Let’s fuck again!

“Isn’t the professor supposed to be here?” George had been expecting to find his professor answering questions about the exam. After all, he vividly remembered the professor scheduling this Sunday review session. Instead he found a room devoid of professors and students alike. Besides the one girl.

She looked up from her papers with a half-surprised expression on her face. “Did you check your email?” the girl asked George.

George’s heart sank a bit when he realized he might have made the thirty minute journey from his house without cause. But he pulled his phone out anyway, to confirm a fact he figured would be true.

And, of course, twenty minutes before, the professor sent out an email apologizing that something had come up, and that he would not be able to make it to the review session.

“Damn.” he said out loud. “The notification never popped up.”

The girl hadn’t looked up at him since he entered the room. Her papers seemed very important.

George spent a few seconds with his eyes fixed on her, his mind accelerating as he thought of how his plans for the day were going to change.

It was only after the girl looked up at him again, confused about the nature of his empty glance, that George realized he should say something to her, lest the moment become awkward.

“If the professor cancelled, why are you here?”

“Because it’s quiet.” answered the girl, clearly communicating that she would have liked the conversation to end.

“This doesn’t sound like quiet to me.” George was toying with her, as was his habit with people.

“I wonder why.” the girl replied shrewdly.

This girl really intrigued George. Of course, she was attractive, although she seemed to want to hide the fact. The girl was a brown-eyed brunette – her hair fixed in a ponytail – with a long, mature face whose slightly protruding cheekbones gave her the likeness of a fashion model. Her pale skin accentuated her dark eyelashes, which were as lush as her lips. She wore no makeup (a rarity on campus) besides a light lipstick, and cloaked what must have been a beautiful figure with a dark hoodie and black sweatpants, both of which were a bit oversized.

George hadn’t seen her around campus until the semester began. And, even though he recognized her existence, he never paid much attention to her. She never really spoke up during lectures, and, now that George thought about it, she always wore such inconspicuous clothes as those she donned at that moment. There were a myriad of half-naked women in the class that would’ve grabbed his attention first, not to mention those who always had something dumb to say.

“You definitely want me to leave.”

“Well, you aren’t stupid.” she answered dryly.

George chuckled a bit. He figured he would try to play one of his games with this girl, who was so intriguing.

“I’ll tell you what. I will leave you in peace if you play a game with me. Otherwise I’ll stay here and make a lot of noise.”

She looked at George like he had three heads. “Or… maybe I’ll just leave?”

“You could, you absolutely could. But are you really going to find another spot as quiet and secluded as this? And who’s to say I won’t just follow you to your next spot and continue to annoy you? C’mon, it’ll be fun!” he finished playfully.

The girl sighed. “You just can’t make this stuff up.” she said aloud as she lowered her head for a moment.

“Oh, of course you can. People play games all the time. What do you say? Let’s have some fun for a second. Then I’ll disappear. It’ll be like a study break for you.”

She slowly looked up at him and stared dryly for a few seconds, as if to ask “Why, God?” Then she finally replied. “What game?”

George smiled. “I knew you’d say yes.”

“I didn’t.”

George ignored her, walked over, and took a seat in the swivel chair next to her, dropping his backpack in the process. His settling down only served to annoy the girl, who let her disgust be known by her facial expression.

“So the game that I want to play… is called Validate.”

“Validate? What?”

“Allow me to explain.” George cleared his throat. “The rules of Validate are really simple. One of us makes a statement, and the other tries to invalidate that statement. The person who makes the statement then defends his statement. The first person to concede defeat loses, and the winner gets to make a request, as long as that request doesn’t ruin the flow of the game. Oh, and once one of us makes a request, you can’t undo it or take it back.”

The girl frowned. “That sounds stupid.”

“Is that your statement?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you said ‘that sounds stupid.’ By that, you must be referring to the rules of this very game, Validate. So the statement you’re making is that the rules of the game Validate are stupid. Now I have to invalidate your statement, until one of us gives up. If I win, then I get to tell you to do something.”

“That wasn’t my statement.”

“Then what is your statement?”

“My statement…” she sighed, “…my statement is that you should leave.”

“A statement can’t be an action. It should be more like an observation. When you win, that’s when you get to tell me to do something. ”

“You should leave.” she reiterated, ignoring his game completely.

“Why should I leave?”

“You should leave because you’re annoying.”

“On those grounds, you should also leave.”


“You should leave because you’re being annoying too. You’re being annoying because you’re not taking this game seriously.”

“Okay, fine then.” The girl, having said this, stood up and began to pack her stuff.

As she did this, George calmly got out of his seat and picked his backpack up. The girl paused and looked at him puzzlingly, as if to ask “What are you doing?”

“We’re going somewhere, right? You and me.” said George, harkening back to his original threat to follow her around if she left. He was obviously bluffing, and didn’t think it was going to work.

The girl sank back into her seat and sighed, her face falling onto the desk in an apparent bout of despair.

George continued quickly. “Alright, we’ll just count that last round as a trial-run. I’ll kick it off.”

The girl kept her face on the desk.

“You’re beautiful.”

“What?” she asked with a spattering of innocence. Upon hearing George’s statement, she’d shot up from the desk. She was surprised he’d say such a thing, and her question had fallen out of her mouth before she had the wherewithal to retrieve it. Now she was half-embarrassed at having asked it with the girlish tone she used.

George sat back down. “You’re beautiful. That’s my statement. Now you have to argue why you aren’t.”

“That’s not fair.” the girl retorted.

“Why? Are you giving up?”

“No, I’m not. It’s just, I agree with you. I can’t invalidate something I actually believe.”

