Your Wish – My Command

I met Samantha (Sam) in Jr High. We really hit it off, and soon we were going steady. Going steady meant that we’d sit together in the cafeteria and walk home from school together.

After graduating from Jr High, we both took Driver’s Ed over the summer. When we passed, our parents drove us the seventeen miles to Wheeler, Texas, the county seat, to get our driver’s license. We both passed. She didn’t have a car, but my parents were fairly well off, so they bought me a brand new red, nineteen sixty-four Mustang.


The first time I took Sam parking at Lover’s Lane after a movie, and after fifteen minutes of French kissing, I tried to move my hand up to one of her boobs, which were quite full and round, as best as I could tell through her bra and blouse. Of course, she pushed my hand away before I even got a feel. “No!” She said sternly.

Sam was tall for a girl, five foot ten with long legs. She wore her long dark brown hair in a pony tail most of the time, but sometimes not. She had beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that would light up every room she walked into.

She was always a very confident girl, and when she asked me to do something, it always sounded more like an order than a request. I loved that she wouldn’t take shit from anyone, and she definitely wouldn’t suffer fools, which there were plenty of in high school.

About two months after entering high school, and after literally dozens of trips to Lover’s Lane, she finally said, “Okay, you can feel of my tits now, just go easy.” Of course she was wearing a bra, but still. I was thankful for the opportunity to feel of her magnificent globes.

It was two trips to Lover’s Lane later when she surprised me again. We’d been making out for about fifteen minutes with me feeling of her tits when she pushed me away. I watched in amazement as she began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling the tail out of her skirt. When it was all the way unbuttoned, she pulled her bra up over her tits, and I got my first look at them.

They were truly awesome to look at. They looked heavy, and her light pink nipples pointed to the sky. And then Sam looked at me and said, “You can feel them now, just be gentle.”

I didn’t hesitate. I started kissing her again while feeling of her naked tits. They felt heavy in my hand, very firm and yet soft and smooth. After about another fifteen minutes, she pushed me back again, lowered her bra and buttoned her blouse. “Take me home now.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Growing up in Texas, boys were taught to address all females as ‘Ma’am, regardless of their age. They could be nine or ninety, or anywhere in between. It didn’t matter. All were called ‘Ma’am.’

During our very next visit to Lover’s Lane, and after making out for a few minutes, she again unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra up. This time though, she said, “Kiss them and suck my nipples, but it’s my time of the month, so they’re really sensitive, so you have to be very gentle.”

Seconds later, I was in heaven. I’d been jacking off to the thought of doing this for almost a year. I couldn’t get enough of feeling her taut nipples in my mouth and against my tongue.

* * *

By the time school was out for the summer, she’d let me kiss and suck her nipples many times. It became a staple of our make out sessions. I never tired of doing it, and I was always disappointed when she’d stop me and have me take her home.

Two weeks before school started, Sam surprised me by inviting me over to her house. Her parents were both at work, so she led me straight to her bedroom. I was totally stunned when she held her arms out from her sides and said, “Undress me.”

My hands were shaking violently as I started unbuttoning her blouse. Then, it took me a few seconds to figure out the clasp on her bra. She just let out a frustrated sigh, but I finally got it and pulled her bra off.

When she was totally topless, I stopped to see what she wanted to do next. “How long are you going to keep me waiting? Get my fucking shorts and panties off.”

I was too stunned to speak. I was very awkward, but I finally managed to pull down her shorts and panties, exposing her thick black bush. Needless to say, that was the first pussy I’d ever seen, so I just stood there and stared at it.

She let out a laugh, and then walked over and lay on her back on her bed. She immediately pulled her feet up and spread her knees. When I just stood there stupefied, she let out another frustrated sigh, “Don’t just stand there. Get over here and lick my pussy.”

Wow! I’d heard some of the older boys at school talking about eating pussy, but until now, I didn’t really believe them. I went to the foot of the bed and crawled up between Sam’s raised knees. When my tongue first slid up here slit, she let out a low moan, “Mmmmm, that feels nice. Now spread me open and lick me inside my lips. Don’t touch my clit though. I’ll let you know when I want you to do that.”

Shit! I’d heard about clits, but I had no idea what or where it was. I didn’t want to piss her off, so after putting my arms around her thighs and pulling her lips apart, I looked up at her and asked, “Clit?”

Sam let out a disgusted sigh, “Right here, you idiot.” And she pointed to the button looking thing at the top of her slit. It was mostly covered with skin, but a tiny bit of it was peeking out. It looked very red and swollen.

When I spread her lips open, I could smell and taste her sex. It wasn’t displeasing to me at all—just slightly tart. After two or three minutes of licking her, I actually stuck my tongue into her hole. That garnered me another low, appreciative moan from her, so I kept doing that.

After about another two minutes, she said, “Now suck my clit. Don’t be gentle. Suck on it hard and flick it hard with your tongue.”

When I first sucked her clit into my mouth and started flicking it with my tongue, Sam began moaning almost constantly. A few seconds later, she was flailing her head from side to side and her thighs began quivering. A half minute later, she let out a loud moan and clamped her thighs tightly to my head. I could feel her thighs quivering violently and I could see her chest heaving and her abs convulsing.

After a minute, she pushed my head away and lay there panting and gasping for air. I assumed I’d made her cum, so I was really proud of myself.

When Sam’s breathing returned to normal, she showed me a smile and then said, “I’ll be right back.” And she got up and left her room. When she returned, she had a big bath towel. She sat on the edge of her bed and spread the towel over her knees and thighs, “Okay, get naked and then stand up here and let me watch you beat off. When you cum, make damn sure you hit the towel with your stuff.”

Damn! I was hoping Sam would reciprocate in kind, but that wasn’t to be. I was a little shy about jacking off in front of her, but she said in a sarcastic tone, “Well, I’m waiting.” So I began stroking my dick.

