A program that teaches teens about safe sex, the hard way

“I just don’t know what to do with Dickie,” said Mrs.
Plymer. “I’m at my wits’ end.”

“Don’t you fret, Mrs. Plymer,” said Mrs. Roberts.
“You’ve come to the right place. We’ll solve your
problem this afternoon.”

“I just don’t see how,” said Mrs. Plymer. “Look at him
sitting there, all sullen and rebellious. He won’t
listen to anyone. I know it’s just a phase, because he’s
a good boy, and he’s in the church choir, and his
friends are nice boys and girls who don’t get in trouble
with the authorities.

“I wish he’d talk back to his father and me or refuse to
clean up his room or not study for a test. But as far as
we can tell, all his acting out is only in this one
area, Mrs. Roberts.

“And, heaven knows, we understand young boys and their
hormones. My husband and I were married at 18 because we
couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Things were so
much easier then. Now the kids want to do it even
earlier, but Dickie says the girls and boys just hook up
and don’t even think about anything beyond that.

“We’ve come to understand that, but we can’t understand
why they refuse to use protection. Dickie says that’s
for scaredy-cats, and none of his friends use it, and if
the girl insists, nobody is interested in her, so she
usually gives up. They call what they’re doing green sex
because it’s natural and organic with nothing to

“But we’ve now had to chip in on our second abortion,
and Dickie knows we don’t believe in abortion. The girls
know that everyone has them, but I’ve talked to some of
them at church, and they’re more upset than they’re
letting on. They want the boys to use protection, but
they also don’t want to be social outcasts. Their
parents also don’t know what to do.

“We all thought that when the kids started putting
condoms on vegetables in third grade that there would
never be any problems when they were teenagers. Little
did we know.”

“Don’t you worry, Mrs. Plymer,” said the nurse. “Where
there’s a need, someone finds a solution. That’s why
we’re here. We’ve already treated dozens of Dickie’s
classmates and hundreds of students from all the local
high schools. Many of the girls who had abortions have
part-time jobs with us as nurse’s aides, and they help
with the treatments. While they’re helping, they are
being psychologically reinforced to always demand

“I think we’re already starting to have an effect on
this green sex epidemic. The word is starting to go out
about our treatments, and that’s why you had to book
this appointment two weeks in advance. We’ll take care
of Dickie, but we need your help.

“A lot of times, our patients don’t want to talk about
our treatments because they are embarrassed. We honor
patient confidentiality, and we will never tell anyone
about them, not even their parents. But we encourage
them to tell their friends. You can support our efforts
by telling Dickie that you will never ask him about his
treatment, but you want him to talk to the other boys at
church and school, not publicly, but privately, one on

“It may take some time, you know how teenagers are. Some
of them will never come around. But if you’re supportive
and maybe reward him for his efforts, he might cooperate
and help us eradicate this epidemic.

“You’re looking at Dickie, Mrs. Roberts. No, it’s all
right that he’s here while we’re talking about him. We
don’t hide anything at our clinic. The things that he’s
hearing me say to you, he’ll hear again at least once
and probably twice in the next few hours, so it’s
perfectly OK that he listens to us.

“One thing you should know. Part of our treatment is a
threat. We will tell Dickie that you and your husband
will not be monitoring him, but if he ever has
unprotected sex again, he will get another treatment
here. He may tell you that he will refuse to come in and
you can’t force him. That’s when you remind him that all
you will do is make a phone call.

“Today, he’ll meet some of our orderlies. They are all
on the college football team and much bigger than him,
and when you sign these papers, you’re giving permission
for them to bring him here whenever necessary.

“The only way you would ever know he needs another
treatment is if you get another call from a girl’s
parents asking you to share abortion costs. So he not
only needs to wear a condom, but he needs to hook up
only with girls who insist on all their hookups using
them. He’ll meet a lot of nice girls here today. Some of
them he knows already. Most of them are really cute, and
none of them wants to have another abortion, so they are
all with the program.

“Tell him, if he has sex with girls who sleep with other
boys without protection, they could easily say he’s the
one responsible for the pregnancy, and you would have to
go to court if you really want to find out. It will be
cheaper for you to pay for the abortion and just call us
to pick Dickie up for another treatment. Your payment
today covers everything.

