First Time

Being popular in a middle school is very important. Maybe not so much for guys but definitely for girls. Randi had made arrangements to meet Mike, who had many girlfriends, and was super popular at a fast food restaurant near her home. He also was in high school and had access to his parent’s car. They had been in school together since 2nd grade, so she absolutely trusted him. Let’s join them at a local restaurant, during lunch on the weekend. Mike comes in the door, and walks over to where Randi was sitting.

“OK to sit down?” he asked. Randi, startled out of her daydream, said quickly, “Sure, Mike,” finishing up some fries. He sat down and looked tenderly across at her. She was fourteen, a little slim, but quite good looking. She had shoulder length blonde hair, big blue eyes, smallish breasts and legs that wouldn’t quit!

“How’s it going?” he asked.

“OK, I guess . . . Oh . . . not really. I can’t seem to get any guy to ask me out. I just turned 14 and my parents said I could go to the movies and a few other places with boys. But no one seems to be interested. What’s wrong with me, Mike? Amber and Lilly seem to have boys coming out their ears and they are the same age,” she said. “You know them right . . . what do they have that I don’t?”

Mike just smiled. “They just have a little more knowledge and experience of what guys want in their girls. They know how to make their dates have a good time when they go out. You know, get them all excited . . . and then take care of them afterwards.”

Randi heard what he had said, but being rather naïve, didn’t really react. He leaned forward and quietly said, “They just have more experience and skill than most other girls their age. And they have really good figures, and boys like that too. And that’s not to say that you’re not attractive, because you are. It’s just that they are very good at making out. I should know . . . since I taught them.” She looked at Mike eagerly.

“Really? Could you maybe, you know, show me what boys like to do? How to, uh, make out? I’ll do anything . . . to be popular with the guys,” she insisted.

“Sure . . . if that’s what you want. I would be happy to teach you. How about Friday night? Your parents know me and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have a problem with me taking you to the movies. How about the new Star Wars show?” he said quickly, his mind racing at a fast forward speed. He already saw her timidly naked, next to him in the car . . . or better yet in the backseat.

“Oh, wow, that’s great. What should I wear?” she asked with a big smile on her face. He thought for a minute . . . Pay dirt! This is an opportunity not to be missed.

“Wear a short mini-skirt to show off your great legs. And for the top, how about a front button down . . . thin blouse, showing off these?” he said innocently . . . casually reaching over and almost petting the breast closest to him. She immediately blushed, but at the same time, her hidden nipples began to poke out the top she was wearing. She didn’t know if he knew it or not, but she idolized him and this brief gesture, excited her fervently.

“I think I’ve got just the outfit,” she beamed looking directly at him. “Now, I just got to figure out a way . . . to convince my parents . . . to let me go,” she smiled.


“Sounds great. See you about 7:30 on Friday,” Mike replied. “And don’t forget while we are out, just do what I say . . . and future guys will be stumbling all over you in no time. I’m going to teach you how to be a very hot date!” Randi smiled and her eyes went wide with excitement. But she was not as excited as he was. His emotion bordered on ecstatic as evidenced by the long shaft in his pants. Friday night arrived and Mike rang the doorbell . . . precisely at 7:30. Randi opened the door.

“Hi,” she smiled. “How do I look?” Mike’s eyes swept slowly up her body. Her black flats began the full journey up her long tanned legs to her skirt. Later he would learn that it was called a Mini Corduroy Button Down Pocket Skirt with Belt. What was causing his cock to shoot upwards . . . was that the skirt actually buttoned up from below her crotch to her navel in the front. She also wore a white button down blouse, tight (and sheer enough to show her) light blue bra underneath. Her breasts, though not huge, were still full and firm enough to fill out to a 32A bust size. Her slender 20-inch waist and slim 32 inch hips accentuated them well. A silver chain with a heart locket hung gently around her slender white throat, leading up to full moist lips . . . coated with a shimmering light pink. Her blue eyes had a matching light blue mascara. She wore her nearly white blond hair pulled back into a short braid down the nape of her neck. And she smelled like orchids. Mike was already for a meal . . . just looking at her.

“Randi you look great.! I love that skirt. Is it corduroy?” he asked. She nodded looking downwards . . . he believed . . . gazing at his cock, but couldn’t be sure.