It was only maybe two minutes when I warned her, “Here it comes.” She responded by pulling one end of the towel up around her neck. Seconds later, I was shooting long ropes of cum onto the towel. It was somewhat disconcerting when she started giggling while I was still cumming.

When I was finished cumming, she said unceremoniously, “You can get dressed and leave now.”

* * *

Sam and I repeated that many times during that summer, and a few times after school started when we’d both play hooky. Toward the end of our sophomore year of high school, when her parents were out of town for the weekend, she invited me over again. I assumed it was going to be just like the last many times, but she surprised me.

After I’d made her cum with my mouth and tongue, she told me, “You can fuck me this time. I’m on the pill, so you don’t need a rubber.”

Wow! Wow! And double Wow! I was really, really nervous, but I got in position and wiggled the head of my dick into her hole. “Go slow,” she instructed me.

I knew Sam was a virgin, so I was expecting to encounter some resistance as I pushed inch after inch of my dick into her pussy, but there wasn’t any. I did go slow. She was really tight, so I had to push pretty hard to go further into her. When I finally had all of my six inches inside her, she made me stop.

After a full minute or so, she told me, “Okay, fuck me now, just go slow.”

I began slowly pulling out of her and then pushing my dick back in. It felt like her pussy was getting wetter, so it got easier and easier. Finally, she said, “Okay, I’m ready. Fuck me good now.”

Hearing that, I began speeding up and thrusting into her harder. Unfortunately, after less than a minute of that, I grunted and began cumming inside her. I felt ashamed. If I’d known we were going to fuck, I’d have jacked off before going to her house.

At least she waited until I was finished cumming to scorn me, “That was fucking pathetic. You’re pathetic. I was just getting warmed up. Now get down there and finish with your mouth what your pathetic dick couldn’t do.”

Holy Shit! I couldn’t believe my ears. Just the thought of doing that disgusted me. YUCK! When I hesitated, she chastised me some more, “What are you waiting for? Get down there and eat my pussy. If you can’t make me cum, I’ll have to find someone who can. Is that what you want?”

“NO!” I almost screamed.

“Then get your ass down there and make me cum.”

Gezzz! What choice did I have? So I got between her legs and began licking her slit. I guess I spent a little too much time doing that to suit her, so she said in a hateful tone, “Quit stalling. You know what to do. Now get your fucking tongue inside me.”

I took a deep breath, gulped and then spread her pussy open. I dove my tongue in her hole before I could chicken out. I’d cum a lot, so her pussy was very sloppy.

For the first few seconds, I was afraid I’d throw up, but fortunately I didn’t. It took me a long time to make her cum—longer than it ever had. When she finally did, and after recuperating, she said in that same hateful tone, “Now get dressed and get your pathetic ass out of here.”

I knew better than to try to kiss her before I left.

* * *

She called my house the following day and told me to come over. I jacked off in the shower before getting dressed and driving to her house. She was already totally naked when she let me in. And then she locked the door and headed upstairs to her bedroom. I followed right behind her like a little puppy dog.

She wouldn’t even make out with me. She did however, let me kiss and suck her big tits for a couple of minutes before telling me get down there and eat her pussy. “And you’d better fucking get me off.”

Gezzz, no pressure at all. I was however, able to make her cum. I loved the taste of her sweet, slick female cum. She didn’t even wait to get her breathing under control, “Now get up here and fuck me, and you’d better last longer this time.”

Again, no pressure at all. After cumming in my shower, I was slightly confident. Sure enough, I was able to fuck her for a full ten minutes before cumming inside her. She even came once.

“I want to do it again, but my pussy is to sloppy with your cum. Get down there and clean out my pussy.”

Sam was always very confident and stern with me. Ever since we first started going parking at Lover’s Lane, I dared not give her any sass, argue, or hesitate when she told me to do something for fear she’d break up with me. The more she let me do, the more addicted to her I became, and the more willing I was to obey her. So, when she told me to clean up her pussy, I didn’t hesitate. After all, I was getting to fuck one of the hottest girls in high school, and I was the envy of most of the other boys.

Actually, eating her pussy and sucking my cum out of it didn’t totally repulse me like it had the first time. The smile on her face while I was doing it was all the reward I needed.

When I was finished and crawled up between her legs, she let out a wild laugh when she saw that my dick was hard. “You got hard while eating your cum out of me. I think you’re a cum-slut. Are you a cum-slut, Brian?”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t really like eating my own cum, so I shook my head, “I . . . no.”

She sounded irritated when she said, “Yes, you’re a cum-slut. Don’t dispute me. Tell me you’re my cum-slut. Say it.”

“I . . . I’m your cum-slut.”

She laughed, “That’s better. Now get up here and fuck me again. You’d better make me cum again.”

I surprised myself by fucking her hard for a very long time. I’d already cum twice in an hour and a half. After she came for the second time, she made me stop and get off of her.

My dick was hard and bobbing up and down. When she saw it, she laughed, “You didn’t cum. That’s good. You did good. Now stand up here and beat off.”

“Aren’t you going to go get a towel?”

She chuckled, “I don’t need it. You’re going to cum in your hand, and you’d better not spill a drop.”

I’d already cum twice, so I was able to catch all of my diminished load in my hand. Of course, I had a feeling what was coming, so it didn’t surprise me too much when she ordered me to eat it and then lick my hand and fingers clean. That wasn’t as repulsive as eating it out of her pussy.

* * *

For the rest of that school year, we would fuck every chance we got, but it wasn’t that often. We were afraid of her parents catching us.

When she had her period, she’d forbid me jacking off. And the next time we’d get together, and knowing I’d shoot a really big load—too big to catch in my hand, she’d have a wine glass at the ready. Of course, after filling the glass half way full of cum, she’d make me drink it. When I finished it, she’d make me use my finger to clean the glass and lick it clean.

