Incest party

I still can’t believe it happened. My buddies and me gangbanged my teen daughter and now I can’t decide what to do now. I guess it depends on how Candy, my daughter, reacts when she wakes up. Right now she’s still asleep in my bed on the cum soaked sheets, some of it still leaking out of her, while I’m nursing one of the worst hangovers of my life. I guess I should explain what happened.

My name is Ed and I’m divorced with joint custody of our daughter. My ex-wife is a smoking hot sex pot that I could never leave my hands off. Even after years of marriage we still fucked almost every day, and sometimes I even shared her with my buddies (one at a time). I know she had some brief affairs, but she was discrete and never refused me whatever I wanted, so I didn’t mind too much.

The thing that ended the marriage was money. I made plenty, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that she spent it faster than I could make it. She had a spending addiction. I took away her credit cards and access to the bank accounts hoping that would solve the problem. And it did for a while. But then while doing my annual credit check, I found two new credit cards under my name that I didn’t apply for. At first I thought it was scammers, but it turned out to be my wife.

I confronted her and she lied about it until I found the cards in one of her $1500 purses. She cried and begged for forgiveness, but I had to cut my losses before she bankrupted me. She’s gone through a succession of sugar daddies since then, but is now stripping at a local “Gentleman’s Club” to make ends meet. Of course she blames me for her meteoric fall.

I get my daughter every weekend, although given how things have been going with my ex, I was considering petitioning the court for full custody. I may have to reconsider that now. Or will I?

Anyway, I also host a poker night with my long time buddies Carl, Tom, and Eric once a month. We have been doing this for years. On those evenings Candy (Candice) spends the night at her friend Amanda’s house. That way we don’t have to worry about our language and can let our hair down.

As usual, Candy made some killer salsa for us before she was dropped off by her mom. I put it out on the table with the chips and was getting the cards out when she breezed into the room wearing only a two piece bikini. It wasn’t particularly revealing, but it still made me a bit uncomfortable. I was trying to be the cool Dad, but she was really starting fill out now and I could tell was going to be a stunner like her mom. I just hoped she didn’t inherit her addictions as well.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready to go to Amanda’s? The guys will be here soon.” I said.

“No, she’s sick today, so you’re stuck with me.” She replied.

“Then you’d better go put some clothes on. I can’t have you parading around almost naked in front of my friends.” I admonished her.

“Oh Dad!” She huffed. “I’m sure they’ve seen plenty of girls in bikinis before.”

“I sure they have. But all those girls are not my daughter.” I said as the door bell rang. “No go, and don’t come back until you’re dressed.”

All the guys arrived in the next few minutes and we got the game underway. We were on the second hand when Candy returned.

“Hello everybody.” She said sweetly.

I looked up. She was now wearing a simple one-piece sun dress; over her bikini if I knew my daughter. But much better. Now I could concentrate on the game.

I wasn’t an expert poker player by any means, but with this group I usually held my own. Not on this night though. For some reason I kept getting a chubby and that made me think about sex instead of the game. It didn’t help that I hadn’t been laid in weeks. It also didn’t help that Candy kept drifting in and out of the room distracting me. It probably distracted the others too, but it didn’t seem to affect their game.

Eventually I ran out of chips, but I didn’t have any cash to buy back in, and we had a strict “no checks or IOU” policy. I really didn’t want to lose so easily to these guys – they would never let me live it down. I knew if I could keep playing that I could recover and at least get even again before the end of the evening.

“Come on guys! There must be something I can trade to buy back in.” I pleaded.

“You know the rules, cash only.” Tom cackled.

“Well, maybe we can bend the rules just this once.” Carl said as he looked sideways at my daughter.

“No way!” Tom exclaimed.

“Let’s just hear him out.” Eric chimed in. “What do you have in mind?”

“I’ll give you $25 back for your daughter’s dress.” Carl said calmly.

“Holy shit.” Tom muttered.

Eric just sucked in a breath and looked at me as I contemplated this new development. I weighed the pros and cons, and then spoke up.

“I’m in if Candy is OK with it.” I said.

Eric and Tom had a shocked look on their faces, but Carl was smirking. “And she has to stay in the room for the rest of the game.”