“Now, remember, you’re going to follow my instructions exactly tonight. In fact, you will learn everything I will say, has a purpose, right?” Randi nodded. “OK. First, make your date feel good. Compliment him on his clothes . . . as well. Sweep your eyes over him . . . just like I did you. Then, take his hand and move out to the car.”

Randi nodded, shutting the door, and taking his hand. Mike held it firm and drew her close, pulling her hand to his thigh. Randi looked a little apprehensive.

“That’s better. See how it’s done? This is a little flirty action that lets the guy know you know what’s going on, and that you’re going to give him a good time if he’s good to you.” Randi relaxed and nestled a little closer and brushed her breasts against his arm on purpose. “Like this,” she asked?

“Yeah, that’s right. You learn fast. Let’s go to the car. We’re outta here. By the way, did you have any problem getting your parents to let you go?” he asked. She explained that she had to make up a story about how he would be driving a bunch of her friends. That was a good start he thought. She was not afraid to tell little lies to get what she wanted.


Mike opened the car door and Randi ducked in. “Whoa there,” he said, “There’s a certain way hot girls get into the car on a big date. Back out and listen to me.” Randi got out and stood, waiting. “Stand by the door. Make your date open the door for you. When you get into the car, you want to show your guy your great legs. So back into the car, pull your skirt up about halfway and sit down. Then put your left leg in first . . . keeping your right leg stretched out. Then . . . slowly pull your right leg in, lifting it slightly. Got it?”

Randi nodded and said, “But . . . he will see up my dress . . . if I do that.”

“That’s the idea. You’ve got great looking legs . . . so show them off. Let him see what’s waiting for him . . . later in the evening. It works wonders, believe me.”

Randi turned and sat down, hiking her short skirt further up her legs. She put her left leg in, lifting it slightly, then pulled her right leg in, also lifting it. Mike could see right up to her crotch and the light blue panties she was wearing. He smiled wide . . . loving how she was doing everything he asked as he examined her hidden pussy lips under the panties.

“Yeah, that’s it. Now don’t pull your skirt down just yet. You want to show off your legs. In fact, keep them slightly apart . . . as we drive.” He got in, continued talking to her as they approached the local cinema. She kept her skirt up, and whether she knew it or not, her blue panties were continually visible.


Inside, he purchased tickets and then popcorn and drinks and found a spot to sit towards the back . . . rows away from anyone. It was the big theater in this complex and since the movie was showing in other rooms, no one was anywhere near them. He explained that this distance would allow them total freedom . . . to enjoy each other.

After the movie began, he placed his right arm around her shoulders and pulled her close . . . in fact very close . . . so that her breasts were pressed up against his arm. After a few minutes into the movie, well beyond the credits, he moved his left hand over to hers, and squeezed it. She smiled, loving his attentions, but mildly surprised when he moved her hand off her lap . . . and over to his leg. She was about to pull it aside, when he whispered in her ear, “Guys love to be touched during a movie. So don’t be afraid to ‘surprise’ me.” Although the theater was dark . . . except for the light from the movie on the screen, he watched her face turn red with embarrassment.

For several minutes, Randi stayed glued to the screen, not moving her hand. Thinking she needed some additional incentive, he slowly leaned over towards her, allowing his right hand to extend further even more around her shoulders, so that it traveled around her arm until it was now covering her breast. Randi jumped slightly as Mike began to squeeze her titties, and obviously by design, slip her nipple in between his fingers. He heard her moan, loving what he was doing but looking around to see if anyone was watching. And then, he playfully opened up a button towards the middle of her blouse, and slipped his hand inside.

“You are sooooo, naughty,” she whispered. “But remember . . . I have never done anything like this before . . . with a boy.” Mike smiled and whispered back:

“So it’s time you learned. Just enjoy what I’m doing . . . and let me help you maybe get off . . . and at the same time . . . learn how to turn a guy on.” Not waiting for her permission, Mike reached down with his left hand, slowly found the brass clasp at the top of his zipper, and silently pulled it all the way down. He thought to himself . . . I sure hope she doesn’t freak out . . . when she finds out I am going commando. Very carefully, making sure not to touch his cock with his zipper, Mike pulls his long cock out of the fly opening of his pants. All 7” of it is now standing straight up. Then he says:

“I will help you get horny. But it’s time for you to discover and excite me,” he said. Then he did two things: first he slipped his hand into the opening of her blouse . . . found her bra . . . and gently slithered his fingers under it and cupped her naked breast, and second he captured her hand, still resting on his leg and moved it over . . . so that it was now open and soon covering his quivering cock.