Almost every time, she’d say, “That’s a good boy”, but most often, she’s say “That’s my good little cum-slut.” I came to take that as a compliment too. She didn’t say “Good little cum-slut”. She’d always say “That’s MY good little cum-slut.” I cherished any praise from her.

When school let out, Sam and I fucked almost every day, sometimes two or three times a day. Of course, she’d make me clean out her pussy every time. After the first few times, it didn’t bother me at all. She did let me kiss and suck her huge firm tits before we fucked, and I never tired of doing that.

A week before we started our senior year, Sam laid a bombshell on me, “When we graduate, we’re going to get married and then go to the same university. We’ll get part-time jobs so we can rent an apartment off campus. We’ll be able to fuck anytime we want.”

Wow! I never even dared to dream that she’d actually want to marry me. She seemed to have it all planned out in her mind, so I wasn’t about to dissuade her.

* * *

Our parents fussed a little about us getting married so young, but they finally relented, especially considering we’d been going together since junior high. They couldn’t question our commitment to each other.

Shortly before starting our freshman year at the University Of Texas, we were married in a very small ceremony with only family present. For a wedding present, each of our parents gave us money to rent an apartment and by some cheap furniture. We’d still have to make the monthly rent payments though. Our parents had only covered the deposit, last month rent and the first two months rent. That was to allow us time to find part-time jobs.

Once we were moved into our new apartment, we did indeed fuck every day, sometimes more than once.

* * *

Everything went great during our freshman year, just like Sam had planned. But halfway through our second year at the university, things changed, and I do mean drastically.

One Friday evening, when I got home from my job as a busboy at Chili’s, Sam was already home, but she wasn’t alone. There was a tall, good looking, dark haired guy sitting on the sofa with her. At least they were on opposite ends of the sofa. They were drinking Screwdrivers and talking.

After giving me a friendly greeting and introducing me to Steve, she said, “Go fix us fresh drinks. Make yourself one too.”

I preferred whiskey and Coke, but Sam insisted I always drink what she was having. When I returned to the living room with the three drinks, she told me to go sit in the stuffed chair, so I did. Once I was seated, Sam said, “Hurry up and finish that drink and go get yourself another one. Make it a strong one. You’re going to need it.”

I showed her a questioning look, but she didn’t explain. I did as I was told, gulping down my Screwdriver and going for another. When I was halfway finished with that very strong drink, my wife laid a bombshell on me, and I mean a HUGE bombshell.

“Brian, I’ve decided to let Steve fuck me, but I won’t do it behind your back, so you’re going to be in the bedroom with us so you can watch.” And then she showed me a look that dared me to object.

Fuck! I didn’t know what to do. How could she expect me to just sit and watch her fuck another guy? I was afraid if I objected, she’d make me move out and let Steve move in. Besides, he appeared to be well over six foot to my five ten, and he looked like a body builder or wrestler or something. His muscles were bulging out from his tight T-shirt.

When they finished their drinks, they got up and headed to the bedroom. Sam crooked a finger to me to follow them. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

Once we were in the bedroom, she made me sit in the dressing chair and watch as he stripped off her clothes. And then she did the same to him. If my mind wasn’t already blown enough, what she did next blew me away. While on her knees, pulling his shorts and underwear off, she started licking his huge cock, even putting it in her mouth.

In all the years I’d known Sam, she’d never put her mouth anywhere close to my dick. I’d just resigned myself that it just wasn’t her thing. But now she was sucking this big guy’s huge cock—and I do mean huge. It was at least half again longer than mine, and a lot thicker.

After a full minute or more, she got on the bed and Steve crawled between her raised knees. He’d no sooner started eating her pussy, than she began letting out loud moans of pleasure. She had her head turned toward me, and grinned at me between moans.

After what appeared to be a really hard orgasm, she told him to fuck her. She was still looking right at me, even as he began working his huge cock into her pussy. She wasn’t grinning anymore. Instead her face had a look of blissful distress.

Seconds later, Steve began fucking her hard and fast. Still looking my way, she soon began chanting “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck” every time he thrust his big cock into her.

In the thirty minutes he pounded her pussy, she came hard three times. Finally, he let out a loud grunt and buried his cock in her to the hilt. “God yes, baby. Shoot your hot cum in my pussy!” I’d never heard anything like that come out of her mouth.

If everything that had happened to that point wasn’t bad enough for me to watch, what my wife said next was even worse. When Steve rolled over onto his back, panting and gasping for air, Sam said, “Brian, get over here and clean up Steve’s wonderful cock.”

“I . . . I’ll get a washcloth.”

That caused Sam to laugh, and then she said, “Oh hell no you won’t. You’ll clean him up with your mouth.”

I was too stunned to move, so Sam threatened me, “If you don’t, he’s going to kick your scrawny ass, and I’ll help him.”

God! I wanted to die right there and then, but I knew better than to refuse. I had no doubt Steve would make good on her promise to kick my ass. I got up and walked around the bed, leaned over and took Steve’s flaccid cock into my mouth, licking it clean with my tongue. YUCK! YUCK! And double YUCK! It surprised me when having another guys mouth on his cock didn’t seem to affect him at all.

When I was finished cleaning his cock, Sam wasn’t finished torturing me, “Now get over hear and clean up my pussy so it won’t be sloppy when he fucks me again.

Fuck! If cleaning their combined cum off of his cock wasn’t bad enough, now I had to suck his cum out of her pussy. It was totally disgusting, but I did it.

* * *

I saw Sam whisper something to Steve, and then they got up. She crooked a finger to me to follow them. I assumed they were going back to the living room, but they turned into the bathroom, so I followed. Sam raised the lid and sat down. She spread her legs out wide and then spread her pussy open with her fingers. And then she let loose with a torrent of pee.

She’d never let me in the bathroom while she peed, but now, she was not only doing it right there in front of me and Steve, she had her pussy splayed wide open. It was a very erotic site.