“I’d advise the second treatment anyway, because even if
Dickie didn’t make the girl pregnant, he didn’t learn
not to take chances with girls who are not with the
program. Besides the ones working here, we maintain a
long list of girls at all the local schools. We don’t
share names on the list, but if he calls and asks about
a specific girl, we will be glad to tell him if she’s on

“So far, we have never had a boy come in for a second
treatment, and as I told you, we’ve already cured
hundreds of them. And the bonus is that when Dickie only
hooks up with girls who are against having an abortion,
he’s going to automatically be with a better class of
girl. And when his hormones finally settle down in a
couple of years, maybe one of them will be his life
partner, and he’ll have a wonderful marriage, like you

“Oh, Mrs. Roberts, if only,” said Mrs. Plymer. “Dickie’s
a good boy, and I know he’ll be a wonderful husband and
father, but right now, we feel totally helpless.”

“Don’t you worry about a thing,” said Mrs. Roberts.
“Now, I’ve asked you before if you want to read through
these papers before you sign them. Everything we’re
going to do is detailed on these 12 pages. You skimmed
through them pretty fast, and the type is small. Are you
sure you understand?”

“I don’t have time to read all that right now,” Mrs.
Roberts. “Can I just sign them and read them later?”

“Well, that’s up to Dickie,” said Mrs. Roberts. “We’re
giving a copy to him when we’re done. If you ever want
to read the contract again, you’ll have to ask him,
because after you leave, everything will be on a patient
privilege basis, even though he’s a minor. The only
other way you will see the contract again is if he lets
you or if you sue us, and the judge says we have to show
it to you before the court date. If that’s OK, you can
sign here, see our cashier and leave. Here’s a sheet
with some information about what you should do for
Dickie when we bring him home.”


When Mrs. Plymer left the room, Mrs. Roberts turned to
Dickie and said, “Is there anything you want to ask me
about, Dickie?”


“Have any of your friends told you about their

“No. None of them have been here.”

“That’s not true, Dickie. Some of your friends aren’t as
good friends as you think, or they would have warned you
and saved your parents some money. When we’re done,
we’re going to tell you their names.

“It’s a shame that they’re using condoms but won’t tell
anyone because of peer pressure. But when you confront
them, maybe that will change. Or else you’ll join them
and keep us a secret. As I told your mother, we will
never tell anyone. But sooner or later, we know there
will be enough of you and enough girls that maybe one or
two will have enough courage to stand up and spread the

“Maybe the leader will be you. Your mom seems to think
you are special. But even if you don’t want to make
waves, we hope someday you’ll help make this clinic

“I have a question for you, Dickie. Have you ever seen a
movie in school about childbirth?”


“Was it a cartoon or a doctor with diagrams, or did you
see one where you actually watch the baby coming out?”

“It was that. It was disgusting. I watched it all, but a
couple of the guys had to leave the room.”

“Well, today we’re going to start with some movies,
Dickie. One of them might be the one you saw in school,
but at least two of them will be new to you. We want you
to learn all about what happens to the girl if she
doesn’t get an abortion. These movies are very graphic,
and in two of them, the childbirth is extremely painful.

“You’re going to hear a lot of screaming and see bodies
out of control from pain. There will be lots of fluids
and afterbirth to watch, and even the baby isn’t going
to look very appetizing as it comes out. Next to your
comfortable theater seat, there will be a pail, so if
you have to throw up, don’t worry. And a few of the
girls will be with you to clean you up and take care of
you. Here they are now.

“Dickie, you already know Tiffin and Samantha. I see
you’re surprised that they’re here. You’re going to
learn today that when you make a girl pregnant, you do
more than you think. They don’t just go to an abortion
clinic and get rid of the baby and go right back to
hooking up. Even the ones who aren’t religious sometimes
feel horrible guilt for the rest of their lives.

“Tiffin and Samantha are both wonderful girls, and I’m
not talking about their hot little bodies. They want to
help prevent other girls from going through what you put
them through, so they’ve volunteered to work at the
clinic. It really gives them pleasure to watch boys get
our treatment and change from a thoughtless animal in
heat to a human being who cares about his partner.

