My Dad, Weed, and Me

My father called me to the front room, “Mykal, get in here!” Immediately I went on alert for trouble, he didn’t ask nice, he yelled, which meant he was going to get in my face for something I did. What the hell could it be this time? He was standing by the flatscreen, his hands behind his back, “Goddamn it girl, what the hell is wrong with you, how fucking long have you been smoking pot?” He pulled his right hand around to show me a small clutch, black with a yellow and red flower pattern on it, “This is yours, right?”

I couldn’t deny it, he had given it to me for my sixteenth birthday five months earlier, “Yeah dad, it’s mine.”

“It’s full of weed girl; weed, pipe and lighter. I found this lying on the front walk, what the fuck are you doing when I’m not around?”

I was caught cold, no way could I deny my clutch was my pot container, “Dad, daddy —”

“No, there’s no damn way you can talk your way out of this, go to your room Mykal, I have to think about this.”

I lay on my bed scared shitless, my father (I sort of didn’t have a mom just then, she was in jail) discovered my stash and I knew I was going to get my ass beat, as well as be grounded for the rest of my life. How in hell had I lost it? I didn’t even know it wasn’t in my backpack. It must have dropped out when I dug around for the house key when I came home from school. Fuck. Double Fuck and Shit!

For two days my father let me worry and panic about him discovering my marijuana, my friends thought I was on my period I was so edgy. I couldn’t concentrate in school, I avoided human contact as much as possible. Life at home was really frosty, I cooked and did my work but we weren’t talking. I could only wonder what kind of punishment took days to think over. I didn’t dare ask my dad if I could go to Miriam’s Friday night, I knew without being told I was stuck in the house.

It was about 7:30 Friday evening, the sun was casting red and orange flares into the sky, struggling to keep from sinking into the ocean, it was a warm California night, god, so pretty; but I was doomed to sit alone in my bedroom with only my smartphone to keep me company. Dad called me out, “Mykal, come on, to the back yard, it’s time to talk about your crimes.”

I slumped through the house, head hung low, dreading what was coming. My father had taken two days to figure out what he was going to do to me; it wouldn’t be pleasant. At that moment I really, really wished I could have smoked a bowl before facing my parent. I stepped onto the patio, my dad was lying back on a lounge chair, the still air smelled like pot. He looked up at me, “Here girl, if you’re going to smoke weed, you shouldn’t do it alone, it’s more fun with someone.” He lifted the burning pipe to me, “Go ahead, let’s get stoned.”


“Come on, take a hit.” As guarded as I was, I was not about to turn him down, I pulled the small pipe from his fingers and puffed a deep hit; Oh wow, I needed that. When the smoke was done drifting from my nose dad said “Sit, let’s talk.”

To say I was unnerved would be a major understatement, I was caught off guard, stunned and surprised as hell. My father, who tried his fucking best to guide me through life in the best way possible, just invited me to break some social laws with him. They weren’t totally serious laws for him, like weed is legal for an adult; but me, he could get in trouble for getting me high. I sat on the edge of the second lounge chair while dad smiled at me, “I’ve been smoking pot since I was seventeen Mykal, you may have gotten an earlier start, but your culture is different than mine. Also, this shit isn’t harmful in the way most other drugs are so I’m not going to bust your ass back to diapers.”

My panic was subsiding, I took a second hit, “You aren’t mad?”

He chuckled as he reached for the bowl, “Not mad; I was shaken when I found it, but I couldn’t get mad. This crap is part of our society, and for a lot of people, a way of life. Getting stoned on marijuana isn’t the life-threatening evil it’s made out to be in the movie Reefer Madness.” Dad stopped to chuckle, “It’s on YouTube, I should show it to you.” He dropped the smile, “If I had found coke, crack, or a meth pipe in your stash, you’d be in a rehab center right now. Look what happened to your mother after she got fucked up on crack, it will be another 11 months before she can come home. No, girl, I’m not mad, in fact, now I can get stoned with you, not hide it like I’ve been doing since you were born.”

“You smoke, and it doesn’t matter that I’m not an adult yet?”

“In this house sweetie, you are an adult, you meet all my requirements to be an adult,” dad paused as he looked at me intently for a few moments, “you sure as hell look like an adult.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“I mean girl, you are no longer a girl, you are a well-developed young woman, I don’t see you as my child anymore.” He paused as if he had stumbled over his words, “I mean you are my child, but grown up.”

“How do you see me when you say ‘grown up’?”

