Twisted thoughts

I awoke in the middle of the night, desperate to Urinate. I jumped up and ran to the toilet, naked I seen no need to dress thinking everyone should be asleep. As I left the bathroom my 19 year old daughter Rhea walked out of her bedroom and we met face to face. Usually not an issue but for some reason my cock was rock hard. I’d already struggled to piss as it was not relaxing. I was a little shocked in my half asleep state, Rhea on the other hand was wide awake, looked towards my cock, smiled and said morning daddy and giggled. She walked into the bathroom and I climbed back into my own bed, snuggled against my wife and passed out.

The following morning I’d forgotten about the incident during the night. I’d woken around 7.15am, It probably was Kel leaving the house for work. I went and showered, but feeling horny as always first thing I decided to relieve myself. With the shower gel as a lubricant I was pounding my cock quite quickly. Just as I started erupting I lost my footing and slipped, crashing into the tub with a thud. It must have woken Rhea as she came running in to ensure I was ok. The issue being as I was falling, I was shooting cum and ‘redecorating’ the bathroom and myself.

‘Dad are you ok?’

‘Oh shit, sorry dad you’re naked and I should have asked before rushing in, but just thought you’d hurt yourself or something.’

‘I’m fine baby, don’t worry’

Only at that point did I think about the fact I was covered in cum, rock hard and laying in the tub and the water from the shower head falling on my feet. We don’t have a separate shower and bathtub as our bathroom is small. So we had the shower fitted as I hate baths. Kel and Rhea on the other hand will spend hours laying in the tub. Luckily we have a separate toilet otherwise I’d never be able to go.

Again I realised that Rhea was staring at my cock, but this time she was blushing. As I met her eyes she quickly turned around and left. Went into her room and closed the door.

I wrapped myself in a towel and headed to my room, on the way I passed her room I was certain I heard Rhea breathing really heavily, my imagination did not go where most people would as honestly I didn’t think of my daughter as a sexual being. Now I have thought of her a few times, seeing her walk around the house wearing tiny shorts, no underwear and catching the occasional glimpse of her pussy or pubic area, she wore loose tops and rarely wore a bra and once she fell asleep on the couch her right tit escaped and I had seen the full beauty. I’d masturbated thinking of my baby a few times, well a lot of times. At 18 her body was insanely beautiful, widening hips her breasts were 32B (I’d cum into her used Bra whilst sniffing her worn panties a few times).

Rhea was developing a shapelier body than Kel It had to be said. Kel, when we met was slim, 34B and a tight little white Girls ass even though she was mixed race. Now at 34, being a nurse so caring for others more than herself it had to be said she didn’t look as amazing as she once did. She had flicks of greying hair, didn’t use makeup as much, and I suppose just couldn’t be bothered. Now don’t get me wrong in my eyes she was and still is beautiful, but that didn’t seem enough for Kel recently. We had stopped having sex a few months ago as she couldn’t be bothered… probably why my mind had fixated on Rhea.

As I entered my room I dropped the towel and for some reason my cock was becoming hard again, which for a 37 year old man wasn’t that rare but I had just cum so would have expected it to be flaccid. As I stood looking at myself in the mirror, seeing a slightly overweight dad bod, a decent 7” cock standing to attention and decent thighs I didn’t think I looked too bad. Yes a visit to the gym was in need but why ruin a 4 year steak of paying for the membership but not actually using the facilities except sauna and such.

I grabbed my phone, looked up my favourite porn website and searched up daddy daughter taboo. Whilst watching the clip of the daughter being taken from behind I was once again pulling on my cock, quite roughly and thinking of Rhea. I know I said her name out loud, not loud enough though that she could hear as I shot another and much smaller amount of cum onto the towel, which I also used to wipe myself clean.

I dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast, as the bacon and eggs were just about ready I shouted Rhea to come and eat. She came bouncing into the kitchen happily and wearing not too much. Being a Saturday we would be alone most of the day as Kel worked 16 hours every Saturday and usually grabbed food on the way home, then passed out within an hour of being home. Like I said she was a nurse and definitely worked hard, so I didn’t mind. Myself and Rhea usually had take out and watched a film, so with that in mind I asked Thea which film she wanted to watch.

‘Oh well actually dad I want to see Endgame again as I’m sure I’ve missed bits.’

‘Superb’ I replied as it was me that got her into the MCU films. We watched it at the cinema with the mrs who didn’t care for it and fell asleep during the 3 hour run.

‘Ok and pizza for dinner?’