“When I told them you were coming in today, both of them
changed their schedules to be here. They say they are
super excited about working with you and are looking
forward to being here for every minute of your

“The two other girls, Tammy and Sally, you don’t know
because they don’t go to your high school. But as you
can see, they are also as cute as a button, and Sally is
really well developed for her age. As we go through the
process, they will get to know you well, and if they
like what they see, they will give me permission to give
you their phone numbers. Both of them have gone through
the same thing you put Tiffin and Sam through, and I’m
confident they will never have unprotected sex again
until they are ready for children.

“Bubba, here, is an interior lineman on the college
team. He’s only making an appearance now, just in case.
Would you believe that some of the boys who come for
treatment don’t want to watch our movies? If you don’t
feel like going with the girls right now, Bubba will
help you get to the screening room.

“Sam is giving you her hand, and Tiffin, too. That’s it,
Dickie, get up and let them lead you. They’re stroking
your arms. How nice and tender? They seem to still have
some feelings for you, even after what you did to them.
I’ll see you in an hour and a half, and we can talk
about the movies then.”


“Did you enjoy the show?” said Mrs. Roberts. She was
standing in front of Dickie in a small room that was
furnished like a schoolroom, with a whiteboard in front
and a few student desks. Samantha and Tiffin were
sitting in desks next to him.

“I heard that you held up pretty well,” Mrs. Roberts
said. “The girls said a couple of times they heard you
gag a little, but otherwise you were pretty macho during
the whole thing.

“They were concerned that you might not be concentrating
enough. We’ll find out now. Here’s a pop quiz for you.
Every question came from the movies you saw, and the
answers were repeated at least twice during one movie or
another. It should just take you a couple of minutes. I
won’t say anything while you’re working on it.

“You’ve finished? I hope you realize I gave you five
minutes, Dickie. Hand it in, please. Let’s see. Well,
not too bad. You got half of them right. Don’t worry. It
won’t affect your grade. It’s just helps us know where
you are in the process. This tells us you’re not paying
attention yet, and you’re not taking this seriously.

“That’s perfectly all right, because our program is set
up to deal with that. It’s actually more difficult for
us if you suddenly see the light and want to change.
Only one boy so far has done that, and I think a friend
of his told him about the program. He didn’t believe his
friend until the movies started, and then he decided he
better not take a chance and got with the program fast.

“We weren’t prepared for him, and we were thrown at
first, because we still needed to make sure that he
wouldn’t be back. Then one of the girls had a great
suggestion. Why not let him watch another boy get the
treatment? It worked like a charm. He’s one of our best
ambassadors now and is spreading the word to all the
boys at his high school. Too bad he doesn’t go to your
high school. Of course, some of the boys he talks to
don’t believe him. Some boys just don’t believe anything
they don’t experience themselves.

“But that’s only one boy so far, and you are like most
of them. So now I’m going to leave you here with Sam and
Tiffin, and they are going to go over the test with you.
I want them to go over all the questions you got right,
just in case you were guessing, and they will go over
the questions you got wrong at least twice.

“No, I’m not going to test you again, but I suggest you
pay attention to them, because if you learn the correct
answers, you’ll be glad you did. This will be your last
chance, so you should use this opportunity and memorize
both the questions and answers. I’ll be back in 15


“OK, Dickie, you’ve had enough time,” said Mrs. Roberts
when she came back into the room. “Girls, was he a good
student? You say, he didn’t even pretend to care. Well,
I know you did your best.

“Dickie, that was the end of the preliminary part of
your treatment. Now it’s time for the serious part.

“What we’re doing this afternoon with you is sex
education. Yes, I know you had that for a semester in
school, and you think because you’ve been with a lot of
girls, you know everything there is to know. But you
don’t, Dickie.

“You know the beginning, and you’re doing fine with
that. But you don’t know the ending. It’s like you’re
taking flying lessons and you’ve just learned how to
take off. If you don’t know how to land, you’re going to
die. Today, you’re going to learn the rest of the sex

“But we’re going to start at the beginning, and Samantha
and Tiffin have volunteered to work with you on that.
Let’s all go to the lab now. I know you’re bored,
Dickie, but you need to get up. If you’re too tired,
I’ll call an orderly to help you. That’s it, Dickie. I
promise you that you won’t be bored much longer.

