Fatty Pub

One late night I see you at a bar.

You decide to try a new bar in town that you have never been to. Inside it is dim lit. The decor is dark but classy. There are few people inside. You take a seat on a very comfortable bar stool. The bartender, a beautiful exotic woman, asks what you’d like to drink and if you would like a menu. You are so distracted by her beauty that you don’t hear a word she says.


You startle back and tell her to surprise you. she smiles and turns to mix you a drink. The smell in the air is intoxicating almost like an aphrodisiac. Your eyes lock onto the bartender’s slender back and travel down to her perfect ass. You feel a familiar urge in your cock. Fantasizing about how smooth her skin would feel under your hand. You softly moan “wow..”


She turns and looks at you with a smile and brings your drink.

“See something you like?”

Fuck! Your cock jumps to attention. You look straight into her eyes.

”On the menu?” She glances at it. You tell her you haven’t looked at it yet.

you notice her looking slightly past you and smiling. You turn to see what or who has her attention. It is two blonde young females giggling while they sit extremely close together in a booth

“Sara and Crystal….they are playful!”, she says to you.

You turn your attention back to the bartender.

“Playful?” you ask in a curious tone.

“Yes. very. They are young and untamed.”

You’re not sure if it’s the drink making your head a little fuzzy or something in the air. You ask the bartender what’s good on the menu. She licks her lips slightly….

“Depends. How hungry are you?”

You dick jumps and you’d love to tell her starving for your sweet ass but smile and answer “very. I didn’t catch your name?”

“ You didn’t ask.” A small chuckle, “it’s Mila. and yours?”

Before you could answer you feel a small hand on your back. You hear a voice that sends slight chills down your body, the kind that is making your cock ache.


“Is Mila taking good care of you?”


You turn to answer but your eyes are instantly locked. You can’t look away from her. You hear Mila giggle.

“Yes she’s great,” is all you could get out of your mouth. You feel her hand slightly move up your back. One finger at a time. The woman moves over to Mila and whispers in her ear. She looks at you and with a slight smile walks away. You give Mila a quizzical look.

“That is my boss. This is her bar. She says to take good care of you.”

In your head you could think of a million ways Mila could take care of you. You pull your thoughts together and decide to order.

“I’m not extremely hungry just a tad, maybe an appetizer?”

Mila looks at the menu…then at you.

“I have just the thing for you. It’s only served in our VIP area. Follow me to the back. I think you will like this.”

Confused as you had never seen a bar have a separate backroom you follow behind her. You watch her pull her hair up exposing her beautiful neck. She opens a door and allows you to walk through. At first you see blue lighting then you see them. Crystal and Sara in nothing but white g-string underwear rubbing and grinding their bodies together while they dance.

“FUCK” is all you can say.

Both girls walk over to you. Their hands touching and grabbing every part of you. Both girls french kiss inviting your tongue to join. You are harder than a rock as you feel them start to undress you. Sara quickly undoing your pants while Crystal unbuttons your shirt. you dick is standing up hard and you moan. The girls walk you over to a couch and tell you to lay down.

Sara quickly straddles your face. The smell of her pussy is sweet. You waste no time and slide your tongue into her wet hole. The taste is incredible. Her pussy squeezes on your tongue and her juices soak your face. Your mouth Waters. You can’t get enough. You grab her ass and pull her as close to your mouth as possible.

Crystal climbs on your lap. Your dick is pointing straight up dripping. You feel your cock sliding between her smooth and very wet pussy lips. The tip of your dick rubbing against her clit. You can feel a Line of pussy juice and precum connected on the head of your Cock to her wet hole.

Fuck you are so ready to burst. Sara begins grinding on your mouth while Crystal grinds against your cock. The tip slipping in her wet pussy every time it slides past. Both girls are leaning to kiss and tease each other.

You slide your tongue from Sara’s pussy to her tight little ass hole. You use her slippery pussy juice as lube on your tongue and slide it across that puckered entrance . You imagine your dick ripping her ass wide open. Then you feel it. Sara’s sweet pussy starts to spasm and squeeze your tongue. Her body starts to shake.

