Picked up by a young couple, the scantily dressed damsel in distress is brought to a farmhouse, tied up, fucked, and held captive to be used as a slave.

Just my luck. My car died out in the middle of nowhere. There is no cell signal in this desolate place and very few vehicles travel this road. All I can do is start walking. I think I saw a gas station a few miles back. Dressed for a night out in the town with my stiletto heels, barely long enough skirt, and plunge neck top is no way to go be dressed to go for a walk, though.



Luckily, I don’t have to walk far before I see a car approaching. I begin to wave as soon as I see it. I feel a little relieved when I see it’s a young couple in the car. It makes me feel a little bit safer.

The car begins to slow down and pull to the side of the road. The woman, the passenger, rolls down her window.

“Hey sugar, you broke down?” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply, “my car is a little down the road. Could you just give me a ride to the nearest town? I need to call my boyfriend to tell him where I am.”

“Sure, hop on in,” she responds. “The nearest town is actually ahead of us. We’re heading to a party there.”

“Thanks so much. I was worried I’d be walking for miles in these shoes!”

I jump into the back seat of the car and we take off down the road. Before too long, the driver turns down a dirt road that is barely even discernable from the surrounding landscape. I’m not sure this is really a road even, let alone the way to the next town, but I’m out of my area and I have no idea.

On the not too distant horizon, I see a wooden platform with what appears to be a cross. As we get closer, the driver pulls over to this structure.

“Um, why are we stopping here? What is this?” I ask.

The woman glances into the backseat and replies, “This is my playset.” She gives me a look up and down and an eerie smile spreads across her face.

I’m confused now. I fear I’ve made a big mistake getting in the car with these two. Right now, though, I can see no way to escape. With my current state of dress and the fact that I’m now very far off the beaten path, I know there is no way I’m going to find help, but I try to open the door anyway.

It’s locked. There is no workable lock in the backseat. I begin to beg, “Please let me out. I’ll walk to the town if you’ll just point the way. I don’t want to play.”

The man lets out a short chuckle and for the first time turns around to look at me. He’s handsome enough. Blue eyes and blonde hair help turn your eyes away from the scar that leads from the corner of his mouth up close to his ear. “You don’t have a choice, sweetheart. My girl gets what she wants. Right now, she wants to play with you.”

The woman gets out of the car and comes to the back door. I scoot closer to the driver side of the backseat, but really there’s nowhere to go. She grabs my ankle and drags me towards her. She’s strong. She’s much stronger than she looks and definitely stronger than me.

She grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me out of the car. Turning me around, she swiftly ties a rope around my wrists and leads me to the wooden structure she calls her playset.

“You know, sugar, this slutty little outfit is really turning me on. I mean, you’re covered, but if you move the wrong way, anyone would be able to see that sweet little mound between your legs. And that top…one wrong twist and one of those perky little tits would just pop out of that top. But I guess that doesn’t really matter, because there will be no accidental showings here today. I’m going to tear that shit off of you and have my way with you.” When we get to her playset, she pushes me down and I try my best to fight as she ties each leg to one of the posts in the ground.

Here I am spread-legged out in the wild. My decision to not wear underwear means that my bare pussy is now visible.

Next she unties my wrists and ties then to the poles at the back of the structure. Slowly she crouches down next to me. She begins to run her fingers down the middle of my chest between my breasts. “Not even enough for cleavage. I like perky little breasts,” she comments.

She softly grabs one of my breasts and kneads it like it’s dough. She bends down and sucks my nipple. Gently, she kneads the other breast as she flicks her tongue back and forth over that same nipple. Then she bites. The pain shoots down my spine. My nipples are so sensitive. She pinches the nipple, lightly at first, but then harder and harder. She twists and pulls and she’s not letting go. I cry out in pain, but it’s at that time I realize where the man is. He’s standing behind me with a whip. As I scream, he cracks the whip across my breasts.

“Don’t scream,” he commands.

How can I not? I whimper, hoping that’s a more acceptable sound. Apparently it is, because I am not punished by another whip. From the woman’s pocket, she pulls out two large metal clamps with a chain connecting them. Pinching my nipple again, she clamps one of them on my breast and I scream once more, only to be quickly punished by the whip, now across my thigh. She attaches the second clamp to my other nipple and I bite my lip to keep from screaming. Next she attaches a hook to one of the links of the chain and pulls the wire it’s on through a circle hook on the cross. She puts another hook on the other end of the wire and attaches that to the rope on my wrist. It’s not until I try to squirm that I realize if I move, the hook pulls the chain, in turn yanking my breasts by the nipples. Another scream and another crack of the whip on my thighs.

The woman stands and strips off her shorts and panties. She crouches down near my head. “You ever had a woman before, sugar?” she asks.

“No, I’m straight,” I respond.

“Well you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten pussy. Mine’s as sweet as they come,” she taunts as she swings one leg over my head so that she is crouched over my face.

Slowly she lowers herself down so that her pussy is right over my mouth.

“Stick your tongue out, sugar, and lick my clit,” she commands.

I comply, because I have no idea what will happen if I don’t. She lowers herself more so that I can reach. I lick her clit. It’s warm. I don’t know how to do this, so I just lick, like I were licking an ice cream cone.

