Covid cousins 2.

During pancake breakfast, Doris explained to her grandchildren that the weeding in the vegetable garden should be done in the morning, before the heat of the day emerged. “Then, when it is intolerably hot, you kids can go swimming in the pool for the afternoon and cool off. But the pool rule is you never swim alone: I am too old now to come out to the pool much, so if you want to go swimming, you need to be together. Ever obedient, Gail and Peter went out into the garden after breakfast and did as their grandmother asked.

Peter was still thinking about what he had seen, accidentally, the night before. As Gail was busy kneeling in the garden patch, Peter tried his best to catch glimpses down her t – shirt. Occasionally, he stole brief glances of her modest cleavage but nothing else. After about 90 mins the teens had done most of the weeding. It was almost noon and the heat was oppressive. “God, Peter, I am so hot now, I don’t think i can do this anymore. Lets head for the pool”. Peter simply nodded his head and said, “OK, I have to get my trunks on”. “OK, Peter, I have my suit on underneath my shorts, I will get the towels and I’ll meet you at the pool. ”

Peter quickly returned to the room and threw on his nicest bathing trunks. He was feeling a bit nervous about all of this but couldnt wait to see Gail in her swimsuit. When he got to the pool, Gail was already laying out in one of the deck lounges, soaking up the sun. Peter’s eyes almost popped out as he saw her slim, so – pale figure stretched – out on top of the chair. She was wearing a pink bikini, her hair was tied – up and she had adorable pink polish on her little toes. Peter took the chair next to her.

It was so hot that the kids didnt last too long on the chairs. Peter got up and took a vigorous dive into the deep end of the pool. So refreshing. “Wow, it is so warm, Gail!” Gail laughed at her cousin and wailed, “here I come!!” She got up from her deck lounge and dove into the deep end to join her cousin. “OMG, it is so refreshing!” The kids splashed and swam around and got the heat of the day off their backs. Eventually Gail got out of the pool and returned to her chair. Peter took in every detail of her nubile body as he watched her step out of the pool. The bikini was close fitting and hugged every little curve of her developing figure: Peter noticed that her ass was small, round but ever so shapely; her perky tits poked out from her top; and when she went to sit down on the lounge and raised her legs up onto the chair, Peter could see the faint outline of her delicate pussy pressing against the crotch of her bikini bottom. It was a good thing that Peter was still in the pool as he watched her emerge from the pool and lay on the lounge, because his cock was once again rock – hard. Peter swam a couple of lengths to allow his erection to subside. Eventually, he climbed out of the pool and took his deck chair beside his cousin.

When he got out, Gail was lying on her tummy. Her bikini back strap was unfastened so that she would avoid tan lines on her back. Peter said nothing but secretly fantasized what beautiful sight was lying against the stupid chair. It was so hot and humid. Eventually Gail spoke up and said, “I am burning up! I need to go back in!” She reached behind her back and grabbed the bikini straps to fasten them. What she did not know was that she only fastened one of the clips; the other one remained undone. Gail got up from her chair and in one fluid motion walked to the edge of the pool and without hesitation plunged into the pool. Peter took it all in.

As Gail hit the water, her bikini top slipped off of her body and sunk to the bottom. When Gail surfaced from her long dive, she had no idea that shed lost her top. She got about 2 steps up the ladder before she realized her top was missing. She immediately stepped back into the water. Peter was transfixed.

Although Gail was a confident swimmer, she had a phobia about the bottom of pools or lakes. When she realized that she had lost her bikini top, Gail was in a predicament. As long as she remained submerged in the water, her nakedness was partially obscured. But eventually she would have to get out. And her cousin Peter was right here!

“Peter, could you please do me a favour? I am sooo embarrassed, but my top fell off and I think its at the bottom of the deep end. I cant swim that deep, could you please get it for me?” Peter nodded, got up and dove into the deep end. He grabbed the tiny bikini top and swam over to the shallow end where his cousin was crouching and gave it to her. OMG, thanks so much, I feel like such an idiot!”

“Gail, its really OK, dont worry about anything. And for what it is worth, I think I am the luckiest person in the world right now. You are so pretty and beautiful and trust me, I will never tell anyone, honest!” “But I am so petite, not like most girls my age, I feel so immature”. “Honestly Gail, from what little I saw, I think you have a wonderful figure, it totally suits you in every way. Dont worry about having big boobs, only shallow guys go for that stuff; you are perfect!”

“Really Peter, are you just being nice to me because I am so embarrassed? Not too many girls in my class are still 30 A – B!” “Trust me Gail, any boy who would judge you by your size doesnt deserve to even know you. Like I said, I think your size is perfect in every way, so there. ”

Gail’s flushed embarrassment was immediately replaced by a feeling of real gratitude to her cousin. The teens resumed their seats on the deck chairs and eventually they made their way back to their grandmother’s house, refreshed and hungry for lunch. Later that night, as they were watching tv in the living room, Doris announced that she was heading to bed. Gail also went to her bedroom and Peter stayed up a bit to watch more tv. An hour later, Peter made his way to the bedroom he shared with his cousin.

