The Sex Clinic

I always thought that Janet was a little too flamboyant
in her speech and manner. To be honest, she was the
object of more than one of my fantasies. And why not?
She’s a very attractive middle-aged blond; her tits are
nice and firm and she always wears revealing outfits
that make her the subject of all the clinic gossip.

You see, it can be very difficult living a double life
— as a Registered Nurse and the Medical coordinator —
I have a responsibility to maintain an air of, shall we
say, professionalism. But before I became a nurse, I
was just a horny woman. Even in nursing school my
extracurricular interests included several of my fellow
students: I have never been uptight about making love
to another woman, but on the job? It seemed that was
exactly what Janet wanted.

More than once, she would drop subtle hints: she would
ask me to check out her tits because they were so sore
from her rude boyfriend’s manhandling, or she’d insist
on hiking her brief skirt up to show me her hot panties
and garters. I thought I would die of embarrassment.
Imagine, a horny lady like myself who’s eaten more cunt
than most men have embarrassed because some bitch hikes
her skirt and gives me a view! I guess I’m still a bit
inhibited, or at least I was until last week.

It was a very busy day, and I had a splitting headache
from dealing with some stupid bitchy pig of supervisor
from another facility. I no sooner hung up the phone
when Janet buzzed me on the intercom:

“Annie, can I come in and talk to you, it’s very

“Uhhh, well… ok Janet, but it’ll have to be quick,” I
shot back.

Janet sauntered into my office with a deliberate
swagger that would have drove anyone to madness. I
couldn’t help but focus on bouncing tits and the way
her hard nipples poked through her satin blouse.

“Annie, I have a real problem. Last night my boyfriend
couldn’t get me off. It’s not that he isn’t a good lay
or that he doesn’t turn me on. It’s just, well I found
myself, distracted.”

“Janet, why are you telling me this?”

“Well Annie, I hope you don’t take this wrong, but I
think I’m turned on by… well… you!”

For a moment I stood there in total, dumbfounded
confusion. I have been hit on lots of times in lots of
places; in my dorm in school, in bars, and even in
fitting rooms, but never in my office. I can’t say I
didn’t really see this coming: I suspected that she
wanted me. But this was the wrong time and definitely
the wrong place. Her arrogance in approaching me in my
own office just pissed me off. I couldn’t let her get
away with such forwardness, could I?

“And, besides, I think you like me too,” she said with
a twinkle in her eye.

I told her that I thought she was full of shit; that
she wouldn’t know how to please another woman even if
given the chance and that she had a hell of a lot of
nerve assuming I would even give a fuck about her

She began to sob softly and begged for forgiveness. She
pleaded for an opportunity to prove her sincerity.

That’s when I commanded her to strip completely nude
and lie down on the examining table placing her heels
in the stirrups. She complied as I locked my door. I
knew this could get me into real trouble, but her
submissiveness was a real turn-on for me and I had to
explore this or explode.

Janet was indeed a very tasty looking cunt: her pert
tits was very firm and capped by dark hardened nipples.
She had a very trim bush of fine blond tufts and her
cunt lips were full and inviting. I took some adhesive
tape from my desk and bonded her ankles into the
stirrups after forcing her to slide down, opening her
legs and her pussy wide open. The aroma of her sweet
pussy made mine lubricate profusely.

I approached her writhing body with a combination of
attraction and repulsion. I wanted to make her come
with a vengeance. I donned my white lab coat and put on
a pair of latex gloves, snapping them sharply as I
pulled them up tight. With brutal contempt for her, I
placed two, three and finally the full width of my fist
deep within her cunthole.

She gasped as I plugged her pussy with my hand. I could
feel her womb contract and writhe with each deep stroke
into her huge cunthole. I was amazed at how large her
pussy really was.

“My God, no wonder your boyfriend couldn’t satisfy you
with his dick, you have quite some cunt Janet!”

“Oh yes Mistress Annie, I know my pussy is very large.
I’m sorry it doesn’t please you.”

“But on the contrary Janet, it does please me, and so
I’m going to please you darling.” I leered at her in a
threatening tone that must have sent chills down her

I turned away from my helpless captive and began to
search for the perfect object with which to pleasure my
slutty receptionist. I was at a loss for a bit until
the perfect gadget came to me; the object of my daily
frustrations would be Janet’s savior.

Turning my back to her, I lifted my phone from it’s
cradle and disconnected the handset. I approached Janet
with it concealed behind my back. I told Janet to close
her eyes and concentrate deeply on her steamy pussy and
how badly it needed to be filled. I draped her eyes
with a few towels and walked over to the counter where
the supplies are kept.

Removing a tube of water soluble lubricant from the
cabinet, I coated the handset with a generous veneer of
the slimy substance; it was very slippery and very
difficult hold on to.

I returned to my helpless victim and lightly massaged
her engorged clit, heightening her frenzy even further.
With no warning, I thrust the phone deep within the
lips of her hungry pussy.

She let out a sharp scream and I couldn’t tell if it
was from pleasure, or pain, or a bit of both. She
heaved her narrow hips, rising and falling back,
fucking herself in time to the deep relentless piston-
like plunging. In no time at all, she came with a flood
of hot pussy juice emanating from her swollen pleasured

I released Janet from her stirrups; she got up and
dressed herself without speaking as much as one word. I
think she was still in a state of shock. I know her
cunt was throbbing after the workout it received!

Nonchalantly, I wiped off the drenched phone and
replaced it in it’s handset. I removed my gloves and
placed my lab coat back in the closet. Janet finished
buttoning her blouse, and literally stumbled out of my
office, weakened but satisfied.

The following day, Janet resigned, and frankly I was
relieved. Not that I didn’t enjoy our little tryst, but
nonetheless, it would have been very difficult to work
with her after having had her so completely.

I still work at the clinic and deal with the morons on
the phone, but now when things get too heavy, I close
my eyes and think about Janet: sometimes I even detect
faint traces of her musky scent on my phone, and I