Bad Medicine

This mess began at a party a friend threw. He introduced
me to Dee Dee. Some called her Dee, others called her D-
bomb because of her explosive curves, I called her Dee.
Dee and I hit it off immediately. She liked the fact
that I was educated and upwardly mobile.

I liked the fact that she had a beautiful face that
resembled country music singer Faith Hill and a body
like Pam Anderson. Her 37 C breasts looked great on her
thin 5′ 7″ thin frame. Her long, curly blonde mane and
the dynamic curves made my 18-year-old girlfriend appear
mature for her age. It was obvious from her tight
stomach that she worked out.

Much older men would notice this often and stop and
stare or make lewd comments about her or even
proposition her. Dee had a killer body but she was no
fool. She wanted a man that could provide for her and I
was that man. Her last boyfriend had used Dee. After he
had sex with her once he left her and shot off his mouth
to all his friends. Now she had a firm policy in place
to prevent this from happening again. No sex from her
until she gets an engagement ring.

After six months, the furthest she would go was to jack
me off and let me play with her huge tits. She was a
hell of a girl so I purchased a ring and proposed to
her. She accepted and her parents invited me to dinner
at a fancy restaurant to celebrate.

The meal was just served and I began eating when I heard
Dee’s father arguing with the waiter. I ignored the
argument and continued dining. Within a minute he called
for the check and marched out after insisting he
wouldn’t pay for his meal. All the manager would say is,
“Sir, I have to obey the law.”

I was na�ve and asked what all the fuss was.

“That is the fuss!” her mother said abruptly pointing to
an elegantly dressed couple in the corner.

I was still puzzled, “What did they do?” I asked.

Dee’s mother answered quickly “They’re black! This
restaurant used to be exclusively white! We won’t eat
with coloreds!” she said as they stormed out.

I looked at Dee for at least one phrase that contained
common sense.
“They’re everywhere. I just try to avoid them.” Dee

I was sickened and angered. The woman I loved was a
bigoted bitch. Dee was a racist like her parents. I had
no idea. In my mind the engagement was off now. I was
within three seconds of blowing my stack when an idea
hit me instead.

“Sorry dear,” Dee said, “I’ll stop over tonight and
spend the night like I promised.”

“Ok, but make it 9:00 instead of 8:00. I have something
to take care of.” I said.

She agreed as her father dropped me off at home after
using the N word about 100 times. Her parents were
beyond hope but I had a plan to cure Dee.

I called Henry, the maintenance man, to my apartment.
Henry was 6’4″ and very thin. He was quiet and when he
spoke his deep voice and cold stare were intimidating.
Henry happened to also be black.

I told Henry I wanted him to come up to my apartment at
10:00 when Dee and I were in bed and scare the shit out
of her. I told him she was racist. “I’ve seen you with
her before. She is a fine looking woman,” he said with a
wry smile. “What if she calls the police and identifies
me?” he asked.

“She won’t. I have a ski mask you can wear and I’m going
to handcuff her to the headboard. I’ll leave the door
unlocked too. Don’t touch her. Just scare her. Pretend
to throw me to the floor and I’ll stay down. Can you do
it?” I asked.

“I have handcuffs too. Ok, I’ll do it at 10 o’clock
sharp,” Henry said.

I was lying in bed with the lights on very low when
Dee entered the room. She was wearing a pink, spaghetti
strap, lingerie. The material showed off her melon-sized
tits and made my cock erect immediately as she slipped
into bed. I saw by my clock radio that it was 9:53 p.m.
and set my plan into motion.

I grabbed her right hand and cuffed her to the bedpost
before she knew what happened. “Hey, no way! Not our
first time like this,” she said.

I grabbed her other hand and cuffed it so she was stuck
on her back. “Ok, I’ll let you go after a little
foreplay,” I said. I mounted her and thrust my tongue
down her throat while she moaned softly. I moved my
tongue down slowly to her titanic tits. Her nipples were
erect as I ravaged them with my tongue and bit them

As I made my way south moving in a straight line from
her breast bone to her navel to just above her pussy. I
used my finger and inserted it gently into her soft, wet
love hole. I remembered that Dee hadn’t been with a man
in six months. Her pussy was literally dripping with
excitement. I eagerly parted her lips and gave her
clitoris a few licks while Dee writhed in pleasure.

I had nearly forgotten about Henry. I was having too
much fun and decided to cancel the plan and lock the
door. As I rose a man entered the darkened room and
pushed me to the floor hard. I wondered why he was being
so rough. I saw a second figure approach Dee and grab
her cuffs. “Yeah she’s cuffed,” he said as Dee let out a
blood-curdling scream.

I attempted to rise to find out what the hell was going
on when a fist slammed into my head and sent me back to
the floor. I felt my arm being grabbed and tugged.
“There!” a voice exclaimed as the lights went on. It was
Henry and he had handcuffed me to the heating vent in my
room! He was with another young masked figure, which I
recognized, immediately as his 300 pound, 15-year-old
son, Ron.

Dee recoiled in horror as Henry brandished a butcher
knife as he approached her. “I’ll say this only once!
You do what I say when I say it! Either of you say a
word or scream and I cut her up! Any questions?” I kept
silent as Dee shook with fear.

