Bossing the Boss

Me and Erin were sipping our tea as our big little baby in his crib was beginning to stir. There was a moment of eye contact between us, acknowledging we both heard his moan. Yet we continued to sip from our cups as if we were completely uninterested in the forty some year old guy in the onesie.


‘Where do you want to go after this?’ Erin said.


‘O god. Somewhere warm please.’ I answered.


‘Florida maybe?’ Erin asked. ‘I think I got a request for Florida lined up.’


‘Maybe, although I’m not a big fan of the humidity.’


Another moan sounded from the crib. Erin glanced over her shoulder, his hands were wrapped in adult sized baby mittens and tied to the bars of the crib, he was pulling on his arms and softly whining. I smiled and so did Erin. She was beautiful, she had the long shiny black hair and grayish green eyes, her lips were nice and puffy and she looked adorable when she bit on the tip of her pink like this. She used to be a nail biter but nowadays suckling on the tip of her pinky finger when she was nervous was all that remained of her former bad habit.


‘It’s going to be okay.’ I said. ‘We’ve done this a dozen of times.’


She nodded. ‘I know, but this is the first time we used a roofie. It was so easy, almost too easy, and what if he gets a heart attack or something, I don’t want to be a killer.’


‘He’s going to be fine.’ I said.


‘Hey.’ He said. ‘What’s going on? Where am I? Show yourself.’ His voice still slightly slurring.


‘See.’ I said to Erin.


‘Should we go?’ Erin asked.


‘When I finished my tea.’ I said. I poured the rest of the tea into my mouth and put the fancy cup back on the very pink table. Then I walked across the room, kicking my way through dolls and stuffies and toy trains until I reached the crib. I leaned on the edge and looked my former boss in the face.


‘Lexi? You? What are you doing here?’


Although I had worked as his secretary these last few weeks. I’d never really considered him my boss. This is what we did. Erin and me. We traveled the country and where ever there were reports of rich and powerful men abusing their privilege and harassing or even assaulting their female co-workers Erin and I went to teach them a lesson. To re-educate them. I’d been observing him for a few weeks while posing as his secretary and last night when went out for some drinks with the entire office. It wasn’t that much trouble to roofie him and to get him here. I smiled at him, leaned into the cot and rubbed his belly.


‘It’s okay buddy.’ I said.


He was confused. His eyes squinting. It was as if I could see the gears in his head turning and turning, trying to come up with an understandable explanation. Eventually he just gave up. ‘Tell me what’s going on.’ He said. ‘Why are we here? Why am I tied down?’


‘Got you a bottle.’ Erin said while handing me a lukewarm over-sized bottle of milk.


‘Thank you sweetheart.’ I said, giving her a pat on the bum. We gotten into a routine these past few victims. I tested the temperature of the milk on the inside of my wrist. ‘Perfect.’ I mumbled and then I plunged the nipple into his mouth.


He struggled and spit it out. ‘Lexi?’ He said. ‘Knock it off. Untie me this instance. Tell me what’s going on or you’re fired.’ His face was getting more and more red as if he was about to yell.


Erin had grabbed a stuffed animal and was jumping it up and down above his crib, trying to distract him. ‘Coo-dee-coo-dee-coo.’ She mumbled as the teddy bear kept dancing in front of his face. ‘Calm down little baby Danny.’


‘I…I…’ For a moment he was stuttering and stumbling. He pulled on his bounds and then he let out a loud frustrated groan. ‘I’m not a baby.’ He said. ‘Let me go. You freaks.’


‘O buddy, don’t be scared.’ I said reaching in to caress his cheek. He growled and tried to bite me. I slapped him in his face. ‘Don’t bite your mommies.’ I said strict.


‘This is different.’ Erin said a bit uneasy. ‘Maybe we should do the hypnosis training first.’


‘No.’ I said. ‘You know they have to be broken first, otherwise the training won’t take.’


‘But the others weren’t so aggressive.’ She said. ‘Maybe it’s a side effect from the –


‘Erin!’ I said strict. ‘It’s going to be okay, don’t worry.’ Then I turned to Daniel Miller in the crib again. ‘Are you going to drink your milk like a good boy?’ I asked. ‘Or do you need some more time to get the grumpiness out of your system?’


