New Year –

1: Angie’s View

We have been chatting over the weeks leading up to New
Years with this couple who introduced themselves through
this site. And with rather short notice they decided to
throw a small house party on New Year’s Eve and invited
Ken and I.

I was drawn to all the guests as I entered our host
Mohammed and Daisy’s place. Though the party was put
together with short notice thought was given to choice
of people invited. Four couples between their early 20’s
to 30 were invited. And this wasn’t a coincidence. Ken
and I clocked in at 30 so we were the oldest couple

This was an unusual feeling for me for two reasons.
Firstly, usually we are used to being considered as one
of the younger couples. Secondly, many people in the
lifestyle are older as it is felt that that’s when the
maturity of married couple is developed to the point
where they can be accepting of swapping partners.

I had much to choose from whether I wanted shy, quiet,
extreme sports person in David or Dan with his deep
rugged cowboy look with a gravely voice was the
liveliest of all, and our host Mohammed cheerful and
thoughtful. Oh yes, all of them had hard chiseled body
developed through years of physical activity with skin
that is supple. What a heady combination!

Dan managed to convince Mohammed, his partner and me
into the outdoor hot tub. Keep in mind that this was a
bitter cold evening with -15-degree (Celsius) weather
with wind chill and about -7 C without. The path was
already cleared and the hot tub ready to go.

After spending only a short time in the hot tub I had
Mohammed whispering into my ear all the naughty things
while all while my body was receiving fondling. I also
found out that he was an avid fan reading every word on
the page and was familiar with all my likes and
dislikes. I told him how that would put me at a slight
disadvantage. He told me that Daisy was sure hot for
Ken’s bod.

Dan than managed to convince everyone else to join us in
the 4-person tub. This made for an interesting picture
that essentially resulted in several persons to be
suspended in mid-air and how your body was being touched
by many. This quickly turned into a feasting of the
flesh as we went into the house and downstairs into the

I had told our host about my secret S&M fantasy and his
eyes glittered he then gave me a tour into another
smaller room called the playroom where all the S&M toys
are stored. I saw an apparatus that looked like pizza
cutter but had sharp edges sort of like a pastry cutter
as far as I was concerned. Handcuffs, nipple clips,
candles, and large black leather whip were all part of
the room. Chains and more leather stuffs were hanging
from the ceiling.

The tour was interrupted when Daisy and Ken joined us.
That’s when I started doing some muff diving on Daisy
and slurping happily away. Ken was getting a great blow
job from Daisy while all this was happening. And
Mohammed – well he started slapping my bottom and then
working the whip on me.

When I was deeply aroused he used the cutting apparatus
on my back. It was strange and slightly unpleasant
sensation. The apparatus was one of those “been there
done that” experiences that I do not necessarily want to
repeat again.

Our host wanted me now and he made no secret of it when
he pulled me toward him and placed me squarely on the
angled workout bench. He plunged his cock inside of me
and after his initial surprise of how tight I was he
started to fuck me hard. I kept urging him to fuck me
harder. I could tell that his partner Daisy got off on
watching him fuck other women. Ken was fucking Daisy at
the same time this was happening. A knock on the door
told us that it was close to mid-night.

After toasting the New Year with 1981 Bollinger R.D. the
orgy started again. This time I was taken by Dan. I was
fucked doggie style by Dan for a good long time followed
by my BJ and then doggie again. This time I was able to
see Ken fucking his partner Suzy at the same time. Life
can’t be better enjoyed more than at this particular
moment as far as I was concerned.

Ken and I drove home at warp speed (safely and for the
most part within the legal speed limit) and usually
that’s when we would share our thoughts and experiences
of the evening. But on this particular Ken wanted to
savour the moment and refrained from talking about the
evening’s events until we arrived home.

We made a bee-line right toward the bedroom and went at
like wild animals. He stroked my face tenderly. My body
was caressed with lovingness. Ken drove me wild when
whispered into my ear all the naughty things he had done
to Daisy and Betty (Dan’s partner). I know that I was
there watching the entire time but to hear from the
person who experienced it first-hand was quite another
thing. I felt that my entire being was melded to his –
face-to-face and soul-to-soul.

It was incredible to hear his supremely primal male moan
as he came once. It was a huge load and covered my
pussy, thighs and the bed. After what seemed like a few
minutes I felt his cock against me. I turned around with
a big grin on my face and we started to make love again.
We held onto each other and kissing feverishly in the
spoons position. I felt his breath shorten right before
he came and then he came again. Twice in one evening –
it was amazing. I ended up being pleasantly sore all
over this morning.

