My New Life

Maryanne sat down on the sofa in shock. “Let me get this
straight. You actually want to let Todd fuck me?”

Her husband, Don, nodded without a smile and said,
“Yeah, I do. He is our best friend and has been doing
without sex ever since Margot left him. He’s in bad

“I know. I’ve seen him with his hang dog looks. But why
would you want me to do this? Why doesn’t he go to a bar
and pick up a slut or call up an escort agency?”

Don sat down next to his wife and took her hand. “You
know how Todd is. He is very shy around women and can’t
bring himself to just pick up someone. Besides he likes
and trusts you. He’s always telling me how he wished he
could meet someone like you.”

Maryanne leaned back on the sofa and closed her eyes.
She had to think this through. After all she and Don
enjoyed some kinky sex now and then. She smiled in
memory of their occasional visits to a sex club and the
six months membership in a swinger’s group. But this
wasn’t sex with a stranger and it would be just her
without him.

Could this be Don’s way of letting me know he wants to
get some strange without me around? But to do this with
Todd was way off the wall. Todd’s a nice enough guy.
He’s always polite and I think he is a gentle sort.
Margot was bitchy to him. What the hell, what could it
hurt? We’re all adults after all.

She sat back with her elbows on her thighs. “Think
carefully about it, Donald. Are you really sure you want
me to fuck Todd? He is more your friend than mine? Will
you be turned on to know that I’ll do it? Omigawd, do
you plan to watch?”

Don smirked at her and said, “Maybe I’ll be a little
turned on by it. However, Todd would never want to be
watched, so you two would do it in private.”

“Where will this happen? Not in our bed I hope.”

“No, you’ll go to his home. How about Sunday? Go to his
place for dinner and let nature take its course. When
you get back home, you can tell me all about it.”

“Let me think about it. I’ll let you know when you get
home from work tomorrow.”


After lunch on Sunday, Maryanne said to her husband, “Go
away somewhere and leave me alone. I have to prepare
myself to go to Todd’s.”

She went upstairs, closed the bedroom door to lie down
on her bed to think this through one more time. She had
to do it since they promise Todd. Her thoughts
momentarily dwelt on what might happen that evening.
Then she napped until after three o’clock.

When she awoke, she went to her closet and selected the
sexy red hot, off the shoulder mini dress that featured
a form fitting silhouette with empire waist. Next she
went to her lingerie draw and dug out the black Lycra
suspender fence net and the red garter belt-stocking
combination. She ignored her collection of bras and
panties. She said to empty room and she looked over the
collection, “I don’t suppose I’ll need those.”

Already under the bed waited her favorite red ankle
strap pumps with a five inch stiletto heel, sleek ankle
straps with side buckle, and a sharply pointed toe in
shiny patent leather. As a final step she checked out
what she had on her vanity desk. She laid out her cherry
red lipstick and carmine lips liner; plus her eye makeup
that accentuated her green cat-like eyes.

In the bathroom she first took a shower before she
filled the tub with a rose scented bubble bath with
water as hot as she could stand. She soaked in the tub
for a half hour. She said to herself “I intend to make
this a fun evening if Todd doesn’t chicken out.”

While the tub drained she rubbed her arms, thighs and
chest with rose oil. Satisfied Maryanne slowly walked to
her vanity desk to apply her makeup. She added a touch
of her favorite perfume behind her ears, between her
firm, round moderately sized breasts. Another drop at
the top of the thighs almost completed her work. Around
her neck she fastened her black velvet collar with the
star sapphire jewel. Lastly she brushed her shoulder
length curly and thick russet brown hair.

She carefully checked out her face in the vanity mirror
and made minor touch-ups until she was satisfied. Then
she put on her clothes. In the heels, she stood nearly
five foot ten. Her calves were slim, taut and curved.
Her thighs were slender but they swelled voluptuously so
that they beckoned to be caressed and kissed as much as
the rest of her.

She picked up her matching red clutch. Inside were
makeup items, if she needed to touch up, a small pen and
pad, two twenty-dollar bills for emergencies and her
house and car keys. She looked back at herself in the
mirror as she walked to the door and smiled in

Don was sitting in his chair when she came downstairs.
He whistled in admiration. “Todd will be blown away.
You’re gorgeous.”

Maryanne simply said, “Remember, this is your idea. I’m
not sure when I’ll get home.