Crystal was soaking your dick and balls grinding harder. It was more than you could take and you yell “I’m going to cum!”

Sara leans forward her tongue licking both the tip of your cock and Crystal’s clit. You dick throbs and you begin to nut all over. Crystal begins to cum and squirts soaking both you and Sara.

You can not believe this just happened. Sara and Crystal climb off of you.

After a few minutes you hear Mila ask “Are you still hungry?”

“ I’m starving,” is all you could say.


You stand up, barely being able to balance. Your eyes lock with Mila’s. She hands you a glass.

“It’s water,” she says as she moves extremely close to you. Your cock still recovering from Sara and Crystal starts to harden.

Mila leans in and slides her tongue across your bottom lip. Your cock throbs. Your mouth opens and you feel her slide an ice cube inside your mouth with her tongue. You grab her and pull her tightly into you. Mila takes a deep breath in.

“You looked a little dehydrated and you want more?” Mila asks with a quirky smile on her face.

Your hands slide down to her ass. You grab her tight. She grinds against you never looking away. Fuck she knows how to make your blood boil. Your cock is rock hard again. You are not sure what you walked into, but definitely do not want to leave.

Mila puts her finger on your lips. Her touch is like fire. You see her lick and bite her lip. Just when you lean to devour her mouth she turns to walk away.

“Follow me.” Her voice is so enticing. This woman was driving you crazy. Right now you just wanted to pull her back in that room and fuck her so hard she’d walk funny after! You refocus and follow her out of the room down the hallway. Again the smell in the air makes every nerve in your body feel like electricity.

You both stop and you see the owner of the bar.

“Thank You Mila I’ll take him from here. Close the bar for tonight,” she tells Mila.

“Of course.”

Mila walks past you. Her fingers graze your hand. You would give anything to feel her touch again.

You hear loud music. Your attention is distracted from mila, your curiosity peaks. You follow the owner. A loud crack..a moan. She leads you into a very large room. Around the room you see long tables. You glance up and you see cuffs, chains, and straps hanging from the ceiling. There’s a wall full of paddles, floggers, & whips. This is not new to you. The smell of leather reminds you of your own collection of toys.

She guides you to a large sofa chair. You sit and wait. A man walks in with a girl crawling beside him like a pet. She has a collar around her neck and a leash attached. He stands her up in front of you. Her body is so pure. Like a new toy.

The man pulls her arms straight up. She obeys.

He puts strap-like cuffs around both wrists and tells her to stay.

She obeys.

He pulls over a chain and runs it through the attached rings on her cuffs. He walks over to the wall carefully choosing a flogger. He glanced at you. Almost asking if that was what you want. You slightly grin. You look over at the owner.

“Do you see something you like?” she asks almost rhetorically. Of course you see what you like. How do these people know that you enjoy a darker lifestyle? One that involves a mix of pleasure, pain, & control.

She chuckles, “Enjoy. Just don’t break her.”

Is she really offering this sweet perfect body for me to unleash my inner demons on?

You walk over to the girl. Your hands softly graze her body. Not one flaw or mark on her delicate skin. Even fucking her you know you’ll break her.

“What’s your name?” You ask.


“I asked you a question. What is your name?” this time your voice is louder. More stern. Maybe she wasn’t allowed to talk.

Still nothing.

You can feel your muscles tense. The veins on your arms are very visible. Did she not realize what happens to disobedient girls?

No one ever dared to disobey you.

They know the consequences were not pleasurable.

You walk until your bodies are touching. You reach behind her head and grab a handful of hair at the base of her neck. You pull it quick and hard. You hear her moan and whimper.

“Since you won’t answer me i’ll have to punish you.”

You reach and grab the flogger off the table. You slide your hand over her smooth ass. Her perfect ass. You admire the smooth canvas and.raise the flogger. Without a thought you hit her with a loud SMACK!

She moans loudly this time. Then another SMACK!!

You can feel power run through your entire body. This was not about pleasure. This little sub needs to obey.