Randi’s heart was pumping harder than it had ever done before. She realized that Mike had obviously touched other girl’s breasts before, because soon he was not only touching her tittie, but he now had her stiff nipple in between his thumb and first finger . . . turning her on . . . beyond words. In response . . . she circled her fingers around this high school boys cock . . . and began to gently squeeze . . . not really knowing what to do. Mike had shed a teaspoon or more of pre-cum so Randi found the tip very slippery.

“Squeeze it a little bit . . . and move your hand up and down . . . Randi. Ahhhhh . . . yeah . . . that’s it.” And following his suggestions, Randi began to pump his cock just like a pro. At the same time, Mike switched breasts and began to pinch and pull on the 14-year-old girls other stiff bud. Both participants were loving what was happening, but were conscious about not making any sounds that would alert the audience . . . or God forbid any of the ushers. Mike had to make a decision real soon, because even though Randi was a novice at what she was doing, he knew he would explode any minute.


“Do you know what they call . . . what you are doing?” he whispered, still rolling her aroused nipple around his fingers.

“No!” she responded, now getting truly aroused by having her breasts being treated in this fashion.

“It’s called a ‘handjob’ and for a first timer . . . you are the best! And do you know what happens at the end of a handjob?” he said, gritting his teeth.

“You like . . . shoot your stuff?” she offered.

“Uh huh . . . and I am too close . . . to stop right now . . . so let me take over and let’s slip your hand up . . . and under here,” he said gently capturing her hand that was moist from what she was doing . . . and moved it over to her knee and then up under her skirt towards her pussy. She objected at first, but he was now cupping and rubbing his fingers over her bare breasts, just like she did to herself, late at night and she longed to find her clit and bring herself off. On her own now . . . her fingers found the elastic of the legs of her panties, and slipping underneath, she drove them up further and soon she had entered her outer lips and then shortly afterwards, she was eagerly rubbing her clit.

“Watch”, was all he said as she turned sideways and looked down towards his crotch. She glanced in time to see a huge rope of hot cum being ejaculated from the tip of his long cock. Keeping her fingers in place inside her pussy, she brought her other hand up to her mouth as his trajectory was straight up and soon it was nearing 3 or 4 feet above the back of the chair in front of them. Mike muffled a groan, but kept shooting shots . . . but not quite as far up as the first one. This brought Randi off and following his lead she bit her tongue trying not to alert the audience that she too was way over the top with a welcomed and extreme orgasm.

Both participants slowly calmed down and using a large Kleenex Mike had brought with him, he wiped the excess semen off of his legs and the chair in front of him.

“We gotta leave,” he said.

“But the movie just started,” said Randi.

“I need to get you home at the right time so your parents think we actually saw the movie, but right now, I want you to go in the bathroom and get yourself ready for the rest of the evening. It’s time for you to learn many more things!” he said.

She nodded enthusiastically and said, “OK. Uh, what am I going to do there . . . again?” He whispered softly, “You’re going to primp up. Comb your hair, put on fresh lipstick and oh yes, unbutton your blouse a few buttons. Remember, you want to get your date as excited as possible.” Randi nodded and then he said, “Put your panties and your bra . . . in your purse. You will not need them on the rest of our date.” A blush spread over her face as she turned and worked her way down the row of chairs and then into the ladies’ room just outside of the theater they were in.


Randi came out of the powder room looking fresh and smelling sweet. Mike’s gaze went to her blouse and saw she had undone three buttons, showing some skin since she was not wearing a bra anymore, per his request. He grinned and she smiled back. “Awesome . . . you look very hot right now.”

They walked outside into the cool air. She took his hand and pulled him close. Randi looked up at him with a soft sweetness. Mike looked down and kissed her full on the lips. She gasped. Slowly, he parted his lips and began probing softly with his tongue. Her lips parted. His tongue touched hers and then swirled against it. She took in a big breath, her blood racing through her veins. Standing on her tiptoes, she clasped her arms behind his neck and kissed him back. They stayed that way for a long minute. Suddenly, he pulled away and broke free.

“What’s the matter,” she asked? “Did I do something wrong? I liked that. Are we going to do some more of that kinda kissing?”

