it did.

The bed was a large king-size, wooden framed bed with a large wood head and footer. On the far wall were two doors, and facing the bottom of the bed was a large bay window.

I walked around the bed and opened on of the doors. It was a walk in bathroom with bath shower and toilet.

The other door opened up to a walk in closet. I found the light switch on the wall and turned it on. Sex toys, whips, bondage equipment and the like filled every possible drawer hanger or shelf!

I made my way back to the bedroom door, where Anna was waiting. I took her hand and led her inside. I turned to face her and catching her unawere let loose with a single punch to her stomach, she fell to her knees gasping a look of fear on her face.

“that’s for not telling me about this before”

I grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the bed.
“get on all fours and face the window, don’t make me ask twice”
She obeyed, I went back to the closet and came back with a latex blindfold, which i tied around her eyes.

“Grip the foot rail of the bed” I ordered. Anna complied.

Her breasts hung down and i knew exactly what I was going to do to them.
I returned to the closet and looked around for a few items, and found exactly what i wanted.

“So let me get this straight, the more i hurt you the more you like it?”

“Yes master”

“Then you’re going to love this!”

I stretched one of her nipples harshly pulling it down to the bed stead. then holding it taut grabbed one of the nails i had taken from the closet, and started to hammer it through the flesh of her nipple into the wooden bed frame. Anna moaned open mouthed, then it was the turn of the second nipple again i pulled and distended it followed by nailing it to the bedstead next to the other one.

“Master that is so goood!” Anna moaned.

She moved her body slightly applying the pressure by pulling against the nails, then releasing then pulling again. This bitch was loving it.
I moved behind her and opened her legs, her cunt was sopping. I had no trouble getting four fingers inside her, and it didn’t take too long to get my entire fist inside her.

I opened and closed my hand exploring her insides brushing her g spot.

“Master I need to cum” Anna breathlessly pleaded with me
“Not until I say so” and with that I began rubbing her swollen clit with my other hand.

I could tell that it was killing her not being able to cum and I took great delight in stroking her inside and out knowing she couldn’t let herself release.
My hand was dripping with her juices as i plunged it in and out of her cunt hole.

“Ok you may cum on the count of 5”

“1” I grabbed her hair with my free hand tightly pulling at her scalp

“2” Faster and faster my hand sawed away inside of her cunt

“3” The pulling of her hair was causing her nipples to almost rip on the nails

“4” I could feel her orgasm approaching

“5” I pulled my hand from her cunt and forced it into her asshole as her cunt erupted in orgasm her juice running down her legs like a waterfall as her asshole convulsed around my hand.

I pulled my hand from her bowels walked around the front of the bed and using the hammer claw released her breasts from the nails.

I removed the blindfold and kissed Anna our tongues exploring each others mouths. We showered, and returned to the bed where Anna sucked my cock until i fell asleep