“Here, go in this door. This is our lab. As you can see
it’s brightly lit, because we video everything that
happens here. The videos are mostly watched by the girls
who volunteer. I’m sure Sam and Tiffin will be watching
yours and showing it to all their friends who work here.

“They told me they are going to try to recruit girls at
your school by telling them about your video and that
they would be able to watch it if they come in for
counseling and end up as volunteers. They say you are
very popular, and a lot of girls will be dying to see
your video after they tell them about it. So they think
they can get a lot of girls on the program just by using
your video as a way to bring them here. If that’s true,
I want to thank you right now in advance in case we
never see each other again.

“We have cameras set up behind the lights all around the
room, from the ceiling and from the walls, so we can see
all angles and aspects of the treatment.

“Please jump up on this big lab platform in the middle
of the room. Yes, it’s actually like a large bed with a
big comfortable mattress under that white sheet and lots
of pillows and cushions. Tiffin is going to hop up there
with you. She’ll work with you first.

“She startled you when she went to your zipper. Yes,
Dickie, sex starts with pleasure, the pleasure that a
man gets from friction on his penis and releasing his
semen. That’s why Tiffin has sucked you into her mouth
like that. She’s had a lot of practice since she was
with you a year ago, and I think you’ll notice the

“Yes, you’re smiling. You like this part. Every man
does. You can lie back on those big cushions and enjoy
Tiffin’s sucking while she’s moving her mouth up and
down on you. She knows how to use her tongue for further
stimulation at the same time, so you could be coming in
a couple of minutes.

“This is a wonderful part of sex for the man. He’s
totally distracted, and his brain is flooded with
pleasure, so he hardly feels anything or hears anything,
like that snap, or that one, or that one or that one.
Four snaps, and you never heard them, Dickie. But now
you can see what made those snaps, because Tiffin has
taken her mouth off you and gotten off the bed.

“You are upset, Dickie, because you were about to come,
but I think you might be even more upset because you
realize that you’re now bound to the lab platform. Your
arms are behind your head and fastened tightly, and your
legs are stretched out and also can’t move. I don’t
think you are bored anymore.

“Yes, you’re getting into the treatment. The yelling and
struggling is part of it, so go ahead while Tiffin and
Samantha take your clothes off. They’ll have to remove
one of the four restraints at certain times to slide
your clothes off, and when they do, you will be able to
move one of your arms or kick one of your legs. Feel
free to do so. They’re used to dealing with that.
They’re smiling at that kick. I think they enjoy working
with you.

“That was quick work girls. OK, now that you’re naked,
it’s Sam’s turn on you, Dickie. She’s going to work on
you for a few minutes, and this time you will get to
come right in her mouth. No more teasing. There she
goes. She’s a better sucker than Tiffin, they tell me,
and she certainly got your attention right away.

“While she’s working on you, Tiffin is pulling out some
special metal attachments from under the platform and
connecting them to the end of the platform where your
feet are. Now she’s taking one leg at a time and freeing
it from the restraint and lifting it onto the attachment
and then locking it in. There, she’s got both legs done.
You can go ahead and finish him, Sam.

“I see him squirming and pushing and grunting. And there
he goes. You’re doing a good job, Sam. I see he really
exploded in your mouth, because some is escaping through
your nose, but you’ve managed to keep most of it in your
mouth. Is he done? OK, carefully let his limp noodle
slide out of your mouth without spilling.

“Dickie, sex begins with the man’s pleasure as he gives
semen to the woman. You know that lesson, but you don’t
know the next one yet, the lesson of the woman receiving
the semen from the man. We want you to experience that
lesson so you will understand it. That’s why Tiffin is
now covering your mouth with hers and giving you a deep
long kiss. Do you feel her thumb and index finger
pinching your nose. That’s to cut off the air going in.

“You will have to breathe through your mouth, but you
can’t right now, because she’s kissing you so deep and
hard that you can’t open it. So you need to wait. Don’t
worry, we won’t let you pass out. When I see that your
eyes are looking desperate enough, Sam is going to free
your mouth and let you open it wide to gasp and take in
some air. Almost ready. Those eyes are really moving
like crazy. I don’t think you’re bored now, Dickie.