“Come on now,” she says, “you know how you like it. Do the same thing to me. If you don’t make me cum, I’ll sit on your face until you can’t breathe. You want to make it out of this, don’t you.”

For the first time tonight, I’m not worried about what they’ll do to me sexually. I’m now concerned for my life.

I lick her clit again, flicking my tongue back and forth. She moans, so I’m sure I’m doing something right now. She moves her wet mound so that now I can stick my tongue inside her. It’s so wet and warm. I stick my tongue in. I lift my face so that the tip of my nose is rubbing her clit and I dive right into her perfect pussy. Damn, I didn’t think I’d like this, but I’m starting to get wet myself. Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t last, because I forget about the clamps and chain as I try to lift my face even closer by tugging on the rope to pull myself up. Pain once again shoots down my spine as the nipple clamps squeeze and tug at my already tender nipples.

After she’s had enough of me eating out that sweet pussy, she climbs off of my face. She then makes her way down to my spread out legs. I’m so wet by now that I’m sure the cum is just dripping from my hot mound.

She leans down and digs in her tongue, giving me the best oral sex I’ve ever had. She’s good. Better than any man who has tried to pleasure me this way.

As I write and moan, she suddenly plunges one finger deep inside my cunt. Before I know it, she inserts another, then another. My pussy is tight, since I’ve had little sex in my life. She begins to ram those three fingers in and out of me. It feels so good. I can’t believe I’m cumming while I’m being raped.

She calls to the man to bring her bag. What torture device does she have now? When the bag arrives, she pulls out a strap on dildo. This one looks quite interesting, because there’s a dildo on the inside that I’m guessing will go in her when she puts it on. She’ll get her pleasure as she fucks me.

Before she plunges the thick dildo in me, she once again fucks me with her fingers. This time as the three fingers are being plunged as far as she can into my pussy, her thumb slips into my ass. I hold back the scream this time.

She takes her fingers out of my dripping pussy and before I know it, she’s plunging all three into my ass.

“Anyone ever fuck you little ass hole?” she asks. “It feels so tight, I’m thinking the answer is no. Don’t you worry, I’ll break it in good.”

That dildo is now coming closer. She plunges it into my cunt and begins banging away. No nice soft start, no getting me ready, just fucking. Hard, fast fucking. All the while, her fingers are probing around in my ass.

Each thrust causes my breasts to jiggle, which in turn pulls on the nipple chain and the clamps do their job yet again. I’m whimpering as with each thrust she plunges deeper and deeper into me.

She pulls the dick out of my pussy and I feel it massaging my ass hole. That thing is not narrow. It’s got to be twice the size of her fingers. Before long, she has thrust the thick dildo up my ass. Again, no preparation for me. This time, I can’t help it, I scream out in pain. Crack! The whip comes down on my bare breasts.

Relentlessly, she pounds my ass. Fucking me deeper and harder and faster with each push. She’s moaning and screaming in pleasure as the cock inside her strap-on pleases her as she fucks me.

Now the man moves from his position. “My turn, too,” he announces.

He positions himself in front of the woman, who is still pounding the shit out of my ass. His cock is huge. Thicker and longer than the dildo. First, he sticks it in my mouth, commanding me to suck it. He plunges it as far as he can, but I’m not used to deep throating, so I gag. He pulls out and slaps me across the face. “Don’t you dare gag on me,” he commands.

Again, he thrusts his dick into my mouth. He grabs my hair and forces my head faster and faster onto his cock. There are a few times when I think I’m going to pass out if he doesn’t allow me to breathe, but each time, he lets up just in time.

When he’s had enough of fucking my face, he moves down my body. The woman is still pounding away on my now very sore ass. My breasts are still jiggling and being pinched with every move they make. “What more can they do to me?” I think.

Dumb question. When he reaches to where he is standing back to front with the woman, he sticks his fingers in my pussy. He fucks me with his fingers as she’s fucking my ass with the dildo. Then the final humiliation comes. He plunges his cock deep into my pussy. They move in harmony as they fuck my ass and my cunt at the same time. The pain is growing stronger and I don’t know how much more I can take. Just as I think I’m about to pass out from the pain, I hear him ask, “Face or pussy? Do you want to carry my child? My little guys are good swimmers. Nah, I don’t need another mouth to feed. Open your mouth, bitch!”

I do as I’m told and he pulls his cock out of my swollen pussy. His cum squirts all over my face and into my mouth. “Swallow it!” he commands.

I do as I’m told. The woman is writing in pleasure and soon she makes one last hard fast thrust into my ass and screams out in orgasmic pleasure.

“Good bitch!” she compliments me. “I think we’ll keep you. You follow directions pretty well. I need a sex slave.”

And so begins my captivity. I’m put back into the car, still wet and sticky from the cum on my face, in my pussy, and in my ass. They drive me to the farmhouse that I couldn’t see from where we were before and place a collar around my neck. They attach a chain to the collar and lead me to the barn.

“This stall is yours,” she says as she clips the chain to the post. “Be ready at any time. If you’re not, you’ll be punished.”