My Husband’s Boss seduced

When I heard the downstairs door opening, I turned off the telly and with my mouth I closed the straps around my wrist, tightly tying myself down. I waited for my husband to come upstairs and find me. We didn’t do this often, just once in a while to spice things up in the bedroom. I listened to his sounds downstairs and couldn’t quite figure out what he was doing. Was he looking for something maybe?

Finally I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs and there was a nervous tickle in my stomach. I didn’t wear any lace or see through satin panties or something, instead I wore cotton panties with a picture of a cherry on my pubis, somehow my husband thought that was way more sexy than the typical Victoria’s secret lingerie.

He was rumbling on the landing, opening the bathroom door, and then the guest room, what the hell was he looking for? If he was looking for me, he would know I was here. I curved my body and try to be as sexy as possible when he finally opened our bedroom door.

It wasn’t him! I let out a scream. A strange guy was standing in my bedroom. I tried to hide my panties, my naked boobs, but with my hands tied down to the bed frame, it was impossible to cover myself. All I could do was roll over and turn away from him a tiny bit.

‘O my, what have we stumbled upon here?’ He asked.

‘Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?’ I yelled at him.

He sat down next to me on the bed. ‘I’m guessing your Alina, Mark’s wife, am I right?’

‘Well yeah.’ I said.

‘And this is voluntary?’ He asked gesturing towards my bounds. ‘Or do I need to call someone for you, the police possibly, should I untie you?’

‘No. It’s… it was supposed to be a surprise for Marc.’

‘I get it.’ He said. ‘Now I’m kind of jealous off Marc, he’s a lucky bastard.’

‘Who are you?’

‘Oh. I’m sorry.’ He said putting his hand in front of his mouth as if he was shocked. ‘You have to forgive me my rudeness. I’m Kenneth.’ He grabbed the fingers of my tied down hand and pretended to shake my hand. ‘I’m technically Marc’s boss, although we don’t really adhere to a hierarchical structure within our workplace. He gave me the keys to pick up his personal external hard drive. We’re struggling with this client and he said he’d programmed something before and he might be able to adapt and reuse the code, that’s going to save us a lot of time, but he was too busy and since I’m not a programmer I offered to go and get it. He’s probably working late though tonight, I’m just saying in case you didn’t know.’

For a moment I stared at him, he didn’t look like a boss at all, he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with the silhouette of an xbox controller on it.

‘Do you know where he keeps his hard drive.’ Kenneth asked.

‘In the office.’ I mumbled, second door to the left.

‘Thanks.’ He mumbled, he got up from the bed and left the room. I heard him rumbling in the office and a moment later he popped his head around the door. ‘Found it.’ He said. ‘I’ll be on my way now, you sure you don’t want me to untie you?’

‘I…’ If my husband wouldn’t be home for hours there was no use in laying here all tied up was there? While I waited for him I might as well watch tv and cover myself with the blankets, I could always re-tie myself whenever I heard him come home.

‘It’s fine.’ Kenneth said smiling. ‘To each their own. I get it.’ He closed the door, but a moment later he opened it again. ‘I feel bad though.’ He said. ‘You’re here all horny, waiting for someone to use you and Marc won’t be here before midnight probably. I…’

He walked into the room again. He put the hard drive on the nightstand and then he put his hand on my tummy, softly his fingers caressed my skin, he played with my belly button.

‘I feel…’ He didn’t finish his sentence. He started blushing and it was actually kind of cute. Shyly he looked at my boobs. Slowly his fingers moved up towards the rim of my boob and gently he caressed the dollop of flesh.

‘I’m sorry.’ He said. ‘I should go.’ Yet he kept just sitting there, mesmerized by my boobs, by my naked body. It was quite flattering actually.

‘Yeah.’ I said. ‘You should go.’

‘But I can’t just leave you here.’ He said, the tip of his index finger still grazing my boob, slowly closing in on my nipple.

‘Kenneth.’ I said strictly. ‘I’m married to Marc.’

‘Who isn’t even here.’ He said.

‘Because you’re making him work late.’

Kenneth softly nodded. ‘Marc is working late a lot this week, and now that I think about it this upcoming month too.’ He said pensive. His finger now reached my nipple and while he was rubbing it, it became tingly and erect. If I hadn’t tied myself down I would’ve swatted his hand away, but now I couldn’t do anything about it.

He folded his entire hand around her boob and squeezed softly. He was panting slightly, his mouth open and there was this hunger in his eyes as he looked at my body, as he looked at his own hand cupping my boob.

‘Don’t do this.’ I said.

‘Do what?’ He said innocently. ‘I’m just…. I… I can’t just leave you like this. It’s my duty… a pretty woman in need of satisfaction… It’s my duty to please you.’

He was stuttering and blushing, his fingers pressing into my boob..

‘If you want to please me, you have to stop groping me.’ I said.

‘Yeah…’ He was nodding frantically, he didn’t seem like a any boss at all, there was no dignity in his voice. He didn’t exude leadership, there was just this boyish insecurity, as if he was some sort of nerd that still lived with his mommy.