“There, let his mouth free, Sam. Good. Look how wide it
is as he’s gasping for air. Now look at Tiffin covering
it with her mouth and dumping all his semen inside.
Listen to him gasping and crying as his semen goes
everywhere inside his mouth. Now he’s sneezing, and it’s
coming out his nose. Now he’s coughing and swallowing to
keep it from going down his windpipe.

“Dickie, you’ve now learned to receive the semen. That’s
why you’re here, because you delivered your semen to the
vaginas of your girlfriends without protection. You
don’t have a vagina, Dickie, so we used your mouth as a

“The semen has entered your body, because you swallowed
it. You know what can happen when semen goes into a
girl’s body. That’s your next lesson, but first we have
to prepare you.

“While you were busy with your pleasure and ejaculation,
Tiffin attached your lower legs to these antique
stirrups, which we connected onto the lab platform. They
hold your legs up high in the air, and then we can
separate them, like this and pull them back like this,
which pushes your rear off the bed and pulls apart your
buttocks so that your anus is exposed. There’s some hair
in the way, and we’re going to get rid of it so we can
see what we’re doing.

“That’s it, Dickie, yell some more and struggle, because
we want to make sure you are snug and tight. First your
former girlfriends are going to take turns shaving all
your pubic hair away at your crotch, so there’s nothing
around your penis, your testicles or your anus. They
promise to be very careful, even though you weren’t very
careful with them. Then they’ll wax you to make you even
smoother. That hurts a little, but women do it all the

“OK, here’s the shaving cream and razor and hot water.
Dickie, I’d suggest holding as still as possible for the
next 10 minutes. We can treat cuts with antiseptic to
make sure you don’t get any infections, but I’m telling
you, those cuts hurt a lot in that area. That’s it. Calm
down like that. Breathe slowly in and out and try not to
move your crotch even a fraction of an inch. I have to
leave now, but Tiffin will come for me when you are as
smooth as a baby.”


“I like it,” said Mrs. Roberts when she came back to the
lab. “Now we can see what we’re doing. You’re as clean
as a whistle on the outside now, Dickie. It’s a good
thing guys don’t use the showers in PE anymore, isn’t
it? All you have to do is figure out an explanation for
your girlfriends about why you don’t have any hair down
there. Of course, Sam and Tiffin and all the nice girls
who work here won’t need any explanations if you ever
ask them out. You’ll meet some more of them later.

“You’re clean on the outside, but we need you clean on
the inside, too. That’s what that device Sam is wheeling
up to you right now does. She’s pushing a little grease
into your anus now, and now here goes the tube, deeper
and deeper inside. OK, looks like that’s as far as it
will go. Please turn on the spigot, Sam.

“We’re filling you up with a lot of soapy liquid,
Dickie, and then we’re going to position this large
bucket right below your anus. There, you’re full up. Do
you feel like expelling? Take as long as you want. I
think you’re embarrassed because your friends are
watching you and giggling. Don’t worry. They know how
humiliated you’re feeling, because they’ve done this
lots of time. They love to watch the boys’ embarrassment
and discomfort while they are expelling, and they don’t
mind the smell at all. And don’t worry. We aren’t
filming this part.

“Hold back as much as you want, because it will make you
squirm even more and it gets them laughing harder. Once
they start laughing these two tend to make each other
laugh and they never stop.

“After you’ve expelled everything, they’re going to fill
you up one more time and watch you again. We want to
make sure you’re as clean inside as you are outside. And
then I’ll come back.”


“How are you feeling, Dickie?” said Mrs. Roberts. “I
hope you’re no longer bored. You look a little tired
from all that effort. Did you know that before a woman
gives birth, they sometimes shave her between the legs
and give her an enema to clean her out? But you’re not
ready to give birth.

“The sperm is inside you, but there’s no baby in there.
Yes, Samantha is inserting the nozzle one more time, and
we’re filling you up again, but this time, it’s not
soapy water. It’s pure clear vegetable oil. We’re really
pumping you full of it, and you’ll soon be happy we did.
See how your stomach is expanding? It almost looks like
you’re pregnant.

“There, that’s all of it. You should feel really oozy
and greasy inside now, but there’s still no baby.