Todd was waiting for her at his open front door when she
pulled into his driveway. She guessed that Don let him
know she was on the way. He smiled boldly as he guided
her into his home and to the sofa. He went to his bar
and poured champagne into two crystal flutes.

He handed one to her and said, “You look absolutely
enchanting. Here’s to our evening together, may it be as
enchanting as you look,”

She felt a thrill run up her spine at the compliment.
They tapped their glasses together and sipped their
wine. He didn’t sit or move from his stance in front of
her, but just stared with narrowed eyes as she sipped
her wine. She began to smile nervously as he stared.

When she finished her wine, he silently held out his
hand for her flute. He placed both glasses on the side
table and silently held out his hand to her again. She
could sense her composure slip away. His silence was
discomforting. He stood there with his hand held out
towards her.

Finally she understood he wanted her hand. She gave it
to him. He pulled her up off the sofa and led her into
the hallway to a closed door which he unlocked. He swung
his arm into the room in invitation.

She carefully stepped inside and looked around the
candle lit room. There was only one piece of furniture,
a white brass bed with white porcelain details. The
mattress was covered with a red silk sheet and a number
of similarly covered pillows.

She turned to look behind her when she heard the door
close and the key turned to lock it. He pocketed the key
before he strode to her to take her in his arms and
licked the seam of her lips. Her lips parted to permit
his tongue to invade her mouth. He licked her teeth and
gums and searched the interior before he captured her
tongue and sucked it into his mouth.

Then he let her go. In a commanding voice she had never
heard before from Todd, he said, “You will remove all
your clothes now.” She stared at him, stupefied by the

“Now, please; I have wanted you ever since Don
introduced us five years ago. But how could I try to
make my best friend a cuckold? Then he stunned me two
weeks ago when he offered to let me fuck you. My, oh my,
I could hardly speak loud enough so he could hear me
agree. Then he said you agreed. All my dreams were in my
grasp. Now please remove your clothes and hand them to

Stunned she began to take off her dress as if in a dream
of her own. He took it from her hands and pointed to her
garter belt. She bent over to undo her shoes and toed
them off and gracefully rolled down her stockings and
undid the belt. She stood up and handed them to him.

He took a remote out of his pocket, pushed a button and
a hidden door opened to a dressing/bathing room. He
carried her clothes into the room and put them neatly
away. He returned and ordered. “Now I want you to hold
out your hands.”

She was still in a sort of daze but did what he ordered.
After snapping on the fur cuffs on her wrists, he asked
for each foot in turn and snapped cuffs on them as well.
Then she was led to the end of the bed and was pushed
down on her tummy. She felt him separate her legs and
cuff them to the corner posts of the bed.

He slipped a blindfold over her eyes before he pulled
her arms above her head and attached them to the top
corners of the brass head of the bed. She began to ask
what he was going to do when he said in a strict voice,
“Remain silent or I will have to gag you.”

Again she obeyed somewhat fearful this time, yet turned
on also. Dampness covered the Y of her legs although
Todd had not touched her flesh since she was pushed down
on the bed. She waited as the seconds ticked off. She
had no idea how long she waited but it felt like an

When he returned to her, she shuddered as he ran a
finger up and down her labia until the folds parted. He
lifted up her hips and pushed two pillows under her
before he set her back down. She realized her ass was
raised up high. Her genitals were no longer private but
in full view. A quiver in her tummy belied her

She barely reacted when she felt hands on her hips. She
tried to lift her hips to meet him when she felt a
tongue, that she hoped was his, take a slow lap from the
sensitive bit of skin between anus and vulva, but those
hands were strong and held her in place. She settled
down when one of the hands firmly slapped each of her
ass cheeks once. The tongue returned to her pussy to
lick around her vaginal opening.

Her brain on fire, she silently said, “Oh lord, that
feels so good. Did Todd let someone else in here or is
that really him? Should I risk a spanking to ask him?
Hmm, not yet anyway, I want to know what else this
person will do with me.”

It wasn’t long before she found out. The tongue licked
its way to her clit. She felt the sensitive nubbin fill
with blood to become as long as it had ever been. Little
shocks ran through her body. She had to bite her bottom
lip to keep silent. However she could do nothing about
the sighs and moans that escaped her throat. Thankfully
Todd, or whoever it was, didn’t seem to mind.