2: Ken’s View

Angie has already covered most of what happened during
New Years Eve. So instead of going over territory that
she already covered, I’ll talk about what I experienced.
First there was the hot tub. I have to admit that going
outside on a frigid Canadian winter to jump into a hot
tub was not on the top of my list of things to do.

After Angie had gone in ahead of me with some of the
guests, I worked up the guts to join her in the tub
along with the rest of the guests. Bodies were floating
about and everybody was doing something with someone
else. You could either watch, participate, or both.

I did both as there was some good girl-girl action going
on. I was also able to fondle any of the available
females that were in the tub and in return my dick got
worked over from various female hands. It was a very
interesting experience and needless to say, my dick was
rock hard by the time we got out of the tub.

We next went downstairs and Angie disappeared with
Mohammed into a room. His partner Daisy wondered what
they were up to so she decided to take a look. I was
kind of curious so I followed. When we entered the room,
I found myself in a fully equipped dungeon room. Not my
sort of thing, but I know Angie is sort of into that so
I knew she’d get off on this place. In the meantime,
Angie was munching on Daisy’s shaved pussy while Daisy
was giving Mohammed a blow job. Mohammed then turned his
attentions to Angie which allowed me to get blown by

I have to admit that she is very good at giving head and
she had me close to cumming on a couple of occasions.
When Angie went off to fuck Mohammed, it gave me the
chance to chow down on Daisy’s pussy. I really wanted to
give head as good as I received it and I think I was
able to do that. I know that Daisy will eventually read
this, so I am sure that I will know for sure the next
time I see her. I ended up fucking Daisy in three
positions. First I fucked her in the missionary
position. Then I fucked her hard doggie style.

Finally, she rode my dick. It was in this position that
I noticed that she got off on watching Mohammed fuck
Angie. I mentioned to Daisy that Angie likes to be
fucked hard by men with big cocks (not a problem for
Mohammed who had the size to get the job done) and I
hope for his sake that he doesn’t hold back as Angie
likes it when men cum in her pussy. This made Daisy ride
me harder.

I likely would have cum in her pussy in short order were
it not for the fact that someone came in to tell us that
it was almost midnight. Talk about being saved by the

After toasting the New Year, we started fucking again.
Suzy managed to get a hold of my by my dick and gave me
some fantastic head. For the second time tonight I was
going out of my mind because of the great oral skills
that I was the recipient of. To regain control, I
suggested to Suzy that I use my tongue on her pussy.
Something that she readily agreed to. I attempted to
give her the feeling of being on a rollercoaster by
changing technique so that (hopefully) I had Suzy going
from waves of pleasure to almost cumming.

Eventually, I increased the tempo so that Suzy would
cum. I figured that she must have had an intense climax
as she had to push my head away as she shook from the
waves of pleasure. We then moved to a chair and she
started to ride my dick. I have to say that this was
very hot because Suzy is a very sexual being.

At one point, Suzy started to suck the cock of another
guy while being fucked by me. That had to look exciting
to anyone who was watching us at that point. Speaking of
watching, I could see that Angie was very involved with
Dan who was Suzy’s partner. Not to mention that everyone
else was otherwise “occupied” if you catch my drift.
What I saw made my dick harder and it made me fuck Suzy

We had migrated to the doggie position and I
experimented with fucking her from different angles to
give her different sorts of pleasure. I’m sure that Suzy
will let me know how good that was the next time we
meet. We ended up just kissing and touching in each
other’s arms. That was a very sensual moment if I may
say so!

The fucking sort of slowed down as some people were
hungry or in need of a break. Angie took the opportunity
to climb on top of me and ride my dick for a while. She
was really hot to trot but clearly wanted to finish this
at home. The result was that by the time we left my
balls were literally aching. I hadn’t cum all night and
I really needed to unload in the worst way.

When we got home, we fucked in the spoons position, but
not before exchanging stories. Apparently she was
disappointed that neither of the guys who she was with
came, and was in desperate need to have me cum in her
pussy. (A suggestion to guys everywhere. If you fuck
Angie, she wants you to cum as she really gets off on
that.) That wasn’t a problem as I was going to last long
in the condition I was in.

It was likely less than five minutes before I unloaded
the load that I had been holding back all night in her
pussy. But I wasn’t done yet. I rubbed my softened cock
against her pussy which was now leaking out the cum that
I had just shot in her and managed to get hard again.
Maybe it was the feeling of having sloppy seconds that
did it. We started fucking again and I managed to last
longer this time.

Eventually, I did cum again.

So, to sum it all up, this was the most interesting New
Year that we’ve had recently and we’ve been invited to
their next part around Valentine’s Day.

I wonder what will happen as an encore?