Wife wants husband to eat her after he cums in her but he is reluctant

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Madge said.

“I didn’t say it did,” said Everett.

“But you don’t object to eating me out,” she said,
“and you even seem to enjoy it.”

“I wouldn’t put it that way,” he said. “To be honest,
what I taste and smell down there are not pleasing to
me. What I enjoy is how it arouses you and how much
pleasure I can give you, even to making you come. So
it’s two against two: the smell and taste versus me
enjoying making you wild because, one, I love you and,
two, it gets me aroused.

“But this would be the same thing,” she said. “You’d
be arousing me, even though you didn’t like the smell
and flavor.”

“There’s a big difference between swallowing the stuff
that comes out of you and swallowing the stuff that
comes out of me coming out of you,” he said.

“But I swallow the stuff coming out of you,” she said,
“and I hate the taste and smell.”

“But you’re a woman, so that’s what you do when you go
down on me,” he said. “And when I go down on you, I
deal with your fluids. That’s not the same as eating
you out after I come inside of you.”

“But a lot of men do it,” she said. “They call it
creampie, and even the ones that don’t like it will do
it for their wives if they come first, rather than
leave their wives frustrated.”

“I’ll be glad to eat you out if I come first,” he
said. “I’ve never noticed that’s been a problem with
us. But if I do, you’ll have to clean yourself out
first, because if I see or smell a drop of semen down
there, I’ll throw up all over you.”

“No you won’t,” she said. “I felt like throwing up the
first time you came in my mouth, but I controlled
myself, and it became a lot easier with practice, even
though I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy it. You could do
that, too.”

“But I don’t want to,” he said. “Even thinking about
it makes me shiver.

“You could at least try it one time,” she said. “It
might not be as bad as you imagine. If our roles were
reversed, I would do it for you.”

“It’s easy for you to say that because you know
there’s no way for me to disprove that statement,” he
said. “But there’s also no way for you to prove it.”

“So you’re calling me a liar,” she said. “I’m saying I
love you enough that I would do it, but you don’t
believe me. That makes me angry. You don’t know how
insulting you are.”

“I’m sorry, Madge,” he said. “I didn’t mean for you to
get insulted. I apologize. Let’s forget this whole
thing, because all it does is get us both upset.”

“I’m not going to forget that you don’t believe me,”
she said. “I’m going to find a way to prove I’m
telling the truth.”

“Good luck,” he said.

It was two weeks later at breakfast that she
announced, “I’ve found my proof.”

“Your what?” he said.

“You thought I was lying when I said that if our roles
were reversed, I would eat a creampie from your
vagina,” she said. “But I’m telling the truth, and I
can prove it.”

“Go ahead,” he said.

“Not now, but I’m definitely going to,” she said.

“When?” he said.

“It’s a surprise,” she said.


The next morning was a Saturday, when he always slept
in until at least 9 if they had nothing scheduled in
the morning. He was half awake and starting to stir
around 9:15 when he felt like he was swimming in
molasses. I must still be in a dream, he thought, but
then he opened his eyes and saw the reason for the
strange feeling.

His wrists and ankles had restraints on them. He was
lying on his side the way he usually did when he
slept, and he could move his arms and his legs, but
the restraints limited his movement.

He saw Madge sitting on a chair next to the bed
looking at him. “You’re awake,” she said and jumped up
and went to the headboard. He was just going to use
his right hand to remove the Velcro band around his
left wrist when she pulled at something and his left
arm was extended straight out, pulling him down on his
stomach. A couple of seconds later, she did the same
to his right arm. And then she moved to his legs. Soon
he was lying on his stomach spreadeagled on the bed.

She moved the chair close to where his head was and
sat down again. “I didn’t want to disturb your sleep,
Everett,” she said, “so I put the restraints on
loosely until you woke up. But now I need you immobile
for a while. Everything is ready, and we should be
done with my proof in less than an hour, and then I’ll
release you.”

“What’s going on, Madge?” he said. “Get these things
off me. Have you gone nuts? Who are those women?”