‘Yeah, you’re right.’ He mumbled, still he seemed to be bewitched by my naked body, my naked tied down body. ‘I’m acting like a teenager.’ He said. ‘You’re a woman, you need a man.’ He was nodding. ‘I’m a man, you know.’

I sighed and shook my head.

‘I am.’ He said. ‘But I am. Wait I’ll show it to you.’

‘Kenneth.’ I said. ‘Please, get yourself together.’

‘Sorry.’ He mumbled. Hastily he got up from the bed, but instead of walking out of the room he dropped his pants and his underpants to his knees and showed me his cock. ‘Look.’ He said. ‘See. I’m a man.’

There was something cute about him, something cute and endearing. With his feet still in his pants he stumbled back towards the bed. He rolled himself on top of me and rubbed his cock against the cherry panties.

‘Hey.’ I said, trying to sound stern. ‘This has gone on for long enough now. Knock it off.’

His cock kept on pressing against my pussy. He was dry humping me for a little while. Completely ignoring my words, then he pulled the panties down and tried to put his cock inside of me. He was fumbling and he couldn’t seem to find the entrance of my vagina. I could have easily avoided his cock, cause he seemed to have no clue what he was doing.

I guess I was horny. I guess it was exciting to fuck my husbands boss. I guess it was endearing that my husbands boss was helplessly fumbling with his cock as if he was a virgin still, yeah, I don’t think there was a rational thought really, impulsively I tilted my hips. ‘A little lower.’ I mumbled and then his cock slid inside of me.

I was deflowering my husband’s boss, that was an incredibly arousing thought. This guy that run a tech company, this guy that controlled my husband and my husbands schedule, well I controlled this guys cock.

He was pounding me rapidly as if he was a rabbit, then he had to catch his breath for a few moments before another set of rabbit trusts ensued.

I laughed and and insecure he looked at me, his face red.

‘It’s okay.’ I said. ‘Just slow down, keep a steady rhythm.’ I rocked my hips back and forth and encouraged him to follow my lead. ‘Now kiss me.’ I said.

After a bit more guidance he wasn’t half that bad anymore. I actually started to get aroused myself. I quite liked his vulnerability, his flushed cheeks, the eagerness in his eyes, he was soaking up everything I said, trying his hardest to please me.

‘I’m sorry.’ He said. ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’ There was a panic in his voice, a panic in his eyes that made place for a sense of wonder as he was orgasming. This guy. This guy must really be a virgin, right?

‘I came.’ He said stuttering. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Well then you’ll just have to go down on me.’ I said. I told him exactly what to do, to drop my panties altogether, his tongue against my clit, his finger in my pussy, finger fucking me. It always took me a long time to orgasm from oral sex, usually Marc would get tired before I was even halfway there, but this guy had incredible stamina. He seemed obsessed with pleasing me, with obeying me.

‘Am I doing it right?’ he kept asking every time I let out a little moan. Until I told him to stop asking and just continue. I enjoyed the sensations, I didn’t feel in any hurry to orgasm, because I knew this guy would be here, he would be here till the end, no matter how cramped up his arm would feel, or how sore his jaw became. He would please me because somehow he felt it was his duty to please me. His duty.

Eventually an orgasm was building up, arousal stacking onto arousal until it reached it’s highest peek and I was going over the edge. My hips trembling, my pussy spasming on the insides. I let out a little moan, and another little moan. I was panting heavily, floating away onto this orgasmic bliss and then I returned to the real world again.

There was this strange guy’s face in between my legs and slowly it dawned on me, slowly I realized what I had done. I’d cheated on Marc. I’d cheated on my husband, right here in our own house, in our own marital bed. Right here with his boss. I felt like a horrible person.

‘Untie me now.’ I said.

‘Are you sure?’ He asked.

I nodded. ‘Yeah. I’d better take a shower and change the sheets before Marc comes home.’

Unsure he bobbed from his one foot onto the other. ‘Yeah,’ he said as he bend over my wrist and loosened my bondage. ‘You’re Marc’s wife.’

I nodded. ‘And you’re a virgin aren’t you?’

‘Not anymore.’ He said with a big smile.

‘I figured.’ I said.

He untied me and I sat up. I massaged the marks that were left in my wrist for a little while.

‘So what happens now.’ He asked. ‘Should I tell Marc?’

‘It’s better if it comes from me.’ I said.

‘So you’re going to tell him?’ He asked. ‘And then what?… will we see each other again?’

‘I don’t know.’ I shrugged. I took a towel out of the wardrobe and went into the bathroom. ‘Don’t forget the hard drive.’ I yelled to him as I locked the door. I needed to be alone for a moment. I needed to process what happened. I wasn’t that horrible, was I? I had been tied down the entire time, although I had been encouraging him. Marc wouldn’t throw our mariage away over the one evening while I tried to surprise him? But then again who said it would be just the one evening, what if Kenneth came to our house again? what if I had tied myself down again? I washed his sperm out of my pussy. I knew I wouldn’t stop him.