My Virgin aunt

My name is Aamir. I am from Hyderabad, India I am 21 years old. I am the only child of my mother. Though my father has more wives and daughters from them but I am his only son. I have completed my studies in London and after completing my studies, I came back home only a few months ago.

A few months ago before the Triple Talaq law was introduced my family went to Delhi for attending a wedding of a son of friend of my parents . There, my aunt i.e. my Khala ( mothers sister- cousin ) Noori was also there to attend the functions. Amma ( My mother ) introduced me to her . Noori Khala in her early 30s, a very beautiful , very fair complexion, slim, round face, big black eyes, beautiful sharp features and a sweet voice … Khala is also very cheerful.

I knew that Khala had become widow in a very young age. During the conversation with her I recollected that Khala has four daughters and one of them has been married.

Khala was sitting with me during marriage functions and we shared a lot of jokes, Khala took a lot of selfies with me and I was enjoying her company..

She asked me how many girlfriends I have.

I told – I have just returned home from abroad after three years, no girlfriends.

So Khala asked- How many girlfriends were there abroad?

I said – a lot.

So Khala said with a smile – then you must have had a lot of fun?

Before I would answer, Khala’s phone rang and Khala got up.

After that Khala met my mother and could not be seen again. When I enquired about her I came to know that for some emergency reason Khala had to go back to her home in Kashmir, so she a hurry. I kept getting bored there because I had not much acquaintances or friends thereafter that .

When the engagement got over Ammi Abbu ( father & Mother) called me and said – Son, you have already met Noori your Khala, you will have to pay a visit to Noori in Kashmir for an very important family task We cannot leave the marriage in the middle. You will have to do whatever your aunt will say as if it is our wish and command. I said I do.

I bowed my head and left for Srinagar in Kashmir and took the next flight.

I had not even seen Kashmir and I loved company of Nuri Khala.

In kashmir I came to know, my 1st cousin, whose name was Sarah and was about 19 years old, was married to our cousin Imran and they were very much in love with each other, They had a fight and Imraan divorced my cousin sister and for that reason Khala had to return back suddenly.

After divorce, my cousin imraan regretted it and wished to marry Sarah again, Maulvi Saheb (priest) said –as per islamic rituals Sara will have to go through Halala and become someone else’s wife for at least one night. Only then can these two get married again.

Noori Khala told me that I will have to marry Sarah for that one night. When I came to know this, I said in my heart – it is a a matter of one night, have fun Aamir sir!

I agreed and said – Khala, your daughter’s should be settled, I don’t want anything more than that.

Noori Khala was very happy and hugged and kissed me on my forehead God Bless You Aamir and said- Son, if you want anything, feel free to ask.

We were to be married the next day. Khala’s had a very big expensive house She , gave me a separate room to sleep at night and I started preparing for sleep.

After some time my mobile rang and Khala’ called me on phone, she asked- Did you fall asleep?

So I said – No, was preparing to sleep.

Khala said – Please come to my room!

And the phone got disconnected.

When I went to Khala’s room, I saw that a beautiful bride in red dress was waiting on bed with a veil covering her face . She said welcome I realised this is Voice of Khala Then I went to her and asked- Khala, what is all this?

Khala said- Aamir, today is your test. Not only do you have to marry Sarah, you have to sleep with her and you will also have to sex with her like a husband wife. a bit hesitating she said I want to make sure that you can Fuck Her .

I said – why do you think that I may or may not “Fuck her “?

So Khala told the whole story of Sarah, Khala said – Imran is my brother’s son, he insisted and married Sarah but after marriage sarah found out that not only his cock was very small he was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction- his cock cannot get an erection and he could not fuck Sarah . This is why the two quarelled and Imran angrily divorced Sarah. Now I want it that through halala, at least once, Sarah gets full pleasure of sex from me.

She wanted to see how big my cock is and whether I can get a proper erection and can I fuck properly and satisfy a woman or not! To ensure that and check personally she has made all this arrangement.

Then Noori Khala said- Aamir, do it slowly with me because I am also a virgin!

I then startled – how is this possible a beautiful married woman mother of 4 and a virgin?

Khala said – My four daughters are children of my elder sister. After the death of my elder sister and your Uncle also got sick, so I was married to him to take care of him and children. And due to sickness, not even a honeymoon, after a few days of marriage, he passed away soon and she remained a virgin. Today she also wants to taste and enjoy forbidden pleasured of sex with me.