Money or Cunt!

Mary M. was employed at G. restaurant located in Salt Lake City. She worked as minimum wage counter help, taking orders, cleaning tables and running the cash register. She had no supervisory responsibility at work and she had nothing to do with the safe that was in a back room at the restaurant. Her uniform consisted of navy blue pants, a blue and tan striped pullover shirt, and while working, an apron, hat and name tag.

James, originally hired as a cook and a dishwasher, was then made a shift supervisor, at which time his wage was raised. As a shift supervisor, James was considered a part of the management team, who was to have a thorough working knowledge of company policies and procedures.

He had all of the keys to the restaurant and he possessed the combination and key to the safe located on the premises. Management personnel, including the shift supervisor, wore a vest and tie, which signified their special position of authority.

As shift supervisor, James was required to “Maintain a thorough working knowledge of and follow all company policies and procedures”, according to the company manual, and Carl, themanager of the restaurant.

Mary knew that there was a safe in the employee break room, and she had requested James to get change for her on several occasions. She assumed that James had access to the safe, although she had never actually seen him open it.

G. restaurant usually closed at 11:00 p. m., but on October 5, the restaurant became busy late in the evening, causing the shift to run later than usual. Mary, who was scheduled to work until closing, did not have a car at work that day. Although her husband usually picked her up after work, Mary made arrangements to walk home with James after work that day, so her husband would not have to get their small son out of bed at that time of the night to come and pick her up.

Mary had walked home from work on many prior occasions, but not after dark. After the last customers were served, Mary, James, and Carl began cleaning up and preparing to leave. Carl left about midnight, leaving Mary and James still at work.

While cleaning up, Mary observed someone pull on the locked door of the restaurant, but she did not see the individual well enough to identify him. The restaurant did not have “open” or “closed” signs on the door, and it was not unusual for people to walk by to see if the place was still open.

After their work was done, James and Mary played a video game and then left the restaurant, James locking the door behind them. They did not observe anyone around the restaurant when they left. At the time they left the store, Mary was wearing her dark slacks and striped shirt, covered by a long navy sweater coat. Her apron was rolled up and put in her pocket, and her hat and name tag had been left at the restaurant. James had removed his tie and wore a black jacket or vest over his clothes.

About two blocks from the restaurant they were accosted by two men, who ordered them to go back to the restaurant to get money. James noticed that one of them had a knife in one of his pockets. James agreed to cooperate and they walked back to the store, but James told one of the men that he could not open the safe, although he had the knowledge and ability to do so. James knew that there was only $500 in the safe.

On the way back, the men checked James s wallet and asked Mary for her money. She had only a nickel which the men did not take. At the store, the men took James s keys and made Mary unlock the restaurant. All four went in, and the men locked the door after them and kept James s keys.

James led Mary and the men around to check the tills, which were empty, and into the break room. James and one of the men went on to the manager s office for a search for money, and then James s hands were tied and he was returned to the break room. There, one of the men began manipulating the safe, trying to open it.

“Open the safe, sir”, the man said, putting his knife on James throat.

“No, I can t do it”, James said.

The men became frustrated and disgusted at their inability to get any money. One man said to James and Mary:

“If we can t get any money, we re going to get some pussy. ”

One of the men then took Mary to a different part of the restaurant.

“Take off your clothes”, said the man, standing behind Mary and pointing his knife to her back.

Mary removed her long navy seater coat.

“Go on, ma am. ”

She then unbottoned her striped shirt.

“Hurry up or you will feel this knife penetrate your back. ”

Mary took off her shirt and then unbuttoned her dark slacks, starting to beg the man.

“Please don t hurt me. Please ask my colleague again, I m sure he will remember the combination of the safe. ”

“Ok, it s your last chance, ma am”, said the man, returning the woman to the break room. Mary was wearing only her bra and panties.

“Hey, open this fucking safe, now!” said the man to James.

Mary s colleague didn t answer, keeping his eyes down.

“You ve annoyed me”, the man said, tearing off Mary s bra.

Mary screamed.

“You will scream more when my hard cock gets into your cunt, ma am”.

Then he made Mary bend over a table, with the help of the other man.

“The show is about to begin” said the man, standing behind Mary and looking at James, who didn t say a word.

Then the man began groping Mary s C – cup breasts and used his knife to cut the right side of her panties from her thigh. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock.

The man put his hands over Mary s hips and thrusted his eight inches cock into her cunt.

Mary began to cry.

“Please, no, please!”

“Shut up, bitch!”

After few minutes, the man withdrawn his cock from Mary s cunt and put his finger in her asshole.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass ma am?”

Mary didn t answer to him, tears ran down her face. Then the man shoved his dick into her asshole.


“Does it hurt, bitch? Relax, ma am”.

The man kept pushing into Mary s ass for a few minutes, then he made her turn around and cummed on her face.

“It s you turn”, he said to the other man.

The second man made Mary bend over the table again and started fucking her from behind.

After the second assault on Mary began, the first man went to James, zipped up his pants in front of him, and threatened him with a roll of cellophane wrap.

“It ll be worse for you if you don t open the safe for us. ”

James finally agreed to open the safe. After getting the money, the men were about to leave, but the second man said:

“There is still time for one last show. ”

Then he removed James pants and underpants and pushed Mary on her knees in front of his colleague.

“Look at him, it seems he enjoyed the show”, said the first man laughing at James partially erect cock.

Then he turned to Mary and pushed her head onto James dick:

“Don t you think he deserves a reward for opening the safe? Suck it”

“Please don t do this… please.. ” Mary said, crying.

But the man put the knife at Mary s throat so she grabbed James cock and began to suck it.

“Very good ma am, very good” said the first man, as James dick hardened.

After few minutes, Mary received James cum in her mouth and the first man ordered her to swallow it.

The two men left on foot, taking Mary with them, and leaving James tied up in the restaurant. Mary was forced to run down an alley and over an eight foot fence, injuring her foot and both hands. She was able to escape when a policeman came into view. The men separated and ran, they were never caught.