Checkout Hook-Up

When the cashier leans down to put the item she’d just
rung up in the shopping cart which is placed next to the
scanner [that’s the way this place is set up, no bagging
rack or conveyor belt after the scanner] I can see ALL
THE WAY down her t-shirt. And I do mean all the way.
While flirting with a variety of Hispanic busty beauties
over the past few years [and a few more than once when I
could find them again] I enjoyed the great down-blouse
views that fueled many masturbatory fantasies.

Every time I’m about to checkout I go from one end of
the front end to the other [there are eighteen
registers, two express near the exit and one at the
other end] looking for the hottest cashier to get rung
out by, no matter how long her line is. And they all
love being flirted with. Last week I had several hot
choices; without really thinking about it I chose a
black girl whose name turned out to be Kerlyn I found
out later. She looked so serious up there when I was at
the back of the line.

Just before it was my turn Kerlyn had to call for the
override key. The supervisor ended taking a long time
and I could tell Kerlyn was getting a bit irked. She
finally showed up with the key, Kerlyn was able to
complete the order and hand the customer her receipt.
That was when she smiled for the first time. I teased
her about it, about how upset she looked as she was
waiting for the key compared to now. That got her
smiling again. I moved my heavy duty plastic shopping
bags the store sells to the shopping cart next to
Kerlyn, which I know she saw me do. We continued
talking, with me doing most of the talking and her
giving me her big beautiful smile.

I could tell she was eating up the things I was saying
to her, like when I told her I always look for the
hottest cashier [which Kerlyn truly was; she was short,
maybe 5′ even to my 6’5, and she had huge, huge tits, at
least a DD, which I highly enjoyed each time she leaned
down into the shopping cart to place an item].

I teased that I hoped her boyfriend didn’t find out what
I was saying to her [I’ve gotten girls to admit they
didn’t have a boyfriend this way] which I knew he
wouldn’t like. That got a giggle out of Kerlyn. I kept
up the flirting and as she told me my total she asked if
I needed bags. I teased her again because she knew I had
bags. “I got you all distracted and you forgot I had
bags,” I said as I pointed to my bags right next to her.
Kerlyn giggled again.

I paid her and she gave me the receipt. I took my
shopping cart [replacing it with my emptied one] and
went to the bagging area along the front wall which gave
me a great view of Kerlyn from the side and back. I
checked my receipt to make sure everything had rang up
correct [I was watching the huge screen over her right
shoulder as she rang but I might have missed something].
It was all correct so I went about bagging my groceries.
After I’d finished I put the bags in the shopping cart
and waited for my ‘slowpoke’ friends to finish their

That’s the problem with being the only one who drove,
you have to take your friends places and they drag their
butts. I buy a lot but I bring a list and finish quick.
Anyhow, I leaned back against the long, wide shelf used
as the bagging area to ‘watch the scenery’, meaning all
the hot cashiers and the occasional hot black
supervisor who passed by several times. Mostly I eyed

Her smock was short and open on the sides. I could see
she was slim-waisted and she had a large butt trying to
bust out of her jeans. Unlike most women with butts like
hers who have massive thighs Kerlyn were in proportion
with her overall slimness. The more I eyed Kerlyn the
more I realized she was just what I wanted. But I was
good at flirting, hooking up was something I didn’t
really try with the girls I flirt with. Picking up a
girl in a bar is different. I don’t flirt, I buy a girl
a beer or some drink and I’m good to go. But I was
determined to hook up with Kerlyn, boyfriend or not.

My friends finally made it up front and got rung out at
the express line at the far end of the registers. I took
them home then headed him myself to whack a few off
thinking about Kerlyn… I wanted to see her again, but
my track record at the store was I rarely saw a cashier
twice. The way I had it figured, I needed to go in when
it slow, which is not evenings and weekends. Tomorrow
was Thursday and as always I was working straight
through to Monday.

While at work Sunday [and I thought about Kerlyn more
and more each day] I called a friend of mine who was
good at hacking to have him hack the computer at that
store and get me a printout of the front end schedule
for the week. After work I went home to grab a six pack
and brought it over as payment for ‘services rendered’.
He gave me the printout and I scanned through it. Good
thing there was only one Kerlyn working the front end.
She was off Wednesday but was on 8-5 on Tuesday. It was
a stroke of luck; I know that place is always dead early
in the day on Tuesdays.

Tuesday finally came [felt like forever, though]. I
always sleep late on Tuesdays, I finally dragged myself
out of bed, showered, washed my hair and shaved. I put
on one of my good shirts and wore some cologne [which I
hardly ever do] and headed to the store. I made my way
through the store to the front end [the store is setup
so you can’t get to the front end or any of the aisles
from the entrance, you have to go though produce all the
way to the back of the store].

As I stood at the mouth of the aisle I scanned the
registers for Kerlyn. There was one express open by the
exit as well as the express at the other end. Two
regular registers were open. Kerlyn was just finishing
up an order, the customer took his receipt and left. I
made my way over to her register trying to not be
noticed by her right away.

Kerlyn was writing something down so she didn’t see me.
“Hi, Kerlyn…” I said.

She looked up at my greeting and smiled when she
recognized me. “Hi,” she said, trying to act nonchalant.

Like last time, Kerlyn was showing an uber amount of
cleavage and I could even see one beige bra strap. I
leaned down on the conveyor belt in front of her. “I’ve
been thinking about you a lot since last week…”

Her smile grew wider at my admission. “You have?” She
said, excited but doing a bad job trying to hide it.

“Why not? I told you you’re the hottest cashier here. I
love your height, I love your huge breasts, your amazing
body, your gorgeous smile.” I know it all sounds corny,
but I hadn’t really thought ahead, but Kerlyn seemed to
like it, she was beaming excitedly.