“Yes you can. Unless you’re giving up?”

“I’m not giving up.”

“Then tell me why I’m wrong.”

“You’re wrong because…” she sighed and looked up at the ceiling momentarily, “you’re wrong because… I don’t know.” she finished with a half-confused, half-annoyed tone.

“I’ll take that as a concession of defeat.”

As the girl opened her mouth to speak, George cut her off. “And the thing that I want you to do is take this game seriously.”

The girl sighed again and rolled her eyes.

“The only way you’re going to get rid of me is by taking the game seriously. If you win, you can ask me to leave and never come back. Isn’t that something you want, so that you can get back to your studies?”

George pointed to the girl’s papers, and her eyes followed his finger. The girl knew that she needed to study for this exam in order to make up for the last one. She could not achieve this objective by wasting time with this annoying guy. She also figured she would not be able to forcefully get rid of him without making a fuss, which would have annoyed her even more than having to play the stupid game in the first place.

So she sighed one last time and threw in the towel. “I’ll play your stupid game. But you have to promise me you’ll actually follow your own rules.”

“I promise. And you have to promise me you’ll follow the rules too.”

“Whatever.” replied the girl hastily.

“Good. Well, it’s your turn.”

The girl spent twenty to thirty seconds thinking of what to ask him. She wanted to knock him out as quickly as possible so that this would not be drawn out. Her eyes patiently scanned the room, searching for some inspiration that would lead her to a game-winning statement. She rejected notion after notion in her mind, each one lacking the firepower she needed. Then, finally, she realized something so simple and essential that she knew it would do the trick. Her face lit up with excitement as the words flew out of her mouth.

“You don’t know my name.”

George didn’t respond immediately, and he seemed unmoved, which confused the girl to some extent. Surely this statement was true. She hadn’t told him her name.

“I don’t know your name?” George asked blankly, as if to request confirmation.

“Yes. That’s my statement.” she reiterated confidently.

George smiled. “That statement is invalid.” he said, pointing to her papers. She looked down and immediately saw her name scrawled across several different assignments. Her head immediately sank backwards.

“And, because I won, I get to make a request…” George thought for a moment, and then smiled.

“If you ever win a round, you can’t ask me to leave.”

Jennifer shot up as she heard George’s command.

“What?! That’s bullshit!”


“That’s the only thing I was going to ask you to do. That’s why I’m playing now.”

“I know, and my request is final. But I’m a benevolent guy, so let’s come to an agreement. If you can win twenty rounds, I’ll leave on my own.”

“Twenty? Five rounds.” replied Jennifer.

“You’re a negotiator!” George smiled. “Eighteen rounds.”







“Nine. And that’s it. Otherwise I’ll leave right now. And if you follow me I’ll just scream until you’re gone.”

George laughed. “Deal. If you win nine times, I’ll leave. It’s my turn.” George paused for a moment and smiled. “You don’t know my name.”

“Mike.” she guessed.

“Even if you guessed the right name, it wouldn’t mean you actually knew it.”

Jennifer sighed as her head fell back for a second time. George had used her own statement against her, and now she was backed into a corner. This was going to take longer than she thought it would.

“Do you give up?”

“Well I don’t know your name. So I guess I don’t have a choice.” she answered.

George laughed. “You know, if you don’t get any smarter at this, you’re going to keep losing. And we’ll be here all day.” He paused as he thought of a request.

“For as long as this game lasts, none of your statements will concern any internal organs.”

“Wha-” Jennifer was initially confused about the nature of this request. But she began to understand what George was doing almost as soon as she started speaking the sentence. He had eliminated an entire category of statements she could have asked before she even had the sense to think of them. And she wanted to face-palm as soon as she realized how easy it would’ve been for her to win if she just thought of such obvious statements as ‘You have a brain’ or ‘You have a heart.’ It definitely hurt her chances that she’d never played this game before, but Jennifer was quickly learning how it worked, and had some ideas on how she would win.

“Fine.” she said. “It’s my turn. ‘A’ is a letter of the English alphabet.”

“Finally, you’re getting it. I can’t invalidate that statement. I give up.”

Jennifer smiled as she tallied her first victory. Now she had to decide what she wanted him to do.

She quickly decided she would have to eliminate George’s ability to use her own statements against her. After all, if George followed her with the statement “‘B’ is a letter of the English alphabet,” then she’d lose. But how would she word the request? If she limited her request to letters of the English alphabet, George could still use words from the English language. And if she included words from the English language, he could pick an entirely different language. If she wanted to limit George, she would have to think as broadly as possible.

She thought for some time before coming up with something uncharacteristically clever. “From now on,” she started excitedly, “we can’t make statements… about things we both know are true.” Jennifer then sat back in her seat with an almost smug air. After all, she’d just started playing the game, yet she had such an intelligent request.

Indeed, it was an intelligent request. Anything as obvious as the letters of the alphabet or the words of the English language would be known by both contestants, blocking George’s ability to use those things. It even prevented him from making certain unrelated statements. He would have to think much harder if he wanted to win.

George’s mental wheels turned as his plans shifted. “Damn.” he said. “That was smart.”

The comment made Jennifer perk up, her body filling with a sense of achievement.

Only a few minutes ago, Validate had been completely pointless to Jennifer. But the achievement served to increase her commitment to the game. This was true even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself.

“Well I guess it’s my turn.” George continued. “I have a penis.” he said.

Jennifer flinched a bit as she was taken aback by the statement, thinking it a bit inappropriate in the context of her current relationship with George, who she’d just met. Furthermore, both Jennifer and George knew the statement to be true.