She must have peed for a full minute, and when she was finished, she scooted out to the very front of the seat, “Brian, get over here and clean up my pussy.”

As disgusting as that thought was, it was nothing when compared to sucking Steve’s huge load out of her pussy. I got on my knees and began licking her clean. It was a little tart and salty, but not nearly as bad as Steve’s harsh cum.

When she was satisfied that her pussy was clean, she said, “Go get us fresh drinks.” So that’s what I did.

When I got to the living room with the drinks, mine another really strong one, they were once again sitting on he sofa. This time however, they weren’t on opposite ends. They were sitting side by side. Steve’s right arm was over her shoulder, and his hand was kneading one of her big tits. Her left hand was in his lap just holding his still impressive limp cock. And they were kissing passionately.

I couldn’t remember the last time Sam had let me kiss her, so seeing that was almost as bad as watching them fuck. I’d sat my drink on an end table, so I was just standing there holding their drinks. Finally, I cleared my throat. They broke their kiss just long enough for Sam to say, “Don’t ever interrupt us again. You can stand there and watch until we’re ready.” And they went right back to kissing.

Finally, they came up for air and took their drinks from me. And then my wife shooed me away with the back of her hand, so I went back and sat in the stuffed chair. They would take a sip and then kiss, take a sip and then kiss.

I was glad to see that Steve’s cock was still flaccid. At least I wouldn’t have to watch them fuck again. My joy about that vanished when Sam, halfway finished with her drink, slid down to her knees, sat her drink aside, and began sucking his huge cock. A minute or so later, he was totally hard. They got up and headed back to the bedroom, her motioning me to follow.

This time, there was no beating around the bush. He stood at the foot of the bed and pulled her toward him. He gripped her ankles and held her legs high and wide. With both of his hands busy, he told her to do the honors. His meaning was clear, He wanted her to put his big dick inside her. Instead, she told me to do it. So I walked over and reached down between them and guided his monster cock into her pussy.

Again, she kept looking at me the whole time he was fucking her hard and fast. She looked like a rag doll in his hands. I could tell that her distressed expression was from pleasure, even if it might have been a little painful having such a large cock pile-driving into her pussy.

Steve fucked her for so long, perhaps as long as forty-five minutes, she finally had to make him stop. She’d had at least two really intense orgasms. Steve hadn’t cum yet, so he was just standing at the foot of the bed stroking his massive cock.

When he said, “I’m getting there,” Sam ordered me, “Go sit on the foot of the bed and open your mouth. Stick your tongue out too.”

I felt conflicted. On the one hand, I wouldn’t have to suck his huge load out of her pussy, but on the other hand, it was obvious she wanted him to cum directly into my mouth.

Of course, I did what she wanted, and a few seconds after I was in position, he put his cock no more than an inch from my tongue and began cumming into my open mouth. Gezz, even though he’d just cum less than an hour before, he still shot a huge load. I had to close my mouth twice to swallow. Both times, he kept shooting, so I ended up with his cum on my nose, cheeks and chin.

When he was finished, he actually stuck his cock in my mouth, and he spoke to me for the first time, “Clean it up, bitch.” Needless to say, I obeyed him. Actually, he kept his cock in my mouth way longer than necessary. And after perhaps a full minute, he said to Sam, “Your bitch likes sucking cock.” I hadn’t realized it until that instant, but I had actually been sucking his cock.

He then put his hand on the back of my head and prevented me from backing off. Sam scooted up beside me and started saying things like, “That’s right, bitch, suck his big cock good.” And “Oh wow, you really do like sucking cock. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you have plenty of cocks to suck.”

I panicked when I felt Steve’s cock begin to grow in my mouth. He still had his hand on my head and wouldn’t let me back off. Instead, he pushed my head down even more. I gagged many times and felt like I was going to throw up, but fortunately, I didn’t.


“Your bitch is a great cock sucker.” He said to Sam as he began actually fucking my mouth. Still, he kept pressing my head down more and more until I felt its big bulbous head actually violate my throat. Feeling that, he began jamming his cock down my throat with every thrust.

Sam said, “Oh my God. He can even deep throat your long cock.”

“Yeah, he’s good. No girl has ever been able to do that. I could get used to fucking your bitch’s mouth.”

My wife let out a hardy laugh, “Hell, come over any time you want. He’ll be happy to oblige. Won’t you, bitch?” And then she giggled, “Oops, he can’t answer with your cock down his throat.”

I’m not sure how long that lasted. It felt like hours, but it was probably more like thirty minutes. He started holding me all the way down on his cock every time it went down my throat. Finally, he shoved his huge cock down my throat one last time and held it there until he was finished cumming. Sam said, “Oooo, that’s my good little cock sucker, cum-slut, bitch. Swallow his big load.”

When we got back to the living room, I thought the humiliation was over, but I was wrong. “Go get a wine glass and get your clothes off.”

Shit! I knew what was coming. Sure enough, when I was naked with the wine glass in my hand, she said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Beat off your pathetic little dick for us. You know what to do with the glass.”

It only took me a minute or so to cum in the glass. While I was drinking it, my wife laughed, “Wow! That was fast. Sucking you off and drinking your cum must have really made him horny.”

Steve chuckled, “I guess so.”

Steve slept in our bed with Sam that night. I was relegated to the sofa. As I was trying to go to sleep, listening to them laughing in the bedroom, I started thinking about what all had transpired. As bad as I hated to admit it to myself, I had found the whole situation strangely erotic. And they were right. By the time I had to jack off for them, I was indeed really horny, even though I had no reason to be.

Sam’s last words to me weren’t “Good night”, they were, “We’ll take our coffee in bed at nine a.m. sharp.”

It was a long time before I was finally able to go to sleep.

* * *

I actually slept pretty well until about five a.m., but starting then, I kept waking up a couple of times every hour, paranoid that I’d over sleep.