“See what Tiffin is holding up in front of your eyes.
That’s your baby. But that little flat thing doesn’t
look much like a baby. It’s just the embryo. Tiffin,
start pushing it into Dickie’s anus. See how smoothly
the flat piece of rubber goes into you. All that oil is
smoothing the way. OK, perfect. Everything is inside
except the little nozzle sticking out.

“Yes, Dickie. It’s a toy ball, a nice inflatable rubber
ball. You’re pregnant now, and it’s time to call the
rest of the girls in because they want to watch your
pregnancy. Do you recognize some of the others, Dickie?
They remember you. You didn’t get these girls pregnant,
but some of your classmates did.

“Sometimes I call our staff cheerleaders, because
they’re all so cute and sexy. Don’t be surprised if some
of them take off their clothes as we go through your
treatment. They get so excited that they rub on each
other and even on you. I’m sure some of them will put
their mouths and their hands on you and might even climb
on top of you. Did you ever imagine you’d be lying in a
laboratory surrounded by desirable young girls watching
your pregnancy and getting aroused by it and even having

“We don’t have nine months for this treatment, Dickie,
so each three minutes is going to be a month. Girls,
quiet now. A couple of you are seeing this for the first
time. Watch as Tiffin attaches her little hand pump to
the nozzle of the ball. OK, Tiffin, just one little
pump. There, did you see him move? Dickie’s feeling
something has changed inside him, but there’s not much
showing yet. He’s probably thinking baby more than
feeling it at this point.”

“OK, it’s three minutes. Two pumps this time, Tiffin.
See, girls, he’s starting to show as the baby expands
inside him. There’s a head and a rear now and some
fingers. He’s feeling queasy in the morning.”

“Now three good pumps, Tiffin. Yes, the baby’s head is
getting close to the size it will be when it comes out.
That and the shoulders will be the hardest part for
Dickie to deal with. We’re at the end of the first
trimester, and Dickie is already anxious because the
added weight is constantly reminding him of what’s
growing inside him.

“OK, three more, Tiffin. You’re really starting to
expand, Dickie, because the placenta is now involved.
We’re not going to try to mimic the placenta here,
because we’d end up blowing up the whole ball inside
you, and some of your organs might be damaged. So you’re
never going to get as large as the girls here will when
they have their babies.

“Take a look at them frolicking. Most of the clothes are
already on the floor. They’re kissing and fingering each
other. Here come a couple over to you. Your moaning is
getting them excited. They want to play with you. Do you
feel how one of them is pulling your testicles around?
Oh, you felt that when the other one began sucking,
didn’t you.

“Yes, you’re all man, Dickie, and don’t let anyone tell
you otherwise. Even when you’re uncomfortable, you can
still get it up. OK, girls, I know you want to see him
come, but it’s time for month five. Three more pumps
Tiffin. Your baby’s about 10 inches long now and
starting to move around a lot.

“At this point, there’s usually one girl who wants to
move on you. Sure enough, it’s Samantha. She’s squeezing
in between where your legs are going up and where your
belly is expanding, and she’s got you inside her. Now
she’s riding you and giving the baby lots of movement.
From your tears and your moaning, you aren’t enjoying
sex with her as much as you used to. But she seems to be
excited by that. There she goes. Wow, she slammed down
on you pretty hard at the end. I think you felt that all
the way to your anus.

“OK, Sam, don’t just lie there smiling. You had your
turn. Tiffin, month six. Three more pumps. Some babies
are born this early, Dickie, but I think you’re going to
full term. Your baby’s almost 12 inches long and getting
big. I think one of the girls wants to pump you and see
if you can come while you’re moaning like that. No,
Tiffin, I know what you want to do, but let’s wait on
that. But you can do three more pumps of air while she’s
pumping his penis.

“It’s month seven, Dickie, and the baby’s more than two
pounds and close to 15 inches. You’re starting to have a
difficult time handling the growth, as we can see, and
you’re getting more impatient for the little thing to
come out. But you’re also scared about what that will
mean. Your admirer is still pumping away on your penis,
and you seem to be responding because you’re hard as a
rock. Good, you were able to ejaculate. Not much semen
this time. And it doesn’t look like you enjoyed it that
much, but that’s how it is when you’re pregnant

“Four pumps, Tiffin, because we’re at month eight, when
the baby almost doubles in size. It’s anxious to be
born, and we’re anxious, too, but nervous about the job
we have to do. But we watched the videos carefully, so
we know how we can help speed the process along.

