Granddaughter’s Fantasy

“So, Grandpa wants to fuck his sweet little
Granddaughter, do you?”

I can handle that. After all, you keep seeing me walk
around in my skimpy nightie, and feel me sitting on
your lap and rubbing my bum to get you hard. You know
what a little cock-tease I am, even at this age.

“You are turned on by my little schoolgirl outfit,
aren’t you?”

My blond Pigtails. My bobby socks and patent leather
shoes; my tight white blouse; my short, short plaid
skirt; and my white cotton panties. When I bend over,
you can see the outline of my hairless little cunny
through the wet spot on my panties, can’t you?

You know that I’m very young, but it’s time for you to
fuck me, isn’t it? After all, you’ve been Fucking my
Mommy, your Daughter, for years now, ever since she
was a little girl with a hairless pussy like mine.
You’re pretty sure that Daddy is already fucking me,
so now it’s your turn.

The flirting is over. We’re both ready, and we both
want it! You grab me. You drive your tongue into my
mouth. You tear my clothes off me. You fondle my
little naked body all over. You take your clothes off
and lie down on your back with your massive hard-on
sticking straight up like a steel pole. I wonder how
I’m ever going to fit it into my little cunt!

You grab me by the hips, pull me to your face, and
bury your tongue as deep as you can into my bald tight
pussy. There is no cherry to stop your oral attack. I
have my first screaming orgasm of the day, coating
your tongue with my cum.

I lean over you, and suck your tongue deep into my
mouth, just like you hope I’ll do some time with your
cock, which I will. I slide down your aging but firm
body, leaving a wet trail down your chest. Your mouth
sucks and gnaws on my hard little nipples on the way.
I position my little pussy over the swollen head of
your cock, and ease down on it.

Ever so slowly my little slit absorbs the full length
of your shaft. You are amazed just how wet, how
smooth, how warm, how TIGHT my young pussy is! Feeling
the hard knob of your cock-head resting firmly on my
little cervix, I sit there motionless and breathless.
Finally, with a dazed look in my eyes, I look at you
and say,

“Fuck me, Grandpa, Fuck me! Fuck your Baby Girl! Fuck
your little granddaughter! Fill me with your cum!”

You grab me firmly by the hips, and begin using me
like a rag doll, pumping me mercilessly on your
swollen cock. My pigtails are flying. My titties are
bouncing. I’m cumming wildly, over and over again.
With my screams, you explode. Your cum fills my tight
little pussy, squeezing out around your throbbing
prick. I scoop up some of your cum in my fingers and
bring it to my mouth for a taste. You are amazed how
experienced I appear to be, but smile when you
remember Daddy has been fucking me for a good while

As I slide my little body off your softening but
satisfied cock and we hug and kiss again I say,

“Grandpa, thanks for the great FUCK! Do you think
sometime that you and Daddy can fuck me at the same
time? I wanna try DP.”

“Of course we can, Sheri!”

You smile, your cock starts to harden as I slide down
your legs and begin to lick the glistening Pre-Cum
from your cock-head. You know what comes, and cums,

Grandpa continued to jack-off as he reread his
granddaughters e-mail, and recalled the summer of