I got up at eight, went in and took a long, hot shower, and then put the coffee on. Not wanting to risk waking them up to get fresh clothes from the bedroom, I pulled on my shorts from the previous day, but I didn’t put on the underwear or T-shirt.

The bedroom door was open but I knocked on it anyway at exactly nine, and then I went in and sat a cup of coffee on each bedside table. “Here’s your coffee.”

Steve and Sam were spooned up against each other, and they both stirred and began getting out of bed. Sam motioned for me to follow them when they turned into the bathroom.

Steve raised the lid on the toilet but didn’t start peeing. My wife told me to step up beside him and aim his flaccid cock for him. So, I stepped up on his left side and used my right hand to point his cock. He put his right hand over Sam’s shoulder, hugged her to his right side and began peeing.

She said to me, “If you make a mess, you’ll have to clean it up.” And then she said to Steve, “Save some for him.”

It took a few seconds for the implications of her words to soak in on me. Shit! She was going to let him pee in my mouth. He peed for a very long time with a powerful stream. It felt like I was holding a water hose.

Prior to finishing, he choked off his stream, and then he said to me, “Sit on the toilet and open your mouth, bitch.”

When I complied, he immediately let a small stream of piss flow into my mouth. Fortunately, there wasn’t much of it, so I only had to swallow once. It was very harsh and sour, and I almost gagged from the smell and taste of it. Sam was giggling while watching him pee in my mouth. When he was finished, he said simply, “Suck the rest of it out of my cock, bitch.” So I did.

I hadn’t really noticed the night before, but his cock felt really warm and silky in my mouth. It was almost as big soft as it was hard.

My wife sat on the toilet and again spread her legs and opened her pussy with her fingers. Then, she let loose a torrent of pee. I was standing up a few feet away, but I could smell it.

When she stopped gushing pee, she crooked a finger to me as she was sliding forward on the seat. I knew what she wanted, so I got on my knees in front of her. However, this time she wasn’t satisfied with me simply licking her clean, “Put your mouth over my pussy.”

When I did, she released another gush of piss into my mouth. There was quite a bit of it, and I couldn’t swallow it all. Some of it spilled out of my mouth and down my neck and chest. That made Sam laugh out loud. And then she said, “Aww, my poor little piss-slut couldn’t swallow fast enough. He’s going to need a lot of practice.”

They went back to the bedroom to drink their coffee, so I went to the living room and turned on the TV, and then flipped through the three channels. All that was on was two church services and cartoons. I opted for the cartoons.

* * *

Sam started her period on Wednesday of the following week, so I was surprised when there was a knock on the door Friday afternoon. When I opened the door, it was Steve.

They started making out on the sofa while I was mixing three Screwdrivers. Again, I made mine much stronger than theirs. He pulled off her T-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so he immediately began kneading her big tits. A minute or so later, he began kissing and sucking them. While he was doing that, she was looking at me with a shit-eating grin.

He was still doing that when Sam said to me, “Brian, go into the bathroom and fill the hot water bottle with warm, soapy water. And then give yourself an enema. Do it twice so you’ll be nice and clean inside when Steve fucks you in the ass.”

“Wha . . . what?”

Her tone was hateful when she said, “You know better than to question me. Now get your ass in there and do what you’re told.”

On my way to the bathroom, I stopped at the kitchen and poured my glass all the way full of Vodka. In the bathroom, I immediately gulped down half of the straight alcohol.

My mother used to give me enemas when I was a preteen, but I hadn’t had one since then. I wasn’t sure how to make the water in the bag soapy, so I used some of my shampoo.

It was very awkward working the nozzle into my ass, even though I’d coated it with Vaseline. My ass was so tight around the slender nozzle, I couldn’t imagine Steve’s monster cock, or any cock for that matter, going in there.

When my bowels were full of water, I waited a couple of minutes before sitting on the toilet and letting it spill out. I remember Mom always making me wait to drain my bowels. And then I repeated the process. I’d flushed the toilet after the first time so I could tell if there was any shit in there after the second time. There wasn’t, so I knew I was clean inside.

I gulped down the remainder of the straight Vodka, and then stopped by the kitchen to make myself another strong Screwdriver before returning to the living room.

When I got back to the living room, Sam and Steve were making out again. She was holding his cock, but it looked to be only semi hard. “Get your fucking clothes off, bitch.” Sam ordered me.

When I was naked, she patted the sofa cushion beside her, “Sit”, and when I did, Steve got up and stepped in front of me. He urged my legs apart so he could get closer. And then Sam said in a stern, commanding voice, “Give him a blowjob so he’ll last longer when he fucks your pathetic little cum-slut asshole.”

Seconds later, Steve had a handful of my hair and forced his already huge cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock until he was fully hard, and then, just like the night before, he pulled my head down and thrust his hips forward until his huge cock went into my throat. Surprisingly, I didn’t gag at all.

I don’t expect people to understand it—hell I don’t really understand it myself, but I was actually enjoying sucking his cock and taking it into my throat. Likewise, being ordered to do things I would never have done otherwise was kind of erotic to me, even the derogatory names they both used to address me. I even started to believe I was exactly how they described me, a cum-slut, pee-slut, pathetic bitch. Still, the prospect of him shoving his huge cock into my ass scared the hell out me.

It only took about fifteen minutes before he crammed his long, thick cock down my throat and came. When he was finished, Sam said, “That’s my good little cum-slut. Now go get us fresh drinks.”

When I handed them their drinks, Sam asked me in that same stern voice, “Are you sure you’re really clean inside, bitch?”

I replied, “Yes, Ma’am,”

“Good, then get on your knees in the middle of the room and stick your ass in the air.” When I was in position, she said, “Now, spit on your finger and work it all the way into your asshole.