“Two pumps, Tiffin, because the growth slows in month
nine. The baby is now about eight pounds and almost two
feet long. It’s huge for our little bodies, and even
your big body, Dickie. You’re definitely worn out from
carrying it for nine whole months, but you need all your
strength now to get it out of you. Look at how huge he
is, girls.

“OK, Dickie, we started with pleasure as your semen
spurted easily out of you. Then you received the sperm
and became pregnant. Now you’re going to learn how it
all ends nine months later. If you paid attention during
the movies and when the girls were going over your quiz,
you know some birthing techniques that will make it
easier on you. So all you have to do is tell us what
they are, and we’ll be glad to do them.

“You’re looking at us and moaning. You don’t have
anything to say? Well, I guess you weren’t paying
attention, so it’s the hard way after all. So here’s
what you need to do to make the baby come out. You need
to start pushing, just like you do when you go to the
bathroom. If you remember the movies, the woman did
certain things while she was pushing, so you can do
those also.

“There that was a good push. I saw a little more of the
baby’s head pushing against your anus and the nozzle
wiggled a little But you’re going to have to do a lot
better than that. You say that hurt even more than the
baby growing inside. Of course it did. That big baby has
to come out of your little hole now. That’s impossible,
so either the baby has to shrink or the hole has to
expand. Guess which happens.

“Now pull yourself together, Dickie. You’re sounding
just as desperate and frantic as the women in the
movies. Of course, we’ll help you get the baby out.
You’re not going home like this. If you had learned when
you had the chance, this would be a lot easier.
Sometimes when the baby is stuck, the doctor has to
reach inside with her hands or some implements and help.

“We’re not going to do that, but we will help you
another way. One of the girls loves to do this. She is
going to grasp the ball by the nozzle sticking out and
begin pulling. She’ll do this very slowly but steadily,
because she’s doesn’t want to pull it out quickly. Yes,
it will hurt a long time coming out because she’s
pulling so slowly, but if she rips it out, she could
tear you apart, and I would have to stitch you up. You
don’t want that, do you?

“You don’t have to cry like a baby, Dickie. Of course,
we won’t do that to you. You’d have tremendous pain
there for months. Your blubbering is going to look great
on the video. I think your video is going to be one of
the most popular we have, and pretty girls from all over
the city who volunteer here will want to watch it often.
What are you going to say when you meet them for the
first time at a party, and they giggle and look at you
funny, and you know they’ve seen you swallowing your
come and giving birth?

“But don’t worry, Dickie. You won’t need stitches, even
though some of us girls have vaginas so small that they
will end up getting stitches. We don’t mind, because we
want our beautiful babies so much.

“Do you feel her starting to pull? Yes, scream as loud
as you want, but push at the same time, Dickie. I see a
little more of the baby coming into sight. Your hole is
beginning to expand to let it through. Ready, push
again, Dickie. Oh yes, Samantha, I know I promised you.

“Don’t go all crazy, Dickie. Samantha likes to conduct
this experiment whenever a boy is birthing. She wants to
see if she can get him off while he’s in total agony
from the baby stretching his hole until it’s huge. So
she’s going to work right now with her mouth, and then
Tiffin wants a turn with her hands. But you need to
ignore them if you can and focus on pushing again.
There, I definitely saw movement. You’re doing great.
The baby is making progress.

“Yes, yell at Samantha and Tiffin, Dickie. Let it all
out. This is a highly charged moment in your life, and
they’re distracting you. They know they’re being cruel,
so they won’t hold what you say against you. But now
it’s time to push again. That was quite a shriek there,
but it seems to have helped. The baby’s more than half
way out. It should only take one or two more pushes.

“Now I can tell you that you would have been done
already and had a lot less pain if you had paid
attention. Doing this on your back is the hardest and
most painful way to do it. That’s how they did it in the
old days. You could have stood up and squatted or you
could have gotten on your hands and knees. Both ways
would have opened you up wider and taken advantage of
gravity, just like you saw in the movies. We were ready
to help you do those positions, but you didn’t pay
attention, so you didn’t ask.