“They are video people,” she said. “This is all about
the proof, and they’re setting up a couple of cameras
on tripods and some lighting to shoot what happens.
They’ll also be on both sides of the bed with handheld
cameras shooting close-ups. They’ll be set up in 10
minutes. Meanwhile, let’s get these off. I’m glad you
just wear boxers to sleep. Just a couple of snips with
the scissors and they’re off. These are raggedy old
ones, so they were going to get tossed soon anyway.”

“OK, ladies, you say you’re ready, but I still need
you to help me a little. I’m going to slightly loosen
his leg restraints, and when I do, you need to push
all three of these big pillows under Everett, right
below his stomach with the long part going between his
legs and spreading them while the other end pushes his
rear high. He’ll probably try to kick when I loosen
him, so be careful. But as soon as you have the
pillows right, I’ll tighten him up again.”

Everett began yelling as the women went to work, but
Madge had a thick white gym sock handy and stuffed it
in his mouth. They worked fast and were finished in a
minute. Madge sat down next to his head again.

“I’m going to take out the sock in a minute, Everett,”
she said. “I just didn’t want the ladies to be
distracted. I checked out the acoustics of our
bedroom, and even with the radio blasting, I couldn’t
hear anything as I walked around the house, so you’ll
be able to yell as loud as you want. But right now I
want you to listen.

“This is Danilo. I found him on Craig’s List. He works
naked, which is why he’s taking off his clothes. As
you can see, he has a huge one, but that’s only the
second reason I hired him.

“I decided the only way to prove I would eat your
cream pie is to actually do it. But since you don’t
have a vagina, the only way I could do it was eating
it from your asshole. Of course, first it has to be
deposited there, and that’s where Danilo comes in.

“The main reason I hired him is that his videos show
he’s one of those guys who’s like a garden hose,
spurting out huge amounts of come. I’ve seen videos of
him with both men and women, and he fills them to
overflowing and then has enough left to coat their
faces like they dipped their heads in paint. I didn’t
want you to accuse me of skimping on the come. After
he deposits in you, I’m going to lick up every drop.

“His huge penis is just a bonus to make it more fun
for me, and maybe a little because I’m angry that you
didn’t believe me. I’m sticking lots of lube into you
right now with two of my fingers. Don’t get so
squirmy. You’ll be glad that I opened you up a little.

“When I finish talking, Danilo is going to insert all
of that thing inside you. See how it’s expanded in all
directions as he’s used his hands to get it hard? I
told him to go slowly at first because you’re a virgin
and then to increase his speed gradually. The video of
that huge thing stretching you wide should look great,
and he’s promised me to pull out of you really fast a
couple of times so the ladies can film a couple of big

“To make it even more fun, Danilo is getting a bonus
based on how long he can plow into you before he
comes. But he’s also getting paid for the volume of
come. I’m not going to measure it, but he knows that
it better be more than anything I saw on the videos,
so he hasn’t had sex in four days.

“That means if you help him, by responding and moving
with him to meet his thrusts, it should get him off
fast. On the video, that will look like you’re really
into anal sex, which should be funny. So you have your
choice. If you just lie there, Danilo will try to
control himself so he can rip into you as long as
possible and make more money. Or you can pretend to
enjoy it and have less pain at the expense of more

“I will stop talking in a few seconds and lie down on
my back at the bottom of the bed. I’m going to put my
head right below your crotch and push it up with
cushions so my mouth is just inches below your hole.
I’ll watch Danilo ravage you, and then I’ll prove I
wasn’t lying.”

Even though Danilo started slowly, Everett was in
agony immediately and began moaning almost as soon as
he forced his way in. Once Danilo began moving in and
out slowly, Everett began screaming loudly and began
gasping from the pain. He realized it was only going
to get worse. Then he heard Madge’s voice from below
him. “Remember, Everett, you can help if you want to
get him off faster.”

He hesitated, but as Danilo picked up the pace, the
pain was excruciating, and he began moving. He thought
about how Madge moved her behind when they were in the
doggy position, how it swayed side to side and moved
back and forth to meet his thrusts and how that soon
made him come. He tried to imitate those movements,
and he heard her say, “That’s it, Everett. I can feel
Danilo is already starting to lose control.”