My finger was a little larger than the nozzle on the hot water bottle, so it was difficult, but I finally managed to get my finger all the way in my ass. “Now take your finger out and put it in your mouth and suck it clean.”

When I hesitated, she said in her most hateful tone, “What’s the matter, bitch? You said you were clean inside.” So I did it. Fortunately, there was virtually no smell or taste at all.

“Now, go to the bedroom. Take the bottle of Vaseline with you. Get on your knees on the foot of the bed and stick your ass in the air. Then work three fingers into your ass and really stretch it out. I don’t want your tight ass to hurt Steve’s cock. We’ll be in there in a few minutes.”

It took me a long time to comply with that one. I thought I’d never get a third finger into my asshole, but I finally managed. I then began spreading my fingers inside my ass, tugging this way and that, stretching out my virgin asshole. I even used my thumb to help stretch me open.

When they entered the bedroom, Sam asked me, are you stretched out good?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good, then go mix us fresh drinks.”

When I returned to the bedroom, Sam made me suck Steve to full hardness, and then smear Vaseline all over his cock. When he was fully hard, my wife ordered me to ‘assume the position’. When I did, she tossed me a pillow and said, “Burry your face in the pillow so the neighbors won’t hear your screams.”

If I wasn’t already scared enough, hearing that took my fear up exponentially. I was hoping beyond hope that Steve would at least enter me slowly, but he did no such thing. I felt the head of his huge cock press against my asshole, and then he immediately thrust forward. His hands were on my hips, and he was pulling me backward. I did indeed let out a very loud cry when he rammed his cock way into my ass.

God! It hurt so bad; I just kept crying into the pillow. “Aww, my poor little cum-slut can’t take a little pain.”

And then Steve said, “Holy shit! He’s tight as fuck.”

“Fuck him hard. He’ll get used to it.”

And he did. He didn’t even give me time to adjust to having his monster cock in my ass before he started withdrawing and slamming it back into me. I couldn’t stop crying into the pillow.

I couldn’t imagine the situation getting any worse, but it did. Sam said with a silly giggle, “Oh look. My little cum-slut is hard. He must really being enjoying getting fucked in the ass.”

I didn’t even realize my dick had gotten hard. I was simply in too much pain to be aware of anything but Steve’s huge cock punishing my ass. I didn’t even realize that Sam had gotten off the bed, but I did notice when she got back from wherever she went.

Seconds later, she told Steve to pull the upper half of my body up. He grabbed a handful of my hair and did just that, but he never stopped thrusting his cock into me.

When I was more upright, Sam handed me the pillow and said, “Hold this to your face.” And a couple of seconds later; I felt a sharp sting on my dick. It felt like a belt. She just kept hitting my dick over and over, increasing the severity with every swing of the belt. She even stung my balls hard with it several times.

“You’d better lose the boner, bitch, or else I’m going to keep spanking your pathetic little dick and balls until you do.”

God! My dick was on fire, and it was only getting worse with each swat of the belt. True to her word, she was soon swinging the belt with all the force she could. I felt like I was going to pass out any second. Unfortunately, my boner didn’t to down, so she just kept swinging the belt over and over and over.

Sam must have swung the belt twenty times, but my stubborn dick wouldn’t cooperate. It stayed hard through it all. She must have gotten tired of swinging the belt, because she finally stopped and told Steve, “Fuck! It won’t go down. Make him regret it.”


Hearing that, Steve yanked my head back violently and told Sam, “Give me that belt.”

When she did, he released my hair and began stinging my ass with the belt. All the while, he never stopped slamming his huge cock into my ass. It must have been over thirty minutes before he finally crammed his cock into my ass, grunted, and began shooting his cum deep inside my bowels. I was surprised that I could actually feel him cumming.

When Steve was finished cumming and pulled his cock out of my ass, it wasn’t a surprise when Sam ordered me, “Clean his cock, and you’d better clean it good.”

I was pleasantly surprised when there was no smell or taste, other than his slimy cum. It did surprise me when she made me put two fingers in my ass and lick them clean. She made me keep doing that until there was no cum on my fingers when I took them out of my ass.

Unfortunately, my dick was still hard. Out of frustration, she made me stand up, and after stinging my dick with a belt three more times, she grabbed my nuts and squeezed them so hard, my legs gave way, and I fell to my knees. I couldn’t breathe, and my vision was very blurry. The whole room was spinning, and I was afraid I was going to pass out. Fortunately, I didn’t.

“Fuck! The little bitch is still hard. Drag his ass into the living room by his hair. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Steve spoke up, “I need to piss.”

“Okay, drag him into the bathroom instead.”

My nuts were still hurting so bad; I barely noticed the pain on my head from being dragged by my hair. He boosted me up and sat me on the toilet, “Open your mouth, bitch.”

When I did, he put the head of his flaccid cock against my tongue and then started pissing. There was no way I could swallow that fast, so it was running out of my mouth, down my chin, and landed on my chest and stomach. It even flooded my legs. Still, he just kept pissing, so he grabbed my hair and forced his cock a few inches into my mouth. I struggled to swallow, but it was useless. There was just too much of it.

When I finished cleaning myself up with a washcloth and the floor with a towel, I went to the kitchen and made myself another strong Screwdriver. I didn’t know what was going to come next, but I knew whatever it was, I probably wasn’t going to like it.

Sure enough, when I got to the living room, Steve was sucking Sam’s nipples and kissing her passionately now and then. When she saw me though, she made me stand in the middle of the room. She reached over to the end table and got an ice tea picture, and it was filled with ice cubes.

Sam came to me and held my dick out straight, and then roughly shoved my dick into the ice. The sharp edges of the ice cubes really hurt the head of my dick, but she didn’t care.

When I was fully impaled in the tea picture, she said, “Now, just stand there and hold it in place. Don’t take your pathetic little dick out until it’s completely soft.