“Well, that scream and push almost did it, Dickie.
You’re screaming at Sam and Tiffin again. It looks like
they’ve almost got you coming while you’re going. You
say you can’t push while they’re working on you. But
that’s why they’re doing it. They want you to feel the
baby as long as possible. Come on, show them you can do
it, Dickie.

“Oh, you started pushing, but then you stopped. You just
came all over us. I didn’t think you had that much semen
left. No wonder you knock up girls so easily. OK, you’ve
had your fun, Dickie. Why are you screaming at me. It
was just a joke.

“But now let’s push one more time. There, there, keep
pushing. I know you’re out of breath, but don’t give up.
Did you know some girls have labor for almost 24 hours.
If you had just learned how to breathe the right way, I
think you could have done it that time. OK, take a few
deep breaths and now one more push. And there it goes.
The intern assisting you almost fell on her back it came
out so fast. I know that was really painful, Dickie, so
it’s OK to cry. Yes, just let yourself go.

“You see the girls standing around you like statues.
This always happens. When the baby comes out, it opens
such a huge hole that they are stunned. You may have
felt one or two of them putting their hands inside the
hole and pulling them out before it started closing, but
probably not because you were in too much pain. It’s an
amazing sight, and you’re welcome to come by and look at
the video whenever you want.

“Now the girls are coming out of their trance. Do you
feel Sam and Tiffin kissing you and stroking you? All
the girls are touching you gently all over your body in
a soft soothing way. They feel really affectionate
toward you right now. You could have your choice of
them, but of course, you’re in no shape for anything.

“The ones who really want to know you better will give
me their phone numbers later, and I’ll email the numbers
and some sexy photos they’ve made of themselves to you.
If you want to date any of them, you’ll probably find
them very responsive, as long as you use protection.
They will never forget what they saw here, and we found
out that whenever they see one of our patients, even in
church, they can’t help getting aroused because they
remember when they saw him here with his baby coming

“Of course, every girl is different. Some of our girls
get excited in different ways when they watch you or
your video. They will want some things from you in
return for giving you some of the things you want. They
won’t put any babies into you like we did, but they may
want to try some fingers or a hand or two. Your anus is
back to normal size already, but the muscles there have
a kind of memory, and it will be a lot easier for the
girls to explore you back there from now on. It will
still hurt, but not nearly as much as today.

“If you aren’t interested in that, you need to make sure
they aren’t into things like that before you go on a
date. We’ve heard that some of them have become experts
at restraining boys. They even work as teams, with one
of them hiding in the back seat of the car or in the
closet of the girl’s bedroom. Once they manage to put
the restraints on, they enjoy playing with the bodies of
the boys and doing things much more painful and
humiliating than what we did to you today. We know,
because they share their videos with us. So our best
advice to you is from now on is to get to know the girls
you date a little better before you start exploring sex.
And most of all, be careful out there.

“OK, girls, enough kissing and caressing. Let’s get
Dickie cleaned up and dressed so an orderly can take him
home. When you get home, your mom will have a hot bath
waiting for you. I suggest you soak for an hour or so
and then go right to bed. Tomorrow’s Saturday, so you
have the weekend to get better. For a week, you’re still
going to feel strong pain whenever you walk or do
anything that affects the muscles inside your anus.

“In this bag is a year’s supply of condoms. Once you
feel like seeing girls again, we hope you always have
one with you. And remember to make sure that you don’t
hook up with girls who haven’t made a commitment to
safety. Remember, also, you can call here and check to
see if they are on our approved list. I don’t think you
want to ever come back here for another treatment. As I
told you, none of our patients ever has. But I know that
sooner or later, there will be a boy who is stupid
enough to take another chance and we’ll have our first
repeat patient. You don’t want to be that patient.

“We are still working out what we’d do if that ever
happened, because it would have to be a much more
memorable lesson than today’s. Some of us are leaning
toward something really scary, but realistic, too. After
all, the chances are some of our interns will one day
give birth to twins, and twins are so cute. Don’t you
think so, Dickie?”