The red..the moans…again, but this time her moan is almost a cry. You go over to the wall and grab a riding crop.

You walk back over and again ask, “What’s your name?”

Pure silence.

With a quick flick of your wrist the whip SNAPS across her perky tits.

She looks into your eyes and smiles. This girl is asking to be punished. Another quick flick this time across her hard nipples. A loud moan came from her.

Again this time across her pussy lips and legs. Her body is full of red lines. You stop and drop the whip. You unhook the chain. She falls to her knees in front of your cock. You pick her up and throw her on the table. You grab her throat and tell her to open her mouth.

She obeys.

You take your cock and force it down her throat. Fucking her pretty lips making her gag. Your head is spinning.

You pull your cock out of her mouth and see a big drool trail connecting her and you. You smack her face with your dick.

“Since you don’t have a name i’ll call you dirty cock sucker.”

You pull her to the end of the table and spread her legs wide. You can see her pretty little pink pussy shiny with her cunt juices. Red lines striping her lips like a zebra. You want a taste of that, but first you want to admire the marks you left on her ass.

You flip her over. You realize she has ankle straps already on. You take each leg and attach her to the rings on either side of the

table spread wide face down. you slightly bend while grabbing her ass cheeks apart.

They are soft but nothing like Mila’s. You dive right in with your tongue to taste her honey pot.

OH FUCK she tasted sweet. You shove a finger inside her tight pussy. The loudest moan came from her lips. You tease the inside of her sweet innocent hole. You could feel her get tighter around your finger as you finger fuck her. You stop. Pulling her ass up so she was on her knees…head down.

Again you admire the red marks you had left. Your hand rubs over them. She flinches unsure of your next move.

“Hold still dirty cock sucker!” Your voice is firm.

She was submissive, but not yours. Your thoughts wander off thinking of how incredible Mila’s ass would look with your red marks.

You were done with this poor girl in front of you. You spread her wet pussy lips for one more quick lick, and a hard smack with your hand across her red ass.

All of a sudden her pussy starts dripping her cunt juice onto the table. This girl gets off on pain. You take your cock and shove it half way in her. Her pussy is sloppy wet, but is too tight to fully take you without being stretched. You hump her tight wet cunt and feel her pussy ready to cum. You pull out and let her cum hard. You are not ready to shoot another load quite yet.

You go to her face and pull up her head by her hair.

“Clean off my cock.”

This girl opens and sucks hard. Her tongue working double time to lick her own juices off you.


“Good girl,” you tell her. She smiles.

You need a shower and really need to find Mila. As you walk away you hear the girl say…


Part 3

This place was driving you crazy. Your head was spinning. You truly need to catch your breath. Maybe get some fresh air.

“Are you ok?” Nila asks.

My God that voice. One of the main reasons your head was spinning. This woman. The bartender. You look deep into her eyes. Lost in a mindfulness of dirty thoughts. Her gaze never leaves yours and for the short seconds before you spoke, it felt like hours.

“I’m good,” you say sternly.

She walks close to you.

“You can stop anytime,” Mila whispers.

Her soft lips inches from yours. Why was she doing this? She has to know she is driving you crazy.

You push a small strand of hair out of her face. Her hand grabbed yours. It felt like electricity was coursing through your body. She slides your hand down. Your fingers grazing her sweet lips. You could almost swear you feel her tongue tease your passing fingers. She put your hand on her breast. You can feel how hard her heart is beating. You can’t take anymore. You move your hand quickly to her throat and push her against the wall. You can see fire and lust burning in her eyes. You use your other hand to rip open her top then kiss her hard. Your tongue slides between her lips . Her moan was more than you can take. Your hands slide under her ass and you pick her up. Her legs wrap around your waist. Your mouths are devouring each other.

Your Cock feels like it’s going to rip through your pants. You squeeze her ass tight and kiss down her throat. Fuck your mind is intoxicated with her.

“We have to stop,” she says breathlessly.

“Why?” you ask grinding up into her.