“This sweet looking bitch with the body don’t like
coloreds?” Henry said. “My son and I got ways of dealing
with that.” I looked on helplessly as Dee lay flat on
her back wearing only her pink teddy with no underwear.

Then Henry spoke up, “Drop em boy. You’re gonna please
my son with your mouth, bitch. I want to see it now!” he

I didn’t dare speak as Ron slowly knelt on the bed and
undid his pants to reveal a flaccid 3-inch cock. The boy
was eager yet embarrassed as he tried to turn his body
away from me to no avail.

Dee, fearing for her life, immediately wrapped her lips
around the boy’s small member as Ron let out a sigh. I
couldn’t believe that this gorgeous face that had never
sucked my dick was going down on a small-dicked
teenager. Ron removed his shirt and his fat body jiggled
with every stroke of his small pork-roll into Dee’s
throat. “Oh baby!” Ron moaned after about 1 minute of
Dee’s hot mouth.

“Swallow that black load bitch!” Henry shouted.

Ron held Dee’s head tight as he moaned in orgasm. Dee
gagged as Ron buried her nose and forehead into his fat
rolls. Dee fought the urge to spit and swallowed the
salty load in one loud gulp.

Then Henry approached Dee and forced her legs apart.
“Boy, I’m gonna warm up the honey pot for you,” he
insisted. He inserted two fingers into Dee’s dripping
cunt causing her to groan softly. Henry laughed, “It
seems whitey here already greased the runway. Hop on her
boy. She’s as greasy and hot as grandma’s home cookin'”
he ordered.

Without delay Ron rolled his huge body on top of Dee
forcing her legs wide open. Dee nearly disappeared under
this behemoth. It took Ron a while to find his small
cock and put it into Dee. When Ron found it he again
moaned and went to town slamming her with his small
prick, which had become erect again.

I was angered beyond belief. My fianc�e, with the
perfect body and an angel’s face was being fucked by a
big, fat, horny, virgin teenager with a pencil for a
cock. I could only watch in horror as Dee’s legs were
spread wide around Ron’s massive girth and her feet were
up in the air as he laid on top of her slamming all of
his 300 pounds into her.

Dee gasped for breath while the bed creaked loudly with
every stroke. Ron paused momentarily only to lift her
teddy above her firm tits and take a suck on each
nipple. He continued slamming away as he forcibly
squeezed her massive tits. Within about 3 minutes Ron’s
fat, sweaty body began to convulse in orgasm.

“Give it to her boy.” Henry yelled as his son gave one
final thrust and groaned in pleasure as he ejaculated
his wad into Dee’s wide-open pussy. Ron finished and
collapsed onto Dee driving the wind out of her. She was
exhausted from the pounding Ron gave her.

“Move over boy and I’ll show you how its done.” With
that Henry’s obese son rolled to the floor and tried to
catch his breath. “Now you black hatin’ bitch choke on
this,” the surly maintenance man exclaimed as he dropped
his pants.

I let out a gasp at what I saw. Henry, unlike his son,
had at least an 8-inch cock that looked as thick as a
lamppost. His nightstick made my 6-inch penis look

He grabbed Dee’s hair and rammed it into her mouth.
“Remember bitch, if I feel teeth, you feel steel,” he
reminded her.

Dee was gagging and doing all she could to accommodate
half of Henry’s thick dong. He moaned as he shoved it
deep into her throat. “For a young bitch you sure have a
sweet mouth,” he muttered.

I looked on as Dee’s mouth was being stretched to the
limit. “How’s that black cock taste?” He asked in jest.
He pulled his thick pole out of her mouth with a pop as
Dee struggled to regain her breath. “Now, bitch, I am
going to split you in two and ruin you so you can’t ever
enjoy little white cock again. You know what they say,”
Henry continued, “Once you go black you can’t ever go

Henry laid between her thighs and forced her legs open
again. He then carefully positioned his huge cock head
at the opening of her cunt and with one thrust entered
Dee’s pussy. Her eyes opened wide and she moaned like
nothing I have ever heard before.

Dee said nothing but stared at Henry with her eyes wide
open and moaning loudly and panting with every stroke.
Henry just smiled as he played with Dee’s massive

“Bitch, you are stacked enough to be an honorary black
girl.” Henry exclaimed. “Now, let me see if I can finish
you off.”

With that Henry sped up the pace and Dee’s tits shook
with every hard stroke of Henry’s black rod. Dee grunted
quietly as the tall janitor kept to his work. “Go ahead
and scream. The other white women did.”

With those words Henry tried to force all of his 8+
inches into her tight snatch. Dee moaned louder in pain.
“Oh shit bitch! I’m gonna give you a present!” And
within seconds Henry was dumping his seed into my
fianc�e’s hot cunt.

Once Henry was done he lay there for a while before
leaving. As he exited the door he threw me the key to
the handcuffs. We called the police but Dee wouldn’t
cooperate with the officers for some reason so no
charges were filed.

She left that night and her parents and I hadn’t heard
from her since. I had no idea where she went until I
found her new sports car parked in the lot at my old
building after hours. The only one there at that hour
was the maintenance man, Henry. I guess Dee isn’t racist