“That’s… weird.” she started. “And we both know that anyway, so you’re breaking my rule.”

“How can it be weird if it’s true?” asked George. “And how did you know I have a penis before I made the statement?”

“Because… you’re a guy?” she asked, almost dumbfounded.

“Sure, I’m a guy. But maybe I was born without a penis. Maybe I had it removed in a surgery. As absurd as those things sound, it’s certainly true that they are possibilities.”

As crazy as it sounded, Jennifer knew George’s argument was true. She hadn’t actually seen his penis before he made the statement, so she couldn’t have known it existed. George’s statement was a smart one, not only for its exploitation of Jennifer’s ignorance, but also because it was so obscene that Jennifer never imagined George would say it in the first place.

George read Jennifer’s silence as a concession of defeat. “I guess I win. As for my requ-”

“Not really.” interrupted Jennifer. “What you said about me not knowing you had a cock beforehand is true. And I still don’t know if you have a cock, so you haven’t won.”

“What, do you want to see it?” asked George.

“I didn’t say I wanted to see your cock. I said you haven’t proven to me you have one, so you can’t say the statement is true. You have to validate it.”

“Okay.” was all George said before he stood up, turned to Jennifer, and grabbed his flaccid cock through his red basketball shorts.

“Oh?” whispered Jennifer in a surprised tone as she watched George grip his cock. It was the only sound she could produce at that moment.

She could see his cock’s girth, and, as George began to twist it in a one-hundred eighty degree cycle (to prove that it was attached, of course), she recognized that it was bigger than what she would have expected.

George finished and sat down before she could really react. “So you see, I have a penis. Have I won yet, or are you going to try to invalidate again?”

Jennifer didn’t really know what to say, as she hadn’t expected that. “I guess you have a cock.” she replied in a lighthearted tone that served to underscore the odd nature of George’s gesture.

“Awesome. Keep your hoodie off for the rest of the game.”

Jennifer shifted a bit in her chair and placed her hand on her chest in a gesture of playful shock. “You are on a roll, aren’t you?” she asked with a false joviality, mocking George’s series of odd requests.

“No.” he replied. “Your mind is just in the gutter.”

Jennifer’s mouth motioned to ask him what he meant. But, before she could make a sound, the meaning of the statement dawned on her.

George must have figured she was going to make the statement ‘I have breasts,’ using the theme of George’s own ‘I have a penis’ statement against him. Prior to her statement, George would not have truly known if Jennifer had breasts, as Jennifer’s oversized hoodie hid the outline of her chest. By having her hoodie removed, George would be able to see the outline of her breasts, and would therefore know that Jennifer had breasts, preventing her from making the statement.

“I wasn’t going to make that statement,” started Jennifer, “but okay, whatever you want.”

With that, Jennifer took her oversized hoodie off and placed it on the table. She wore a plain white t-shirt that hugged her bra. The act, of course, served to confirm the fact that she had breasts.

“Now it’s my turn.” started Jennifer. “You have two nipples.”

Of course, her statement was as odd as George’s. But she could not resist demonstrating her prowess. George told her to take her hoodie off with the thinking that she would make a statement about own breasts. But he did not consider she would make a statement about him.

George wore a dark-grey, long-sleeve shirt. She could not see his chest through it, so she did not truly know the number of nipples George had.

He smiled. “Clever. But, as you don’t really know I have two nipples, you can’t claim the statement is valid.”

“Take your shirt off.” commanded Jennifer. She had assumed George would confirm the number of nipples he had by showing her his chest, just as he had previously confirmed to her he had a penis.

“No.” replied George with a smile. “You can’t issue a command if you haven’t won yet.”

Jennifer gradually sank into her seat as she realized her position. Because she’d made a statement about someone else, as opposed to herself, she would not be able to pull George’s previous tactic off. As long as George didn’t show her his nipples, she could not claim validity.

“Damn it.” she said, more frustrated at the fact that she’d failed than at the fact that she still only had one victory.

“I win.” said George. “For the rest of this game, if I make a statement about you that I don’t really know to be true, you have to confirm its validity.”

Once again, Jennifer wanted to face-palm. Not only had she lost the round, but George had also closed the crucial loophole as he entered his turn.

“Now, for my statement. I have two nipples.” he finished. Before Jennifer could even say anything, George pulled his shirt up and revealed his bare chest and abs.

Jennifer could clearly see two nipples, and thus she could not invalidate this statement. She rolled her eyes at the maneuver. George was good at turning people’s statements against them.

“You win.” she muttered as George lowered his shirt.

“Of course I win. You aren’t getting any smarter, Jennifer. If you want me to leave, you need to think big.” he finished with a half-joking tone.

“What’s your request?” she asked dismissively.

“Ah, I almost forgot. You can’t make a statement about your nipples for the rest of the game.”

Jennifer thought it odd that George would make this request. Surely it would have been clever for Jennifer to modify her original statement in such a way that she would be the subject. But this had never crossed her mind, as she never had any desire to expose her breasts to George, who she barely even knew. But George’s request did give Jennifer an idea that would win – one she felt comfortable enough executing. If George wanted to see Jennifer think big, she decided he would get a run for his money.

“It’s my turn.” she started. “I have a mole on my left thigh.”

George dropped his head playfully. “Well, if you’re telling the truth, it looks like you’ve finally got me.”

Without answering, Jennifer stood and wrapped her hands around the waistline of her pants, making carefully sure not to grab her underwear as well. She then slowly pulled her sweatpants down to her mid-thigh, exposing part of her smooth legs to reveal her mole.