“Because…..there’s oh fuckkkkkkkkkk”

Your hands find their way inside her panties. The heat coming from between her legs could melt ice. You take two fingers and part her wet lips. Your eyes lock. For a brief moment you get lost in her eyes.

You slide your fingers deep inside. She lookes like she is ready to pass out from erotic bliss. Your dick is throbbing-.you need inside of her. Another moan escapes her lips and you kiss her softly. You feel her bite your lip as your fingers increase speed. You can feel her pussy start to orgasm. Fuck!! She is tight then out of nowhere you feel your Cock start throbbing gobs of cum into your pants. Her pussy convulsing to each of your throbs. Your own moans are loud like a wild beast. Your dick is still rock hard.

“There’s another room.” she could barely say through heavy breathing.

You undo your pants and pin her against the wall again. Her eyes are driving you insane. You rub your Cock against her.

Her eyes shut. Was she going just as crazy? You took a step back. Her eyes glazed with confusion. If she is going to make you lose your mind you are going to make her suffer the same.

“Lead the way.”

You watch her inhale deeply. You know she regrets telling you to stop. It takes every ounce of willpower not to re-pick her up and slam your cock up into her. Her eyes are begging you to stay right there. You stay still. She leans in close to you. Her lips almost touching yours. She inhales deeply waiting for your move. You close the gap between your lips and exhale a big breath of air and open the door behind her to the next room.

This room is dark. A chair, a bed. Loud music fills the air.

Mila has you sit in the chair. She straddles your lap avoiding eye contact. She leans down to whisper in your ear.

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

You nod your head yes.

“Ok” she kisses you softly on the cheek.

Two men entered the room and strap your arms to the chair.

“Hey what the hell is going on?” You yell.

Mila is standing in front of you. Her eyes watching you. She Bends down, but this time her eyes are staring deeply into yours. She unbuttons your pants. Her hands feel so soft. You feel her pull your Cock out. Her breath hits your Cock. She moans and squeezes your Cock with her hand .

“MILA!” A voice you had heard before.

You feel a set of very sexy hands wrap around your shoulders.Those long fingers belong to the owner.

You were in a room with 2 of the most exotic sexual beings you have ever seen. She walks up to Mila and slides her tongue along her lips. Mila moans. Mila slowly undresses while teasing the owner.

Your Cock is still hard as a rock throbbing.

Mila unbuttons the owners top…no bra. Two perfect tits with hard nipples begging to be squeezed.

She backs the owner over to your lap while undoing the button on her pants. Mila slides her wet tongue across each nipple making the owner moan.

“Oh Mila! Suck and bite them!,”

You watch as she bites each nipple. You want them both. You again lock eyes with Mila. You are losing control and cannot take much more.

Mila slowly squats down while sliding the owner’s pants off. Mila runs her hands back up the owner’s legs and grabs her ass. You see hands tighten as she squeezes each cheek, then you hear a smack.

“Holy fuckin shit! You two are killing me!” You say with a growl.

The owner straddles your lap reverse cowgirl style. She moves her wet pussy lips on your dick like a taco. You are oozing precum. Your eyes found Mila’s. The owner reaches out and grabs Mila’s breast; teasing her nipples, biting them…sucking them. Mila moans loudly.

You want to move your hips. You want Mila on your lap. Mila squats down. Her hands on yours. You moan. Her touch was truly killing you. Then you feel Mila’s tongue on the head of your cock while it slides through the owner’s pussy lips. You gasp. Mila’s hands grab yours tightly. Her nails dig Into the top of your hands. Her mouth is too much. She is sucking the tip of your dick and licking the owner’s clit at the same time. You could feel her pussy juice flowing out onto your balls. The owner was close to cumming. The smell of sex filled the air.

Your Cock isn’t going to last much longer. Just then the owner climbs off your lap. She undoes the straps holding you down. Your eyes are still locked with Mila’s. She leans down whispering in your ear. You groan. Then the owner walks out of the room.