Her hips lurched when he pushed two fingers into her
vagina. She enjoyed sensation as the nerves in her
clitoris shot electric charges throughout her body. When
those fingers found her G-spot, she knew a giant orgasm
would soon rack her body.

Todd had one more trick in store. He slid a lubricated
finger into her anus to massage her sphincter. She cried
out as her climax raced through her tummy and genitalia.
She ejaculated for only the second time in her life. The
orgasm kept rolling through her. Her toes curled and the
pain felt good. Then he disappeared. She tumbled down
from her high and shed tears because the pain-pleasure
stopped so suddenly.

But it hadn’t stopped, it only paused. Her ankles were
released and she was flipped onto her back. Immediately
lips fastened on one nipple which was soon sucked into a
mouth. A tongue gently and slowly licked all around the
nipple. Meanwhile a single warm, wet finger did the same
to her other nipple. That was all she could feel. It
mesmerized her.

When she came she laughed, it was so unexpected. It
wasn’t a huge orgasm, but in a way, it felt more erotic
to her. This time the man did leave her. Her body still
quivered now and then until she dozed off in

When she awoke, her mask was off and the wrist cuffs
were gone. She had no idea what time it was or even the
day. Todd sat on the side of the bed. He stared down at
her with a wicked smile on his lips.

“Wha…what happened?”

“Shhh. You may only talk to reply to me. Did you enjoy
the evening so far?”

So far? “Yes Todd, it was fantastic.”

Then I can assume you would like it to happen again?”

“Oh my heavens, yes, I would.”

“It can happen as often as you like, but there are some
rules you must follow.”

“Uh huh.” After a pause, she asked. “Uh, what kind of
rules do you mean?”

“They’re just a few simple ones, but they must be
obered. I shall want you two or three times a week for
the next couple of months. I may call you sometimes in
the morning and sometimes in the evening. If I call for
you to come in the evening, I will provide either an
excuse or ensure that Don has someplace to go.”

She rapidly answered with a hungry grin. “All right, I
can handle that.”

“I will want you to come in specific outfits, which I
will provide you. At the end of two months, if you prove
satisfactory to me, we will move to a new level.
However, understand this. If you decide you can’t handle
it, we will stop seeing each other.”

“I understand. When do you want me the next time?”
Inside, she hoped it would be tomorrow.

His tone didn’t change and he said, “If I want you in
the evening, I will call you before noon that day. If I
want you in the morning, I will call you the night
before. Each time I will be explicit as to what you must
wear. You will be picked up and brought here. Come into
the house and sit on the sofa and wait for me. In the
meantime, you are not allowed to pleasure yourself here,
at home or anywhere else. After you receive my call you
are not to have any sexual contact with anyone until we
have spent our time together, is that all clear.”

“Yes, sir, I understand.” She realized she just
inexplicably said say sir to him.

“Good.” He walked to the closet to get her clothes which
he laid on the bed for her. “You can use the bathroom in
here to clean yourself. I appreciate that you cleaned
yourself before you come here, but I prefer that you use
less makeup and do not use perfume. Now go get clean,
then dress and join me in the living room.”

Maryanne’s head was spinning. The sex was sublime. But
this wasn’t the Todd she thought she knew. What was she
getting herself into? But she was sure no one ever so
sexually satisfied her in her life. Then it dawned on
her that Todd never actually fucked her and wasn’t that
supposed to have been the whole purpose of this? She
worried that maybe it wasn’t his hands and mouth that
ravished her so wonderfully. Dare she ask him? She
decided that perhaps it would be better to keep quiet.

She finished washing up, returned to the bed and put on
her clothes. Other thoughts went through her mind as she
dressed. She didn’t think he ever complimented her about
the way she appeared after the first two minutes after
she arrived. She said to herself, “Oh that is silly of
me. I don’t need to fish for compliments.”

Maryanne walked into the living room. Todd handed her a
small suitcase and kissed her forehead. “These are the
things I wish you to wear when you come to me. I will be
specific when I call. Thank you for an enjoyable
evening. I am quite pleased with you. Get home safely.”

He took her to the door, said goodnight and closed the
door behind her. When she got home, her husband was
already soundly asleep. She stripped down in silence,
put on her nightgown and went into the bathroom to
remove the remaining makeup and brush her teeth.


In the morning, her husband didn’t mention last night or
ask any questions. He drank a cup of coffee and quickly
left for his office. Maryanne stared at the door for a
moment than shook her head and wondered why he was
upset, it was his dumb idea.