George saw that she had a mole on her left leg. But this isn’t what made his cock harden a little. The color of Jennifer’s underwear was light enough that he could see her camel-toe through the fabric. He spent the five seconds Jennifer had her pants down staring at her vagina, completely ignoring the mole after he’d glanced at it once.

Jennifer wasn’t an idiot. She saw George staring at her vagina, so she figured he could see it. This is why she pulled her pants up so quickly. She did not mention this, though, out of embarrassment.

And, even though she didn’t feel comfortable exposing her privates, she still thought it a victory that George would not be able to make any statements about her vagina. Now that he’d seen it, they both knew its characteristics. She didn’t think he would go so far as to make such a statement, anyway, but she did not put it past him.

“Well, Jennifer. I guess you got smart. You win. Make your request.”

“You can’t make another statement about your cock for the rest of the game.”

George laughed. “Jennifer, what made you think I’d assume you would even continue to play the game if I tried to show you my cock?”

George shifted in his seat as he finished, to hide a growing boner. Jennifer glanced down at it out of impulse and averted her attention as soon as she could, in order to avoid a potentially awkward situation. His cock was indeed large.

Jennifer hadn’t thought about the situation in the manner George had just described. At this point, she was wrapped up in the game to the extent that she didn’t even realize she could reject something as absurd as George making a second statement about his cock. She didn’t consider how weird it would’ve been for George to show her his cock (in order to confirm a fact).

She realized how silly her request was. But, at the same time, she wasn’t disappointed she’d made the request. It was best not to leave any vulnerabilities, and she didn’t put it past George to make a statement about his cock.

“It’s my turn again. I have ten toes.” he said. He then bent down, untied his shoes, removed them, and took his socks off. Sure enough, he had ten toes.

Jennifer sighed. “Request?”

“Keep all clothes below your ankle off for the remainder of the game.”

This was a basic tactic, and a necessary one. George didn’t want her to use his own statement against him, so he closed it off.

Jennifer complied. As the room was carpeted, she did not mind going barefoot anyway.

When she finished taking her shoes and socks off, she spoke up. “So it’s my turn now.” She knew exactly what she going to say as soon as she’d made her last statement. She’d always hated her scars and blemishes, particularly those on her legs, but now she found they served a purpose.

“I have a scar on my left shin.” she said, bending down to roll her sweatpants up far enough that her shin was exposed.

And, as was expected, the scar was there. Jennifer was a top soccer player during her high school years, and her fierce competitiveness drove her to play the game with a tough style.

George sighed. “Geez. You have some very special legs.” replied George.

“Are you mad?” asked Jennifer.

“No, not at all. Just didn’t think someone’s legs could have so much character. Make your request.”

Jennifer smiled as she tallied her third win. “In all your future requests, you can’t ban me from using the scars and blemishes on my legs.”

With this, Jennifer felt she’d made a great move. In addition to her birthmark and her shin scar, she had a third, small blemish on the back of her right thigh, closer to her butt. She knew she would win again if she used it, and she wanted to minimize the risk of George blocking it.

“My turn.” said George quickly, as if to disregard the importance of Jennifer’s request. “I’m wearing contact lenses.” He then took his lenses out and put them back in.

Jennifer quickly realized this was a brilliant statement. The lenses were hiding in plain sight. She’d been staring right at them, but genuinely didn’t know they were there until George removed them.

“Smart.” she started. “But how smart will your request be?”

“Keep your pants off for the rest of the game.” answered George boldly.

“What?” she whispered, almost to herself.

“Take your pants off.” he repeated calmly.

Obviously, Jennifer felt uneasy enough showing George her birthmark earlier. So to take the extra step certainly didn’t seem like a great option to her.

“I don-”

“I’ve already seen your vagina.” Jennifer’s heart skipped a beat as George interrupted her, even though she knew he’d already seen it. The mere presentation of the fact was a bit embarrassing for her. George continued, “So it doesn’t really make a difference, if that’s what you’re so uncomfortable about.”

George had a good point. If Jennifer’s purpose of keeping her pants on was to prevent George from seeing her privates through her underwear, then she already failed, as he’d seen her vagina anyway.

And, because her third blemish was on the back of her right thigh, George’s request was wasted; he would still not be able to see her third blemish, even if she did take her pants off. She realized that her last request actually served to bait George into making this one: Jennifer had made a brilliant move without her even realizing it. From a strategic standpoint, this request actually meant Jennifer was far better off than she was before.

“Okay.” she said with a poker-face, hiding the insecurity she felt.

Jennifer raised up in her chair and pulled her pants down, making sure not to twist or turn her body sharply enough that George would find the blemish. If she’d watched George as she took her pants off, she would have caught him gulping eagerly.

Of course, now that her pants were off, George could see Jennifer’s smooth legs, as well as her vagina (through the fabric of her underwear). He quickly caught himself staring for a bit too long, and looked back up at her.

“It’s your turn.” he said as normally as he could, shifting in his seat in order to conceal a boner that rapidly reemerged.

“I know.” she said confidently, as if using the tone would wipe away her sense of insecurity. “I have a blemish on the back of my right thigh.” she finished, standing up and turning around to confirm.

George’s cock nearly jumped out of his pants as Jennifer showed him her blemish. She wore cheeky underwear that exposed a good part of her plump ass, and, because of the white color, he could essentially see everything.

Jennifer turned her head to George and saw he wasn’t even looking at her blemish. “Stop staring at my ass.” she started. “The blemish.”

“Oh, yes, the blemish.” whispered George, half-jokingly, half-mesmerized. He shifted in his seat again to hide his boner.

Jennifer began to turn around when George stopped her.

“Wait! I didn’t see it yet.”