It only took about five minutes for my dick to finally shrivel up to almost nothing. When I removed the tea picture and showed Sam my totally flaccid dick, she crooked a finger to me.

When I was close enough, she reached onto the end table and picked up a large rubber band. Then, she looped it over her thumb three times. Next she stretched the three rings of the rubber band and put it over the head of my dick. It was so tight, hurt like hell when she rolled it down to the base of my dick, tangling it in my pubic hair as she went.

She did the same thing with another identical rubber band. But then, she took up the third rubber band, but she didn’t loop it around her thumb. Instead, she just doubled it, and then she worked it around my dick and stretched it out around my nut sack. Ouch! “Now go get us another drink.”

Steve spoke up, “I have to go pretty soon.”

“Awww, you have time to cum one more time, don’t you?”

He shrugged, “I guess so.”

“Good. Do you want a blowjob, or do you want to fuck my bitch in the ass again?”

I was relieved when he responded, “A blowjob.”

Sam immediately looked at me, “Well, what are you waiting for? Get your ass over here and sit down.”

When I was sitting, Steve stepped up in front of me and forced my knees apart so he could get closer. Then he said, “Open up, bitch.” And he shoved his flaccid cock into my mouth.”

Actually, I’d grown somewhat fond of sucking Steve’s monster cock, even when it was hard and he was fucking my throat with it. Between sucking him and him fucking my ass, I’d pick sucking him every time.

That was one very long blowjob, and by the time I finally managed to finish him off, my jaws were toast, and my throat was raw.

* * *

Steve and Sam fell into a routine of sorts. On weekdays, he’d come over late after she and I got home from out part-time jobs. She’d be waiting for him, already naked, and she insisted I be naked too. They’d fuck, and then he’d get dressed and leave, after I cleaned both of them up, of course.

She’d also take the rubber bands off of me before I went to school, but she’d put them back on shortly after we got home. One day, she didn’t put them back on right away. She told me to go into the bathroom and shave my dick and balls. That was too weird, but I did it. I used scissors to trim my pubic hair as short as I could before using shaving cream and my razor. When I was finished, I liked the smooth feel, but it looked funny as hell in the mirror.

When I returned to her in the living room, she giggled when she saw my hairless pubes. There was a small paper bag sitting beside her on the sofa. She beckoned me closer, and then she dumped out the contents of the bag.

One of the items was a weird looking device. My dick wasn’t hard, so she slipped it into the sleeve of the device. She put my nuts in the attached pouch, tightened the strap enough to be painful, and then she used the small key to lock the strap in place. “That should keep you from getting hard without permission.” At least there was a hole in the end of the dick sleeve, so that I could pee without her taking it off.

The next item scared the shit out of me. It had two clamps attached by a chain about a foot apart. Each clamp had a small dial on it. “Just stand there, and I’d better not hear a fucking peep out of you.” And then she opened one of the spring loaded clamps and closed it on my nipple. FUCK! That hurt more than I have words to describe. It took every inch of restraint I could muster not to cry out in pain. I could feel tears running down my face.

I winced when she closed the second clamp on my other nipple, but again, I didn’t scream out in pain. My wince made her laugh, “You’re such a pussy. Girls wear these without complaint. You’re lucky I set them on the mildest setting. From now on, if you piss me off, I’ll tighten them down to their harshest setting, Understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The last item was an odd shaped thing. I had no idea what it was. “Go get the Vaseline.”

When I returned to the living room, she made me get on my knees and spread my butt cheeks. The next thing I knew, she was trying to force the small end of the device into my ass. After a couple minutes of trying she gave up. “Shit, lube up your fingers and stretch your asshole open. Use three fingers and really stretch it out.”

The small end of the thing was thinner than Steve’s cock, but the other end was perhaps twice as thick as his cock. I didn’t think it would ever go into my ass. I was wrong, but Sam didn’t shove it in my ass. She told me to get it started in, and then sit on it until it was all the way in my ass. It wasn’t terrible at first, but when the big end entered me, I felt like I was being torn apart. It hurt so bad, I almost passed out.

When it was all the way in me, she said, “You can take it out when you need to take a dump, but you’d better put it right back in your ass when you’re finished. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good, now get down here and eat my pussy, and you’d better fucking make me cum.”

* * *

Sam made me wear the apparatus on my cock and the butt plug to school and to work. Fortunately, she only made me wear the nipple clamps when Steve was there. When he wasn’t there, she’d have me eat her pussy until she came.

When he was there, she’d have me give him a blowjob, and then he’d eat her pussy. After she came, I’d get him hard again with my mouth, and then he’d fuck her for a very long time. Of course, after he came inside her, I’d have to clean up his gigantic cock and her sloppy pussy.

The Saturday after she started her next period, she had to work but I didn’t. When she got home, she immediately told me to go take an enema, “Do it at least twice to make sure you’re clean inside. And then take a shower. Don’t put the plug back in your ass.”

I wasn’t a total idiot. I knew exactly what was coming. “Yes, Ma’am.”

When I got out of the shower and just started drying myself, Sam poked her head into the bathroom, “Don’t bother getting dressed.”

When I got to the living room, Sam told me, “Go fix me a drink, and you’d better have a couple of stiff ones. You’ve only got about fifteen minutes.”

Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, and just as I was finishing my second strong Screwdriver, there was a knock on the door. Sam didn’t budge, “Go answer the door.”

I knew better to question her, and since I was sure it was Steve, I went to the door and opened it. Steve was indeed there, but I was shocked to see that there were two guys with him. Steve pushed me aside and went in to kiss Sam.

“Go make our visitors Screwdrivers, and don’t take all day.”

When I got back with the drinks, Steve was naked. The other two guys weren’t. Sam made me sit beside her, and Steve immediately stepped up in front of me and said, “Open up, bitch.” And then he jammed his soft cock into my mouth. “Suck it, bitch.”