He looked at me frozen with astonishment, there was fear and anger going across his face. His eyes darting around the room, squinting and studying me and then he managed to control himself, to make a calculated choice in how he would react.


‘What is this all about Lexi?’ He said in a composed voice. ‘Tell me. Did you kidnap me for money? Do you want money is that it? Just give me my phone, let me have my phone and I’ll call Jerry from accounting. Mister Henderson remember. I’ll tell him to give you an extra bonus this week, ten thousand would that be enough to let me go?’


Both me and Erin started to laugh.


‘A hundred thousand?’ He asked.


Erin shook her head.


‘Lexi?’ He asked.


‘I think it’s about time you start drinking your milk buddy.’ I said.


‘Lexi?’ He asked again. When his bribe didn’t work, he changed approach. He started threatening with names and people he knew, and the amount of power and influence he had. He would make sure I wouldn’t get hired anywhere, and the police would lock me up, and he was friends with the judges too, so he would make sure I got the toughest sentence, and be sent to the worst prison, where I would be raped continuously.


‘Well if there was any doubt whether he needed our training, that settles it.’ Erin said, there was a bemused but also somewhat surprised look on her face. ‘The entitlement runs deep with this one, it going to be though to crack him.’


‘You might be right.’ I said. ‘But the harder the are to break, the deeper they fall, and the more ingrained our training will be.’


‘So….that means…. Shock collar?’ Erin asked cheerful.


For a moment I looked down on our big baby, he was still muttering, one moment he was negotiating, the other moment he was threatening us, everything served with a side dish of panic and anger. I reached into the crib and patted him on his belly.


‘We could also start with a ball gag.’ I said.


‘Please, Lexi. Please. Shock collar, please.’ Erin said, she had folded her hands together and was looking up at me with big begging eyes.


‘Yeah?’ I asked our little baby in a patronizing voice. ‘Do you think you’re such a tough baby boy, that Erin needs to get the shock collar out right away?’


‘He does,’ Erin said.


Daniel was just looking up at me and for a moment he was quiet. ‘Is this a weird sex thing?’ He asked.


‘Fine.’ I said to Erin and she sprinted to the other room to get the collar.


‘Lexi?’ He asked. ‘Why are you doing this?’


‘Because you need it.’ I said. ‘Because society needs it, because it’s been requested. We’re just providing a service.’


Erin came back with a cheerful hop in her step. She reached into the cot and tried to get the collar around his neck. Despite his arms being tied towards the bars of the cot he still had a lot of wiggle room, he was screaming and grumbling. His legs kicking into the air, trying to hurt Erin. I climbed into the cot and sat down on top of him. My legs on either side of his torso, my knees pressing into his biceps. I tried to keep his head still while Erin strapped the collar around his neck.


He spit at me and growled and tried to bite me. I slapped him in his face.


‘That’s not how a good boy behaves.’ I said.


‘Done.’ Erin said. ‘I’ll start low.’


A moment later he yelped and his body tensed up from the short electrical pulse that was released into his neck.


‘You bitches.’ He said.


‘That’s not how you talk to your mommy.’ Erin said and she gave him another shock. This one lasted a bit longer.


‘Erin,’ I said. She gave me a nod and turned it off again.


We both leaned into the cot to await his response. For a moment he looked at us, then he started fuming again. Erin smiled as she pressed the button and gave him another shock. He was cursing and we told him he couldn’t talk like that, while enforcing our words with another shock, that would lead to even more cursing. It was quite the entertaining cycle, at least it was for me and Erin. I got a bit horny about it and rubbed myself against Erin’s butt. She turned her head and kissed me.


‘So you’re a bunch of dykes with penis envy. I see that’s what this is about, in some PC attempt at feminism, you want to destroy all successful white men, because boo-hoo-hoo. Those mean white men…’


‘I think you can turn it up a notch.’ I said to Erin and quite eager she pressed a few buttons on her remote and gave him another shock. This one made him scream and afterwards he just laid there in his crib dazed for a moment.


