Poking His Wife While He Watched

I could hardly believe my ears, the husband of the
woman I had fancied for years was asking me if I would
like to poke his wife while he watched!

Her name is Lucy and his is Bob. Lucy is in her early
30s, she has long straight brown hair down to her
waist and the most gorgeous large breasts. She wears a
38D bra and her tits are so firm that if you placed an
apple between them it would stay in place. Her nipples
are just unbelievably large and sensitive when erect,
like taking a blackberry between your lips when you
suck on them.

Anyway this was the plan that Bob had. After 8 years
of marriage they had found that sex had become boring
so they had started watching blue videos with the hope
injecting a bit of spice into their love lives. One of
the videos depicted a window cleaner visiting a house,
he was invited in by the wife. She pretended that she
didn’t have any money to pay him for the cleaning and
offered to let him fuck her as payment “in kind” –
what the cleaner didn’t know was that he was being
filmed through a one way mirror and all his antics
being watched by the husband of the woman he was

This was such a turn on for Bob and Lucy that it
turned out to be their favourite film, but of course
after you’ve watched any sex film 20 times or so the
novelty wears off. They considered the alternatives
and the one that came top of the list was to make
their own film along the same lines, Lucy would be the
housewife and they wanted someone they could trust to
play the window cleaner. I had known Bob for years and
we were good friends, I hadn’t told him how much I
fancied his wife but it seemed that now my dreams were
about to come true.

I told him that Lucy would have to dress in a certain
way and that she would have to be completely obedient
once we started the “act”. She would have to talk
dirty, repeating the words I would tell her to say. He
would stay quietly in the adjoining kitchen which
would be in complete darkness and he could film us
from there. He agreed to all this and suggested an
extra turn on for him would be for Lucy to struggle
once I started to make a move on her, she would try to
fight me off until I got a finger in her cunt at which
point she would go limp and would do exactly as she
was told by me.

Just thinking about that gave me a hard on, I could
imagine myself struggling with her as I tried to get
my hands inside her bra to squeeze her tits, she would
try to push me off as I pulled her clothes off piece
by piece. By the time I got my fingers up her she
would so juicy I would be able to slip my dick
straight in.

The day came and I turned up at their house bang on
time at 8.15, the sex session we had agreed would
start at 8.30. I knocked on the door and it opened
immediately, Lucy had been ready for me. I stepped in
and she quickly closed the door behind me, as she
brushed past I grabbed her and kissed her full on the
mouth and pulled her towards me. Reaching down I felt
her arse through her thin skirt, she wasn’t wearing
any knickers, just like I’d said to Bob.

She pushed me away saying, “You dirty bugger, can’t
you leave it for 15 minutes.” She was obviously
counting and I wondered if she was going to be quite
the pushover I imagined.

She asked me what I wanted to drink – “Coffee please,”
I said. I expected that she would ask that question
and I had come prepared with a “love potion” just to
make sure she was ready for me later. When she
returned with the 2 cups I took one sip of mine and
said “sorry love can you get me another sugar”. As she
disappeared back into the kitchen I slipped a small
sachet of the potion into her cup and gave it a quick
stir with my finger.

Like I said I had come prepared, not only was she
about to drink the potion which would make her really
randy and ready to beg for my dick, I had a tube of KY
jelly in my pocket which, when the moment arrived, I
was going to apply liberally to her arsehole all the
better to force my huge stiff dick up later in the
evening. Just to make sure my tool did stay stiff for
over an hour I had taken Viagra and was sure that I
could manage at least an hour of constant screwing and
several ejaculations before I was over. I certainly
had no problem at the moment, my todger was like an
thick iron bar, something that Lucy must have noticed
in our clinch by the doorway.

By now Lucy had downed her coffee and we were making
small talk as the minutes ticked away. I must have
seemed like the complete pervert to her as I looked
her up and down and drank in her image. As I said I
had told Bob what she should wear and it looked like
the instructions had been followed to the letter. She
had a scarlet blouse buttoned down the front,
underneath this she would have a black bra, the sort
with soft cups that would pull down beneath her plump
breasts without much effort. Her skirt was a short
pleated gymslip which barely managed to cover her
black stocking tops, she should be wearing suspenders
underneath and of course no knickers. Just to complete
my fantasy her feet were clad in black patent leather
stiletto heeled shoes.