“Uh, well,” he hesitated, “You’re more woman than girl now, you have evolved into a very alluring teen, if I were a few years younger, I would explore the possibilities of dating you.”

“You’re my dad, you can’t date me.”

“If I were twenty years younger, I wouldn’t be your father, I’d be your lover.”

His comment made me smile, “I’m sixteen, not supposed to have lovers.”

Dad looked out over our swimming pool for a quick moment then said “Your mother was barely older than you the first time we got it on.” Oddly, his comment didn’t put me off or offend me, but I didn’t know how to answer him so I took the pipe back and puffed a deep hit. My head rushed, my face flushed, damn, that was good stuff. I laid the pipe on the small table between the chairs, “I want a soda, can I get you anything?”

“Sure, get me a beer.” I started to get up when he stopped me with, “Mykal, have you had beer before?”

My first impulse was to deny drinking beer but something blocked that lie, it was as if I sensed this night with my dad was a turning point in my life, one of those moments that no matter what you do or say, your life will change. I didn’t want to change to someone keeping secrets, withdrawing from my father; time for the truth, “Yeah,” I admitted, “I’ve been drunk a couple of times now.”

He didn’t freak out, he didn’t admonish me, he offered, “Then get two.”

We settled back in the patio lounges and mellowed on grass while sipping beer. Dad hadn’t said much since I sat down, we were enjoying our individual thoughts. My mind was drifting through the last two days. My dad found my stash, my dad let me worry for nothing, my dad is right now sitting next to me stoned and sipping a beer, I liked what we were doing, “Dad?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Talk to me about mom. When you met and dated her, before you knocked her up.”

“Knocked her up?”

“Well, I was born four months before you got married, that should qualify as knocking her up.”

My father smiled with memories, “Yeah, we drove the car before we bought it that time. But it didn’t matter to us, I loved her passionately, and for some reason she loved me back. When you were born it was as if we had fulfilled our mission in this life, we were complete. Being married was not necessary for us to be happy. Actually, the only reason we did get married was because your grandmother insisted.”

“Which one?”

“Your mom’s. She was absolutely distraught that her daughter was living in sin, smoking pot, getting tattoos, and having kids out of wedlock, so we got married.”


“Well, you were the first and we wanted at least a brother for you, but it didn’t happen. We waited too long and now she’s locked up; I doubt you will ever get a brother.” His face clouded over with sadness for a few seconds, then brightened, “Turns out, I couldn’t have asked for a better child. I think any that followed you would have never risen to your level in my eyes. We got it right the first time.”

I flushed with modesty but was happy with his assessment of me, I swiped a happy face in the condensation on the beer bottle as I said “You’re just saying that because I’m sitting here, what do you tell your friends?”

My dad chuckled, stoked the pipe and lit off another round of tokes. When we were properly prepared for more conversation he continued as if we hadn’t taken a five-minute break, “I tell my friends to keep their fucking sons away from my daughter.”

“Oh, come on dad, maybe some of their,” I quoted him, ‘fucking sons’ are cute.”

Dad looked at me acutely for a few seconds, forming the question, “Have you taken any boy seriously yet?” I felt myself blanch; I didn’t want to answer the question. Just a few weeks earlier I got stoned at a rave and let Justin Baulker fuck me. He was the first and only, and we only did it twice, but should I tell my dad that? Dad zeroed on my hesitation, my reaction to the question, “It’s not the end of the world Mykal, I’m not going to unload on you; just please tell me you’re not a party girl, not a school pin cushion.”

I didn’t have to lie, “Only one time dad, I did it only one time before.”

“Before when?”

“Before forever, and I did it after my birthday, I didn’t do anything before I turned sixteen.”

“Were you careful” he asked?

“My last period stopped four days ago if that what you want to know.”

Dad relaxed back on the lounger and emptied his bottle, he set it down then held his arms out, “Come here girl, I need a hug.” I’d been cuddling with my father since I could remember, especially at night when we watch TV. I moved to his lounger then laid next to him with my head on his chest and pulled my knee up to lay across his thigh. He put his arm over my back, his hand rested on my hip. Dad and I were feeling the same comfortable connection we had felt for years. I was happy in my parent’s embrace; I was happy he didn’t flip out when he learned I wasn’t a little girl anymore. It was apparent he was happy with me as a daughter. Life was good. Drugged with pot, beer and contentment, I drifted into an early evening nap.