The next couple of days, things returned to normal until
Wednesday morning when the phone rang. Maryanne
answered. A voice said, “Wear the blue outfit including
the collar and put the ribbons in your hair. Be
innovative. But wear nothing else. Your ride will pick
you up promptly at nine o’clock. Confirm please.”

She answered. “I confirm the instructions, sir.” The
phone on the other end hung up.

She shivered in contemplation of this evening. She
didn’t give a thought to her husband. She went up to her
bedroom and pulled out Todd’s suitcase from its hiding
place in her closet.

Inside she found four large-holed stretch fishnet
chemises with off the shoulder styling and trimmed with
satin spandex. Holding one against her body, she
realized all her body would be completely visible. She
looked for a G-string but didn’t even find a tiny thong.

There was a matching narrow leather and velvet collar
with a D ring attached plus two long silk hair ribbons
with a picture of pigtails. There was no way her thick
curly hair could be twisted into pig tails.

She put the blue items aside and found a pair of blue
suede slippers. She noted the other outfit’s colors were
white, black and purple. She closed up the case and put
it away. She looked again at what she had to wear,
smiled and shook her head. Maryanne began to look
forward to this evening. Todd’s approach to this sexual
adventure was so wonderfully mysterious.

All day long she sat down and pick up a magazine then
put it down and paced around the house. She repeated her
actions over and over again. She nearly wore herself out
by the middle of the afternoon.

Soon after noon, the phone rang. It was her husband to
tell her that he had to attend a late meeting at a
client’s didn’t expect to get home until after midnight.
She commiserated with him. When she hung up the phone,
she poured herself a glass of wine and went upstairs.

She filled the tub with bubble bath and hot water. She
made herself comfortable in the water and sipped the
wine. Thirty minutes later she stepped out and rubbed
skin with the rose oil, then went to bed after setting
the alarm to ring in two hours.

After she had napped, she remembered to put on a minimal
amount of makeup using subdued colors. She weaved the
blue ribbons in her hair, pulled the chemise over her
head and stood before the mirror and laughed with the
realization that she truly liked the way she looked,
baring all her charms openly.

Her body was shaped well enough to draw the attention of
men from sixteen to a hundred. Her breasts were firm and
the areolas were a dark rose. She teased her nipples
until they poked through the holes of the chemise. The
dark pink color made them lighter than the areolas in a
way she found excitingly erotic.

She checked the clock and it read a little after five.
She checked herself out again, put on the slippers and
traipsed down the stairs like a schoolgirl waiting for
her first date. She forced herself to sit quietly until
the doorbell rang.

She expected Todd, but it was a stranger. She asked him
through the door what he wanted. “I’m Ben and here to
pick up Miss Maryanne and take her to Todd’s house. Are
you she?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, let’s go, he is waiting for you.

Nervously she opened the door. His eyes popped out to
see her outfit. He had a cape over one arm. He wrapped
it around her and escorted her to the back seat of the
limousine. They didn’t talk as he drove to Todd’s home
then led her to the front door. Todd opened the door and
he said to Ben, be back here before midnight.”

“Yes sir.”


He closed the door and took off the cape. He looked her
over and signaled her to turn a circle. She obeyed and
slowly turned about. Then he led her to the same
bedroom. Nothing had changed. One again he told her to
undress, he hung up the chemise and helped her to lay on
the edge of the bed atop the pillows with her feet on
the floor.

He did not cuff her this time, but directly stroked her
folds till they were open then licked her to a quick
orgasm. She had barely got over the orgasm when he
slowly entered her and pushed all the way inside. In a
very slow and gentle motion, he thrust in and out. He
rubbed her G-spot as his cock moved in each direction.
She almost didn’t notice when his finger began to tease
her clit while another finger rubbed a nipple, but her
body responded and pushed her towards her peak.

She luxuriated in his actions as she slowly became ever
more aroused. She whispered, “Yes, that’s so nice.”

“Shush! If you cannot follow simple instructions, you
will be severely punished.”

Maryanne immediately lost her arousal, but Todd began
anew. In a moment she once again began to climb up her
plateau. She forced herself to remain silent and lie
still. Tremors began to float inside her as her
excitement built.

