Willing Slave, the first experience

Alice was trembling already as she walked down the street. The sun was high making the street hot and she was almost thankful for the outfit she wore. The skirt was really high on her thighs, perhaps half an inch from her pussy. Following His rules she wore no underwhere. The shirt was tight and her nipples stood up with no bra to hide them they stood out from the shirt.

She had met him online in a bondage group. She had started off just fantasing but he had talked her into more. Much more. She trusted him, liked him. He had always known just what to say to make her so hot, her finger pumping into herself as she came on his commands. He had asked her to join him and his friends for the weekend. How could she refuse?

He had given her directions to his house, talked about her codeword incase things got to intense, and told her what he wanted her to do. That included walking down the middle of the street so people would notice her. Luckily traffic was scarce so no one got mad at her.

She reached the house and he was there, standing there watching her. Her Master was tall and dark haired. He had a tan and was very muscular, her Master was very handsome and that pleased her to no end. He held his hand out to her and she went to him easily.

He pulled her into the house and kissed her passionetly before smiling down at her.

“Ready?” His voice was surprisingly gentle.

“Ready.” she confirmed

He had her on her hands and knees, the skirt riding to show everything and walked her into the living room where two other men sat sitting and talking. Both the men were handsome, but not as much as her Master. The men looked up when she entered and smiled at her.

“Turn around slave, let me see that ass” The man who spoke had a harsh, deep voice and she started to shake again, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but her pussy was getting all wet and throbbing lightly so she looked up at her Master, who nodded, then turned so the men could see her ass.

“She’s going to make a great slave Jack” Her master told the man as he got up and started to caress her ass. She was trembling still and that made him laugh.

“Come here Rick and tell me if you think she’ll be a good little slave. She scared shitless” Jack said.

Rick walked over and without saying a word slipped a long finger into her pussy. It was so unexpected that she almost came right then and there.

“She’s wet as hell, but she has no control over when she’s going to cum. She’ll make a good slave after she’s been trained!” Rick finger fucked her hard, his hand slapping into her ass as his finger slid inside of her. She tried not to cum but she couldn’t help the way it was building up. He slid two fingers into her, then three and she came with a moan and a scream. Rick smiled as he watched her move around on her hands and knees, trying to stay still, but not able to control herself that much.

Jack pulled his pants down and sat on the footstool, his cock was hard. It was large, around nine inches or so, and thick. The head was purple.

“Suck me slave” He told her

Again she looked up at her Master who was watching her with an intensity that scared her, then he nodded and she crawled forward to take him into her mouth. She started by licking the head and the shaft slowly. If she had been a more accomplished slave she would have known better and just sucked, but being new she was experimenting. Her Master raised his eyebrows at Jack but shook his head. They wouldn’t repremend her for this until later, for now it felt good.

Alice was unaware of the silent conversation as she worked the cock over with her lips and tounge before sucking it into her mouth. She worked her lips and mouth up and down the cock until her jaw started to ache, then held on for the ride when Jack’s hips began bucking. His cock going deep down her throat, choking at her, stretching her mouth until he cam hard. She tried to swallow it all, but some slipped down her lips and onto her face.

Rick came up behind her and started to finger her cunt again then whispered for her to suck him. She turned eagerly and started to suck on his cock. It was slightly smaller than Jacks and she sucked it down her throat. Jack came up behind her and slid his cock into her pussy. He was fucking her hard while she sucked and she felt herself getting ready to cum. Before she did Jack pulled out and came on her ass at the same time as Rick pulled out of her mouth and came on her face.

Her Master told her to follow him and she did so, crawling after him. He helped her stand and fitted a collar around her neck. Matching cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Then he used the cuffs to attach her spread eagle to the doorway. Rick pulled a knife from his pocket and proceeded to run it up and down her skin. She thought about saying her codeword, this was frightening, but even so her pussy tighttend uncontrlably and she waited. Rick cut off her shirt then the skirt leaving her naked and spread out before the three men. Jack left the room and came up behind her, running a belf along her thights. Her Master knelt at her feet. He ran his hand up and down her thighs and towards her pussy which was aching so badly. He opened he up and she felt her own hot juices slide down her thighs. Her face red with embarresment she didn’t look at anyone.

“Don’t cum” Her Master told her as he slid a finger into her. She tried, hounestly she did, but his finger was slowly working magic. She moaned and moved against him only to be surprised when the belt came down on her ass, hard! She cried out but her Master kept fingering her and soon she was moving against his hand again. The belt came down harder this time, leaving a white welt next to the pink streak already on her ass. She cried out and tried not to move, her pussy was squeezing out juice all over her Master’s hand and he slid two fingers into her. Three, four. God she was going to cum there was nothing she could do.

The belt coming down regurly onto her ass now, her Master fucking her hard with his hand she came, shuddering.

Her Master looked at her, “I told you not to cum!” He went to the other room behind her and she felt a hard paddle come down on her ass. She tried not to cry out but by the fourth one she was screaming, tears runnnig down her face, yet he still continued. Beating her hard.

And yet she didn’t think to call out her codeword, she would take what ever her Master had to offer her.

Rick stood next to her and slid his cock into her pussy even while her Master paddled her hard. He fucked her hard, his cock sliding all the way into her pussy till his balls hit her clit. The pain and pleasure started to mix until she was lost in it all and didn’t even realize the paddling had stopped. She felt fingers moving in the wettness and sliding up to her ass, wetting her ass with her own juiced. This was the part she was scared of, yet anticipated wholeheartedly.

The cock pressing at her backside felt huge and she wondered who’s it was.

“Relax” That was her Master’s voice and she struggled to do as he said. Rick meanwhile was making relaxing hard as he fucked her, slamming into her. Suddenly her took a nipple into his mouth and bit down on it. Hard, she cried out again.

Suddenly the preasure on her ass increased and with a pop her Master’s cock slid into her ass. It hurt, it hurt a lot, he didn’t give her ass time to except him, simply slid into her hard. He found his rythym and before long him and Rick were going making it so her was screaming in pleasure. The way her ass streatched felt increadable to her and she came several times. Rick pulled out and came on her stomach, but her Master came deep inside her ass. The three men walked off to go to the bathroom and clean up, leaving her hanging there.