“Yeah . . . we’re going to do a LOT more. You’re learning quick,” he grinned. “Let’s get in and go down to the beach for a while. I know a real secluded and pretty spot . . . just the place.” He opened the car door and Randi began to back in as she was previously told . . . when Mike said, “Hold it, Randi. At this point of the night your guy has to know what’s in store. After you get in and before he gets in, pull your skirt up around your waist. And keep your legs apart. Puff out your blouse a bit so he can see your titties up against that thin material. Do it while he’s walking around to his side of the car. That way, only you and he know what’s coming up.”

Randi smiled and kissed him lightly, “You will like what you see.”

Mike shut the door and went around to the other side of the car. When he got in, Randi had her skirt bunched up around her waist. Mike’s gaze immediately swept up her long legs to her bare crotch. Although it was dark, he saw her hairless pussy and then she scooted more sideways, somewhat covering up the intersection between her legs. He could feel his cock getting hard. Randi sat back smiling sexily at him. “Do I look OK?” she coyly asked. Mike grinned and nodded.

“You are gorgeous. Come here, girl,” he whispered. Randi slid closer to him. He put his arms around her and kissed her. She melted into his arms and kissed him back. He reached down and pulled her left leg more open . . . once again showing off her bare pussy. Then his hand went slowly up her stomach, under her blouse towards her naked breasts. Randi stiffened at his touch.

Mike kept on kissing her while he began to gently knead her firm, small breasts. Her nipples quickly became erect as he swept his palm over them. She felt a tingling sensation all over. Her breathing became quicker. She relaxed and held him tighter as he squeezed her boobs. His tongue reached deep into her hot mouth, fencing with hers. And she fenced back . . . breathing heavily. Suddenly, he took his hand off her bare breasts and broke away.

“That felt nice, Mike,” she said breathlessly. “Go ahead. You can do that some more. I liked it. I really did.” Mike looked deep into her eyes. “Let’s go to the beach. I know I great spot where we can be alone,” he said. Randi nodded as Bill put the car into gear and drove off.

After a few minutes of driving, he pulled into the secluded spot overlooking the cove. The moon was half full and shining over the water. Mike turned to Randi and said, “OK . . . You’ve done great so far. Are you ready to learn . . . what guys like to do?” She nodded and moved closer to him.

“Kiss me again, Mike. Kiss me hard,” she breathed. Mike put his arms around her and kissed her, their tongues Frenching back and forth. He slid his hand up the back of her blouse and then he slid his other free hand quickly up her chest and again began squeezing her teen breasts. Randi moaned, “Oh yes, squeeze them tighter, harder.” He cupped them each in turn and continued squeezing, massaging, and kneading them like dough. They were so hot and firm in his hand. He lightly pinched her pink nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger as he tightened his hands and twisted her breasts. “Oh, God,” she sighed, “that feels so good. Harder, squeeze them harder, please.” He dug his fingers in and squeezed hard, twisting them in his grip. Randi just whimpered in pleasure.

Suddenly, he took his hand away from her breasts and placed it on her knee. He squeezed gently, then began sliding it up to the warm smooth flesh of her upper thighs and gently squeezed again. Without realizing it, Randi parted her legs and began to squirm. Her breathing got deeper. Mike slid his hand up to the soft warmth of her crotch. She was somewhat surprised at this . . . and opened her eyes. Her hand went down to his and tried to push it away. Mike kept rubbing his fingers around her upper thighs. Randi relaxed as his fingers probed her pussy, quickly getting damp. She gave in and parted her legs as he continued to stroke her cunt. Randi moaned with pleasure.

Mike dropped his lips to her breasts and began nibbling them. His tongue flicked lightly over first one nipple then the other. She moaned and pushed her chest forward. Mike opened his mouth wider and began to suck on her boobs, gently at first, then with more strength. His fingers continued to stroke and probe her virgin pussy. Randi was now squirming in heat. Suddenly he stopped and pulled away. Randi looked at him puzzled.

“Don’t stop . . . Please don’t stop. That feels sooooo good. I’ve never felt anything like this before.” She reached for him, but Mike grabbed her wrists.

“Now you’re going to learn why Amber and Lilly are so popular, Randi. Are you ready,” he asked?

“Oh, yes,” she breathed, “Anything you say.”