You were in a room alone with the one woman who has driven you crazy all night. You stand and pull her up off the floor. You kiss her neck- her face. You want every inch of her. You walk her over to the bed and push her down. You spread her legs. Your eyes on hers. Your tongue slides across her clit. Her hands grab your head. She pulls you closer. Her sweet pussy juice covers your mouth as you spread her lips to taste every inch of her. Your dick throbs…more precum. You could feel Mila’s body start to tense but you want her to ride the edge awhile longer. You stand up and scoot her on the bed fully. Before she could sit up your body covers hers. Your dick is so hard it finds her sweet hole and slides right in.

“Oh my God” is all you heard her say before you kiss her deep.

You slide in and out of her perfect pussy. As deep as you could go. Your balls are slapping her ass. It was too much. You feel her pussy squeeze you, milk you.

You moan loudly. “Mila you’re making me cum!!!!!!!!!”

Then you hear her yell your name. As her body spasms in orgasm. You kiss her hard and then look at her oddly. Did she just say your name?

You never told her your name.

“How do you know my name?” you ask softly.

Mila looks at the door then back at you.

This was all too much. You climb off her. You can’t believe what all just happened.

You look at Mila and see her eyes are starting to fill with tears. You don’t know if you want to kiss her again or just leave. How do you walk away from something as amazing as her? You clench your jaw and walk out of the room.. You need air. You need to leave.

Part 4

You arrive Home. Your head fucked and your balls drained. You walk into your kitchen to pour yourself a stiff drink. You ask yourself

“What the fuck had happened tonight?”


You couldn’t stop replaying the night’s events in your head. The two girls,Sara and Crystal, the bartender.

The Bartender Mila. The woman who drove you crazy. The one who would bite your lip when she could feel your erected cock pushing against her. The one who knew your name.

You take another big mouthful of the drink you poured when you feel a pair of hands slide up your back. A familiar voice whispers in your ear.

“ Took you long enough to get home. So did you like it?”

You turn and grab Emily. Your jaw clenches tight as you look down into her eyes. Her smirk made your cock twitch. Your mind is torn not knowing if you want to put her on the counter and fuck her tight pussy or turn her around and punish her. She takes your glass and pours another drink. Your hands grab her tighter. She drinks the entire glass. You slide your hand around her throat and feel her swallow. She puts a piece of ice in her mouth. You hand tightens on her throat. She sticks out her tongue and you watch the ice melt. This bitch is teasing the fuck out of you and she knows it.

Your cock could break granite. You lean down and kiss her hard taking the ice cube into your mouth. You grab her hair and pull her head back. You press the ice cube against her neck with your tongue. You feel her knees buckle slightly. You let the ice slide down her neck into her tight shirt. You pull her head to the side and bite her earlobe. You back her against the counter and look into her eyes.

“Don’t fuck with me Emily.”

You watch her lust filled eyes turn fearful. You undo the zipper on your pants, and pull your hard cock out. You grab her and lift her onto the counter. You pull her hips so that her pussy is at the edge. The sudden movement makes her fall back and her head hits the counter.

“Owe,” she moaned. “You’re hurting me.”

“Shut up!” You order.

Hearing her say that made you even harder. You pound your dick into her. Hitting the back of her pussy. She deserves it. You fuck her like a beast. Her pussy starts throbbing and clenching your cock. Her orgasms are constant. Fuck her pussy is so juicy. You can feel it on your balls. You can hear the wet sounds of your combined juices as you pump in and out of her. You could feel her pussy trying to push you out so you fuck harder. Your dick can’t take any more, and you can feel her getting ready to squirt. You blow your load deep inside of her. She screams as her cunt sprays her fucking juice and your cum out all over you and the floor.

You look at her. Pleased with your toy.

“Clean it up”. You leave her lying limp on the counter.

You decide to take a much needed hot shower. You are not sure if you are trying to wash off the smell of pussy or wash away everything that had happened tonight. As you feel the hot water hitting your skin all you could think about was Mila’s face. Her touch.the feel of her pussy on your dick. You quickly turn the water to cold. You need the shock to make your head clear. You turn off the water and wrap a towel around your body. As you dry off you could hear Emily in the kitchen. You wrap the towel around your waist and walk out to watch her.

