The Hand Shower

I ran the bath hot and full of bubbles, I stepped in
after we hung up and felt the hot water envelop me,
soaking into me, I relaxed and we my hair. I took my
razor and began to smooth my pussy for you, from my ass
forward checking for stubble, making it smooth, playing
with my slit as I did. I looked to see my clit as I
dragged the razor by.

I left the dark curls in a strip on the front of the
mound but shaved smooth each side. I know you won’t
touch me, no one will touch me for a while, but I trim
thinking of you, feel the smoothness thinking of you…
feeling, licking, biting, sucking on me, wanting to be
smooth and ready for you always.

I finished shaving my legs and my pits, washing my face
and checking my nipple bars to ensure they are clean and
healthy. I pinched them tight and then washed inside my
cunt fingers reaching in deep, feeling the velvety soft
muscles and how the bone pushes my fingers back further
to reach inside, wondering how it feels against your
cock to be inside me, closing my eyes feeling trying to
isolate the feeling my hand feels vs the feeling my body

I use my toes and pull the plug from the drain and let
the soapy water drain around me. I get the conditioner
and run it though my hair pulling the long tangles free
until it hangs slick on my back and shoulders. I turn
the shower on to rinse the last of the soap from me and
rinse my hair.

I look at the hand shower. I rinse my hair and the turn
the water to the hand shower and adjust the setting to
the solid jet pushing all the water in a single fast hot
stream, I rinse the tub walls and then put the water
stream to my pussy rinsing it out pushing the water up
inside of me and then letting it lift my hood over my

My legs shiver and weaken, I pull the water away and
lean back against the wall pushing my feet against the
edge of the tub and try again, oh god yes, my legs
shiver, I close my eyes, I can feel daddy’s tongue
digging into me, hot and wet, biting sucking on my clit,
hungry taking me sucking me into him.

I hold the stream against my clit, my hand shaking
making it pulsed back and forth, I shiver my cunt clamps
down squeezing hard against the air, wanting, needing to
be filled, I shiver and try not to moan, but It is not
building just holding me on edge. I stop the water for a
moment and get out grabbing my Kong rubber dog bone and
shove it up inside of me then scramble back into the

The bone wont squeeze out of me because of the bulbs on
both sides it stays but my cunt can squeeze as hard as I
try to push it out over and over, which I do as the hot
stream begins to dance on my clit again, oh god yes.

I push so hard to try to eject the toy from me as the
water pulses and attacks my clit, I moan and my legs
nearly give way, I feel the room go black and my body
releases shaking over and over, I can’t breathe I feel
the hot liquid streaming around the toy.

I shift the stream slightly and it shoots through the
toy inside of me and I shudder over again, back to my
over sensitive clit now and I go again and again, until
I kneel in the tub and finally pull the toy from me and
rinse it off, rinsing my sopping cunt again and trying
to breathe, amazed that with him just in my head, the
memory of his touch I was able to come alone this time.