My daughter didn’t say anything. She just smirked back at Carl and pulled the dress up over her head. As I had suspected, she was wearing the bikini underneath it. Otherwise there was no way she would have gone along. Or so I thought at the time. The guys all smiled and ogled her. Strangely it didn’t upset me at all.

Now that I had half my original chips back, and a hot teen girl to distract the others, I was sure I could win my money back. Wait – did I just think of my daughter as “hot”? Wasn’t that wrong? And why did I suddenly have a raging hard on?

A beer and a few hands later I was out of chips again. My erection wouldn’t go away, and it seemed that I was as distracted by Candy as the others. What was wrong with me? She was my daughter after all. Maybe it was because she reminded me of my ex-wife so much. She was a sexy beast all right, I just wish I could’ve trusted her with my money.

“It looks like you are out of chips again, Ed. Want to buy some more?” Carl asked.

“Oh no, I’m not trading any more of my daughter’s clothes.” I said with more conviction than I felt.

“No, no.” Carl replied. “I was thinking that for another $25 she would sit on the lap of the man that won the last hand.”

Of course, Carl had won the last hand. I felt a bit sheepish as I looked to my daughter to see what she thought of this new arrangement. She looked me straight in the eye, smiled slightly, and nodded her head once. I took a deep breath and considered the possible implications over the beer buzz and my throbbing erection.

“OK, but behave yourselves.” I admonished them.

“We won’t do anything she objects to.” Carl assured me.

All three of my best friends smiled widely as my teen daughter sat down on Carl’s lap wearing nothing but a not-very-modest bikini. As we played the next hand, I noticed my daughter fidgeting a bit with her hands below the table out of sight (Carl was sitting directly across from me). She didn’t say anything or jump down off Carl’s lap, so I figured it wasn’t a problem. Now that I think back on it, I realize I wasn’t thinking too clearly at the time.

Tom won that hand, so Candy got up and moved over to where he was sitting (to my right). Carl gave her butt a little slap, making her squeal. As she sat down on Tom’s lap I noticed she looked a little flushed. I looked at her questioningly and she just smiled back, so I turned my attention back to the game. At least I tried to, but out of the corner of my eye I caught Tom rubbing my daughter’s bare leg, moving his hand up higher and higher. When it got close to her crotch, she pushed it away, but that wasn’t enough to make him give up.

That must have been what Carl had been doing when she was on his lap, and now Tom was copying him. If you couldn’t tell by now, Carl was the natural leader of our little group and tended to get his way most of the time. Unfortunately I was too busy watching Tom’s wandering hand and I had to fold because I had no idea what everybody had bet.

Carl won and Candy moved back to his lap. He seemed a little more aggressive this time, but she still did not object or try to leave. Nobody would have forcibly tried to stop her if she had, and I’m sure she knew that. Eric won the next hand, followed by Carl again. That drained me once more.

As Candy sat down on his lap again, Carl threw $50 worth of chips across the table at me before I even had a chance to say anything. I just looked on wordlessly as he tugged on the tie behind Candy’s neck that held her top up. Feeling it go slack, she squealed and threw her arm up over her breasts. Carl just untied the other string that went around her back, and dealt the cards.

With only one hand free, Candy had a more difficult time keeping Carl’s hands away from her treasure. By the end of the hand, which by some miracle I had won, the bikini top had slipped almost completely off. As she walked away from Carl on her way over to my side of the table, he reached out and pulled the top completely off.

“I think I’ll keep this.” He said as he stuffed it into his pocket with a big shit eating grin. “Well worth what I paid for it.”

My daughter kept her arm over her chest as she sat down on my lap. I couldn’t remember the last time she had done that. It had to be a few years ago. Of course, she wasn’t almost naked then and I didn’t have an unrelenting erection either.

“You don’t have to do this.” I whispered in her ear as the hand was played out.

She turned her head and whispered back, “I know.”

Then she kissed my ear and said in a husky voice, “But I want to, and I think you do too.”