I woke up confused and cramped, my legs wouldn’t work, I couldn’t stretch. It was dark, I wasn’t lying with my father, and I couldn’t move. Just as I started to freak out, I recognize my surroundings. I was in my dad’s bedroom, on his bed. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room awareness bloomed in my mind. I was on my back, on the bed. It felt like I was naked, I couldn’t move my hands and my lower legs were bent back, against my thighs and held there by some kind of binding, I could move my feet and my head, but nothing else. I rolled my head from side to side looking for my father, what the hell was happening? Was he hurt? Did someone kill my dad and now I was getting raped? Panic rose up from the well of my guts, and I started to scream. As soon as I opened my mouth a hand slapped over it, “Don’t scream girl, nobody will hear and it grates on my ears.”

Dad? My father’s voice? What The Fuck was going on!? The hand moved away, over my head so I tilted back and looked up. My father was sitting on the mattress almost out of my range of vision, “Dad, what the hell is going on, why can’t I move?”

“Calm down Mykal, nothing bad is going to happen, you’re not hurt. Earlier today you were asking me about your mother, well, that got me to thinking, remembering. Rather than tell you about her, I can show you. Your mom is a very passionate woman, she liked to experiment, to play games, role playing I guess it is.”

I wasn’t panicking anymore, but wary as hell, “Dad, you tied me up, you undressed me?”

“Yes girl, I did.” My father stood up and I could see him clearly, he was as naked as me and sporting a very large erection, I’d only seen two hard-ons before, and got screwed only by Justin, and his didn’t look like a weapon; my dad’s did. He moved to sit next to me so I didn’t have to kink my neck looking up, “Your mom and I got into some very exciting sex, I think it’s time you got to know her better. You look like her, you talk and move like her, I’m willing to bet you can enjoy pleasure like she did.”

I tried to remain calm, “Dad — Daddy, untie me. Daddy, please.”

“Not yet, in a while I will, but right now you are in the perfect position to learn some erotic games.” My tied legs were spread wide, I could feel cool air on my pussy. My father looked me up and down, smiled and remarked, “Jesus you look good girl, good and fuckable.” He picked up a mini-bong, one I’d never seen before, and lit off a hit. He held it to my mouth but I shook my head, I sure as hell wasn’t in the mood to renew a rush. Dad set the bong down then leaned over my stomach, put his head between my legs and kissed the very top of my pussy. I tried to wriggle away but he moved with me then licked me. Dad kissed and licked my cunt while I squirmed to get away. After a few moments of struggle, I realized that my moving around only encouraged him, I went completely limp, hoping he would stop what he was doing. After I quit squirming, my father sat up, smiled on me then went to his stomach between my legs, put his hands under my ass and lifted me to his mouth. He started eating me, I could feel his lips and tongue from my butt to my clit, I tried again to jerk away but he just held me tighter and French kissed my pussy. I thought about screaming, but he was right, no one would hear, it would be a waste of breath. Since I couldn’t fight him off and no one would be coming to save me, I finally gave in to the inevitable, my own father was raping me and I couldn’t do anything about it.

My father licked and slathered on me for at least ten minutes, the whole time I tried to block out what was happening, what might happen. I wanted him to go away, untie me and apologize for the rest of his life. What I feared was that once he got done with his mouth, he would fuck me. I only did that once before, with a boner smaller than what I just saw, and it hurt. If my dad tried to put his in me, I knew without a doubt I would split open. Just as that frightening image rampaged through my mind, dad sat up, “Anything yet?”

Relieved he stopped, I tried to understand, “Anything what?”

“Are you getting turned on, are you starting to feel the sensual potential locked up in your body?”

“Dad, please untie me, I won’t tell anyone, I won’t fight you or hate you, just let me go.”

“Not yet Mykal, I’ve got some more games in store for you.”

“Daddy, this isn’t a game. I don’t know what this is, but it’s not a game, and I don’t want to play.”

He reached between my legs and wriggled his middle finger into the hole of my sex. He pushed in until I could feel his hand on my pussy, “Yes, it is sweetheart, and I’ve put our good relationship on the line because I think you will learn to play, and like the game.” He started finger banging me.

I shut up, I stared at him while he watched his hand between my legs, then something happened. I felt myself getting wet, slicker, as he pushed and pulled that damnable finger. In about a minute he pulled his hand away I and unconsciously humped my hips, I felt empty. Dad watched my reaction, grinned slightly then put two fingers in my pussy and continued to stroke me. He laid down so his head was close to my vagina then concentrated on the hand rape. Only it stopped feeling like rape.

