Sexy Suzy Services Seniors

Hi, I’m Suzy and I’m going to tell you about the good
deeds I do and how it all came about.

Even as a child I was benevolent. I easily shared my
dolls and toys and really enjoyed making other people
happy. Later on I learned about some special ways that
boys and girls could make each other feel good. My mom
had me way too young due to ignorance so she made sure I
would be ok. I learned early that boys should NEVER put
their boy part in between my legs until she said it was

That was a big help because I was good friends with the
two boys next door and we would spend time in their tree
house. We learned about each other’s bodies by touching
and tasting and playing lots of games including
exploring how we peed differently. When it was warm out
we would sometimes get naked and play pee games then run
thru the sprinkler.

As we got a little older we learned how to make each
other feel extra good with fingers and mouths but I
always remembered what I could NOT do.

When my periods arrived, mom put me on birth control and
showed me a good video. I recognized some of the stuff
on it and told my mom what I had done. She listened and
asked me some questions and gave me some advice about
being careful who I chose for partners, and ALWAYS let
sex be MY choice. I was soon fucking the neighbor
brothers every day because I knew I could trust them.

I really liked the happy noises they made as their dicks
spurted cum in me. They would even lick each other’s
stuff out of me which got me off big time even if their
dicks didn’t.

My dates in high school weren’t usually so lucky. Thanks
to my next door fuck buddies, I was never too horny to
make good decisions, unlike some of my girlfriends. I
put out very selectively and never had just one
boyfriend in order to keep my independence.

I met my husband in college. He was smart, reasonably
good looking, and dependable. He was a virgin and became
an ok fuck, but while we dated and were engaged I always
had some other guys who took care of those needs the way
I was used to. He could tell that I was experienced but
never asked for any details or if I was fucking anyone
else. I’d have been honest with him.

When we graduated we got married and he got a demanding
but well paying computer job. I began working at a
senior wellness center as activities director. Since I’d
been used to regular variety in my bed, it took some
adjusting on my part, but I tried to fit the “wife”
image. When my husband began spending long hours, came
home too tired for a good romp, and then got sent on
road trips, I had a problem.

I was used to getting hit on at work. These older guys
didn’t realize that they weren’t teenage boys any
longer, and I was a serious temptation, I’ll admit, so I
never got offended. I’m medium size with short dark red
hair top and bottom. Nice curves with full round tits.
My face is nice, more sensuous than pretty.

Anyway, I liked their attention and, with my husband
gone so much, I visited with them a lot. Many of them
were still in good physical shape, had great
personalities, and complained that they had little or no
sex life. Some had wives that had “dried up” and others
didn’t like the choices from the available single women.

Diddling myself in bed one lonely night I had an idea.
The first weekend day I could get my husband to let
everything else go, I got a bottle of wine and a sheer
robe, and got him tipsy and laid. Then I said we had to
talk. I told him I had a problem and explained about my
sexual needs that weren’t getting met the way things
were. My husband asked what I did before I met him.

When he confirmed that he really did want to know, I
told him as gently as possible. Then I wondered why he
had never said anything until now. He replied that he
didn’t think it was polite to inquire about such private

I noticed that his dick was fully hard again so I sat on
it and began moving up and down slowly. I said that at
least part of him likes how sexy I am. He groaned and
spurted inside of me then turned me over without getting
soft and fucked me hard until we both came. Our sex life
went into overdrive when I told him more about my
pussy’s past… at least during the times we could be
together. But that just wasn’t enough for me.

After a couple of weeks I initiated phase two of the
plan to improve my sex life. After the wine and fuck
prelude like last time I told my husband that I just had
to have more sex. I told him that he was the only one in
my heart even though there needed to be others in my
cunt. I reminded him that before we were married he had
no complaints about the loving he got, and that wouldn’t
change. Besides, I thought he might enjoy some new
stories about his favorite pussy.

Since I didn’t want him to feel that our relationship
would be threatened, I would find partners where it
would be only sex with a bit of friendship thrown in…
I never fucked strangers. Some of the men at the senior
center would be good candidates. They would be fun,
experienced, and very appreciative.

As I expected, my husband wasn’t thrilled by the idea of
other guys pumping cum into the cunt he thought was
exclusively his. He did understand my needs though and I
promised to stop if he felt he was not getting his
share. One very good sign is he made me promise to tell
him everything I did…I knew that would turn him on and
make the whole thing more fun for him too.

My first conquest was Bill, a 60 year young recent
widower who I especially liked. He still worked as a
consultant so had a flexible daytime schedule. I asked
him to lunch and simply asked him if he would like to
fuck me on a regular basis.