“Yeah, because you’re staring at my ass.” she said. She put her hands on her swivel chair and bent backwards for George a bit, so as to bring her small blemish into view.

But this maneuver only made George stare at her ass even more. When Jennifer saw this, she sucked air through her teeth in disappointment, turned around and sat back down.

“I win.” she said. “That’s four. My request: you can’t use any of your scars, marks, or blemishes in any future statement.”

George smiled. “Not nearly imaginative enough.” he started. “I have skin on my upper thighs.”

Indeed, Jennifer wasn’t being nearly as imaginative as she should have been. Because his basketball shorts ran down to above his knee, she hadn’t actually seen the skin on his upper thigh. So she did not really know it existed.

George rolled his basketball shorts and underwear up in order to expose his upper thighs, confirming he had skin there. Jennifer spent more time looking at the outline of his ever-expanding, hard, fat cock than she did looking at the skin; as George rolled his shorts back down, she wanted to face-palm at having stooped to his level. But, at some level of her mind, the way this situation was developing turned her on like it did George. She crossed her legs to hide her vagina, as if such an action would suppress her inner-whore.

“Keep your shirt off for the rest of the game.” said George.

Jennifer smiled at this request. She expected George to prevent her from using his own statement against him, but she did not expect him to go about doing it so foolishly. Because he’d already seen the skin below her waist, she could not use it in a statement. Her white t-shirt hid the skin above her waist. Taking it off would expose much of the skin above the waist, but not all of it. After all, she did have skin on her back that George hadn’t yet seen.

Jennifer excitedly took her shirt off, as she knew George would lose a round. It was only when she observed George’s eyes peruse her flat stomach and cleavage that she realized she had just done something that was inappropriate in the context. But, as George had already seen her legs, ass and vagina, and as she’d seen the outline of his cock, how much did some extra skin really matter at this point? She had him on the ropes anyway. She would win.

“I have skin on my back.” she said, getting back up and turning around for a second or two to confirm. She knew George probably took the opportunity to stare at her ass, but she was turned back around quickly enough that she didn’t mind.

“You know,” started George with a smile, “I think you’re really starting to enjoy this game.”

Jennifer ignored him and gave her request. “You can’t use any of our skin in future statements. That’s what you should have requested in the first place.” she said. She knew George would have used the skin under his clothes in future statements, and she also knew he could use any of her skin he hadn’t seen yet.

“Or, maybe I was just trying to bait you into focusing on the skin.” replied George. He didn’t let her retort. “I have hair on my back.” he said before standing up, turning around and raising his shirt. Jennifer could see he had a small amount of hair on his toned back.

Once he finished, he turned back around and plopped into his seat, his hard cock bouncing a little in the process. Jennifer crossed her legs again as her upper-body shifted.

“You can’t make a statement about my cock.”

Jennifer had already prevented George from making a statement about his own cock, but, before now, nothing prevented her from doing the same. George must have assumed that Jennifer would make a statement about pubic hair or something similar.

“You really thought I’d make a statement about your cock?” she asked smugly.

“I wouldn’t put it past you. After all, you were staring at it for so long that I figured you were planning to say something about it.”

Jennifer began to blush. “I was not!” she replied defensively. She had been staring, of course.

“It’s your turn.” said George, ignoring her protestation.

Initially, Jennifer was so embarrassed that she had a hard time thinking objectively. To make matters worse, the fact that George mentioned Jennifer’s looking at his hard cock only made it more of a curiosity to her.

But, after some time, Jennifer did gather herself. She wasn’t thinking as objectively as she’d been before, but she was still concentrated enough to make a good effort.

What statement would she make? Now that she couldn’t mention his cock, there didn’t exist any part of his body she hadn’t seen and could include in a statement. This meant that she would have to pivot and change the course of the game. And she had a good idea of how she could do this.

“You wouldn’t…” she started, thinking of something George wouldn’t do, “…you wouldn’t kill yourself.” She finished before sitting back.

She was rather satisfied with the cleverness of this statement. For one, both she and George did not know whether he wanted to commit suicide, so it passed her earlier request. Second, the only way George could invalidate this statement was by killing himself.

“No, I wouldn’t.” replied George, laughing. “You got me. Request?”

She got him. “For the rest of the game, you can’t use your statements to identify any other characteristic about your body that I haven’t seen.” Jennifer said this to make sure he could not go any further with the old ‘I have [insert]’ or ‘You have [insert]’ statements.

George chuckled. “I’m afraid to say you’ve opened Pandora’s Box with your ‘you wouldn’t’ statement. I wasn’t even thinking about that before you brought it into the game. Thanks.”

Jennifer’s heart skipped a beat as she realized her blunder. She should have closed those statements off from George when she finished.

“You wouldn’t let me grab your bare ass.”

“I wouldn’t!” confirmed Jennifer impulsively.

“So I’m right?”

Jennifer was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The only way she could invalidate this statement was by letting him grab her nude ass, which he would have wanted anyway. But if she decided she wouldn’t do that, she would lose the round. If she let him do it, she would win, and she could then ban ‘would/wouldn’t’ statements entirely, prevent him from using ‘would/wouldn’t’ statements, or prevent him from banning ‘would/wouldn’t’ statements. If she could monopolize them, she’d win the match. But she could not implement any of these strategies if she lost this round, as George would likely do the same for himself if he won. In other words, she absolutely did not want to lose this round.

That being said, she didn’t exactly feel comfortable letting George grope her. Even though she found him attractive, and even though he’d already seen so much of her anyway, she wasn’t exactly familiar enough with the guy that this was something she’d let him do.

