Cuckold mysteries

I woke up the next morning having barely slept. Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was my mom and the horrible things she had done to me. I wiped a tear from my face. I just couldn’t understand why she would do that to me. She was my mother she was supposed to love me. However, what I saw from her last night was not love. I left my room and quickly went to the bathroom to wash the tears from my face.

I had wandered out to the dining area where my mom and sister were sitting having breakfast. My little sister saw me first. “Hey big bro is everything OK?” she asked.

I looked up at her trying to smile, you could wash away the tears but you could not wash away the fear , anger and sadness from your face. I did the best I could to make it look like I was OK. “Yea sis im fine just didn’t sleep well last night.

I went to go to the kitchen to find something to eat when I heard mom say. “What no good morning kiss for your mother?” I turned around to look at her, she had a smile on her face as if nothing had ever happened. “Well im waiting young man. I just cant start my day without a kiss from my favorite man.”

Reluctantly I walked over to her and went to kiss her on the cheek, just as I kissed her she turned her head and our lips met. I jumped back a little out of surprise. Luckily my sister had not been paying attention. I glared at my mom and she had an almost sadistic smile on her face. I went to the kitchen and got my breakfast sitting as far to the end of the table away from my mom as I could get.”By the way kids im going to be going out after work so don’t wait up tonight I don’t know when ill be back”

“OK mom.” replied my sister

Mom got up to head to her bedroom to get changed for work. Just as she went in she turned and said, “Oh Max could you come help mommie for a second?” I just shoved my plate across the table and went to see what she wanted. After we went into her room she shut the door and shoved me up against it. She slapped me across the face. “How dare you kiss me like that. Especially with your sister in the room.

I glared at her as I said, “You’re the one that turned your head after you made me come kiss you.”

She slapped me again, “Do not talk back to me boy. I am a lady, I would never do such a thing you sick little pervert. Now I will be out for while and when I get home I expect you to come here to my room. I will have a little surprise for you. Now get out I need to go to work.”

Max help a hand to his face as he made his way back out of the room and went to his own room to lay down. He had never felt so much anger and humiliation in his life. He just did not know what to do. She was his mother and he loved her or at least he thought he did. After the events of last night he was not to sure any more. He lay in bed for a while and soon had dozed off.

After a while he heard a voice calling to him, “Max wake up. Max you shouldn’t be sleeping you will never sleep tonight.”

Max slowly blinked his eyes waking up and wiping the sleep from his eyes. He saw his sister Mary standing over him, she almost looked like an angel standing there. Her red hair flowing down from her head to frame her face. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle like stars in the sky as she looked down at him. She had a partial smile on her face as she looked over him. “Mary? W..what time is it?”

“Its nearly 4 in the afternoon lazy bones. You slept all day, I tried to wake you earlier but you didn’t seem to listen. Are you sure you are OK. You have been acting strange since last night?”

He let out a huge sigh, he hated to lie to her but he could never tell her the truth it was too humiliating to even think about. “I’m fine Mary was just a little tired is all. And now im starving.”

“Well its no wonder you are so hungry you slept all day and missed lunch. Come on i’ll make you something to eat.”

Max got out of bed and followed his sister out to the dining room he sat at the table while his sister went to the kitchen, he sat with his head in his hands as he leaned on the table wondering why his mother would treat him the way she did. He knew what he did was wrong but he could not help himself she was such a beautiful woman. She had long red hair just like his sister and green eyes. Somewhere in our family line we had some Irish in our genes. He large DD breasts were just so mesmerizing.

“Max! Your food is ready. “ his sister called out to him.

Max picked his head up, looking over at his sister he could tell that she worried about him by the way that she looked at him but she did not press him anymore. “When you finish eating maybe we could watch a movie or two before bed.”

“Yea sure that would be great.” he said as he started eating his food. Not really tasting it just going through the motions. He could not bring himself to process what was going on around him. He finished eating and went into the living room to sit with his sister.

She looked up at him and smiled. “What do you wanna watch Max?”

He couldn’t help but smile when she looked at him like that. Her eyes always seemed to sparkle and her smile was the greatest thing in the world. Every time she smiled at him he would melt and do anything for her. “What ever you want to watch sis. I’m just happy to spend some time with my beautiful sister.”

Mary blushed a deep red almost as red as her hair, “Oh max stop your embarrassing me.” She giggled.

Max sat down next to his sister and put his arm around her cuddling her close to watch T.V. With. The time seemed to fly by sitting with her and it helped Max to momentarily forget about everything that had been on his mind. By the end of the second movie Mary had started to stretch and yawn. “Ok I think im ready for bed Max, its getting late.” Said Mary as she stood up. She kissed him on the cheek and walked off to her room. “Good night big brother.” She smiled.

“Goodnight sis,” said max with a sigh as he knew it would not be long before his mother came home. He went into his room and lie down on the bed hoping that maybe sleep would take him before his mother got home. However, he could not sleep, all he could think about was what his mother was planning to do when she got home.

About an hour later he heard noises in the hall and realized that his mother was home. He was dreading what coming and didnt want to go into her room. Stalling as long as he could he got up and made his way to his mothers room and stood there for several seconds before knocking on the door. The door opened and his mother was standing there looking at him. “Well what took you so long? You shouldn’t keep me waiting now get in here.”