I tried to deny what I was beginning to feel, that I wanted him to keep doing what he was; I was getting wetter, my stomach was fluttering, I stopped hating him. Dad must have felt the change because he sat up again and without a word opened the drawer of his night stand. He pulled out a large dildo and a hair curling iron. Well, it looked like a curling iron, but with a big ball on the end. I knew what the dildo was for, but not the iron. I stared at the fake erection; it was at least 8 inches long and looked about as real as what was standing straight from his body. My only thought was ‘why in hell did he have that?’ My mother was long gone, he didn’t have a girlfriend that I knew of, so why did my father have a sex toy in his room? I glanced from those things to his eyes, they were glittering with lust. Fucking lust. If I didn’t have any clue before as to why I was tied up on the bed naked, the look in his eyes told me. I was about to get screwed by the third cock I’d ever looked at. Dad twisted the end cap on the curling iron then put the big ball against my pussy, in an instant I knew what he was holding. The vibrations raced from my clit to my tits and I gasped a deep breath then held it as he grinned. My body caved in to the delicious feelings between my legs, I sighed out the breath and I relaxed as best I could. Dad massaged my cunt, ass and clit with the vibrator forever, my heart was pounding, my entire body was fevered. Just about the time I thought I couldn’t breathe anymore, he took the big fucking dildo, licked it wet, then pressed it slowly into my snug pussy. I could feel every inch of it as it stretched my hole and slid up until it stopped. My father was watching my face, I locked my eyes on his then, when that huge thing couldn’t go deeper, I groaned out the breath I’d been holding. He pulled it out part way and completely unbidden, I tried to move, to keep it in me. Surprised by an erotic tremble, I laid my head back and stopped all resistance to being tied up and forced by my father. From the moment that fucking dildo went deep, I became willing entertainment for my daddy.

My father fake fucked me with his sex toy for a few minutes while kissing, sucking and licking my body and tits. He put his free hand under my ass then while working my pussy with the rubber hard-on, pushed the end of a finger into my butt. My ass clenched at the invasion but quickly loosened enough for him to finger me without pain. The entire time he was fingering my ass and using the dildo, I was getting more turned on, closer to an orgasm. I’d fingered myself to the end a lot, but I had never felt as hot or needy as I did just then, I looked at my father, “Dad, Uh —-”

He lifted his head from my breasts, “What is it sweetheart?”

When he looked me in the eyes, my blood hit the boiling point, my body clenched, I started to convulse and I managed to gasp, “Untie me daddy, I need to move!” He pulled the slip knots binding my legs so I could stretch them. My entire body was shaking as the orgasm echoed up and down, from clit to tits and back, my lungs were straining, begging for cool air as my heart pounded through the climax. My father sat up next to me and watched with a big smile on his face. When I was done bouncing and groaning, he freed my hands then pulled the right one to his erection. I didn’t hesitate to jerk on it, it took only seconds before he started blasting streams of cum across my stomach. When I felt his cock stop clenching, I let go, he got off the bed then went to get a bottle of cold water from the kitchen. While he was gone, I didn’t move, I laid on my back in the middle of his bed with conflicting feelings; ‘What the hell did he just do with me’, conflicted with “Oh my gaud, what hell did he just do to me’?

I used a corner of the blanket to wipe the mess off my tummy then sank back into the mattress to soak in the sexual afterglow. When dad came back, still naked, he handed me the bottle. I drained it in one long gulp then dropped it to the floor. Dad watched me, looked me up and down then said, “You should go now Mykal.”

I was still basking in the warmth of my orgasm and was a bit puzzled, “Why?”

“Because if you don’t leave, I will screw you.”

I was even more puzzled, “Isn’t that why you did this; tied me up and did all that to me, so you could fuck me?”

He wasn’t being apologetic and didn’t act like he was sorry, “I just got a little carried away sweetheart, a little too stoned. You reminded me so much of your mom I sort of slipped into my memories and treated you like you were she.”

I made my decision, “Dad, let’s go swimming, I think that would feel good right now.”

He looked at me, relieved I wasn’t afraid of him, “You’re okay? You don’t want to run away from me?”

I teased him, “Possibly, maybe later. Right now, I think a dip in the pool would feel great. Come on.”

“Okay, let me get my trunks.”

“Don’t bother, we’re already naked, let’s stay that way, come on, we can smoke another bowl and play around in the water, it will be fun.”

My father stood next to the bed and offered me a hand to stand, “Mykal, if I get more stoned then into that pool with you, I may not be able to keep my memories to myself.”