“Earth to Jennifer?” asked George, shifting in his seat impatiently. She was so stricken by indecision that she hadn’t realized she was taking so long.

George continued. “Are you giving up?”

“No!” she said without thinking. ‘Giving up’ was a phrase she didn’t like.

“Then you’d let me grab your ass?”


“Then I win.”

“Wait.” she whispered.

George ignored her. “For the rest of this game, none of us can restrict the use of any action statements, like the ones starting with ‘would’ or ‘wouldn’t.’”

Once George made his request, Jennifer passively conceded defeat. She was disappointed she didn’t let him touch her, but was glad he chose to make his particular request. If she could win this round, she thought she could still monopolize the ‘would/wouldn’t’ statements.

“You wouldn’t kill me.” she said.

“Of course I wouldn’t kill you. You’re too beautiful.”

Jennifer ignored his flirting. “I win. Only I can use the ‘would’ or ‘wouldn’t’ statements.”

“You can’t request that.”

“Why?” she asked indignantly.

“In my request, I said neither of us could restrict the use of any action statements. If you tell me I can’t use action statements, then you’re restricting their use. Request something else.”

Again, Jennifer wanted to face-palm. She was so fixated on implementing her own strategy that she totally ignored the wording of George’s request. As things stood, she would end up in the same situation she’d just been in. But at least she would be able to use ‘would/wouldn’t’ statements as much as George.

She thought of a request that would help her chances. “Okay, then. From now on, I’ll be able to tell you to change your statement once per round.”

Given Jennifer’s situation, this was one of her best options. Now, she could at least shut down a statement if she absolutely didn’t want to invalidate it. That was, of course, if George wouldn’t try to shut her request down. She was essentially giving herself and extra player-ability with her request, and she figured she would at least get some pushback from him. This is why she limited her ability to one use per round. She felt George would push back if she requested too much.

George didn’t seem to mind her request at all. “Can I call you Jenny?” he asked, changing gears. “I feel like we’re so familiar with each other that we should at least use nicknames.” George put his hand on his chest. “I’m George, by the way. People call me GG.”


“Yeah, George Groves.” he extended his hand.

“You can call me Jen.” she clarified, extending her hand in turn.

And so Jen, half-naked, and George, shoeless and hard as a rock, shook hands for the first time.

“It’s my turn.” started George after they’d finished with the introductions. “You wouldn’t let me grab your bare ass.”

To Jen’s surprise, George used his old statement. She’d been expecting him to state something obscene, but not the same exact statement as the one he’d just used. She would have to put a lid on George’s ability to do that.

“Change your statement.” she commanded, using her self-endowed ability.

“Fine. You wouldn’t take your bra off.”

This statement was just as obscene. In order to invalidate it, she would have to expose her bare chest. If she agreed with him, she’d lose again, and, because George had now used the same statement twice, she figured he would use his request to lock in his ability to do this. With that ability, he would eventually force her into a corner. The consequences of winning this round would far surpass those of losing it, and so Jen would have to disregard her insecurity and lingering discomfort.

The question was, would Jen really show him her chest? He’d already seen her vagina and her ass; she sat there half-naked anyway. And, judging by his hard-on, he was enjoying every second of it. But, even if all of this was true, Jen hadn’t yet shown George bare parts. Furthermore, George did not know what her nude breasts looked like, because, even though he could see her cleavage, he could not see through her bra. Showing him her boobs would be a novel experience for him: he would feel a sense of pleasure paramount to her discomfort.

But, this last fact was a positive as much as a negative. The fact that her boobs were the last thing he’d need to see meant that he had little else he could ask her to do afterwards. And, to add a second positive, Jen’s act of showing George her boobs wouldn’t involve keeping her bra off for longer than the duration of that round. It would completely throw him off too, as he’d be thinking with his cock. Plus, invalidation wouldn’t even involve any touching.

Jen decided that she would not lose this round. She’d been playing defensively for almost the entire game, burdened with a great many constraints and insecurities, while George dominated her. If she wanted to do some of the dominating herself, she would have to play at his level.

Without even speaking, Jen reached around and undid her bra. She could visibly see George’s hard cock jump as she placed her bra on the table, her perky tits now exposed.

She had c-cup boobs perky enough that her nipples were almost pointed upwards. She also had cute, pink areolas and light nipples that were practically begging to be sucked.

George’s cock had swelled up so much that he had to adjust it in his underwear, grabbing his crotch and pulling the fabric in the full view of Jen.

She felt uncomfortably exposed for a moment, like a patient during a checkup. But, on seeing how enraptured and enthralled George was by her boobs, she realized she had nothing to be uncomfortable about in the first place. Why was she so insecure if she could inspire this kind of reaction with such a simple act? At that moment, she probably had more power over George than she’d ever had over another peer. This was her game, not his.

This was the moment Jen realized how she could win. George had given up his weakness.

As Jen reached for her bra, she caught George leaning up out of his seat, as if his exertion could stop her from covering herself up. Although he’d caught himself and stopped, it was too late. Jen knew exactly how she could win.

“I win.” she said with a hint of seductiveness as she put her bra back on. “You can’t use the same statement more than once. And now it’s my turn.”

Jen paused to adjust her bra, covering a nipple she’d left exposed.

She then spoke up. “You would undress me.”

“I would.” replied George impulsively, before realizing what Jen had done.

“Then you’re giving up?” she asked as she undid her ponytail, allowing her hair to drop to her back.

“No, no, no.” answered George in a bit of a panic. “I meant to say I wouldn’t.”