She is beautiful. Not only is she a kinky bad girl she is smart.

“So?” She asked. “What do you think about the new bar?”

“You do know if you get caught it will be shut down.” you reply.

She turned to look at you.

“I’ve been fucking you for years and haven’t gotten caught!”

Damn. She was right. Being the CEO of a very lucrative company you have no need to fuck your employees let alone buy them a bar. You chuckle at her matter-of-fact humor.

“How did she know my name Emily?”

She brought you over a plate with your favorite Grilled lemon rosemary chicken and broccoli. You stare at her in amazement. You knew she could make any man lucky to have her, but instead here she is catering to you.

For a slight moment you feel guilty for causing her to hit her head.

“How’s your head?” She gives you an odd face and rubs the back of her head. She glares at you.

“Better than yours!”

Her mouth reminds you why you were her Master and she was your sub.

“Do you remember that dinner party about 6 months ago? I met Mila there. She had been watching you all evening, but you didn’t notice. Anyways we kept in touch and told her I had a great way to meet you! AND she’s an amazing bartender!”

You smile at her clever dirty mind.

“I have her number. I could tell her to come by?”

You look at her. You walk over and kiss her forehead and thank her for dinner.

“I’m going to go out for a jog Emily. Behave while I’m gone.”

Emily notices you didn’t touch any of the food. She knew your mind was still on Mila.


You quickly get dressed and head out the door. Typically you’d take the elevator down stairs, but tonight you decide to take the stairs. Usually stairs wouldn’t be bad, but you lived in a highrise apartment building and you did just fuck for the past few hours. 22 flights of stairs should clear your mind. You were not in a hurry and took 35 minutes to reach the bottom.

Once in the lobby you could hear a familiar voice. One that sends electricity through your entire body.




She turns and looks at you. It was the longest 15 seconds of your life.

“You live here?” She was surprised.

The man at the counter you had hired to greet people looks at you ready to speak, but you hold up your hand to stop him.

“What are you doing here?” You ask.

“Emily asked me to come by and pick up new recipes.” Mila answers with a soft voice.

You motioned her toward the elevator. You push the up button and when the door opens you motion her inside. You take a card out of your pocket and swipe it across the keypad. Confused Mila just watches. The elevator climbs up slowly.

“You didn’t push a floor number.” Her soft voice was too much.

You hit the elevator stop button. You turn to look at her. Your cock must sense she is there. You grab her face and kiss her hard. Your tongues attack each other. Her moans are driving you insane. Her breathing is rapid and she pushes her body against yours. You grab her left thigh lifting it slightly and grind your dick against her pussy.

Fuck you can feel the heat coming from between her legs. You can feel a wet spot in your own shorts. Your cock is oozing precum. You have never been as hard as you are right now. Before you can, she pulls your dick out of your pants. You pick her up and her legs wrap around your waist. With one hand you pull her panties to the side.your cock easily finds her wet pussy lips. You stop and look deep in her eyes. You feel your heart race. You kiss her deep- slow. With passion. Your cock presses into her. She gasps and her head flings back. You were all the way inside of her. You feel her body tense.you we’re already starting to throb

“Look at me Mila” her eyes locked with yours.

You were lost in them. She raised her body and slid down hard on your cock. She moans as her body tenses then spasms with orgasm never looking away from you. The sensation was too much. you lean in and kiss her before your own moan escapes your lips. You dick pulses and throbs hard as you shoot ropes of cum deep inside of her.

Barely being able to stand you sink to your knees still hard inside of her.

You whisper in her ear “What are you doing to me?”

She turns her head and kisses you. She looks at you.

“Are you allowed to stop the elevator?”


You chuckle. “I guess it’s ok if the owner doesn’t catch you.”

You stand up and help her to her feet.

“So what floor does Emily live on?”

You laugh hard. The elevator opens. You lean in and whisper “She Doesn’t.”