Best cousins

The Covid pandemic changed peoples lives all over the world. The summer months of 2020 were unlike anything anyone had ever experienced. Gail and Peter Fleming were teenage cousins whose respective fathers were brothers from a large Baptist family. The two cousins had known each other from their toddler years on account of family get – togethers around Christmas, Easter and similar holidays. Gail and Peter lived in different cities and attended different schools, so over the years had contact only occasionally. They were good kids, good students and lived their young lives with the respect and good will that their Christian upbringing taught them.

Because of the physical distancing requirements, neither teenager had any summer job. The Baptist bible summer camps were also cancelled because of the pandemic. Doris Fleming was the matriarch of the family, a widow who lived in a small house out in the country on a nice patch of land. Doris was the mother of Gails and Peters fathers and the grandmother of 7, Gail and Peter being the youngest. She told her sons: send Gail and Peter to me for the summer. I have lots of chores for them to do, they can enjoy the fresh air, take a break from the city and bide their time with me.

Neither teenager wanted this. Separated from their friends and the comforts of home. But each respected the wishes of their elders. Gail arrived at her grandmas 2 days before Peter. She always enjoyed her time with Doris and got used to the routine of the small house. Then Peter arrived. After his father drove away, he greeted his grandmother at the door and went inside the house and said hello to his cousin. “Peter, you can take your bags into the room you will be sharing with Gail. I am sorry I dont have separate rooms for you two kids, but you each have a twin bed and your own ensuite bathroom. I will continue to sleep in my master bedroom down the hall. Now, you two, go out and get some fresh air while I get dinner going. ”

Gail and Peter went for a long walk, exploring the rolling pastures of their grandmothers lot. It was awkward at first, but after a few minutes of chatting, the two teens became more comfortable with each other. It was a hot and sticky summer and they were relieved to see that there was a pool – one of those old, above – ground models – down by the garage. Peter noticed as they were walking that his cousin had grown taller since he last saw her – still slim and petite but pretty. He noted too that Gail was beginning to develop curves which he found attractive. Her mid – length hair was auburn as it always had been and she still had a pale complexion which was dotted by little freckles all over, adding to her charm and dorkiness.

Gail was beginning to appreciate the company of her cousin and was glad Peter had also been sent by his parents to grandmas country home. Imagine if she was stuck here alone! Gail noted that Peter had definitely put on a lot of height since she last saw him at Easter. He must now be wearing contacts because he was no longer wearing the glasses that she was used to seeing. It certainly made him almost handsome looking! And as she looked at his face, Gail noticed for the first time that he was now developing facial hair. As the kids were walking along the trail, they heard the bell signaling that dinner was ready, so they walked back to the little house.

Doris put on a simple but splendid meal and after the dishes were cleared, washed and put away, decided to retire to her bedroom. “You kids, please make sure all the lights are out before you go to sleep and I will make pancakes for breakfast, goodnight!” Peter was also very tired (after the long drive) and he said goodnight to his grandmother and cousin and went to the room. Peter left the light on in the bathroom for Gail, changed into his boxers and got into the twin bed that Gail had not been using – it was the one farther away from the ensuite bathroom. Within minutes, Peter was asleep.

Gail read a couple of chapters of her novel in the living room, put the book down, turned off the lights and walked back to the room she was sharing with her cousin. She saw Peter was asleep. She quietly turned on her bedside table light and grabbed her makeup bag and pajamas and tiptoed into the bathroom where Peter had thoughtfully left a light on. She washed her face, brushed her teeth and undressed to change into her pjs. In the darkness of the bedroom, however, she had grabbed the wrong clothes: this was a sundress, not her pajamas. As her cousin was asleep, Gail decided to simply tiptoe back to her twin bed and quietly put on her pjs there and slip into bed.

But Peter was not asleep. He had heard the water running in the bathroom and it gently awakened him. He was going to say goodnight again to his cousin when she emerged from the bathroom, but nothing prepared him for what he saw. Peter laid still on his side with his eyes slightly open facing the bathroom door. Gail tenderly tiptoed out of the bathroom, naked, and walked to the side of her bed. Peter was frozen. He knew he should immediately shut his eyes, but he couldn’t. Gail rooted around a bit in her suitcase to find her pjs and eventually found them and put on her shorts and tank top. The dim bedside light enabled Peter to observe her movements and, more importantly, her nude, nubile body. She had indeed begun to develop boobs and as she bent over to put on her shorts, Peter was able to see how soft and creamy they hung down with pinkish little nipples. While short – lived, Peter also got to see her pussy area – it looked like his cousin shaved since all Peter could see was the smoothness of her lips and the tiny slit that separated them. Peter’s cock was rock – hard and it was a good thing he was under the sheet as his boxers would have been unable to hide that fact. Gail quietly turned off the light, slipped under the sheet and went immediately to sleep. Peter, on the other hand, found it difficult to get back to sleep right away. His cock remained rigid and in his mind he was replaying the vision of beauty that he had been accidentally treated – to by his pretty cousin.