Lynn Makes Maya An Offer

“Are you crazy?!? I can’t do that?” A voice hissed,
waking me up. The last thing I remember was Lynn and I
fucking for several hours and I’d cum 6 or 7 times
before we both fell asleep. I didn’t open my eyes fully,
just slitted them. The light was dim in Lynn’s bedroom.
She must have had one of those dimmer switches. I could
see Lynn standing by the door with a shorter woman.
Darker skin, exotic-looking face, with more feminine
clothing than Lynn [who tended to dress a bit tomboy-
ish], with bigger tits pressing out against her silky

“Come on,” Lynn half-whispered. “Look at the size of his

Maya WAS looking longingly. “I didn’t know white guys
were that big…” Lynn grinned. “Believe me, the ones
I’ve seen are not!”

“Brothers would be jealous if they saw that!” Maya
gushed. Lynn chuckled.

“I know… So? Go ahead, Maya.”

Maya broke her gaze to look at Lynn. “Hell no!” She said
defensively. “I’m a married woman!”

Lynn reached one arm around her and caressed her side,
her other hand reached up and gently cupped her friend’s
large tit. “Look at it, Maya…” Which she did. “Maya,
I’m a nymphomaniac, but that cock satisfied me. Before
he came in me a second time I was sated. I didn’t stop,
but I was able to enjoy it better.”

“How many times did that white boy cum?”

Lynn looked thoughtful, than answered, “6 or 7 times. I
came so many freakin’ times I’m not sure… Wanna know
something else? I love him. And I love sex with him. I
love you, too, Maya, and I owe you. Boy, do I owe you
for everything you’ve done for me over the years and all
that you put up with.”


My cock responded to their talk. It was rock hard now.

Lynn squeezed Maya juicy looking tit. “Look how big and
hard it is! Don’t you want to sit on that and feel it
fill you?” The hand caressing Maya’s side reached down
and opened her jeans, then both of Lynn’s hands pushed
down Maya’s jeans and panties.

Maya’s darker bush came into view, then her sexy thighs.
Maya helped Lynn take them off of her and I motioned for
Maya to join me. Lynn stayed by the door as Maya half-
naked body swayed towards me. She mounted the bed,
straddled me then my cock. Maya hissed as my cock
entered her tight, wet pussy. “Oh, fuck, this white boy
is thick!!”

Lynn chuckled as she watched. Maya slowly lowered her
pussy onto my cock. “Fuck, it’s taking forever to get it
all in me…” Lynn just moaned, rubbing herself through
her jeans.

“This cock is touching places that never got touched
before! Darnell is big but not this big!”

Soon Maya got all she could get of my cock in her and
stopped to catch her breath. Then she started bouncing
up and down on my cock before she swore her way through
her first orgasm. “This mothersfuckin’ cock is good!!”
Maya gushed.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stop?” Lynn teased, her
hand down her open jeans. “You’re married… remember.”

“HELL NO!!” Maya yelled before screaming through her
second orgasm.

I pushed up her top as she breathily rode my cock. “I
want to see those big tits,” I said.

Maya tore her top off. “You want to see my big 38Ds,
baby?” She reached behind herself to unclasp it and soon
her bra was flying at Lynn. “Here they are, baby!”

I reached up and kneaded them as Maya orgasmed a third
time. After she lowered her tits near my face and told
me to suck on them. I leaned forward and sucked on her
left nipple as I twisted the right. She came two more
times before collapsing atop me. I rolled her onto her
back staying buried in her, spread her legs wider and
took over the fucking.

“Lynn…” Maya gasped. “Doesn’t this motherfucker ever

Lynn chuckled. “Oh, he’ll cum. Eventually. But he never
stops. He stays hard.”

Maya groaned. “Are you fuckin’ serious?!? OH… MY…
GOD!!” She as she came again.

I made Maya orgasm another half a dozen times before I
dumped my load in her. “I need a break! Get off me!” She
gasped. I pulled my cock out, and both of our fluids
gushed out of Maya’s pussy.

“Fuck!!” Maya groaned. “I never came so much!”

Lynn laughed. Aren’t you glad you fucked him?” She

“Bitch!” Maya screamed but was smiling. “Why didn’t you
tell me he was some fuckin’ cyborg?!? I need a fuckin’
shower…” She rolled out of bed and grabbed my hand.
“You’re not through with me yet!” She exclaimed.

Lynn laughed again.

She dragged me into the shower and started soaping me
down. Maya was admiring my muscular body as she took her
time soaping it. My hands strayed to her butt. Hers
wasn’t as big as Lynn’s, but still more than a couple
handfuls. She did my back then rinsed me off before
soaping her own body. She had me do her back and after I
did her butt before slipping her my meat from behind.
She jumped and swore but then bent over and leaned
against the wall.

I was able to penetrate her deeper this way. I bent over
and grabbed Maya’s tits and knead them roughly. Maya
came moments later. She orgasmed about a dozen times
before I blew my second load in her.

We got out of the shower and dried off, Maya eyeing my
still hard cock. Back in Lynn’s bedroom Lynn was waiting
for us juice. “You’re gonna need to keep up your
energy,” She said to Maya, winking. We fucked again in
bed, then in the kitchen after Lynn made us something to
eat. We went into the living room and did it twice in
there before returning to the bedroom.

“Doesn’t he ever stop?!?” Maya joked as I thrust into
her soaked pussy.

Lynn just grinned…