‘Well done.’ I said to Erin.


She was grinning from ear to ear. It was quite a bit of work to get him to comply. He kept talking and cursing. He kept threatening us or using derogatory words to describe either females or lesbians, but eventually his resistance was subsiding. He was softly sobbing and he started to surrender to us.


‘Are you ready for your milk.’ I said.


‘Yes please.’ He mumbled submissively.


‘Yes please mommy.’ I corrected him.


He stared at me with a look of disgust on his face and although I could see he was about to comply. Erin had already pushed the button and given him another shock.


‘Please mommy.’ He mumbled.


I picked up the bottle of milk. ‘O boy, it’s all gotten cold, because you were procrastinating all this time.’ I said. ‘Next time you won’t procrastinate won’t you?’


‘No mommy.’ He said.


Erin and I smiled at each other as I bumped the over-sized nipple into his mouth. He closed his lips around the silicon and started drinking the milk eagerly. Maybe he was hungry, or maybe it was a calculated decision, thinking that once he drank the milk we wouldn’t hurt him anymore. For now it was cute to see him gulping like this, he even closed his eyes for a moment. I reached into the cot and caressed his forehead and cheek.


‘That’s a good boy.’ I said. ‘That’s mommy’s good obedient baby boy, isn’t it?’


He briefly opened his eyes, but I guess he was too drained to answer me. He just ignored me and kept on drinking. It was quite a big bottle, it contained almost half a liter of milk.


He started to suckle slower and slower, but he never stopped or tried to spit out the nipple. He just kept on drinking until it was all gone.


‘Good boy.’ I said when he finished his bottle. ‘What do you think, do good boys deserve a reward?’


‘He hasn’t been that good.’ Erin said.


‘Yes,’ he said. ‘I mean: Yes mommy, taking the collar off would be a good reward.’


Erin hit him with a shock and he yelped.


‘Take your collar off?’ I said as if I was astonished by that idea. ‘But you love being trained by your mommies. You love that we control you and help you to become a good obedient boy. Right?’


‘No.’ He said.


Erin shocked him until he admitted the he loved being trained by us.


‘Maybe you should thank us.’ I suggested.


It didn’t take that much to make him thank us for training him.


‘Good boy.’ I said, petting him on his cheek. ‘The reward I was thinking about was more like a toy.’ I picked two plushies from the toy chest. ‘Do you want the unicorn or the mermaid.’


‘Those are both girl toys.’ He said. Erin shocked him until he was ready to make a choice. He picked the unicorn, so I handed him the mermaid. For a moment I could see confusion passing over his face as if he was about to cry over getting the wrong toy, but then he shook his head, he pressed his lips together and just accepted the mermaid that we put down on top of his chest. He couldn’t play with it anyway since his arms were still tied down.


‘Happy now?’ I said to him in a very cooing and patronizing voice. ‘Is it time to check you’re diaper? I think it is. You’re wearing that one for the larger part of the day now.’


He looked appalled but didn’t say a thing.


‘Maybe we should wait a little.’ Erin said. ‘He just had a lot of milk, he’s probably about to go pee pee. Aren’t you sweetheart.’ She said while tickling his tummy. ‘I bet there’s a big pee pee in your tummy right now.’


I could see he wanted to protest but he controlled himself. He just let out a sigh of helplessness and he shook his head.


‘Don’t you have to go pee pee?’ I asked.


‘Maybe we should give him another bottle.’ Erin said.


‘Yeah, or give him a TASER shock instead of a collar shock.’


‘Could we?’ Erin asked enthused.


‘Let’s wait for a while.’ I said. ‘I think maybe our baby boy is still too little to tell us when he needs to go pee pee.’


He sighed again and swallowed another obstinate comment. Erin still hit the button of his collar and explained to him, that while keeping his mouth shut was appropriate behavior, she didn’t want him sighing and rolling his eyes at us either.


I pulled on the snaps of his onesie and exposed the diaper. I pressed my hand into the bulky plastic to see if there was already something in there. There was some bulk to it, I’m guessing he peed a little when he was still fast asleep or just woke up, but there was room for a whole lot more.