Then she wiggled her ass all over my iron hard cock. Talk about distractions! I ended up raising on a hand that I should have folded and lost everything I had won the previous hand, plus $20 more. Eric grinned like the Cheshire cat as my daughter sat down on his lap again. He wasn’t even trying to be subtle anymore with his groping and managed to get Candy to drop her arm a couple of times, giving us all brief views of her pert B-cup tits. And from what I could tell, her nipples were as hard as diamonds. It seemed my teenage daughter was getting turned on this situation, but how far would she let it go? And at what point would I stop it? Did I even want to stop it?

Carl won again, and I barely had enough chips for the ante. After Candy was back on his lap, he threw me $50 worth of chips and told the others to do the same.

“What’s that for?” I croaked.

He reached down with both hands and after a bit of a jostling my daughter, he dropped her bikini bottoms on the table.

“For that, and whatever else we want to do.” He said.

I gulped hard and looked my daughter in the eyes. They were smoldering. Carl pulled her arm down and away from her chest, exposing her tits. It didn’t look like she resisted much. Then we all watched closely as he reached up and starting playing with them. Finally he told Tom to deal the next hand as he continued to openly fondle my naked daughter’s body. It looked to me like she was enjoying it. I was conflicted about what to do, and in the end just let things continue.

By the end of the hand, Candy was breathing noticeably harder and was definitely flushed. All signs of increased arousal. And from what I could tell, she wasn’t alone. The air virtually crackled with sexual energy. Since Tom was the winner that time, she switched laps again. He wasted no time in sampling her nubile teenage body. It was difficult to tear my eyes away in order to look at my cards. I had a terrible hand again and I started wondering if they were stacking the deck while I was distracted.

When I turned my attention back to my daughter, she had her eyes closed and was purring quietly. I looked down and could just see Tom’s finger going slowly in and out of her hairless pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot it was to watch one of my best friends finger fuck my daughter. What a crazy night this was becoming.

Carl’s winning streak continued, forcing Tom to reluctantly pull his fingers from Candy’s wet cunt so she could stand up. As she sat down again, her eyes suddenly went wide as she settled on Carl’s lap. I shuffled the cards for the next hand. When I looked up, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. Just as I was wondering what was going on now, I noticed that she was rocking back and forth slowly. Carl had a strange far away look on his face as well. Then it hit me – they were fucking!

That’s when Tom and Eric stood up and pushed the table out of the way. Sure enough, my little girl was riding Carl’s cock reverse cow-girl style while he reached around and pulled on her nipples. Then Tom stepped in front of them and dropped his pants. Candy began to stroke his fat prick, but he had other ideas and guided her head downward. As she took his knob into her mouth, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be in his place. I was seriously starting to lust after my own teen daughter and it didn’t seem so wrong anymore. It was probably just the alcohol and the intensely charged sexual atmosphere, but I didn’t really care at that point; my little head was in control.

“Your daughter has the tightest, hottest pussy I’ve ever been in.” Carl said as he looked me right in the eye. “Fuck, I’m not going to last much longer, where do you want it?”

“Oh, in my mouth!” Candy answered as she popped her mouth off of Tom’s cock.

Then she hopped off of Carl’s lap, spun around, and got down onto her knees. As soon as his cock was in her mouth, Carl starting pumping it rapidly in and out. Candy just grabbed his thighs and allowed him to fuck her face. After a few seconds of this, Carl let out a loud grunt and stopped moving. I knew he was blowing his load into my daughter’s mouth. She took it all and made a show of swallowing it. When did my little princess become such a slut?

Eric, who is over 6 feet tall and has a body builder’s physique, scooped Candy up and started carrying her towards the stairs, saying “We need to take this somewhere more comfortable.”

We all followed him up to my bedroom where he deposited her on the King-sized bed. Then he virtually dove between her legs and started lapping at her slick cunt. Her eyes rolled back and her hips rose up. Tom and Carl starting taking their clothes off. I couldn’t believe that Carl still had an erection. Normally men our age took some time to recover. Maybe he was an exception.

Now naked, Tom and Carl got on the bed on either side of my daughter and started sucking on the tit nearest them. She responded by grabbing their hard pricks and squeezing them with her delicate hands. I was mesmerized. Even in my wildest fantasizes I never imagined such a scene as that before me now.

Suddenly Candy gasped and arched her back. “I’m cumming! Don’t stop, don’t stop…Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

When she finally pushed Eric’s face away from her cunt, he sat back for a few seconds to enjoy the results of his work. Then he moved up over her as Tom and Carl gave way.