Maxed walked into the bedroom and stopped in his tracks as he looked over at the bed and saw a man laying naked on his moms bed. He looked over at his mother with a questioning look on his face. “W…w…who is that?” asked Max.

She had an almost evil grin on her face, “That is my new friend Jack. I met him at the club and just had to bring him home with me.”

“T..t…then why am I here?” he asked as he stood there trembling

“You’re her because I told you to be here. Now get rid of those clothes you wont be needing them anytime soon.

“But I c..c.cant do…”

unable to finish his sentence as his mother had smacked him on the face. “What did I tell you about talking back to me? Do as I said now.”

Max cried out in pain from the slap his mother had given him. He quickly started undressing until he had nothing but his boxers on. “Boxers too.” said his mother. He quickly took them off as well revealing his erection to his mother and the stranger in her bed . “You filthy little worm, you have an erection already. Get over by the side of the bed you little pervert.”

Max quickly walked to her side of the bed. His mother walked over and reached into a bag that lie on the bed next ti him. She pulled out two pair of handcuffs locking one on each of his wrists. Max tried to struggle, “What are you doing?”

She smacked him hard on the ass and told him to shut up. “You have been a bad boy and are going to be punished.” She locked one of the cuffs to the post of her bed and she made him stretch out facing the bed locking him to the other post so he was stretched out unable to turn or move. She climbed onto the bed in front of Max and stood up so that her pussy was right in front of his face. She spread her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart showing him her hot wet box. “Is this what you want you little freak? You want mommies hot little pussy?”

She lie on the bed with her legs wide apart, “Come Jack and fuck my pussy while this little pervert watches you have what he cannot.” He crawled over her placing his erect cock tip at the entrance to her wet pussy.

The man looked over at Max and just laughed, “You are one twisted bitch you know that.”

“Just shut up and fuck me already!” She yelled

Without another word Max watched as the strange man started thrusting his cock into his mother. The very woman he had lusted over. The very reason he is now cuffed to the bed unable to turn away. He wanted to close his eyes as the man jack hammered his mother with his cock. His mother moaning louder and louder with every thrust. He couldn’t bring himself to close his eyes. He watched on as tears rolled out of his eyes not wanting to see the woman he had lusted over being fucked by another man.

He watched as his mother arched her back in ecstasy as her orgasm took over and she screamed out in pleasure. Jack was getting close to cumming when Max’s mom told him to stop, not to cum yet because he was still needed. She looked over at Max with an evil grin. You’re next little worm. Max had a confused look on his face, not understanding what his mother had just said. She unlocked his cuffs and told him to get on the bed and get on his knees with his head on the bed. She told him to put his hands back behind his legs. As he did this she put the cuffs back on forcing him to stay in this position. He felt something cold and wet leaking over his ass.

Max was scared wondering what was going on. “W..what are you doing?” he asked

His mother laughed, “Oh did you think it was your turn to fuck my pussy? Oh no little pervert its your turn to be fucked.” She laughed again and told Jack his ass was all yours.

Max screamed out in horror. “Nooooooo please don’t do this mom. I’m sorry for what I did I promise ill never do anything like it again.”

His cries and please did him no good, a second later he felt the most excruciating pain he had ever felt as the man shoved his cock deep into Max’s ass. He screamed out in pain and tears now flowing down his face. The man pounded his ass fast and hard until Max could feel his ass being filled with the strange mans cum. The man got off the bed and Max’s mom told him to get dressed and leave. So the man quickly dressed and left the home. His mom took her time getting dressed, she then sat beside him on the bed and looked over at him. The tears rolling down his face.

“Oh Max, Mommie does love you. I’m doing this to teach you a lesson.” She laughed as she unlocked his cuffs. He immediately collapsed onto the bed. He hurt so much from the brutal raping of his ass that he found it difficult to move. “Now get the hell out and go take a shower you look like hell.” she said as she shoved him off the side of the bed. He cried out in pain but could not move. His mother looked over the bed at him, “You are so pathetic you worm. Fine you can sleep right there for the night.”

His mother shut the light off and climbed into her bed. Max lie there on the floor in pain and quietly sobbing. He was in so much pain and so scared and angry that he could not do or think of anything. He quickly closed his eyes and was soon fast asleep.

The morning came and Max was woken up by his mother, “Get up and go take a shower before your sister gets up.”

Max quietly got up from the ground and went to the bathroom. He was much like a zombie just going through the motions. He turned the hot water on and climbed into the shower letting the water flow over him washing away the grime from the previous night. After several minutes he climbed back out and toweled himself off. He mad his way to his room and started getting dressed. He had managed to get pants on when he heard a loud blood chilling scream from the living room. He knew it was his sister and quickly ran out to see what had happened. She was standing in the door way screaming.

Max quickly ran to her “Mary whats wrong? What happened?” he asked. She turned quickly and ran into his arms burying her head in his chest crying. Max looked over by the door, his mother stood there in shock on the ground lie the man from last night. He was dead and shirtless, on his chest you could see writing. It had his mothers name Jan and it said Vile, Evil, Bitch.