After recovering his wits he smiled and asked when we
could start. I suggested after work and he gave me his
address in a nice condo complex. Bill met me at the door
in a nice robe and handed me a red rose and a flute of
champagne. We had a simple but elegant dinner with more

When we finished I stood up and did a simple strip tease
stating that it was time for dessert. I then removed
Bill’s robe to reveal a nice erect cock much like my
husband’s. Bill led me to his candlelit bed and we took
turns exploring each others’ treasures. His cock was fun
to lick and suck and tasted of his recent shower. I
apologised for not showering after a day at work but
Bill shushed me, saying he enjoyed all of a woman’s
natural flavors plus he was thrilled that I didn’t shave
off nature’s pussy decoration.

I laid back and opened the gates for my first new
intimate visitor since I married. Bill knew how to savor
each moment and I came when he first got fully embedded
in my cunt. When he asked, I told him I preferred his
cum in the place nature intended.

Feeling his cock spurting hot stuff deep inside sent me
over the top again. With brief rests we screwed doggy
and then with me riding. I was thoroughly and happily
fucked out. When I asked, Bill admitted to using Cialis,
a good decision he thought!

I went home without showering and my husband arrived an
hour later to find me in bed waiting. He knew my evening
plans so stripped and got between my welcoming thighs. I
kissed him hard as he entered my tired twat. After the
first stroke he said that now he knew why I felt
different some times while we were dating and engaged. I
grinned and hugged him.

He quickly ejaculated the big load he had built up in
anticipation. I thought about his wigglers in there with
the three previous batches from Bill and my pussy
tingled even more. We showered together and slept well.
He got a quickie the next morning before his early
departure. That evening he got home earlier and I told
him about my fun with Bill in detail as he gently made
love to me. We both came twice.

When I next saw Bill at the senior center he was his
usual self. When we had a chance to chat he asked when
he could enjoy my treasures again. He sure knew how to
make a girl feel good! I told him that my husband would
be travelling in a couple of days and I could stay
overnight. He was delighted, as was I.

We started with a nice dinner out then coupled four
times by morning. Bill was spooned with me after the
last time, his softening dick soaking in my juicy pussy,
when I told him how much I enjoyed being with him. But,
I added, I didn’t want too many feelings to develop in
order to protect my marriage (he knew by now that my
husband was aware), so I couldn’t be with him too much
and that there would be others that would enjoy my body.

Bill said that he’d take what he could get of my “good
stuff” and added that there was a woman consultant that
he banged once or twice a week so that was plenty for
him. Talking about it got him hard enough for one more
go before I went home.

My husband was gone for week so I kept my eye out for
another cock candidate. Larry was a married man at
church whose wife was in an Alzheimer’s facility. He met
my criteria of trim and smart, and he was 6’4″, much
taller than any man I had ever done. I knew he was
lonely and invited him for lunch after the Sunday

I got him to talking about his marriage after a big
glass of wine and learned he had married his high school
sweetheart 50 years earlier. He missed her in bed, he
admitted, so I just flat out asked him if I would be an
acceptable substitute. He looked me straight in the eye
and said he had many lustful thoughts about me and would
be honored. We finished lunch quickly and I followed him
to his house.

Larry had lots of grey hair but few wrinkles. His cock
stayed limp because he was pretty nervous being with
only the second woman ever. I reassured him and we did
gentle touching for a while then I began working on his
willy with my tongue and mouth. He closed his eyes and
said he’d forgotten how good that could feel. I glowed
inside with joy for him as he rose to the occasion.

He was so much bigger than me I decided to ride him this
first time. Like the rest of him, his pecker was longer,
but it wasn’t any thicker, than my husband’s. As I rode
up and down on the long shaft as deeply as I comfortably
could, he caressed and sucked my boobs.

He came sooner than I wanted so I rubbed my clit on his
mons till I came. He stayed in me, still pretty firm, as
we talked. I explained the arrangement with my husband
and that I would have several extramarital partners.
This aroused him for another ride and ejaculation in my
married cunt.

We showered together as he and his wife had done. He
kissed and held me with tears in his eyes as I departed.

Richard was 55 and very social. He was involved in most
of the activities at the senior center and visited with
all the women he came in contact with. But I never saw
him with any one in particular. When I had a chance to
have coffee with him one morning I asked if he had a
girlfriend… he replied that he had several. He was a
lifelong bachelor and decided long ago “why buy a book
when you can go to the library”. He admitted, on close
questioning, that a number of them were married but had
husbands who couldn’t cut it in bed for various reasons.
I chuckled inside, since I was pleased to met a male
equivalent of myself, and wrote him off as a lover. He
was getting enough already.

Just before my husband came home I thought a lot about
the last week. I had a new lover who was very
experienced and could teach me things in bed. I then
could enjoy sharing with my husband, who was pretty good
already, and tutoring Larry, who was eager and thrilled
to be bedding a woman one third of his age.

Guess I’ll just have to try out my new schedule for a
few weeks and see what cums of it…