“Really?” asked Jen, again with a hint of seductiveness. She then stood from her chair and took some steps towards George, stopping when her bare legs were mere inches from his. “If you wouldn’t,” she said, turning her seductiveness all the way up, “then don’t.” She then spun around slowly, showcasing her plump ass again, her legs bumping up against his as he remained seated.

George was so assaulted by her sex that he retreated deeper into his seat, his cock pushing against the fabric of his boxers to the point of pain. Jen was inviting him to undress her. If he undressed her, she would win, and he would be one more loss closer to losing altogether. If he restrained himself, she would lose, but he would miss the opportunity to undress her.

Most men on earth would have liked to have had his dilemma.

But, in the moment, he could barely restrain himself. Every muscle in his body wanted to tear apart the few pieces of fabric between him and this godsend. It was painful having to give up such an opportunity.

Jen stood there for a half-minute, allowing George the space to swallow and digest his dilemma. But she did not pull back when she began losing patience.

Rather, she doubled down. She turned around again, so that George had a direct line of sight to her ass. Then she spoke. “GG, you don’t have to torture yourself.” She glanced down at his cock, which was visibly throbbing in his pants, and pointed down at it.

“Mini-GG needs a break.” she said seductively. She then bent backwards slowly, inching her ass and pussy closer to GG’s face. When she realized she couldn’t get as close as she wanted (GG is tall), she pulled one of his legs further apart and took and small step backward, so that she was now standing between GG’s legs, and bent down again.

From this distance, GG could not only see her bare ass and pussy through the fabric of her underwear, but could also feel the heat coming off her body, and smell her sex. To make matters worse, the two were so close that their bodies would brush against each other with even the slightest movements; her smooth, supple, warm skin only made her more attractive.

Still, even as the siege continued, and even as his cock continued to throb, GG held his ground. He had to bite his lip and squeeze the arms of his chair to vent the sexual energy permeating throughout his body.

But GG held on. After thirty seconds, he moved his swivel chair back far enough that he could speak without having her pussy a tongue’s distance from his mouth.

“I win.” he said, his voice shaking.

Jen looked back at him with a smile and, after a delay, stood slowly, dancing her hips up until she was vertical. She then took the few steps to her seat, turned around, and sat back down, making sure to maintain her seductiveness at each part of the sequence.

“That’s okay.” she started, moving her eye slowly between his cock and his face. “I’m a patient girl. If you won’t undress me now, you’ll do it next time.”

“No I won’t.” retorted GG. He knew she was right: if she did the same thing again, he would probably end up buckling. So he wanted to eliminate the possibility of her putting him in the same position, while also fulfilling his manly desires.

“Keep all your clothes off for the rest of the game.” he said. If she undressed herself and remained naked, she could not ask him to undress her again.

Jen’s heart skipped a beat, but she quickly recovered when she realized this would help her win. Her sex was GG’s weakness, and, in making this request, he was now exposing himself to it.

“Too bad you wouldn’t do it for me.” she said dismissively. She stood again, this time moving to take her bra off.

When Jen undid it, she dragged her boobs upward as she pulled her bra off, until they bounced back to their original place. GG gulped as her perky tits pranced about. She then turned around and bent slightly, where she slowly danced her underwear off.

GG gripped his seat again as her asshole came into view. When he saw her camel-toe, he grabbed onto his cock through the fabric with his left hand, moving it from the chair’s arm.

His heart pounded with excitement as he gazed at Jen’s nude body. He bit his lip as she sat down in her seat, her legs spread to keep her pussy in view.

“It’s your turn.” she said seductively, knocking GG out of his mesmerized state.

“Yes.” he said in a surprised manner, his eyes meeting hers as he kept his hand on his cock.

GG could barely think as he processed these developments. Never in a thousand years would he have imagined this game could produce these kind of results. If only he could have at his cock, the situation would improve even more.

This is when GG got an idea. “You wouldn’t let me take my clothes off.”

“Take them off.” replied Jen without a moment’s hesitation.

GG eagerly jumped out of his seat and threw his shirt off, completely exposing his impressive chest and abs. And, for the finale, he worked his shorts and underwear off. His hard, bare cock bounced around as he conducted his maneuvers, and Jen moved to cross her legs again, but remembered what she was trying to do, and stopped herself before she completed the maneuver.

Her heart rate started to accelerate as she observed his lightly-toned body and big, hard, circumcised cock. She bit her lip and motioned to place her hand on her vagina, as if doing so would put out the fire that was her growing lust. But, once again, she realized she would look weaker if she did this, so she stopped herself before it was too late. All she needed was one more win to seal the deal, and ruining her posture would only serve to diminish her chances of victory.

“You win.” said GG as he sat back in his seat, grabbing on to his cock with his left hand. GG must have known she liked his cock.

Jen shifted in her seat and bit her lip again as she watched GG stroke his cock ever-so slowly. When she realized she was falling for the act, she spoke up.

“Don’t do that.” she whispered quickly, as if the words had been punched out of her stomach.

“Don’t do what?” asked GG, picking up his stroking pace a little.

“Don’t stroke your cock.”

“Is that your request?”

“No… just don’t.” said Jen abruptly, shifting in the seat again and crossing her legs. She was instantly mad at herself for her leg-crossing, but was too focused on trying to parry GG.

“If you don’t request it, it won’t happen.”

“I’m not going to request that.” reiterated Jen. If she did request it, she would only admit that she liked his cock.

“Then request something else.” he replied, picking up his stroking pace even more.

Jen was itching to touch her pussy as sexual tension reverberated throughout her body. She impulsively uncrossed her legs again, with the intention of rubbing her clit a little. But she stopped herself as her right hand reached her thigh, where she rested it. She left her legs uncrossed, so that she would not appear to be influenced by GG. She was caring less and less at this point.