‘ha ha ha ha, it’s like you can read my mind dad’

We discussed what our plans for the day were, she was going out with her Cousin shopping, which would no doubt cost me a few quid. I on the other hand needed to sort the garden as it was my birthday in a few weeks and planned on a family BBQ. If that was to happen the grass needed cutting, weeds pulled, the whole thing tidied. If we had a pool that would not have been pretty, but let’s be fair the weather in the UK tends to stop most people getting an actual pool in their own garden.

A short while later Rhea popped into the garden with a big smile and giving me that damned look where she knew she could get anything from me,

‘Daaaddddyyyyy, you know how I’m going shopping with Claire, well I only have a tenner and I need more money as there’s this top I want which is twenty’

‘Fine, take my card, but do not go mad. £50 is the top limit ok, and I want to see what you bought with my money ok.’

With that she run over and jumped up giving me a hug saying how much she loved me.

She wore ripped black Jean’s which were so tight her ass looked like a little peach. Her barely there light brown crop top with no bra underneath completed the look. And she was gorgeous. I was definitely having unfatherly thoughts about my little princess. I also knew that she would be catching the eyes of most red-blooded males that would be out today. I know I’ve spotted younger girls out and admired and once or twice fantasised about those tight little bodies.

Once she had gone, I went out to the garden and with the sun already beating down I switched on a Best of British playlist on Spotify and got to work. Within 2 hours most of the hard graft had been done, grass had been cut, weeds pulled, and the new Gazebo built to check the size and placement etc. I decided a beer was needed so cracked one open and sat and relaxed listening to the music. I guess I dozed off at some point t as the next thing I know is being hit with a spray of water from the hose. My daughter and her friend were laughing almost uncontrollably as I tried to speak and move. My t shirt was off and thrown at the girls. They then disappeared into the house and I tidied up the little mess that was left and went to change into some dry clothing.

As I sat in my room I heard the girls giggling and then Claire say fairly loudly

‘Fuck off Rhe, there’s no way your dad will let you wear that skirt anywhere’

‘Well he will if I talk nicely to him, and I have him wrapped around my little finger’.

‘Babe we all say that about our dads, but It ain’t really true is it?’

‘Oh my dad defo is. He usually gives me anything I want because my mum is always working’

‘Don’t you dare complain, at least your mum didn’t fuck off to shag some bloke and never bother to come back’

‘I’m sorry Claire, I shouldn’t have moaned, your dad dating anyone yet?

‘Nope, he did bring home some slag a while back, but nothing since…. but I did catch him once, you know ‘releasing the pressure’ Claire used hand gestures to show what she meant.

‘No way, did you watch all of it? Is his cock big?’ asked Rhea

Now my ears picked up as the girls were loud enough for me to gear but not too loud that it was obviously for me to hear. But that certainly didn’t stop me making sure I heard everything.

‘Well not all of it, he was almost finished when I caught him, watching some blonde teen fucking a cucumber on a porn site.’

‘Fucking hell babe, what happened?’

‘Well, as I walked into the room he was stroking his cock so fast and as I spoke he turned and that’s when I noticed what he was doing, but i think it was too late for him to stop as he started cumming everywhere. There was so much of it. He tried to cover himself, but his cock is massive. So 3 hands weren’t enough’

‘Wow, I’d love to see it sometime. Think if I ask he will show me it? Ha ha ha ha ha

‘Well babe, wear that skirt around mine and he may show you a lot more than that, ha ha ha ha’

‘Well I know what I’m doing later’ said Rhea whilst laughing away.

Claire then moved the story to a new level and I was hooked.

‘Well Rhe, I’ll be honest, it made me properly horny, I know it shouldn’t as he is my dad, but when you see a guy shot his load it’s hard not to get wet.’

‘Holy shit, well….. tell me what you did, did you fuck your dad?’

‘Nooooo… I went to my room and fucked myself with the hairbrush, it felt so good and honestly all I could think of was how his cock would feel sliding into my cunt… You better not tell anyone I told you this. Promise me right now.’

‘I promise’ stated Rhea Aaaaaannndddd…. I gotta tell you something as well’.

‘No way, it better be as good as mine stated Claire as she did an awkward laugh.

‘So this morning I seen my dad naked coming out of the toilet, then later on I walked in on him and he was covered in cum. It made me so wet and horny I fucked myself with the little vibrator I bought last month.’

‘Are you actually fucking kidding me right now? So is it our dads that are perverts or us?’

Both girls were laughing away. My dick was rock hard once again and I was so shocked that the sound I’d heard earlier was he sliding that fake cock into herself…

I’ll definitely need to pay more attention to that chats, and when they leave I’m going to need to have a look for that vibrator.