Mom fucked by physiotherapist tenant

This is an original incident that happened when I was in class X[10]. First, let me give an introduction about my family. My family consists of me, my father and my mother. My mother works in a MNC and he is posted in Mumbai whereas we live in Kolkata. My mother ‘s age at that time was 39. She is like any typical Bengali married woman who takes care of her family and her home. She has a fair complexion, a bit fat hip and fat ass and big boobs. I used to think of her as a woman with high moral value till that day of the sexual incident.
Coming to the story, we had two spare room in the ground floor of our house, we rented that room to a guy who was young and handsome physiotherapist. One regular day, I came back from college and saw my mom on the sofa with coffee in her hand and the guy massaging her shoulders. I was surprised and barged into the room. They were surprised and embarrassed and mom said,’ rahul bhaiyaa was just massaging my shoulder and helping me with my spondylitis.’ I was confused and went back to my room. I understood that something was fishy in between them.
after this incident Rahul came many times to our house. he touched mom’s hip. Mom started wearing maxis without bras in front of him. he looked at her cleavage and mom also enjoyed that. she would bend down as often as she could. I understood something was bound to happen. one such days, my Summer holidays started and I started staying at home. his frequency of visiting mom decreased. one day mom said that we are going to a picnic organized in our locality and since my boards was on, my mom said that I was not allowed to go with them. at first I did not pay much attention as i don’t like socializing much. but suddenly i realised that rahul will be going as well. and i knew that mom was going to take her affection to a different level. so, i made mom agree to me going with her. suddenly rahul came in and mom told him the problem. I could see her saddened look in her face. Rahul understood the situation and said that it won’t be a problem and winked at mom.
so, the next day we packed our bags and went up the bus. we were going to a forested area. a sleeper ac bus was booked and me and my mom got into adjacent berths. I couldn’t find rahul and thought he didn’t come because of me. Suddenly I heard a loud scream and it came from my mom’s berth. everyone went to her and asked about it. she said she was having shoulder pain and needs to go home. i unloaded her bags and was going to unload mine when she said that i should go to picnic as she can take care of herself . i understood that she was super horny and needs a good fucking from rahul. as i was going to take my mom back to home i said the society secretary that they can continue with the trip without me as i will stay with mom. mom didn’t hear this i went home and she told’now you can go and board the bus. I will rest.’ and bid me farewell. I went out with a bag and hid myself in the backyard from where the bedroom could be seen
i saw mom was changing her clothes now . she changed into a maxi without panty or bra. after sometime she went towards the main door and came back with rahul in her bed room. rahul started massaging her shoulder. she closed her eyes. he removed her maxi and rubbed some oil. as was expected, mom did not say anything to resist his actions. she lied with her bare back boobs under. rahul was rubbing oil on her back slowly came down and rubbed her ass. after sometime he told her to face the other side. I could see her big boobs boncing as rahul was massaging them. Slowly rahul moved towards moms vagina. He started massaging it with oil. Mom was in eternal world. Her moans filled the room-‘ummmm ahhhh ahhhh unmm ‘ rahul brought his mouth near my moms and started kissing her passionately. I could see their lips entangled with each others. Moms big nails was making marks on rahuls back. Rahul was biting her lips hard and suddenly mom clenched his hair and brought his head to lick her vagina. she thrusted his head against her vagina. Rahul tried to free it at first but soon started eating it.
Aaaahhhh umm ummm ummm umm sounds were every where. After 15 mins mom cummed in rahuls mouth and made him lick it.
‘put your dick inside me and call me maam’ said mom to rahul
He said ‘yes’
Mom slapped him hard and instructed to say that again. Rahul said’yes maam.’
He took his dick out . It was large and thick. Mom was rubbing her clit. She showed her fingers towards her vagina instructing hum to put it inside her.
Rahul slowly inserted his big dick into mom’s vagina. ‘aaahhhh’ cried mom
‘fuck me rahul, fuck me hard’ she said.
Rahul started fucking her. I could hear thaap thaap puch puch puch. Mom was in heaven. Her eyes were half closed. Rahul started pounding hard and harder. Mom was moaning with pain and pleasure. After 20 long minutes he was going to cum he said
Mom said’ cum inside me, make me warm’ rahul shoot his cum with satisfaction along with mom. The fluids dripped on the bed sheet. He took his dick out and collapsed on mom and were engaged in a deep kiss for 5mins . Mom stood up. Hold rahuls head and again thrusted in her vagina. She cummed in his mouth. I found that rahul hated the taste as he tried to protest. She slapped him and took him to the toilet saying’i need you inside me again and now for a longer time. If you fail you will face consequences.