Candy and Amanda’s taboo story

I woke up on the couch, and for a second I wondered why I was there instead of my own bed. Then I remembered the events of the night before (see “Candy’s Poker Party”) and how my teenage daughter became a sex toy for me and my friends. I crept upstairs and peeked into my bedroom, half expecting (and hoping) to find her still naked and sprawled out on cum soaked sheets. But she wasn’t there. The bed was made with clean linen and there was no evidence of the recent debauchery that had taken place there.

So I took a refreshing shower, put on some PJ bottoms, and padded downstairs to get something to eat. Before I even got to the kitchen, I could smell the bacon cooking. Candy was making breakfast? That’s another milestone, I thought to myself.

“Smells good.” I said as I walked in to find her in front of the stove.

She was wearing an old threadbare night shirt that was a couple of sizes too small for her. It barely covered her ass and on top hung from her tits like they were coat hooks. I could feel my cock start to twitch.

“Good morning daddy!” She said happily. “I hope you’re ready for some bacon and eggs.”

“I’m famished honey, bring it on.” I replied.

She prepared a plate for both of us and sat down on the opposite side of the small kitchen table from me. We ate in silence as I tried to decide how to broach the subject of the previous night. I had no idea what she was thinking, but she was uncharacteristically quiet, which worried me. After we finished eating, Candy put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and started to leave.

“Don’t go yet.” I said. “We need to talk.”

She turned around to face me. “OK, what do you want to talk about?”

“Sit down.” I said. “About last night…”

“Oh, that.” She murmured as she sat down opposite me.

“Listen, what happened was not…well normal.” I explained while trying not to look at her perky tits trying to bust out of her night shirt.

She looked down, and almost in a weeping voice said, “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, it’s not your fault.” I quickly responded. “Your mother put Viagra in the salsa, and well, you know what that does to men.”

She looked up, surprised. “Really? Is that why…”

“Yes, that’s why we were all so – er, aroused. Otherwise we would have never done what we did.” I said, knowing that was only half the truth.

“Oh.” She said, and suddenly looked disappointed and upset.

This wasn’t right. She should feel relieved that us taking advantage of her wasn’t her fault. Her reactions didn’t make sense to me.

“What’s wrong honey?” I asked.

Candy just sat in silence.

“Please tell me so that I can help you.” I implored her.

“I was hoping you were all hard from looking at me.” She blurted out.

Now it was my turn to be surprised. “What?”

“Don’t you think I’m pretty, daddy?” She asked.

“Of course, I think you’re the prettiest little girl on the planet.” I answered.

“And sexy?”

“Well, um, you are my daughter.” I fumbled.

“I need to know, daddy. Be honest with me.” She insisted.

“OK, if we are going to be completely honest, then yes, I do think you are incredibly sexy.” I said after a few seconds of thought.

“Then it makes you hard when I do this?” She asked as she shimmed, making her firm little titties shake and bounce under the thin shirt.

“God yes.” I muttered.

“So then it really was me that made you men hard!” She proclaimed happily.

“OK, yes. The Viagra only helped us keep our erections longer.” I replied truthfully. “So did you know about your Mother’s plan?”

“No, I had no idea. But I’m glad she did it.”

Once again I sat in stunned silence.


“Because it kept the party going for longer.” She purred.

So my recollections from the previous night were correct after all; she had enjoyed everything that happened, right from the very beginning. In fact…

“So, you were trying to start a gang bang the whole time the game was going on?” I asked. “Remember, we are being totally honest here.”

“Yes, that was my plan.” She admitted.

It made me feel much better that I had not raped my daughter, but instead she had seduced me, as fucked up as that sounds.

“And your friend Amanda was never really sick.” I pressed.

“Well…actually it was all her idea.” Candy revealed.

“Her idea??”

“Yeah, she thinks you’re hot – actually we both do, and were talking about how awesome it would be to, you know, have sex with you, and that’s when she dared me.”

“She dared you to do what?”

“To get you to have sex with me, of course. But I told her it wouldn’t be easy to convince you. That’s when she came up with the idea for the poker night. I had told her before about your poker nights and how your friends are pretty hot too. So anyway, she thought it might be easier to get your friends to fu-, er, have sex with me and then get you to go along too.” She explained.

“It’s OK to use words like ‘fuck’ and ‘cock’ when we are talking about sex. Just don’t go slinging them around in normal conversation.” I interjected.


“So, do you always do what Amanda dares?” I asked.

“Um, mostly, yes.” She said.

“And do you dare her too?”

“Sometimes. But mostly she dares me.”

“And are they always naughty dares?” I queried.

“Oh yes. Always.”

“Like what?”

“Like ‘accidentally’ flashing my tits or cunny to a stranger on the bus. Or giving Bobby a blow job behind the utility box at school.” Candy recalled.

“Hmmm, it sounds like you are a submissive little exhibitionist. How would you like to be your Daddy’s little submissive exhibitionist?” I asked, knowing I was pushing past some societal barriers.

“Can I be your little submissive exhibitionist fuck slut?” She countered.