When I had his huge cock hard, he jammed it down my throat in one thrust. He had a hand full of my hair and fucked my throat violently. He’d never been that mean about it before, so I assumed he was doing it to impress his two friends. At one point, he looked over his shoulder and told them, “This is how to face-fuck a cum-slut bitch.”

Sam started saying things like, “That’s right, my little cock-sucking, cum-slut bitch. Suck his big cock. I know you love it. Your pathetic little dick is probably trying to get hard inside its restraints.”

Of course, that was nothing new coming from Sam, so I assumed she was saying those things for the benefit of the other two guys. She was right though. I had learned to enjoy sucking Steve’s huge cock, and she was right about my dick trying to get hard, even though that was impossible with it inside the device.

When Steve stiffened and his cock grew even larger in my mouth and throat, as usual, Sam was saying, “Oooo, here it comes. Swallow his big load of cum.”

When Steve finished cumming, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said to his friends, “Get your clothes off boys.”

Shit! I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me. I kind of figured that’s why they were there. When they were naked, Sam said, “What are you two waiting for. Get over here so he can suck your cocks.” And then she said to me, “They’re our guests, so you’d better show them a good time.”


Neither of the guys’ cocks were even close as big as Steve—bigger than mine for sure, but not long enough to violate my throat with more than the head of their cocks.

Neither of them lasted more than ten minutes, so it wasn’t really that bad. Actually, they were both a lot easier to suck than Steve, so my jaws didn’t get too sore.

When the last one came in my mouth, Sam said, “Now get us another round of drinks. Get yourself one too. You’re going to need it when they start fucking your pathetic ass.”

* * *

About fifteen minutes later, I was on my knees with my face in a pillow and my ass lubed up with Vaseline and stuck in the air. When Steve jammed his big cock into my ass, he said to Sam, “You’re right. That butt plug made it a lot easier to get my cock in his ass.” And then he thrust forward hard enough to make me scream into the pillow. His cock was a lot longer than the plug, so when he went in all the way, it was like I hadn’t been wearing the plug at all.

Steve fucked my ass hard and fast for what must have been well over thirty minutes. One of his friends exclaimed, “That’s what I’m talking about!” And they high-fived each other.

When Steve finally came in my ass, Sam ordered me to clean Steve’s cock, and then use my fingers to clean out my ass over and over and lick them clean until my ass wasn’t so sloppy.

One of Steve’s friends got behind me and started fucking my ass. In all honesty, I could barely feel his smaller cock in my ass. Even though I’d given him a blowjob a few minutes earlier, he came in my ass after only about fifteen minutes of fucking me. It was almost laughable.

After I cleaned his cock and his cum out of my ass, his friend took his place. It went about the same, but he lasted maybe twenty minutes. After I’d cleaned his cock and my ass, Steve’s two friends got dressed. Steve was already dressed.

That’s when the trouble started. One of Steve’s friends said, “Damn, I’d sure like to have a look at those big ole tits. I was shocked when Steve said to Sam, “You heard him, show them your tits.”

I’d never seen Sam take shit off of anyone, and she didn’t start now. “No way!”


Steve grabbed her by the hair roughly, “I said show them your tits.”

I couldn’t stand it. I came to her defense, “Leave her along.”

Steve immediately released Sam’s hair and stepped over to me. He grabbed my hair and turned my face up, and then he slammed his fist into my face hard enough that I almost passed out. And then he drug me to my feet by my hair and slugged me in the gut. I couldn’t breathe. I was gasping for air when he threw me onto the floor.

Steve then turned back to Sam, “If you don’t want the same thing your pussy husband just got, show my friends your tits. In fact, take your shirt off so they can get a good look.”

I was very conflicted when she did as he wanted. On the one hand, I felt sorry for her, and on the other hand, I didn’t want to see her get hurt, so I was glad she complied with his order.

After his friends gawked at my wife’s big tits for a couple of minutes, all three of them left. It shocked me when Sam hurried over to me and sat down on the floor. She pulled my head into her lap and said, “I’m so, so sorry he hurt you.” She was gently stroking my face when she said, “Thank you for trying to stick up for me.”

After a couple of minutes, she got up and said, “I’ll go get you some ice for your face.”

Sam let me sleep in her bed that night for the first time since Steve first came on the scene. She even took the device off of my dick and balls.

* * *

Two days later, just after Sam and I both got home from work, we were snuggling on the sofa watching TV when there was a knock on the door.

Sam told me she’d get it. When she peeked through the peep hole, she said to me in a low voice, “It’s Steve.” And then she yelled through the door, “Go away, Steve. I don’t want to see you any more.”

He began pounding on the door, so she said twice more, “Go away.”

And then Steve kicked the door open. It struck Sam hard in the face. Blood shot out of her face in all directions and she fell to the floor. Steve grabbed her by the hair and drug her into the bedroom. She was kicking and screaming the whole time.

Steve threw her on the bed, tore off her clothes and began raping her. He wasn’t paying me any attention at all, so I went to the kitchen and grabbed our cast-iron skillet. And then I snuck up behind him, tapped him on the ass, and when he looked around, I swung the skillet as hard as I could, striking him in the forehead. His body went instantly limp.

Sam crawled out from under him and said, “You watch him. I’m going to call the police.”

While she was out of the bedroom, Steve started to stir, so I hit him hard again.”

Sam came back into the bedroom, “The police are on their way.” Her face was covered with blood, and it looked like her nose was broken. When I saw that, I was tempted to hit him again, but I resisted the urge.

While Sam was in the other room waiting on the police to arrive, Steve stirred again. I was almost happy. That gave me a reason to swing the skillet again. This time, he didn’t start to wake up until the police were just coming through the door.

* * *

Steve was convicted of rape and assault and sentenced to two years in jail. Before he was released, we obtained a restraining order to keep him away from me, Sam, and our apartment. Neither of us ever saw him again.