“I wish my boyfriend said things like that.”

“Since you seem to like my honesty, I’m going to be bold
enough to say that I’m rock hard for you right now,” I
whispered, though there was no one else around.

Kerlyn’s eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. She was
speechless for some time. She finally mumbled, “I always
have to work to get my boyfriend hard…”

Before either of us could say another word, the
supervisor yelled “Kerlyn, take your lunch break. Kerlyn
locked her drawer and said, “Take me to lunch,” looping
her arm though mine.

Without missing a beat I replied, “Where would you like
to go?”

Kerlyn gave me a mischievous smile. “I know an out-of-
way place in the back room.” She led me to the back of
the store to the swinging door between the meat
department cases and the deli meat/dairy cases.

I worked in a few supermarkets in high school and
college, and all the back rooms are the same, dim and
noisy. Loud machines regulating all the coolers and
freezers. The back room was empty of people. Kerlyn led
me off to the left, deeper into the back room. Two huge
machines seemed to be side-by-side from straight on but
unseen from off to the side there was a space between

Kerlyn led me through sideways. It was a small corner
into which just enough light seeped in. It was empty but
for a single old padded chair. Kerlyn turned me around
so my back was to it.

Dropping to her knees she unbuckled my belt, grinning up
at me devilishly. Soon she had my jeans open and pushed
them down with my briefs. My cock bounded out, throbbing
inches from Kerlyn’s pretty face. “Oh, wow, yours is
almost at long as my boyfriend’s,” she said. “But yours
is thicker…” She leaned forward and began to suck on
my cock.

Damn, she was good. She would wraps her lips around it
tightly and very slowly slid her mouth off of it with a
loud slurp. I groaned. Kerlyn was able to deep throat
with no effort at all. She was good but frustrated after
five minutes or so.

She pouted, “My boyfriend always cums quick and when I
suck him hard again he can last longer when we fuck.”

I laughed. “Don’t worry about it. I last pretty long the
first time and stay hard through three orgasms.”

Kerlyn’s eyes went wide again. “Really?”

I nodded. “As far as I know. I’ve never had a girl last
beyond that.”

Kerlyn stood up and pushed me down on the chair. She
whipped off her smock. She undid her jeans and pushed
them down to her knees with her boy shorts. In the dim
light I saw she had a thick mass of darker curls between
her legs before she turned around. Kerlyn lowered her
large but firm butt down on me, lowering her tight pussy
down onto my throbbing shaft.

“Damn! I feel so stuffed!” She laughed. Kerlyn started
riding my cock slowly. I reached up and grabbed her huge
tits through her t-shirt. She moaned. Kerlyn began
bouncing up and down on my cock hard. I slid my hands up
under her t-shirt and kneaded her tits through her bra.
About a minute later she had her first orgasm.

Fifteen minutes later Kerlyn had cum at least two dozen
times. “When are you going to cum?” She groaned. “My
pussy’s starting to get sore.” She rose up off my cock,
reposition herself, and took it up her butt this time.

I’d never butt-fucked a girl before. It felt so
different back there… And I’d thought Kerlyn’s pussy
was tight, damn, her butt was tight, tight, tighter!

She began to move up and down on my cock, groaning at
first since it was such a tight fit. I kept kneading her
big tits through her silky bra. As her butt hole
relaxed, Kerlyn was able to quicken her pace. Soon she
was riding my cock hard, groaning and gasping for
breath. Her orgasms were harder and lasted longer. I
lasted another ten minutes before I blasted my jizz up
her butt.

“It’s about time!” Kerlyn teased as she rose off my cock
and turned around. She climbed back on my lap and slid
her pussy back down on my cock. She pulled her t-shirt
over her head and I pushed her bra up. Her massive tits
tumbled out. I cupped them, realizing how heavy they
were now that her bra wasn’t supporting them. Her
areolaes were black and CD-sized, her nipples were
erect, very thick and rubbery. I wondered if they’d been
hard last week when I’d first flirted with her since
they hadn’t shown through her bra and t-shirt. As Kerlyn
wrapped her arms around my neck and began to fuck again,
I also wondered if she had the time for another fuck.

I asked Kerlyn and she groaned that she had an hour for
lunch. Satisfied, I leaned forward and sucked on one of
her huge nipples as I twisted the other. Kerlyn hissed
as I bit down on her nipple playfully. She rode my cock
harder and began to cum. Her pussy was getting wetter
and we had a swamp down there between our legs. Fifteen
minutes later I could tell Kerlyn was getting exhausted.
I knew I wouldn’t get to cum three times but I’ll be
damned if I didn’t get two in. I told her to get up, she
did and I got up and bent her over the chair.

I slid my cock back in Kerlyn’s pussy and began ramming
into her hard. She screamed and started multi-orgasming.
I fucked her hard for ten minutes before I pulled out
and shoved my cock back up her tight anus. Kerlyn
screamed louder than before. As I began to drill her
rectum her screams never stopped. I held her hips as I
plowed into her anal chute. I finally blew my load up
her anus as Kerlyn sagged against the chair. I pulled
out, my cock still hard and covered in both our fluids.

Kerlyn stood up and turned back to me, smiling wearily.
She got on the tips of her toes and kissed me as I gave
her mammoth titties a snug squeeze. “An hour is not
enough with that cock of yours,” se moaned.

I grinned and we quickly got dressed, slipping out of
Kerlyn’s secret spot and out of the still empty back
room. She slipped me her number and asked me to text her
tonight so we could plan to do this again, for a longer
period of time. I bought her an orange juice, which she
had just enough time to drink.

After that lunch break, Kerlyn was going to need it…