“Your request?” asked GG.

Jen had forgotten. “Stop stroking your cock.” she said thoughtlessly. She immediately wanted to face-palm, as she just told him she didn’t want to request that. She had already forgotten her strategy.

“Okay.” he said, and he stopped stroking his cock.

“My turn.” he continued. “You wouldn’t stroke my cock.” he said.

“Change your statement.” commanded Jen in a quivering voice, her vagina pulsating with sexual tension.

“You wouldn’t kiss my cock.” replied GG.

And, before Jen could say anything, GG stood from his chair and took a couple of small steps toward her, so that his erect cock was mere inches from her face.

Jen looked up at him with raised eyebrows, wide eyes and a slightly open mouth – an expression of shock and stunned paralysis.

Like the calm before a storm, she couldn’t even feel the same tension she’d previously felt. It was as if the presentation of the remedy itself created an alleviation of her sexual tension.

Jen looked down at the cock again, a hair’s length away from her mouth, and back up at GG. She could see its head glistening from the pre-cum. She could smell it. She could feel the heat radiating off of it. And when she looked up at GG, she found the eyes of a man who she knew wanted her.

She didn’t even know what to think. At that moment, Jen had surrendered herself to a current she could not control. She didn’t take the initiative, as she lacked the power to do so.

“You can win, or you can lose.” said GG.

But words didn’t matter. Jen wasn’t able to process them. She opened her mouth slightly, as if to speak, but remained silent.

George smiled uneasily. His heart was beating as fast as hers. And, although he was nervous, he could see that Jen would need the moment to develop itself. So he took over.

He leaned down and grabbed Jen under her armpits, motioning her to stand. He did not pull her up; Jen could stand on her own.

Once she was on her feet, GG moved his hands down to her waist. The two looked in each other’s eyes for some seconds. His cock was a hair’s length away from her.

GG eventually leaned in and kissed her on her cheek. He pulled back to judge her reaction.

When he began to lean in again, aiming to kiss Jen on her cheek a second time, she pulled back.

GG’s heart skipped a beat as he felt he might have misjudged the moment. But before he could pull back to catch another glimpse of her face, Jen moved in and kissed him on the lips.

As the two began to make out, the damn of pent up sexual tension that had developed over the past minutes collapsed. Its destruction was followed by a mutual outpouring of sexual energy. The two picked up their pace, and their hands began to explore each other’s bodies.

GG’s hands moved from her waist to her ass, and up her back, then to her hair, and to her stomach, and to her breasts. Jen went for his face, and moved down to his chest, and to his stomach, and eventually to his throbbing cock, where she began to stroke.

As the sexual energy intensified, GG picked Jen up and sat her on the table, during which time Jen held onto his cock.

Her wet pussy dampened a small stack of papers as GG broke the kiss to moan. Jen had been picking up her pace stroking his cock, and he’d released so much pre-cum that the masturbation began produce a wet, sloshing sound. She would kiss his face and his neck when he could not kiss her lips, which only magnified his pleasure.

The feeling was electrifying. GG was afraid he might miss his opportunity.

He swatted Jen’s hand away from his cock and put his hand on her waist, motioning her to turn around. Jen meekly complied, maneuvering her legs onto the table and sprawling out some, pushing papers away so that she would have some leverage. When her arms and legs were extended like the wings of a butterfly, her back sloping upwards gradually, she stopped. She then stuck her pussy out and, biting her lip, she looked back at him.

GG eagerly directed his hard, wet cock to her pussy. He was so excited that he struggled to get it in her hole. But Jen adjusted, swaying her hips slightly to help him.

When he found it, he slid his cock slowly into her vagina, overwhelmed by a mix of her tightness and wetness. And, when she let out a moan, gripping the table’s edges as she felt his size for the first time, GG grabbed her waist. With the acquired leverage, he slid his cock all the way into her vagina, causing her to lean forward and let out a second moan.

He pulled out and thrust a second time, just as deep. He repeated a third time. And a fourth time.

Before long, he picked up his pace. He found a rhythm, dancing his cock in and out of her, his hands moving to her flailing boobs, and to her back, and to her ass.

And, as he picked up pace, he could barely hold onto his rhythm; he was so enraptured by the sensation, as well as by her moans of pleasure, that he could barely maintain his good form.

After some time, when he felt things were coming to an end, he maneuvered wildly to gain some time. He pulled out, whisked some of the papers on the desk away, and sat on the table. Jen – on seeing what GG was doing – adjusted with him, giving him room to lay on the table before maneuvering on top of him.

She sat on his cock, taking it all in and moaning accordingly.

She began to bounce up and down on his cock. GG bit his lip as he looked up at her perky tits, bouncing around as she moved her hips.

And, when GG sensed she was getting tired, he wrapped his arms around her waist for leverage and began to move his cock into her.

He picked up a fast pace and, with Jen moaning so loud, and with her boobs bouncing around, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

As he approached a climax, GG slowed down a bit and began to thrust his cock into Jen harder, causing her to moan louder than before.

When her legs began to wobble, GG couldn’t hold any longer. He pulled out quickly, and, holding her at the waist, came up onto her belly.

When he was finished, Jen lay down with him on the table, panting as fast as he was. The two of them didn’t speak, their minds wrapped up in the experience they had just shared.

After a time, they’d finally cooled down enough they could at least think objectively again.

“We didn’t finish our game.” remarked GG.

Jen remained silent, her head on his shoulder.

“I still have to make a request.” he continued.

She remained silent for a time. Then she whispered, staring up into the ceiling. “Make a request.”

“Let’s fuck again.”