I smiled broadly. “Come over here.”

She bounced out of her chair and was in front of me in a flash.

“Take off your shirt. Sluts don’t get to wear clothes unless their Daddy gives them permission.” I ordered.

Her shirt was on the floor in record time. I admired her firm teenage tits, topped with hard nipples that pointed up slightly. It reminded me of the lyrics from “Night Moves”: She had points of her own, way up high. Up firm and high.

Continuing down her thin body, past her flat abs, my eyes rested briefly on her nearly bald cunt. Only a few soft wispy hairs were evident on the full, luscious labia. Her long thin legs, firm from playing soccer, finished the package. How could I possibly resist?

I pulled her head down to mine and kissed her forcefully. She opened her mouth and our tongues danced the erotic dance of lovers for a few minutes as I fondled her titties. Then I moved down and sucked her whole right tit into my mouth. She gasped and pulled my head into her chest. After a repeat on her left tit, I picked her up and sat her on the table.

“Lay back.” I told her. “I want to sample your hot little peach.”

She spread her legs and I dived in, sampling her nectar with abandon. I ran my tongue from her drooling hole all the way up to her clit. I felt her shudder in response. I lashed the little bud over and over.

“Oh Daddy! That feels soooo good. You’re going to make me cum!” My teenage daughter squealed.

I put my mouth over her whole cunt and sucked. Almost immediately her hips pushed up as her hands pulled down on my head. Then I pushed a finger inside her and rubbed her g-spot. Suddenly her body went stiff and she made a guttural sound kind of like “Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

I lapped up all the juice Candy’s pussy had released while she came back down to Earth.

“Oh my God, that was the best cum I’ve ever had.” She sighed as I looked down on her trembling body and admired my work. “I want you in me now.”

“Sluts don’t get to demand anything.” I reminded her. “You have to be obedient and earn the right to have my cock.”

“Yes Daddy, I’ll do whatever you say.” She said.

“Anything?” I teased.

“Yes, anything.” She answered.

“What if I invite old man Jacobs over from next door to fuck you?” I challenge.

“I’ll do it, and make him very happy.” She said.

“How about I take you downtown, show off your naked body to strange men and boys, and let some of them fuck you?”

Her eyes lit up. “Really? Can we do that?” She asked excitedly.

There really didn’t seem to be any limit to what she would do. As hard as it was to believe, my daughter may be an even bigger slut than her Mother.

“Maybe, but for now I want you to call Amanda, and here’s what I want you to say…”

An hour later the doorbell rang. Candy got up to answer the door while I stayed in the living room watching TV. She was dressed now, but barely; wearing only a tube top and a short skirt without any panties.

Before I go on, let me describe Amanda. While my daughter was thin and athletic, Amanda was curvy (but not fat by any means) and looked older than Candy, even though they were the same age. He tits were also larger, and if I had to guess I’d say they were close to C-cups. She would probably have D’s or larger by the time she was an adult. She also always seemed a bit shy around me.

As the two girls passed through the living room on the way up to Candy’s bedroom, I could see that Amanda was dressed exactly the same as Candy. This was a good sign since that was part of my instructions to my daughter: to invite her friend over to tell her about the events of the previous evening, but also dare her to wear something very slutty.

About 20 minutes later the girls came back down the stairs and stood in the middle of the room, giggling. It was clear they wanted to ask me something, so I looked up and said, “Yes?”

“I’ve been telling Amanda all about last night.” Candy answered. “And now she wants to ask you something.”

Amanda suddenly looked very embarrassed and looked down. There’s that shyness, I thought. Time to help her out.

“So, Amanda, what do you think about the way that Candy handled your dare?” I asked.

Her head shot up, her eyes wide. She was obviously unaware that I knew about the dare. She looked at Candy and then back at me. “I still can’t believe she did it.”

“I’m feeling the same way myself. She’s really amazing isn’t she?” I said.

“Yeah, she is.” Amanda answered, smiling.

“So, what is you want to ask me?”

“Um, well, could I, could we, um, see your cock?” Amanda asked, almost whispering as she looked down again.

“I would be more than happy to fulfill your request, but first you two need to do a couple of things for me.” I replied.

“OK!” They said in unison.

“I know that girls your age often practice kissing with each other, so have you two done that?”

The both nodded yes.

“Show me. And not just a quick peck, but how you really kiss.” I ordered them.

They turned toward each other, embraced, and started kissing. It was very erotic watching these two teenage girls kissing like lovers. I wondered just how close they were. After a bit of spit swapping, they broke apart to face me again, their skin now slightly flushed.

“So have you girls done anything more sexual than kissing?” I probed.

They both shook their heads no.

“Have you thought about it?”

Candy nodded in the affirmative, but Amanda just looked down, blushing furiously.

“Amanda, I want you to remove Candy’s top.” I said.

My daughter put her arms up in the air, and after only a brief hesitation, her friend gripped her top on either side and slid it upwards and off of her body.

“What do you think of her titties, Amanda?” I asked.

