My Fantasy For You

I walk up behind you while you sit at the computer and rub my hands over
your shoulder and down your chest. Leaning over you, I kiss your neck
and lick my way up to your ear. You bring my fingers up to your lips and
slip one into your mouth…….you can taste my pussy where I’ve been
touching myself. I whisper into your ear, would you be interested in joining me
in the bedroom?

With an affirmative answer, you rise from your chair and
lean down to kiss me deeply letting your tongue play with mine. I twine my
fingers in your hair and lean into you rubbing my pussy against your
hard cock. You run your fingers through my hair and pull me back toward the
couch. I reverse our positions and push you down onto it.

Getting on my knees in front of you between your legs, I begin to knead
your thighs with my hands slowly rubbing first the outside, then the inside
then back to the outside again. You take your shirt off and I run my tongue
along your stomach and down over your hips urging you to lift them so
that I can slide your pants off of you. As they come down to reveal your hard
cock, I take one finger and lightly move it down the bottom of the
shaft, watching your face for a reaction.

Needing no further encouragement, I begin to lap at your dick with my tongue in
long slow strokes, wrapping around it working my way up to the head and back
down again. You reach down and massage my tits through my shirt, prompting me to
lean back and take it off along with my bra to let my breasts fall free. Leaning back up
again, I let my tits rub against you. You reach down to take my nipples between
your fingers right as I engulf your cock with my mouth, sliding it between
my lips and down my throat.

Hearing your moan of pleasure, I gently begin stroking it with my mouth
in long slow strokes, stopping every so often to flick my tongue along it.
I reach down to push my pants down and slide them off. Dipping a finger
into my wetness, I left it to your lips for you to taste how hot you make me
feel. As you suck my finger, I begin sucking your cock in earnest,
increasing the pressure. Moving my hand to grasp at the base and
stroke with my lips I feel the muscles in your leg bunch. I can tell by your
breathing you are in an intensely excited state, so I do not let up,
but increase my suction and speed. Taking your cock into my throat,
fucking my face with it and letting out my own sounds of pleasure at the taste of
you and the feel of having your cock in my mouth.

Willing you with my mind to cum and begging for it with my eyes, I
watch your face as I give you everything I’ve got. I feel your body begin to
stiffen and you grab my head and force your hips up so that your cock
is burried deep in my throat. I feel your cum squirt inside of me and
struggle to swallow every drop. As you relax your hold on my head, I begin
stroking your cock once more with my lips. Licking it clean and soaking up
every drop.

With a small giggle, I stand to my knees and take your hands…
turn…..and lead you into the bedroom…….