With the one hand I was patting and squeezing his diaper while my other hand was pressing into his tummy. ‘Go on then honey. Just relax and let go. If you hold your pee for too long you get a tummy ache, mommy doesn’t want you to get a tummy ache.’


Even though he didn’t verbally protest he seemed adamant on not peeing in his diaper, so we just had to feed him another bottle and wait until he simple couldn’t control his bladder anymore.


‘There it is.’ I said as I felt the diaper getting warmer. His cheeks were blushing and he avoided eye contact with us as if he was embarrassed.


‘That’s a good boy.’ I said as I pressed the soggy diaper against his cock. ‘That’s right. Just let go. You can’t control yourself do you? You need your mommies. Your mommies are in control of you, aren’t they?’


He was still looking away from us at the ceiling.


‘Aren’t we?’ I said a bit more firmly.


‘Yes mommy.’ He hasted himself to say.


‘So who is in control of you?’


‘You guys are,’ he said. ‘my mommy’s are.’


‘Good boy.’ I said, ‘and since you didn’t need any prompts from Erin to admit that, I think you earned a reward don’t you? Let’s give you the unicorn you requested.’ I took the Mermaid out his cot and replaced it with the unicorn.


‘Are you happy now?’ I asked.


‘Yes mommy.’ He said.


There was something in his tone of voice that told me we were getting closer. He didn’t just say that in fear of the electrical shock, it was as if some part of him was actually happy about the unicorn.


‘We’re getting there.’ I said to Erin.


‘I think so too.’ She mumbled.


‘Let’s do the diaper change.’ She said. ‘It’ll be fun.’


I nodded.


Erin leaned over the railing of the cot. ‘Does my baby need a clean diaper,’ she said in a high voice. ‘Do you want mommy to give you a fresh clean diaper. You do don’t you?’


‘Yes mommy.’ He said.


Erin opened up part of the cot and pulled on the tapes of the diaper. The soggy wet diaper she rolled up and threw out and then she got some wet wipes and started to clean him up. I could see she was intentionally rubbing the wet wipe over his cock again and again, and his cock was responding, it was twitching and getting stiff. That’s the response she was hoping for.


‘Does my sweet baby boy like it when mommy gives him a nappy change?’ She asked. ‘Do you like it so much that you little cock wakes up to welcome mommy.’


‘I….’ He said hesitantly. ‘This is….. you realize this is kind of sick do you?’ Erin reached for the remote control of his shock collar.


‘I mean: yes mommy, my not-so-little cock is waking up to welcome you.’ He said, but it was too late. Erin already pushed the button and enjoyed watching him squirm in pain, she turned it up even more and let the shock last for even longer. When she turned the collar off again his cock had gone flaccid.


Daniel had tears in his eyes and he looked tired.


‘It’s okay sweety.’ I said. ‘I’ll have a very special suppository for you. It’s a special suppository for little adult baby boys like you. It’s not exactly FDA approved but I think you’ll like it nonetheless.’


I opened the drawers of the dresser and picked out a pill. I pulled it out of the plastic and brought it over to the crib. Erin was now wiping his ass and spreading a bit of lube around it’s asshole. ‘The suppository will make your cock nice and stiff for mommy, and you’ll feel all aroused and a little bit high right?’ She looked at me and I nodded.


‘I hope so.’ I said. ‘I asked Leanne to mix in some aphrodisiac with the Viagra, but she put a light sedative in there too, so I don’t know whether he’ll feel high and euphoric, he might also just feel sleepy and sedated. We’ll see, won’t we?’ I said as I spread his legs and carefully pushed the suppository into his ass.


‘Good boy. That’s a good obedient boy, laying still for mommy like that. Well done sweetheart.’ I said.


We only had to wait a few minutes and then I saw him started to squirm and wriggle.


‘That’s right,’ I said.


His cock was growing and twitching and rock hard it bounced against his belly, he was writhing in his crib unable to find a relieve for all the sexual arousal that was now flowing through his body. His eyes were somewhat glassy. He tried to frot his cock against the bars of the cot or against the blankets, he was panting heavily. He thrust his pelvis high into the air and let out a moan, then he found a way to move his body to frot himself against Erin’s lower arm.