Gail was reading in bed. “Hey Peter, I just want to thank you again for not making me feel like a total idiot today at the pool. You were so nice to me and I really appreciate it. ” “Like I said Gail, its no big deal l and I meant every word I said. You are a sweet and beautiful person inside and out!” “Did you really mean what you said about my tiny boobs though?” “Yes I did, from what very little I saw when you started to climb up the ladder, I thought you were the hottest and sexiest girl I ve ever seen – even though you are my cousin!!” “You dont think they are too small?”

“Look Gail, I dont really have much experience dating or certainly seeing girls boobs, but the one second look I had was amazing!” “Can I show them to you again, Peter, since you sort of already saw them?” This took Peter completely by surprise. He didnt know what to say at first. “Sure, Gail, I’d love to see them again, maybe tomorrow when we go swimming?” “I was thinking now, since grandma is asleep”. Before Peter could even begin to respond, Gail pulled the sheet down from her torso, revealing her naked breasts. She was in bed in her panties only. Peter was speechless.

Her pale, soft but perky tits were a vision. As she sat in bed, they did not hang down but seemed oblivious to gravity. Her tiny nipples were pink. Finally Peter summoned the sense to speak. “OMG, Gail, you are like the prettiest girl in the world. Please do not ever think that they are too small. ” “You make me feel so good Peter. Have you ever felt one before?” “No, I havent, I never really got that far with the girl I had been dating. Have you ever let any boy see or touch them?” “No, I never really liked any guy that much that I would want to do that, plus my parents would totally disapprove. ” “Yes, I know what you mean about parents…. ”

Gail got out of her bed and walked over to Peter’s and sat down beside him. “You can feel them if you want, Peter, it will be our secret. ” Peter needed no further encouragement. He gently touched her right breast with his cupped hand. It was so silky smooth but firm. As his hand glided over her nipple, Gail shuddered. Peter used his other hand to caress her left breast and it was the same sensation. Gail did not have much cleavage but Peter felt the small hollow between her tits and felt like he had gone to heaven. His cock under his shorts was getting firm very quickly.

“You feel so smooth and silky, Gail, honestly, your boobs are awesome!” “Wow, thanks Peter, it feels so nice when you touch them. Because they were so close sitting on top of Peter’s bed, Peter could not hide the lump of his growing erection under his shorts. It was practically straining. Gail looked down at his shorts and giggled. Now it was Peter’s turn to be embarrassed. “Is it getting hard because of me, Peter?” “I m so sorry Gail, I didnt mean for this at all, especially since your my cousin and all. But at least you can believe me when I tell you that you are so hot and sexy!”

“I have never seen a cock in real life, Peter, do you think i could have a quick look?” Peter was stunned. But here he was feeling and caressing his cousin’s bare boobs while she sat in her panties on his bed, so the least he could do was return the favour. “Um, OK, I guess i could do that”. Peter slipped out of his shorts and then pulled off his boxers, revealing a surging erection.

Gail looked with wonder at the hard cock that seemed to be bursting out of its stretched skin. It was about 5 inches in length, slim but straight like a pointed arrow. Peter had a modest amount of light pubic hair growing from the base of the shaft. “Its so awake Peter!”, Gail giggled. “Can I touch it?” Peter was still speechless and simply nodded. Gail reached down and gently took a hold of his rigid cock. She marvelled at how hard yet smooth and flexible its surface was. The tip of it was like a cone and was super smooth. As Gail was exploring feeling it, Peter was beginning to breathe more heavily. He leaned into her chest and gently kissed her boobs. Her nipples had become hard like little bullets.

Gail’s hands went down to his balls. Gently, she cupped them and compared how soft and flexible they were next to the rigid surface of his cock. Peter was beginning to moan very slightly. Both teenagers were nervous with the novel experience of this petting but were unable to stop. What a scene: a topless teen girl sitting next to a bottomless teen boy, fondling each other in utter ecstasy. Everything came crashing to a halt, however, when the landline phone rang loudly from the living room!

Gail jumped out of Peter’s bed and quickly into her own, pulled the covers over her torso and stayed still. Peter likewise pulled the covers over his naked torso and shielded from view his raging erection. Both teens listened as their grandmother answered the call from the living room, hung up and returned to her own bedroom. The cousins smiled at each other and mouthed goodnight from their respective beds and turned out the lights. Each slept with great satisfaction, but Peter had unfinished business on account of his cousin’s touching of his cock and balls. While Gail did not know it, she had nearly caused him to cum at the time the telephone rang. In his sleep that night, he dreamed of his cousin and had a wet dream that soaked his boxers the next morning.