“They’re beautiful.” She sighed.

“Go ahead and touch them.” I urged. “I know you want to.”

Slowly she reached up and tentatively caressed my daughter’s tits.

“Don’t they feel so good in your hands?” I asked.

She just nodded.

“Play with her nipples, the way you like to play with your own.” I told her.

Amanda pinched and lightly tugged on Candy’s nipples, making her moan in the process.

“OK Candy, now it’s your turn to take off Amanda’s top.” I said.

I had been looking forward to seeing her tits for a while now, and this was the hottest way I could imagine it happening. Candy didn’t hesitate and quickly pulled her friend’s top off and threw it on the couch. Not only were Amanda’s tits were fuller than my daughter’s, her areolae were much bigger as well.

Candy didn’t wait for me to say anything, and started playing with her friend’s tits on her own. I would have to punish her for that later, but right now I was enjoying the show. Then she did something that I wasn’t expecting: she leaned down and took one of Amanda’s ample tits into her mouth.

“Ah, ah” She moaned as my daughter sucked on her sensitive tit flesh and tongue lashed her nipple.

“OK, that’s enough for now.” I said after both of Amanda’s tits were covered in Candy’s spit. “Now you girls get your reward.”

I lifted my hips off the chair and pushed my boxers down to my ankles. I gave my extremely hard cock a few quick strokes and said, “You can come over here and get a closer look, if you like.”

In a flash they were kneeling in front of me admiring my prick.

“Go ahead and touch it.” I said.

Surprisingly, Amanda wrapped her hand around my shaft first, followed quickly by my daughter. It was an amazing experience looking at and feeling both their little hands gripping my engorged manhood.

“Have you ever sucked a man’s cock before, Amanda?” I asked.

“No, only boys.” She answered.

“Well, here’s your chance.” I said. “But I want you girls to share it.”

They each took a side and licked up my throbbing shaft, their tongues meeting at the tip and enjoying a little kiss. Then they worked their way down and started over. After doing this a few times, my daughter engulfed my cock with her mouth, taking about half of it in, all the while using her tongue on the sensitive underside. I was in heaven.

Amanda had to almost pull Candy off my cock to get her turn. She was obviously not as experienced, but was just as enthusiastic. After a minute or two of this, I was getting close, but I didn’t want to cum yet, so I stopped them.

“Have either of you ever felt another girl’s pussy before?” I asked them.

They both shook their heads no.

“OK then. I want you both to spread your knees apart and put your hand on the other’s cunt.” I said.

They both did as I had ordered.

“Now slip a finger between the lips.” I instructed. “Yes, just like that. Up and down the full length. Candy, put your finger inside Amanda.”

“Ah, hmmm.” Amanda responded.

“Is she wet?” I asked.

“She’s gushing, Daddy.” Candy answered.

“Amanda, do the same to Candy and tell me how wet she is.”

“Oh, she’s fucking soaked.” Amanda moaned.

I let the girls finger fuck each other for a minute and then said, “It’s time for you to get fucked by a real man, Amanda. Stand up.”

The girls withdrew their finger from the other’s snatch and stood up. I turned Amanda so that she was facing away from me, and then pulled her down onto my lap, aiming my prick at her tight cunt hole. As the head pushed past her pussy lips and started to open her up, she began to moan.

“Oh, oh, oh. You’re so big. Ugh, I’ve never had anything so big inside me before. Slow, slow. Oh god, you’re stretching me so good!”

Amanda was so tight, even tighter than my daughter. I could tell she wasn’t a virgin, but I don’t think she had fucked anything bigger than a hairbrush handle before. It took almost a minute to get my entire cock in her. By then I was getting close to my climax, so I held her there for a moment, fully impaled on my manhood, enjoying the vice-like grip of her young cunt.

Then I let go and said, “OK, go ahead and enjoy your first real fuck.”

She started slowly raising and lowering herself, fucking me oh so exquisitely as I reached around and played with her soft tits and hard nipples.

“Candy!” I barked. “Get down there and lick her clit while we fuck. I want her to cum before I do.”

My daughter quickly dropped to her knees and pushed her face between her friend’s legs. Amanda started shaking and moaning incoherently, and stopped fucking my cock altogether. Then she tensed up and I could feel her cunt spasming around my cock as she came. As soon as it was over I started thrusting into her while Candy continued to lick her pussy, sometimes taking full laps from where my cock penetrated her, all the way up to her clit. Amanda came again and again as me and my daughter double teamed her.

Finally I could take no more and I drove my cock one more time as deeply as I could into her and shot rope after rope of cum into her hot teenage cunt. Amanda pushed Candy away and we all three took a few minutes to recover from our debauchery.

Then, as a reward to Candy, I had her lay down on the floor and positioned Amanda on her in a 69 so that she could suck my jism out of Amanda’s cunt and get eaten by her friend at the same time. As the two teens munched on each other, it occurred to me that this scene would really sicken Candy’s mother since she was anti-gay, not mention racist. That’s when the idea of how to punish her began to form in my head.