‘Hey.’ We said simultaneously. Erin reached for the remote control and was ready to punish him. I held her back. ‘You can’t touch women without asking.’ I said strict. ‘Do you understand? Otherwise we need to punish you.’ I gave Erin a nod and she turned the collar on.


He was screaming and moaning. ‘I understand.’ He yelled out. ‘I understand, Mommy.’


‘Do you now?’ I asked, then I turned to Erin. ‘Turn it up again, the suppository is numbing him and providing him with a pleasurable stimulus at the same time.’


She adjusted the intensity until he couldn’t talk anymore, when we turned the collar off he was just laying in his crib defeated. ‘I understand now mommy,’ he said with a thin and trembling voice. It sounded sincere, not as if he was just saying what we wanted to hear, so he could control the situation, but he sounded as if he was sincerely sorry.


He bit his lip and looked at us questioningly as if he was waiting for our directions.


I smiled. ‘Well done.’ I said petting him on the tummy, with the tips of my fingers I softly caressed his tummy and chest and it wasn’t long before he had completely forgotten his fear for the collar and the suppository was taking over again. He was panting and squirming and rocking his pelvis, a whining sound came from his throat while I played with his nipples.


‘Good boy.’ I said. I moved my hand down and circled his cock without touching him. ‘Do you want mommy to rub your cock?’ I asked.


‘Yes please.’ He said.


‘Do you want to be mommy’s sex slave, before we train you to be a good big boy and send you back into the big world?’


‘Yes, please mommy.’ He said.


‘Do you?’ I asked and I watched him eagerly nod his head. ‘Do you even know what a sex slave is?’ I ran the back of my finger over his cheek. ‘A sex slave pleases their mommies. So you understand it’s not about your arousal, it’s not about your cock, right?’


He nodded.


‘I wanna sit on his face.’ Erin said, she’d already dropped down her pantyhose and panties and she was now pulling up her skirt exposing her bare pussy.


‘Fine.’ I said. ‘We’ll sit on your face.’ I said to him. I took of my own trousers and panties and then I joined Erin in the cot. It was a bit of a logistical puzzle to get all the limbs to fit, but we had done this before. So a moment later Erin and I were facing each other, our boobs rubbing against one another. My tongue swirling around hers. Our pussies pressed tightly together as we pushed ourselves into his face. He stuck out his tongue and started to lick us, intermittently me and Erin, switching back and forth between both our pussies. Erin was moaning and she clung onto me, her nails digging in my back.


‘Yes,’ she muttered in my ear. ‘Yes, yes, yes, you’re the best girlfriend ever.’ She said. I moved back a bit, now his tongue couldn’t reach my pussy anymore, but my tongue could lick around Erin’s nipple. I suckled on her nipple until it was a hard swollen nodule. I flicked it back and forth with my tongue, enjoying her little squirms and the twitching of her body. I moved back upwards and suckled on her earlobe for a while. A shiver of arousal traveling through her spine.


‘I’m gonna cum.’ She said. ‘I’m sorry Lexi, I’m….gonna….’ She didn’t even manage to finish her sentence. Her body tensed up, her head tilted backwards into her neck and she was trembling all over. Letting out a loud moan, and another loud moan. She was gorgeous. She was always my gorgeous girlfriend, but her face in awe, filled with arousal and orgasmic pleasures, her cheeks slightly flushed, her pussy exposed, it was just heavenly bliss to see her like that.


‘Wow.’ She mumbled. ‘I’m sorry. That was real quick, I mean, using the collar, that always has me aroused… like the build up was just so…’ I wrapped my arms around her. ‘Don’t apologize to me.’ I said. ‘I love you, I grant you all the pleasure in the world. And sure as hell don’t apologize to him.’


She chuckled. ‘Right.’ She said.


‘You want me to get you the Hitachi.’


‘Nah.’ I said shrugging. ‘I’ll use him.’ I pressed my pussy against his stiff bouncing cock and rubbed myself back and forth.


