A Story of Forbidden Desire

I am a 31 year old woman who has always enjoyed being
the object of men’s desires.

I’m not sure, but I think it dates back to when I was a
young teenager and was able to spy on a boy I had a
crush on jack off to a girlie magazine while he had no
idea I was watching. I knew that I wanted that kind of
complete and undivided attention from guys.

When I got home that day, with a lot of experimentation
and my mind filled with what I had seen earlier I
discovered how to make myself cum. It was unforgettable.

While my husband of 8 years thinks the old in and out
once week is good enough and has said no way to my
attempts to introduce my particular brand of excitement
into our marriage I figured I was destined to never
again get off in that special way except for my private
fantasies. But that all changed recently. We live in a
collage town and have a collage student tenant in a
basement apartment downstairs in our home.

His name is Bill and I have never thought of him
sexually before although he is rather good looking. He
is of average build, height, and weight. But about a
month ago I saw something special in Bill. It was my
girlfriends surprise birthday party at work and I went
home on my lunch hour to get our video camera to video
tape the party.

I went to the laundry room, got out the camera and was
fiddling with putting in a CD when I heard this woman
moaning in ecstasy. Cautiously I peeked in the window
into the basement and was shocked to see Bills
reflection on his closet full length mirror.

He was sitting on his couch slowly stroking the biggest,
fattest cock I had ever seen! He looked to be in a
trance while jacking off to a porno movie. His huge cock
was slippery and shiny with some kind of lotion and
while his left hand massaged his swollen balls his right
hand caressed the solid shaft in a slow rhythmic motion
that got me hypnotized. In a second I realized my
opportunity and aimed the camera at my subject.

I zoomed in on his hefty cock and slippery hand until
the screen was filled with nothing but his manhood. I
watched and grew wet as his hand kept pumping up and
down on that huge rod. He applied more lotion to his
hands while his cock bobbed from side to side in

As he grasped it again it seemed to grow even bigger!
This time both hands encircled his shaft and he started
bucking his hips against his stationary fists, literally
fucking his hands.

The amazing thing is that with both hands wrapped around
that cock there was still at least an inch to spare at
the base and the head. I would have died and gone to
heaven to have him looking at me and how wet I was while
he was going through those same erotic motions.

Suddenly his pace changed and he really started to jack
that cock off fast. I felt a surge of anticipation
wanting him to cream when he suddenly stopped again this
time grabbing the remote control then rewinding for a
few seconds. I heard the actress cry, “Come on my face”
as the CD began again. And again he started jacking off
that beautiful slippery cock with his right hand while
tickling his balls with his left. I knew if I were in
that room with him and my face only inches from that
magnificent cock he would lose all self control and
spurt all over my face.

I knew I had stumbled onto Bills fantasy.

Again he started the CD from the beginning and this time
he put the remote down to get into some serious

With my camera trained on him he pumped that cock
smoothly and swiftly. The fat head grew red and the
cadence slowed. He was savoring the climax by jacking it
off slower when a short spurt of cream leapt from the
tip and landed on his stomach, another spurt jumped to
his shoulder and another large spurt cascaded across his
neck and chest followed by a few more short spurts.

He was breathing heavily and I knew I had better leave
before he stood up or I would surly get caught. I was
wet and excited beyond belief. I just had to masturbate
before returning to work. All I could think about was
that if that TV screen could get that kind of reaction
what would he do if he saw me in the state I was in?

The thought of teasing him into a frenzy like that just
about put me into heaven. I started to finger myself
when an idea hit me. I put the camera on the tripod then
aimed it at a pillow on our bed and started the CD.

I sat on the pillow and started to finger myself to the
camera! The plan came to me in an instant! I would give
him something very special to jack off to! The
positioning was perfect as all that was in the camera’s
eye-site was my sopping wet pussy and my frantic hands
playing there. I came in waves thinking about him
stroking that huge cock while looking at me!

It took me a week to work up the nerve to proceed with
my plan. I was going to leave the CD of me masturbating
in his mail and secretly watch his excitement from my
laundry room. I delivered the CD and waited for his
arrival. I could see the quizzical look on his face as
he unwrapped the package and put it in the CD Player.
The surprise on his face that turned to pure lust was
priceless as he watched me diddling my pussy on the

My eyes were trained on his crotch and sure enough a
prominent bulge soon grew. He unzipped his fly and his
swollen manhood stood out as he started to jack it off.
Soon he had that familiar trance-like look in his eyes
as he stroked and admired my womanhood.