She couldn’t understand why sex with him had become so
special. She was no kid, but she just loved the way he
filled her and made her feel sooo good as he took
complete control. She again had multiple orgasms. As she
calmed down, he lifted her to lie fully on the bed,
replaced the condom with a fresh one and lay next to

He pulled her close. They began to kiss and cuddle until
he put her atop of his thighs to ride him cowgirl style.
She rocked and rolled until they both came. Then she
slid off him, removed the condom and began to suck on
his cock in the most loving way she could think of

Twice more that evening they fucked. Maryanne was so
happy with the number of orgasms Todd gave her that she
was disappointed when he told her it was time to go
home. Regretfully, she went into the bath room and
cleaned herself then put the chemise and slippers back

Todd escorted her to the front door. Outside, Ben waited
by the car. Todd wrapped her in the cape, embraced and
kissed her before he sent her off.

At home she took off everything and put them in her
closet, took a quick shower and brushed her teeth before
she slipped on her nightgown and went to bed. She
pretended to be asleep when Don came upstairs. In the
morning he asked what she did. She replied she read a
book she wanted to finish.


This pattern continued with some variations over the two
months. Each visit, Maryanne fell more and more under
his spell and his ability to give her fantastic multi
orgasms. At the end of the two month period, he picked
Maryanne up in the morning and took her to a private
hotel room for breakfast.

She wore a gown he brought for her; a long and sleek
black gown that boasted an ultra-high slit in the side
of the skirt and sexy off-the shoulder styling. She wore
stylish thigh high stockings and her five inch stiletto
heel pumps.

The breakfast was served. They ate and politely talked
about nothing in particular. When they were finished, he
led her over to a settee. They sat together and she

Emotionlessly he said, “It is now time for you to
choose. Do you desire to be my sex slave?”

Her hands were folded in her lap, she looked down at
them and lightly blushed as she said, “Yes, Master Todd.
I do wish it to be so.”

“Things will change if this is true, although you may
live with your husband. However you will always be at my
beck and call. As before, you will dress as I require of
you. I want to have your nipples and clitoral hood
pierced in order for them to be more sensitive. You will
kneel when you come to me or I come to you as a mark of
your respect for me. If you accept these terms, place
this gold collar around your neck and always wear it as
long we remain in this Master-slave relationship.”

Maryanne immediately slid to her knees before him, took
the collar and put it around her neck. He took a tiny
key and locked the collar. He raised her up and kissed
her before he led her upstairs to a bedroom in a
spectacular suite, where they consummated their
relationship a number of times before he took her to a
very discrete and private beauty parlor where the
piercings were done. Her hair was given red tinting and
thinned out in order to put her hair in two pig tails.
“This is how you are to wear your hair as long as you
remain my slave. Do you understand?”

With her head bowed she said, “Yes Master Todd, I

He returned her to her home and took her to the front
door where he handed her a flat box. “You are to wear
this until you go to bed. You will wait for your husband
in your living room. Stand up to greet him when he
arrives. You may answer any of his questions. I will
contact you later.”

“Yes Master Todd.”

Inside she undressed and put on the chemise similar to
the ones he previously gave her. It was just as
revealing but was made of gold threads. She slipped her
feet into the soft gold thread slippers and sat on the
couch to wait the arrival of her husband.

When Don arrived he took one look at her and laughed.
“What’s this? Are you going to some sex club party or
something?” He came to a sudden stop and his eyes flew
open. In a stunned voice he asked, “Jesus, are those
gold rings in your tits and your pussy?”

“They are and no, Donald, there’s no sex club party. My
collar and rings signify that I’m Sir Todd’s sex slave.
I am dressed the way he prefers. You and I will no
longer have sexual relations as long as Master wants me.
However, I will remain here with you most of the time,
although at any time, I may have to go to him. I told
you it was a bad idea when you told me to have sex with
him. But he makes me feel like you never could. In the
last two months I’ve had more marvelous orgasms than in
all the years we were married.”

“I don’t believe this. You can’t be serious.”

“I’m very serious. Right now, there are a couple of
things I wish you to do before Master Todd arrives. You
may stay and observe.”


Later that evening, Todd arrived. Don let him into the
house so he could see Maryanne, who already knelt on the
floor in her gold chemise. Her hands were tied behind
her back and her ankles were tied together by Don. Todd
walked over to her.

Maryanne gave him a big loving smile and said, “I
explained to Don that I’m your sex slave now, Master
Todd. He had agreed that you may use me in this house
when and if you desire. I beg to be allowed to service
you as it pleases you my Master.”