I stepped close enough to dad that my nipples were caressing his chest, I felt the end of his cock pressed on my thigh. I put my hands around his meaty prick, my heart was slamming when I looked directly into his eyes and told him boldly, “It’s your memories of mom that I’m interested in right now.” I kissed him lightly on his lower lip then turned for the door. He followed me to the patio, where this all started. We sat on the edge of the pool, our feet splashing in the water as we passed my pipe back and forth, we were having a casual moment; I was filling him in on how and when I started smoking pot. I felt no anxiety being nude with him in the soft glow of the half moon, I felt no apprehension for what I knew might happen.

A couple of years earlier, Dad had set up a laser light projector over the pool, at night the crystal water sparkled with rotating red and green spots; it was a pretty light show. The surface of the water was rippling from our feet, the rays of laser lights bounced off water to the sides of the pool. As stoned as I was, I was fascinated by the patterns of reflected light beams swirling on the pool tiles, they looked like a Jackson Pollak painting in motion. After I set the bowl aside, I slipped into the warm water then back floated to the middle while watching the laser highlight the several tattoos on dad’s body, I glanced at his lap, I couldn’t see his balls but he had a strong looking erection. Dad watched my tits bobbing then cannonballed in beside me. The wave of water washed over me, some splashed up my nose which made me choke a little. When he came up, I spun and threw my arms and legs around him. Without hesitation or doubt, my father probed for the proper place then pushed up and in. I swooned from the feel of his big hard-on sliding in, I locked to him tighter with my arms, hooked my ankles behind his back and puffed into his ear, “Fuck me like I’m your girlfriend.” I hooked my hands around his neck then leaned as far back as I could to watch, then playfully warned him, “But don’t knock me up, I’m not mom so I won’t marry you.” I closed my eyes to concentrate on the long hard shaft between my legs. I was hot for sex when I jumped into the water but as I locked my gaze on his eyes, the temperature of my blood increased even more with each thrust. God, he felt good. Justin took my virginity weeks earlier so as I watched dad screw me, I was elated I wasn’t virgin for him. His big cock wasn’t too big, what we were doing didn’t hurt, I wasn’t bleeding, and he didn’t need to be cautious. I closed my eyes and silently willed my father to do any damn thing he wanted with me.

He picked me up easily, sliding me off his hard-on then carried me to the edge the pool. I turned and put my elbows on the deck, my legs drifted up and apart. Dad stepped between my thighs then penetrated me once more. He fucked me while I got hotter and more active. I watched the red and green laser spots dancing across my arms almost in sync with his erection sliding in and out. I was rolling my back, rotating my hips, reveling in the feel of his big boner. He reached under my arms to fondle my tits, twisting the nipples hard enough I moaned with pleasure filled pain. Dad leaned over my back, “This what your mother and I would do Mykal, we would fuck in the water at Loon Lake then go home and do it again in bed.”

I was ready for him, I wanted to feel him climax, “Oh God Dad!! Cum with me, do it!” I began to convulse from thighs to heart when I heard him gasping and groaning behind me. Dad pulled away which unplugged the hole he had just filled with semen, his sperm cells died uselessly in the chlorine water but I didn’t care, I felt awesome! I pulled myself out of the pool to lie on the deck, dad pushed up and out then offered me a hand to stand. I clutched to him tightly, my body still trembling with orgasmic shocks. I lifted my head then kissed my father as if he were my lover. As our mouths bonded, I slipped a hand between us and fondled his half hard prick. I stroked him a couple of times then he took me back to his room.

Dad didn’t tie me up again, he didn’t have to. We rocked and rolled on his bed two more times that night, I learned more about sex in three hours than all the rumors, half hints and movies had taught me in sixteen years. The next morning when I woke and took in my surroundings, I wasn’t scared, worried or dismayed that my father screwed me three times, I slipped out of bed to go pee then came back. As I lay beside dad, I wondered why, if sex with him felt so good, why I hadn’t started a lot sooner? I rolled my head on the pillow to look at him, he was still asleep. While my eyes roamed up and down his form under the cover, my body reacted again and I made up my mind; I would be his girlfriend, his sex slave, his sex doll, his personal fucking whore; anything he wanted until my mother came home. Lust welled up from my womb, I pulled the blanket off him, looked at his well-hung member then moved down to kiss his balls. The kiss became a suckle, then I picked up his cock and licked the end of it. By the time my father woke up, I had an erection in my mouth.