“OK, get into the back seat and take off ALL your clothes,” Mike ordered. She got up and climbed over to the back seat and stripped. Mike stayed in the front seat, turned the dome light on, and watched until Randi was finished. She sat back with her legs apart, one arm behind her head, the other rubbing her wet pussy, trying to finish what he started. She had just the slightest hint of soft golden white hair on her pussy, making it seem like there was nothing there. Her small breasts jutted out high on her chest, firm, full and milky white. Her pink nipples stuck out also . . . hard with passion.

Mike quickly stripped and climbed into the back with her. His seven-inch cock was throbbing hard, like a pulsating iron. He sat back on the seat and spread his legs.

“OK, pretty girl . . . take hold of my cock and began stroking it, just like in the theater.” She leaned over and wrapped her hand around his hard shaft, barely able to touch her thumbs and fingertips.

It was her second time . . . but it was still her first cock and it was a discovery process for sure.

“What do you want me to call this big fella?” she asked marveling at its overall size. Timidly giving him a handjob in the movie theater, did not allow her to see its immense size. He had left on the dome light and she was rewarded by looking up and down at his immense shaft.

“That’s my COCK . . . sweetlips. Keep stroking it and squeeze hard. He likes it that way.” Randi squeezed and began pumping his hot . . . fully erect cock . . . up and down. Mike laid back and watched her small boobs bounce. His cock throbbed with excitement.

“OK, Randi. First, we’re going to teach you how to SUCK MY COCK,” he breathed, his eyes glazing over with lust. Randi sat back suddenly . . . a bit apprehensive.

“I don’t know what to do,” she admitted, still wanking on his cock. He grasped his long bulging shaft from her grasp and pointed it straight at her.

“Bend over here and open up your pretty little 14-year-old hot mouth and get ready for your first lesson in cock sucking.”

Randi’s eyes went wide in shock. She hadn’t expected this. She looked down at his long throbbing rod. “I-I-It’s too big,” she said apprehensively. “I-I-I’ll choke on it . . . won’t I?”

“No, you won’t. Just start slow and get used to it. I’ll guide you and teach you the right rhythm and depth. Just don’t let your teeth scrape it. Keep your lips over your teeth at all times. Go ahead, give it a try. All good girls suck their dates cocks, and really like to . . . especially after they realize how good it tastes.”

Resigned, Randi bent over and took his hard cock in her hands. Slowly, she bent her pretty blonde head down and parted her pink lips. She reached out and touched it with her tongue . . . causing his cock to jump at the contact.

“See . . . he wants you to suck and lick him right now! Just slip it gently into your lips . . . right now,” he ordered and then he breathed heavily. Closing her eyes slowly, she opened her mouth and making an -O-with her lips, dropped her head down over his shaft. His cock slid into her warm chops, the tip rubbing over the roof of her mouth. She was surprised at the velvety soft texture of the organ. Her tongue suddenly appeared to have a life of its own. She swirled it around the sensitive underside, feeling the veins throb with excitement. She was hoping a good tongue lashing . . . would finish him off.


“Oh, yesssss . . . Randi, that’s it, move that tongue all around. Oh, my God, that feels sooooo . . . gooood,” he sighed with pleasure. His cock was about halfway in her mouth now. She closed her eyes and continued to lick it . . . all around.

‘Ummm, this is nice’, she thought as she began a slow rhythm, ‘and it really is . . . making him . . . very horny’. She squeezed his cock with her hand and slowly pulled her head up. Mike arched his back, pushing his cock back up into her mouth. “Keep it in there, baby. You’re learning quick.” She engulfed it further . . . once again.

“Oh, yeah, Randi. Suck on it,” he moaned. Randi began sliding her mouth up and down on his shaft, feeling it throb with each stroke. She relaxed her jaws and developed a slow rhythm. Her mouth filled with saliva, coating his cock and making it slide easily in and out, about two-thirds of its length. Mike moaned with ecstasy. Minutes went by.

“OK, Randi. I want to cum,” he hissed. “Put your hands under me and grab my ass. Keep them there and don’t take them away.” Randi slid her hands under his tight sweaty butt cheeks. ‘What does “come” mean?’ she wondered? Mike pressed her hands down under him, locking them in place. “Just follow my lead.” He put both of his hands on the sides of her head, locking his fingers behind her slender neck, and began controlling her rhythm. He pushed her head down and then pulled up, again and again, increasing the tempo. He did not want her to gag on her first try, so he carefully monitored the depth of each insertion. Randi made slurping noises as she tried to coordinate her breathing around his cock.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, YEAH! That’s it. Rub your tongue all around. You’re going to get a load and a half on this one, baby . . . forget the movie theater shot. This one will top that one easily,” he hissed.