There were still a few more minutes of painful
pounding before Danilo groaned loudly and Everett felt
his insides flooded. Then Everett heard the sound of
Madge gagging and gulping, then gagging again, then

The gulping stopped, but it started again when Danilo
softened inside him and slowly pulled his long penis
out and got off the bed. There was some gagging mixed
in again, and then he heard a loud retching sound. It
was a painful sound, followed by a few gulps, and then
some more retching sounds. Finally, all was quiet.

“I’m removing the pillows, Everett, and the girls are
loosening your arms slightly,” said Madge, and her
voice sounded strange. “I want you to get on your
hands and knees now. I know you’re out of breath and
have lost your voice from all the screaming, but don’t
worry, this isn’t going to hurt.

“I’m going to slide under you in a 69 position. There,
you see my bush right below your face. I’ve been naked
this whole time. No, I don’t expect you to do anything
right now. I’m inserting something into your anus.
It’s a tapered rubber nozzle from a bulb syringe.
There’s nothing in the syringe but air, and now I’m
pushing the nozzle as far in as it will go and
squeezing all the air into you. OK, I’m slowly
removing it and letting it suck up more air, then back
it goes, like that, and you get pumped up a little
more. Are you feeling anything yet?

“No? Well, I’m going to do this a few more times and
pump you up like a football. Aha, I saw a little
squirm there.

“I think you’re getting the idea. Just a couple more
now. It’s harder now because you’re starting to move
around, but that’s the idea. I’ll get this done. OK.
That’s it. The reason for the air is that I didn’t
know how cooperative you were going to be, and I
wanted to eat every bit of come that’s inside you.
That will make my proof complete.

“Right now, your body wants to pass gas in the worst
way, and you are holding back. But you can’t do that
for long.”

“Madge, stop this,” whispered Everett through clenched
teeth. “You don’t need to do this.”

“Oh, but I do,” said Madge. “Maybe next time I tell
you something, you’ll believe me. Anyway, as I was
saying, when you can’t hold it in any longer, you’re
going to explode with some huge farts, and as soon as
I finish talking, my mouth will be wide open at your
anus, so you’re going to shoot all that come right
into me, and I’ll try to swallow it as fast as I can.
OK, here goes.”

He felt her tongue now. It was licking up and down his
inner thighs. Then she pulled him down so that her
face was buried in his crack. He felt her tongue
methodically lick every inch of hair around his anus,
tickling him and making the irritation inside him even
worse. Then she was licking at his hole, soothing the
irritated tissue. After a while, the tongue entered
him and moved around inside him, caressing his colon.
He was holding his mouth tightly shut and wrinkling
his forehead as he tried to hold back.

Suddenly, he couldn’t anymore. The first release
really did sound like a gunshot, and it hurt, too as
the exploding air assaulted the tissues that Danilo
had rubbed raw.

Madge had pulled her tongue out and spread her mouth
around his anus. Again he heard sounds of fast gulping
mixed with gagging that erupted into retching a few
times. Once he started, he couldn’t stop, and the
disgusting noise of air and liquid squirting out and
the pain in his rear seemed to go on forever. Finally,
his anus seemed to run out of gas.

Then he heard Madge say something in a strangled tone
of voice that sounded as if she was about to die.
“Excuse me,” she said as she quickly pushed out from
under him and jumped off the bed. He heard her running
away and then heard the water running in the bathroom,
but it didn’t drown out the sounds of her painful
heaving that seemed to go on and on. Then the sounds
stopped, and there was only the water running and then

He heard her coming back to the bed and lifted his
head and saw that her face was scrubbed and shiny, but
she looked green and sickly. “I’m glad that’s over,”
she said. “You’ll see it all on the video, but I can
tell you that when Danilo spurted into you, so much
came back out that I almost drowned in it. But I
managed to swallow most of it. The rest went up my
nose, all over my face and in my hair. It was

“When I got under you, I vacuumed up every drop that I
saw on your thighs and between your cheeks, and then
when you started farting come, I realized that was the
worst idea I ever had. I’m sure you wouldn’t have
minded me cleaning out your insides with my tongue and
leaving a lot of the come behind, but stupid me, I
wanted to be thorough.”

