Humiliation night

Alice walked back into the house with her arms behind her back, thrusting her pretty little tits forward. Rick, Jack, and her Master followed close behind.

Rick lifted her high and sank her down on his hard cock. She gasped out and moaned against his lips as he kissed and fucked her.

“You did such a good job at the resturant” He kissed her again. He lifted her and slide her down again and again. She screamed her pleasure as she came seconds before he set her on her knees and cam in her face. She licked the cum eagerly off his hard cock. He smiled and pet her before turning to go clean up.

Rick and Jack both kissed and slapped her before saying their goodbyes to her Master. Her Master told her to stand in the doorway and wait for him. When he came back she was standing in the doorway with her hands behind her and her breasts thrust forward. He smiled at her in pleasure at her stance.

“How is today going for you slave?” He asked her

“I was scared Master, I still am.” She told her, smiling slightly.

“You should be scared. Do you remember online I told you to suck Mr. Jones cock and you wanted to get cute?”

Her gaze fell downward. She did remember the incident. She had told him no. This was wall before she even considered meeting him IRL (in real life) but he had told her that some day she would pay. She had almost forgotten that threat, but now as he stepped forward she knew she shouldn’t have.

“Take off your clothes.” The gentlness that was in his voice was gone, replaced by cold steel. She quickly did as he told her, taking off the simple dress. “Go bring that in the bathroom. Put the dress on the shelve with the cuffs on it. Grab the cuffs and the other toys and bring them in here. Now Slave!”

She scurried off to the bathroom and found the shelf her spoke of. The cuffs for her wrists and ankles were there along with a small cat-o-nine tails, a paddle, a blindfold, and a small vibrator. She held everything carefully and brought them to her Master. He took the cuffs and without speaking placed them around her wrists and ankles. From his pocket he pulled out a pair of nipple clamps which he used on her, again without saying a word. The clamps had small chains on them from which he now led her into the bedroom. He pulled her roughly into the room then bent her over.

He used the paddle on her ass, over and over again, ignoring her crying and eventual begging and pleading. He worked his way over her ass carefully covering every inch with red welt. When her ass was one red color he worked his way down her thighs, at this point she was screaming, yet she still didn’t say the codeword to make him stop.

She was thinking of it though as he went down to the back of her knees with the paddle. She tried everything to get him to stop, to spare her. She begged, she threatened, she promised never to say no to him again. It didn’t seem to matter however as he worked her ass over.

He switched the paddle for a belt then moved in front of her, looking her in the eyes even while he slapped her ass with the belt. She stared into his eyes and saw that he was giving her this pain because it aroused him to see her in pain. He wanted her to take this pain and embrace it. He wanted her to suffer so he could find pleasure. The codeword that tried to break from her lips died before being said as she stared in his eyes.

He stood and went behind her again, smacking her ass harder and faster than before. Suddenly she felt the small vibrator slip over her clit and she struggled not to cum, but she was soon lost in the feeling of that little vibrator running over her clit and into her pussy slowly. The paddle soon stopped as she squirmed from ecstasy rather than pain.

“Don’t cum” He told her “If you ever say no to me again this will seem like child’s play, understand?”

“Yes Master” She practically screamed “May I cum Master? Please!”

“No, not until I tell you” He continued fucking her with the vibratory watching her

“Is today turning into what you though it would?” He asked

She focused on his question and tried to ignore the heat building inside her. “It was much better than I anticipated Master” She told him

“You made mistakes today, that’s fine, you are bound to make some. I expect better tomorrow.” He slapped her ass

“Yes Master” she gasped “Please let me cum!” She was desperate now, afraid she would lose control and afraid of the result if she did.

Suddenly he stopped and her hips bucked at empty air. He grabbed the chains on her nipples and led her to the bed. The bed was huge with four posts that led to a canopy. He helped her stand and attached her to the posts. Then he turned the light out and climbing into the bed. He fingered her for a moment then stopped when she started to move against him.

“Tonight you will suffer in silence for me.”

“Yes Master,” she sobbed

“Tomorrow, if you do well you will find release before bed.”

That night was the longest Alice had ever lived through. At first she wasn’t worried because she figured the ache between her legs would go away but it didn’t. The nipple rings made her breasts ache. They felt heavy and ached. She swore to herself that she would be the perfect little slave tomorrow.