“I’m going to fuck you good now, Candy Cane.” He growled.

“God I hope so.” She purred back.

He slowly flexed his hips, slowly guiding his cock to her tight hole. When he had the head positioned, he buried the fell length of it inside her with a single slow stroke.

“Ahhhhhh, you have such a hot tight cunt. I’m not going to last long.” He said to her as he looked down on her teenage face.

“Just fuck me!” She groaned.

And that’s exactly what he did; pounding her hard and fast for about a minute before he felt the spasms of his impending orgasm. Suddenly he pulled out and sprayed his cum on her small body, leaving a line from her tits all the way down to her bikini line. She looked like such a slut, and I wanted her badly. The only thing holding me back was the fact that she was my daughter.

Tom took his turn next. He rolled her over onto her hands and knees. As he moved behind her, I noticed for the first time that he had a pretty impressive cock. It was clearly the largest in the room – a real 7” in length and quite thick as well. Candy groaned as he slowly slid it inside her tight snatch.

“Oh my god you’re big.” She panted. “Fuck I feel so full!”

As Tom set up a slow rhythm, I moved over to the side of the bed so I could look at my daughter’s face. It was a mask of lust and sexual joy. As if in a trance, I stripped off my clothes and started stroking my aching cock. Candy looked over and then reached out towards me with her closest hand. I knew what she was aiming for. I should have stepped back to stop her, but I didn’t.

When her hand touched my cock, I released it. She wrapped her fingers around it, gripping my manhood tightly. The sight of it and the feeling of her soft hand on my prick was too much. My cock twitched and the cum literally exploded out, hitting her in the face and arm. I had never cum so hard in my life; it was incredible.

Candy milked the last of the cum out of my cock, and suddenly my knees felt weak. I staggered back and fell into the corner chair. Just then Tom groaned and sprayed his seed all over Candy’s back. She sighed and flopped face down onto the bed.

I think I zoned out for a minute, but when I regained my senses, I realized that Carl was fucking my daughter again. Tom and Eric were on the bed in front of her, and she was alternately sucking their cocks. How could they all still be hard? I looked down at my own crotch, and to my astonishment, I had not lost my erection either. My mind was still in too much of a sexual fog to figure out that something odd was going on (other than my daughter being gang banged by my friends).

After a few minutes of good hard fucking, Carl switched with Tom. A few minutes later, Tom switched with Eric. I watched this for several rounds, during which Candy came four or five times. I wondered how much she could take.

“Are you going to take a turn, Ed?” Carl asked me.

“What?” I responded, not sure I had heard him correctly.

“I asked if you want to take a turn fucking this little slut daughter of yours.” He replied.

My head was spinning. Of course I wanted to – but could I? I was still wrestling with that question when Candy turned over, legs spread, and said, “Come on daddy, I know you want to. Fuck me and make me cum on your cock.”

I looked at her lusty expression, her rock hard nipples capping her pert little B-cup tits, and her nearly hairless puffy red cunt, and I couldn’t resist. I got on the bed and moved over her. I rubbed my cock head up and down her slick slit, making her moan.

“I love you little girl.” I said as I slowly pushed into her hot cunt.

The sensation was unbelievable. I ground into her when I bottomed out, making her squeal.

“I’m cumming daddy! I’m cumming on my daddy’s cock!”

Her eyes rolled back into her head and her entire body when rigid. I could feel powerful tremors rippling through her pussy and imagined her entire body was like that. I waited until they subsided and her body relaxed again. The look of complete sexual fulfillment on her face was priceless.

“Oh fuck, that was the best ever. Thank you daddy.” She mumbled.

“We’re not done yet princess.” I said as I pulled out and thrust back in.

“Oh daddy, fuck your slutty princess.” She moaned. “Fuck me good and hard.”

Normally I would last a long time after cumming once, but there was nothing normal about this night. I was giving my own teenage daughter a hard fucking, making her pert tits bounce and wiggle in the hottest way possible. After a few minutes of this I felt the familiar sensation of my orgasm approaching.

“Uh, I’m almost there.” I gasped. “Where do you want it?”

