The Honeymoon Is Over

The first thing I heard was a loud moan, then rapid
footsteps down the hall followed by audible sobs from
the family room.

“Finish NOW!” I hissed as my cunt squeezed the cock that
had been pounding it for the last twenty minutes. A few
strokes later it gushed hot cream and withdrew. He
grabbed his clothes and exited the back way.

I slipped on a robe and walked down the hall, ignoring
the cum starting to run down my thigh. It must have been
quite a surprise, seeing your wife with her legs in the
air and some guy driving his erection deep in her
pussy…a regular porn scene.

My husband of three months blubbered, “How COULD you?”

I stood in front of him, my robe coming open, “Hey, man-
up for god’s sake. It’s only sex.”

He looked incredulous as he stuttered in shock, “B-but
y-your my wife…”

I kept looking him straight in the eye, not even
blinking, “I didn’t marry you for sex. I was getting
plenty of that before. I love you.”

Poor guy, he knew I wasn’t a virgin like him, but never
asked for the details I’d have given.

“I’m used to a lot of sex and I tried cutting back after
the wedding but one just wasn’t enough.”

He’d stopped crying and his curiosity was getting to
him. His crotch was beginning to bulge so there was hope
of a good outcome after all. He asked “So how many are

“Four in my lifetime. Two are regulars now, one of which
was my first, and the other two, once in a while.”

“I’d really like it if you’d give them up. I’ll spend
more time with you.”

I smiled and hugged him, “I know you’d try. There are
two problems with that. First, I’m too used to the
variety and second, I can’t just cut off my brothers
after all these years. I love them too.”

Dropping to my knees I unzipped him and got his hard on
out. Between sucks I told him I’d like some help right

“I was interrupted before I finished.”

“But you’re full of his stuff…”

“Won’t be the first time, you’ve often commented how
good it felt when I was extra slippery.”


Leading him to the messed up bed, I finished the
conversation, “See, very little will change. I’m glad I
don’t have to keep anything back from now on. You’ll
have more fun too, I promise.”


“Hey Big Sister, can I come over? Your little bro needs
someone to talk to.”

“Sure. This is a good time.”

When I got there she was in a light robe. I could see
her nipples poking out and would get a flash of fur
every once in a while. She always did like to tease me.

We sipped our beer as I told her what had transpired
yesterday. Each of the times I’d fucked my wife after
the “revelation”, my mind was whirling with a crazy
mixture of thoughts, some hot and some cold. I tried to
explain them to my intently listening sibling. It felt
good to let them out.

After I dumped, she said, “I’m not going to pass
judgment on the brother thing. But I do understand about
her wanting variety. Hell, I’m married and I like it
too. Seems to me that she’s pretty selfish and one
sided. I guess you are entitled to some too.”

“I hadn’t got that far yet. She doesn’t want to change
and I don’t want to lose her. So what’s next?”

My sister chugged the rest of her beer, walked to her
bedroom door and dropped her robe, “Come on! The
playground’s open!”