I was delighted to watch that throbbing meat spring to
life and it’s master helpless to my charms. But I knew
that was really not enough. I was ready to have a live
audience. In reality the CD was only a greeting card.

While in my robe I went outside and knocked at Bills
door. He responded hoarsely,” W-who is it?” The panic in
his voice was obvious. He opened the door red faced and
asked what I wanted.

“I think you have some of my mail by mistake.”

He stuttered and said he didn’t know what I was
referring to.

I looked straight at his crotch and said, “It looks like
you have seen what I’ m talking about.”

He was mortified.

“Aren’t you going to ask me in?”

He stood awkwardly back and let me in.

I sat down on the couch and said, “I feel you should
know that that CD is personal and I’m not sure how I
feel about you jacking off while looking at me!”

Again he stuttered and mumbled excuses.

I took full control at that point and said, “I like it
when men jack off for me. But they must play by my
rules. So if you wanna play, take your cock out and let
me see it.”

Again he stammered red faced.

I cut him short and told him to just sit back and enjoy
the show while I gently pushing him back on the same
couch he gave me such a great show on only a week
before. “Now take your cock out dammit!” I hiked my robe
up to show him my pussy.

Without a word, eyes buldging, he unzipped his pants and
pulled out his half hard cock.

“That’s more like it. I like to watch and to be
watched,” I assured him.

Bill started to stroke that fat cock of his in earnest
as my robe dropped to the floor and I stood before him
completely naked.

“You like that don’t you?” I teased as I changed my
stance, posing for him, moving my body in rythem to his
moving fist.

Bill grunted and looked mesmerized, eyes glued to my

“You’ve got quite the tool on you,” I said admiringly.
“Why don’t you show me just how much you like what you

At that point his dick expanded just a bit further as he
wrapped both hands around it and jerked it faster in my
honor. I was in heaven as I stood bent over, straight
legged in front of him, showing my ass, pussy, and clit
to that helpless guy. I was amazed at how large his cock
really was and hard he was breathing. I was on the verge
of orgasm the entire time.

I continued to tease him. simultaneously begging him to
stroke that huge meat for me and holding off my orgasm.
While squeezing my breasts together inches from his face
I said, “If you can hold off long enough for me to get
off while you lick me… I’ll let you jack off in my
face,” I promised.

He eagerly agreed and released his cock from his hands
and kneeled down before me. I could feel his tongue
vigorously probing my slit and see that big rock hard
cock between his legs just aching for attention. A
little drop of pre-cum beading at its head.

His mouth was eager to please as it careened across my
clit with fluid and careful motions. In no time I came
in waves, too excited to hold back I grabbed Bill’s head
and shoved his willing face into my pussy and fucked his
face for a few intense moments as My orgasm errupted.

After a few bissful moments I began to come down and
knew it was time for me to get him begging for me.

I sat back in the couch caressing my pussy and pulled my
legs far into the air revealing my pussy to him. I knew
he would probably die to stick that huge cock in me and
really give it to me, but I wanted to be the woman in
his video fantasy. Again I told him, “I told you I like
to watch and be watched, so jack that big cock off so I
can see you cum and yes, you can do it on my face.”

I could tell by the look on his face that he wanted more
but his relief would be welcome. He eyed my pussy and
ass as he stroked his cock with one hand and caressed
his balls with the other for me. I cooed phrases like,
“show me your cum,” and “jack it off for me baby,” and
“give it all to me you big horse cocked stud,” as he
neared orgasm.

With absolute control I stood up beside him and nibbled
on his ear and whispered, “Are you ready yet?” He
breathlessly said, “YES!!!” so I knelt down in front of
him while he massaged that strained and bloated cock in
front of my face. A flood of warm and sweet cum splashed
across my face and through my hair.

He moaned with ecstasy as the final drops shot from his
rod and he rubbed is warm cock all over my face. I
gingerly tickled his balls with my fingers and ever so
quickly gave the head of his cock one quick lick. I
could see he was dying to have me put it in my mouth but
instead I just winked at him and said, “Maybe next
time… anyway it will give you something to think

I love to watch men masturbate while admiring me. Bill
says he has some buddies at school that would probably
enjoy me as much as he does. My newest fantasy is to
dance for a small audience so I can enjoy their complete
and undivided attention.