‘Do you like that sweetheart?’ I asked.


‘Yes mommy.’ He said. There were still pussy juices shimmering around his mouth. He couldn’t wipe it off himself and I kind of liked it that his mouth smelled like my girlfriends pussy.


I guided his cock inside and I saw his eyes closing in pleasure.


‘Thank you mommy.’ He mumbled.


‘I’m not doing this to please you.’ I said. ‘I’m doing this to please myself, you understand that right? Whether or not you enjoy it is completely irrelevant for me.’


‘Yes mommy.’


‘So what are you thanking me for?’


He seemed confused for a moment. ‘I like being your sex slave. Thank you for using me as a sex slave.’


‘Okay.’ I said shrugging. ‘Well you’re welcome I guess.’


I rode his cock. As far as cocks go this was quite a nice one. It was rock hard still from the Viagra in the suppository and it was of decent girth and length. I rocked my pelvis back and forth over his cock, making sure the cock touched all my favorite spots on the inside of my vagina.


A soft hand caressing my shoulder. ‘You’re so pretty.’ Erin said. She kissed my upper arm and moved closer to rub her body against mine, her soft boobs brushing past my back.


‘Go sit on his face.’ I said.


‘I already came.’ She mumbled.


‘So what?’ I asked. She positioned herself on top of his face again, and I bent over, and both me and our baby boy started licking her. She was squirming and moaning loudly. I loved her pussy. I fucked myself with his cock, while I marveled in the beauty of her pussy, the pinkish pussy lips the shiny droplet of juice, the frumpling inner labia encapsulating her clit. Once in a while my tongue bumped into his, which lead to him saying: ‘Sorry mommy,’ as if he was intruding on my territory. Well in a way her pussy was my territory of course.


I liked that we made so much progress with him even before we started the actual training.


I moved my hips over his cock and rubbed my clit against his pubes. It took a while but eventually I orgasmed too. I led out a sigh as I welcomed the warm pleasures spreading through my body, the soft tingling of the mind. ‘Yes, oh yes.’ I couldn’t help but mumble. A satisfied glow took over my body and I laid myself down.


Erin was caressing my hair, right above my ear. ‘You’re hot.’ She said. ‘You’re so hot.’


‘I know.’ I said.


Erin chuckled.


After the high of my orgasm faded I got up and cleaned myself up. I got dressed again. Together Erin and I cleaned up our little boy. We wiped our pussy juices from his body and then we showed him two diapers.


‘Do you want princesses or…‘ I inspected the other very pink diaper. ‘Kittens with crowns.’


‘Kitten princesses.’ Erin said.


‘Okay. So human princesses or kitten princesses?’ I asked our boy. He nodded to the diaper with the kittens and I swaddled it around his hips, folding his stiff cock against his belly. I didn’t even know if he had orgasmed too, probably right? And if not it would be even better for the training he was about to undergo.


I closed his onesie and then I picked up the brainwashing helmet. I checked it’s battery, there would be enough for at least one session, maybe even two. I put the helmet over his head, making sure the ear patches were covering his ears and the VR glasses aligned with his eyes, then I started the program. For a moment I watched on, but from the outside there was not much to see, only a little display that showed how far along the training was.


‘That was fun.’ Erin said. ‘I think we can opt for roofies more often.’


‘We haven’t seen the results yet.’ I said.


‘We haven’t seen any contra-indications either.’ Erin said shrugging. ‘So can I offer you another cup of tea, my dear.’


I nodded. ‘And can you forward that Florida request, what are they asking of us?’


‘I’ll think they want us to reeducate a drama teacher at… I forgot the name of the college… apparently they are harassing students or manipulating them and despite numerous complaints the school board does nothing.’


‘Shouldn’t we be training the entire school board in that case?’ I asked.


‘I think so.’ Erin said with a smile. ‘Maybe we should go undercover and figure out which guys are in on it.’


I nodded. ‘A drama teacher, it might be fun. It’s a change from the CEO’s and the financial advisers and all those corporate douche bags. So who’s applying for college, you or me?’