“That’s great, Randi, that’s Goddamn great!” he hissed. “Keep it up on your own now . . . while I milk your beautiful tits.” He released her head and bent forward to reach her young titties. Cupping each breast, he squeezed them tight, capturing her nipples between his knuckles. He began squeezing and pulling them down. Randi kept sucking on his shaft, this new feeling overwhelming her. Without knowing it, she began a rhythmic sucking up and down in time to his squeezing of her breasts.

“Oh, Randi, you have learned so quickly,” Mike moaned in ecstasy. This made her feel good. She dropped her mouth deep on his shaft and swirled her tongue all around it. Mike continued to pump and squeeze her young breasts. Her tongue made figure eights along the length of his cock. He thrust up with his hips and twisted her breasts hard. She moaned around the shaft, her vocal vibrations driving him wilder.

Suddenly, she was aware of a slight musky and salty taste in her mouth, but had almost no time to react. Mike’s cock went extremely rigid and she could feel him stiffen, his body going taut all at once. Unknowingly, she tightened her lips, squeezing his throbbing shaft, sucking hard and swirling her tongue around his shaft as he pulled her head up one last time.

“I’mmmm cumming NOW!” he cried out. Randi opened her mouth wide and reached out with her tongue. His cock was just barely resting on it. She took in a deep breath and looked up at him with wide innocent blue eyes. Mike looked down at her, his eyes in slits, his lips pulled back tightly with ecstasy. His cock was perfectly positioned at the entrance to her waiting virgin mouth. Her pink lips glistened with spit.

He could hold back no more. His hands flew to the back of her pretty blond head and grasped the braid. He pulled her head down his shaft as the first thick jet of hot, creamy sperm erupted from his cock and splashed across the roof her mouth.

Randi’s eyes went wide in surprise. Her mind reeled at the strong musky shrimp like taste as he continued to shoot jet after jet of thick hot cum into her mouth. Her cheeks slowly ballooned outward, filling rapidly. This new taste of hot cream overwhelmed her. Mike screamed in ecstasy: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH! YES! YESSSS!!”

Thick globs of white slime bubbled from the corners of her lips. Still, he held her head tight. Randi’s mouth was completely full; she could take no more. It had to go. She opened her throat and began to swallow. Glob after glob of slick sperm slid down into her stomach. A warmth spread through her body as her belly filled with his rich cum juice.

With a final thrust, Mike drove his 7-inch cock into her tight lips and a rope of cum belched out. She swallowed, again and again, not caring if she ever breathed again. His cum tasted so good, his cock felt so hot and strong in her young lips. She tightened them and sucked up the shaft, trying to get more. Mike jerked up and down, the final throes of his ecstasy spurting more cum, once again filling her mouth with rich thick sperm.

After several minutes Mike released her head. Randi didn’t move. She was enthralled with his cock and his cum. She continued to nurse on his flaccid shaft, trying to get more, and savoring every drop.

After several minutes of suckling, she finally lifted her head up. A long strand of cum stretched from the back of her mouth, stretching thinner until it snapped back. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Breathing heavily, she swirled the last vestiges of his sperm back and forth, bringing it up to her lips and letting it fall back. Each time she opened her mouth, it hung like a web from her palate. As she breathed, it shimmered, bubbles of cum formed and broke.

Finally, she swallowed. She looked dreamily down at his cock and once again bent over, her tongue eagerly lapping up each drop of cum. She licked him all over, desperately trying to find more.

Randi sat up and dreamily looked at him. “God,” she said. “That was so great. Your sperm tasted yummy. I almost felt like I was exploding inside. Please do it again, I want more. I just want to suck your cock until we have to go home,” she begged.

Mike leaned over and said, “There’s plenty where that came from . . . plenty. But let’s take a break and let me get you off. You really deserve it.” She smiled and licked her lips. What he wondered was whether she would be willing to suck off two or three guys at the same time, the next time they went out. Couldn’t wait to see three or four streams of hot cum all over those small breasts!