I heard a faint rustling in the kitchen and I knew
that Bob was in position, the door was left wide open
and the kitchen was completely dark, there were just a
couple of side lights in the room where we were,
illuminating the sofa we were sitting on, I was
sitting to Lucy’s right. I felt tense as I turned to
my left and leaned over to kiss Lucy on the lips

I needn’t have worried she responded passionately
putting her arms around me and pulling my shirt up and
out of my trousers, then rubbing her fingers into the
small of my back. I continued kissing her mouth then
moved down to her neck and left shoulder, I took the
opportunity to open my eyes as I used my forearm to
lift her left breast towards my chin, the tit felt
heavy and firm and my mouth just drifted down to kiss
it as I cupped it in my right hand. She responded by
pushing me away as she was supposed to.

I grabbed both her hands and forced her arms behind
her back then held onto both of her hands in my left,
using my right to pull open her blouse and attempted
to pull her bra cups under her boobs but only managed
it with the left one. Her struggle became stronger, I
pushed her down flat on the sofa and clamped my mouth
around her left nipple (it was already really hard).

I continued sucking and teasing her nipple with my
lips and tongue. She was bucking like a good un, I
released her tit from my mouth and came up for air,
the struggle meant that her small and flimsy skirt was
by now around her waist revealing her naked thighs and
belly, it took just a few seconds for me to open her
thighs and get a finger inside her. She immediately
went still – she was all mine, I could now have my
perverted way with her!

I continued to gently and slowly wank her with my
fingers on her clit and in her hole and finally got
three up, she was making all the right sounds. Talk
about juicy, she was flowing like Niagara. I told her
to repeat everything I whispered to her. So I then
whispered “say – I’ve got to have your cock in my
mouth”. She said this in such a dirty voice and kept
repeating it, I was totally convinced she meant it. I
stood up and told her to kneel in front of me.

I still had my trousers on, my prick stuck out like a
flagpole. I slowly unzipped my flies as she knelt with
her lips just a couple of inches away. I told her to
stick out her tongue and bounce the tip of my cock on
the tip of her tongue. As she did this I knew that Bob
would catch the image in silhouette as I had made sure
beforehand that the light was positioned in just the
right place to catch his wife’s mouth working on my

I took hold of the back of her head with my left hand
and using the other hand on my cock I rubbed my tip
over her face – slowly – her nose, eyelids, cheeks,
chin – they all got a coating of my pre-cum which
glistened in the light like a snail trail across her
beautiful face. Then gently I pushed the tip between
her lips as I asked her to moan “let me suck your
cock, let me suck your cock, let me suck you cock”.

Her sounds became more muffled as I pushed my rod
deeper ending up with it about four inches deep in her
face and the other four threatening to plunge the
whole length into the back of her throat. I didn’t
want to risk making her choke at this stage so I
pulled out, telling her to hang on while I went to get
something from my jacket pocket, my dick bounced
wildly in front of me as walked across to the other

I pulled out the tube of KY jelly and a 9″ black
vibrator. “I’ve got you a present” I said to Lucy “I
think you’ll like it, close your eyes”. I could see a
big smile break on her face as she sneaked a sight of
the vibro through very slightly opened eyes. “Open
wide” I said as I placed it against her lips and
switched on.

“Suck it like a big dick,” I said as I put her hand
around the base and pushed it against the inside of
her cheek to make a lewd bulge in her face. I left her
to it as I took a big dollop of KY reached down
between her legs and rubbed it into her clit. She
started to gush again and then moan and squeal, I told
her to lean back against the sofa and I took the
opportunity of her abandonment to put another large
dollop of KY on the tip of my middle finger and eased
it gently up her arse. It went in without a problem
and working it in and out I was soon up to my second
knuckle and beyond – shouldn’t have any problem
fucking that I thought.

Realising that the entertainment was as much for her
husband watching and filming from the kitchen as it
was for me and Lucy, I told her to move around to the
rear of the sofa and bend forwards over the back
resting her arms on the top with her head lying on her
arms, her back arched down towards the floor with her
arse up in the air, higher than her shoulders. I made
sure her skirt was pulled down and tidy, stockings and
shoes straight, her blouse and bra was now removed so
that her large heavy boobs hung loose, swinging
gently, they looked so inviting. I took the vibro and
pushed it up her skirt aiming vaguely for her cunt I
couldn’t see up her skirt, but I could tell exactly
when I had hit my target by the pitch of Lucy’s moans.

As you would expect it was like a hot knife going
through butter I proceeded to shag Bob’s wife with the
giant black vibrating finger. None of us could see the
penetration, it was hidden by her little neat pleated
skirt, the hem of which I proceeded to lift slowly
with my free hand, the head of my cock following – up
to the magic slit. As I pulled the vibro out, the tip
of my cock was there to take its place. I whispered
“say – poke me with your cock, poke your cock up me,
poke me, poke me, poke me”. She did so over and over
as I slipped my full length up her gorgeously slippery
love tube.