“OK, it’s time to finish up. I think I proved I was
telling you the truth beyond a reasonable doubt, so
the only thing left is for you to keep your end of the
bargain. I tried to figure out how to make you come
inside me and then eat me out, but it could be
difficult if you weren’t cooperative, and then I
realized that the whole idea was to show what was good
for the goose was good for the gander. So this is

He looked up and saw another large man standing next
to her taking off his clothes.

“Roberto also came from the Internet, but he’s
slightly different than Danilo, as you can see. His
thing is just a little longer than yours but a lot
thinner. That’s because it’s going into my ass, which
is smaller than yours. I know we did anal once, but
all I remember is that it hurt like hell. I hope his
thin thing makes it more bearable, and Roberto also
hasn’t come in a few days, and he’s pumping himself
now, so I hope he’ll be fast.

“Despite how thin his thing is, he produces at least
as much come as Danilo, so the rest will be exactly
the same. The girls and I are turning you over on your
back and refastening the restraints, and now I’m
getting over you in a 69 with me on top this time.
Your head is going to be positioned better than mine
since I’m cooperating and won’t need any pillows. So
you’ll be able to see Roberto going in and out of me
while your mouth is just inches from my anus. It
should be fast, because I’m giving Roberto a bonus if
he can come inside me within a minute.

“You’ll get three courses, just like I did. First,
when he comes, there will be so much semen that as he
begins spurting, the stuff will come out around his
penis and fall on you. Like me, it will probably coat
your face, and even though you keep your mouth shut,
it will go in your nose, and you won’t be able to
breathe until you open your mouth. Start swallowing
fast at that point unless you want his semen to go
into your air hole and make you cough. That could be
painful as well as nauseating.

Course No. 2 begins once he’s soft and pulls out of
me. A whole lot more stuff will fall into your mouth
then, and you’ll really need to swallow fast. After
that, he’ll pump me full of air and then hold your
head up so you can begin licking between my cheeks and
into my anus. I won’t ask you to suck everything off
my inner thighs like I did with you.

“When I tell him I’m ready to explode, he’ll get your
mouth in position to receive. And then you’ll get the
third course delivered by cannon. It’s a doozy.

“There’s only one difference, between you and Danilo
and me and Roberto. You didn’t choose to pleasure me
when you had the chance. No, I’m not blaming you, and
I’m not angry about it.

“But even while I’m being pumped in the ass by
Roberto, I’m going to give you a blow job, because you
are my husband, and I love you, so I want you to get
some pleasure out of this. There’s another reason, of
course. I want you to cooperate and do your part
pretty much like I did mine. If you do, I’ll give you
a great blowjob, with my hands working your testicles
to make it even stronger.

“If you don’t cooperate and open your mouth wide for
my come farts, my hands won’t be making you feel good.
They’ll be squeezing your testes tighter and tighter
until you do what you need to do. I know you’re
stubborn, and you might resist so much that you pass
out from the pain. I’ve got some smelling salts here
for the girls to use in that case, so it won’t take
long for you to revive and feel the pain again. But I
think you’ll see that it’s silly to suffer, because I
won’t stop squeezing until you do what I want.

“So I hope your turn will be more pleasurable than
mine. You won’t get the little surprise that I got
mixed into your first big cumfart because I’ve cleaned
myself out inside. After that surprise, I had trouble
holding things in until you were finished and I could
run to the bathroom. OK, Roberto, I’m ready. Get that
thing in my ass and come as fast as you can.”


A few weeks later, Everett was no longer so angry at
Madge that he refused to talk to her. He didn’t tell
her that once he could walk without pain, he even saw
the humor in her “proof.” He did say no thanks to
watching the video. Things were almost back to normal.

One night at dinner, she said, “I’d still like you go
down on me and eat some cream pie. I’m sure it’s a lot
different coming from the vagina.”

“You’ll never get me to do that,” he said.

“I think I could,” she said.

“No, I don’t — wait a minute,” he said. “Yes, Madge,
I’m sure you could. All I’m going to say is that I
would hate it, and you would be forcing your husband,
whom you claim to love, to do something he hates.

“But there is one thing I will promise you right now.
I will never call you a liar again, because if I do, I
know you’ll serve me something I don’t want to eat.”

“Never say never,” she said with a laugh.