“I want you inside.” She answered. “I want you to be the first man to shoot your sperm up my cunt!”

How could I say no to that? Besides, I knew she had been on birth control for over a year now. The only good decision her Mother had made recently. On my last thrust I pushed into her as deeply as I could and then let it go.

“Oh fuck, I can feel it squirting.” She moaned. “It’s so hot. My daddy’s cum is so fucking hot! God, you’re making me cum again.”

I kept my cock inside her as she shook and writhed under me, lost in her own orgasm. I had planned on waiting until my cock softened before I got off of her, but it stayed hard. I was too sensitive to start fucking again, so reluctantly I pulled out of her hot pussy and rolled off her. Carl immediately took my place.

“Fuck that was hot.” He grunted as he plowed into her tight snatch with his hard prick, forcing my cum to be pushed out.

After a minute of that, he rolled over, taking Candy with him so that she was now on top. He was sweating pretty good now, so I guessed he was tired and wanted a break. She didn’t seem to mind and rode him at a leisurely pace.

Just when it looked like Carl was getting close, Tom laid down beside them and lifted Candy off Tom’s cock. Then he impaled her on his big pole. She didn’t seem to care and just took up where she left off, rocking and bouncing on Tom’s cock the same way she had with Carl. What a total slut; just like her Mother.

Then something really crazy happened. Eric came up behind Candy and started fingering her ass. He easily slipped one, then two fingers in her back door, thanks to all the cum that had coated it earlier. Once he had her opened up back there, he pushed her forward a bit and then moved up and pushed the head of his dick up against her anus.

She grunted a bit and stopped riding Tom’s cock as Eric slowly pushed inside her. I used to ass fuck my ex-wife from time to time, so I knew it was painful at first, but it quickly turned to pleasure. It was the same for my daughter; she grimaced initially, but then relaxed and started enjoying the double penetration.

Once he was completely in, Eric got into a rhythm with Tom and they quickly brought her to climax again. Watching my daughter cum as she was DP’ed by two of my best friends was the hottest thing I’d ever seen up in my life. Despite having cum twice in the last half hour, I was stroking my still hard cock.

Carl stood up on the bed and fed his cock to Candy, saying “Let’s make this little bitch air-tight.”

She struggled to suck his cock as Tom and Eric continued their assault on her ass and pussy. After a minute or so, the awkward half crouching position was too difficult for Carl to maintain, and he sat back on the bed to watch. Not long after that, Eric came in her ass. His cock made a little popping sound as it pulled out and he fell back on the bed, exhausted.

That’s when I hear my phone ding. I glanced at it and saw it was a text from my ex-wife. What the fuck did she want? Here is our conversation:

Her: I hope you and your friends are having a good poker night. #blueballs

Me: What the fuck?

Her: Ha ha! I mixed viagra in with your salsa.

Me: You bitch!

Her: Poor boys. Maybe you could have a good circle jerk! LOL

Me: You are in deep shit. You almost killed Carl.

Her: Bullshit. Probably the best erection he’s had in years.

Me: He takes heart medication, you idiot. Viagra can mess with that. Look it up.

I don’t get a response right away, so I returned my attention to the bed. Candy must have finished off Tom, because now Carl was ass fucking her while the other two watched. The Viagra sure explained a few things though. I doubt the stupid ex had this in mind when she hatched her half-assed plan. My phone dinged again.

Her: Shit I didn’t know that. Is Carl OK?

I decided to lay it on thick.

Me: We are in the ER right now, but we got him here in time. They want to watch him for a few more hours though.

Her: OK, good. Tell him I’m really sorry.

Me: That won’t cut it. He will want to swear out a an assault charge against you tomorrow.

My phone rang. It was her. I answered it.

“No! Please don’t let him do that.” She sobbed. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you guys.”

“Anything?” I asked.

“Whatever you want, just name it.” She said desperately.

“I’ll let you know.” I replied and hung up on her. Let her sweat for a while.

After Carl finished in her ass, my daughter passed out on my bed. I ushered my friends out after making them promise they will never tell a soul what happened. They readily agreed since they were married and had as much to lose as me if this ever got out.

So, that’s my story. I guess I’ll just try to get some shut-eye and see how things look when I wake up.