She thrust herself on my cock grinding with her arse
against my pubes as she lost herself in an ecstasy of
orgasms. As she continued thrusting herself onto my
dick I leant forward and squeezed and massaged those
glorious tits, pulling and pinching those walnut sized
nipples. Her exquisite pummeling of my tool continued
for several minutes, as she wiggled and rocked her
arse on my cock in the most provocative way.

I was close to coming and wondered whether or not to
let it spurt, however her arsehole was too tempting a
target. It was still elegantly lubricated from my
earlier exploration and before withdrawing my tool
from her fanny I tested it with the vibro. I was like
an electric shock had hit poor Lucy. Her thrusting
became faster and more erratic, almost like a fit as
the big black tool proceeded inch by slippery inch up
her arse. When it was three inches up I just couldn’t
resist any longer, I slipped it out and my dick in.

It felt so much different, it was like a tight ring
around my cock without the slushiness at the tip and
it was really hot. Her hole was slightly higher than
my cock so I couldn’t get more than a couple of inches
in, I told her to get on her knees on the on the floor
and spread them as wide as they would go.

I knelt behind her leaning over her back my hands on
the floor either side of her, she had her head on the
floor her arse sticking up to meet my thrusting cock.
This was better, I could use gravity and the better
angle to get more of my dick up. I poked my prick into
her and before long I had the whole length of my cock
up her rear and whispered to her, “say – poke my arse,
poke my arse, poke my arse, please poke it and poke it
and poke it.” She did this with a determination over
and over.

I imagined what Bob must be seeing from the kitchen
though the viewfinder of his camcorder. His wife
wearing nothing on top, a pleated black skirt now
draped up her body towards her tits, black stockings,
suspenders and shoes. She’s on her knees, her arse in
the air and poking into that gorgeous arsehole a huge
stiff dick belonging to his friend – and it’s just
about to come. This really was ecstasy for me, her
arse thrusting and grinding on my bloated cock, the
lovely tightness of her ring on my member as I poked
it in and out of her. What really made me gush was
when I grabbed her tits and stroked and jiggled them
one in each hand as she said without prompting from me
“Just stroke and poke it. Stroke and poke it.”

The dirty thick way that she pronounced “poke” just
did it for me. I had to think about the audience
however – although the first couple of squirts went
deep inside her I pulled out and let the second half
dribble out of her arsehole, down her cheeks and onto
her stocking tops. As soon as I had finished spunking
I eased my slippery dick back up her squelchy arse. I
continued poking Lucy for another couple of minutes
just to enjoy the sucking noises made by me poking
into her cummy arse.

We weren’t finished yet. I still had a stonker of a
hard on and the potion was still working well on Lucy,
who now sitting up, was playing with my sticky cock
rubbing the tip against her still hard nipples, saying
“Are you going to stick it in me again”. I wasn’t
finished with her arse just yet either, she’ll be sore
for a week after this I thought as I started to rub
another finger full of KY into that beautiful tight
arsehole of ecstasy. This time I placed her on her
back on the edge of the sofa with her lovely black
stockings and shoes in a V shape pointing up towards
the ceiling. Her small black skirt was still around
her waist as I gently pushed my tool tip up her bum.

This time I was going to take my time and explore the
territory – I tried poking at different angles, I
tried fast and slow strokes (the long, slow, powerful
ones were best) I found her breasts so attractive that
as I poked her rear I teased and squeezed her tits
occasionally rubbing the vibro over her nipps which
made her arch her back with delight and forced her bum
down on my dick. Another couple of minutes and I had
come again. I pulled out and let my juice dribble out
of her hole onto the edge of the sofa.

I knew that as a finale I should finish as I started,
with my cock poking her face. I told her to kneel down
in front of me again and take my cock half way in past
her lips. This time she had no inhibitions (although I
didn’t notice any before) she sucked greedily on my
tool as I grabbed hold of the back of her head and
poked my tool deeper and deeper until my balls were
touching her chin and I could feel the tip pushing
into the softness at the back of her throat. I pulled
out and let the gusher spill over her beautiful lips,
chin and hair in great white spasms.

I thought it was time to leave. I kissed Lucy on the
forehead, wiped my cock on a tissue, pulled my clothes
on and saying goodbye I walked out the door, with a
single backward glance. Lucy was wiping the cum off
her face with her finger and licking it clean.