BBQ invite for Straight Seduction

In the Summer of ’81 I got a job in the only hotel on
Rottnest Island working as a glass collector and general
dogs body, the hotel had a massive beer garden and
during the summer got really busy, Rottnest is about 12
miles of the coast of Freemantle Western Australia and
it serves as the weekend getaway for the city. One day I
was approached by a guy in his fifty’s who invited me to
a BBQ that evening, I said OK but in the end, I didn’t
manage to get there, the next day he made a point of
finding me and letting me know he was disappointed I
never turned up, I’ve always wondered what would have
happened if I had gone and the following story could
have been a possibility.

I was seventeen years old, the job was great, hard work
at times but you got to meet loads of people. Living on
the island was great, there was always a something going
on somewhere and the people I worked with were young and
good fun.

One day I was working, nearing the end of my shift in
the afternoon, when I noticed a guy sitting on his own,
there were some empty glasses on his table which I
collected as I was about to return to the bar he stopped
me and asked if I there were any good beaches on the
island other than the main beach in front of the hotel,
I told him there were one or two secluded coves up the
coast which were small but OK, he thanked me and I
continued my work.

The next time I passed his table he called me back and
asked me if I fancied having a drink with him after I
finished, I must have looked a little dubious prompting
him to explain that he was on his own and he figured I
must know the island fairly well, he seemed nice enough
so I said OK and told him I finished my shift in twenty
minutes. “Great I’ll have a beer waiting for you!”

I finished my shift, shot down to my room got changed
and went up to the beer garden and sat down. He
introduced himself as Mike, he was 52 and from Perth.

I told him my name was Paul and we chatted for a while.
Eventually he asked me if I would show him one of the
beaches I had told him about, I said “sure! I could do
with a swim” We finished our drinks and he waited for me
to get my swimming gear together, then we cycled to his
chalet so he could grab a towel and trunks.

“We could come back here for a BBQ if you like?” he
said, “I’ve got all the gear.” I said that would be
great and we cycled off down the coast to the small cove
I’d spoken about.


The beach was deserted, we laid out our towels and went
into the sea, and afterwards we sat chatting, he asked
if I had a girl friend, I told him no, he said that must
be a good thing considering the amount of “action” I
must get from meeting girls whilst working at the hotel.
I was a little taken aback by this, I laughed and told
him I was too shy for that, he said in exasperation,
“You’ve got to be joking, at least tell me you’ve had a
barmaid or two! I would have thought they would be
throwing themselves at you, you’re a good looking kid.”

I blushed.

“If I were female, you’d be exhausted!”

I blushed again and he laughed, “Come on, let’s have
another swim.” He got up and offered me his hand. I took
it and he pulled me up and we headed down the beach…
We eventually came out of the sea, collected our stuff
and headed back.

I told him I had to go back to the hotel to shower and
change he said, “Nah, use the shower at the chalet if
you like?”

I shrugged and said OK.


We got back and he showed me to the shower room and said
“give me your trunks and I’ll hang them up to dry” he
casually removed his own trunks in front of me and
slowly reached for a bathrobe giving me a full frontal
view, his cock semi hard bounced a little as he moved,
my heart must have skipped a beat he obviously wasn’t
going anywhere until I had handed over my trunks which
was going to be a little embarrassing as my own cock had
started to swell at the sight of him standing there
naked I slowly pulled them down, he eyes never left my

“Mmmm, come on girls what’s not to like about that!” He
grinned as he took my trunks and turned away putting the
bathrobe on as he left the room, “Leave the door open or
it will steam up really bad.”

I turned the water on and got in. Unbeknown to me he
turned back and gazed at my ass through the open door,
his hand working his cock to full erection.

After ten minutes or so he appeared at the door “come
on you, that’s long enough, I need a shower too! When I
turned he was standing at the door with nothing on
holding the bath robe for me, He studied my body his
gaze settled on my cock, which for some reason was
rapidly growing to my embarrassment he smiled but didn’t
say anything and threw me a towel I couldn’t help but
notice his cock still semi-hard, twitched as he watched
me with great interest while I dried myself.

He handed me the robe and brushed past me. “The BBQ is
going, I’ll be out in a minute, there’s a cold beer in
the fridge.”

I changed into my shorts and Tee-shirt he called me from
the shower room, “Hey Paul can I have that robe?” I
walked to the shower room with the robe, he was out of
the shower facing the door drying his back with the
towel, his fully rigid cock swayed back and forth. He
laughed at the look on my face, “For some reason I
always get a hard-on when I shower, Just like you it

It was really strange, no way was I gay but there was
something quite erotic watching him towelling himself.
“I can give you a photo if you like.”

I blushed and realized I’d been staring at his groin.

“I’m so sorry,” I mumbled as I turned to leave.

“That’s OK I’m quite flattered,” he smiled. I blushed


He got dressed and soon we were tucking into steaks and
burgers, the conversation turned to women once again as
he told me a story of one his girlfriends who loved to
suck cock “hang on I think I’ve got a photo of her
somewhere” he pulled out a photo from his wallet and
handed it to me, my chin nearly hit the floor…

He had been lying down on a bed when he had taken the
photo, his cock was standing erect, she was on all fours
and her tongue appeared to be in contact with the
underside of his dick, her ass was raised up and there
was another guy with his cock buried deep in her pussy.

My cock was now painfully erect and straining the fabric
of my shorts and I suddenly became aware that he had
placed his hand on my thigh his fingers moving in small
circles. “What do you think of her?”

I looked at him in shock and he raised his eyebrows
slightly as his hand gave my inner leg a gentle squeeze.
“I still see her from time to time and I know she’d love
to meet you, she’s got gorgeous tits.” His hand moved
slowly up inner thigh, his fingers tracing sensual
patterns on my skin.

I guess the fact I didn’t tell him to get off or push
his hand away must have given him the signal that I was
OK with the situation, I concentrated on the photo as
his fingers worked their way towards my groin. His hand
moved to my bulging dick and gave it a gentle squeeze,
my body shuddered he leaned forward and whispered, “Nice
cock, I think it’s time to go inside.”

I must have nodded, he got up and pushed me to the
chalet door, I went through first, His left on my
shoulder stopped me and pulled me back into him, his
right hand moved across my waist to the button on my
shorts and undid it, I looked down in fascination as he
pulled the zipper down, my shorts fell away and joined
his on the floor, (he must have been undressing as he
followed me through the door).

His right hand was now caressing the shaft of my cock
through the fabric of my underpants. “Mmm, how good does
that feel?” he purred into my ear, his tongue darting
across my neck, his lips planting small slow kisses on
my skin. I could feel the heat of his cock standing
vertically, gently nestle between my cheeks.

He slid his hand into my underpants gently wrapping his
fingers around my cock, he eased them down and my pants
fell away, he pulled me closer to him, his dick nestled
deeper, his shaft brushing gently up and down across my
hole. It felt awesome! I had never done anything like
this in my life, hell I was still a virgin! The hand
around my cock started to gently move up and down, his
other hand roamed my chest till it found my left nipple
and started gently squeezing and pulling sending
electric jolts through my body I moaned softly.

He turned me around, our cocks brushed up against each
other, and he looked into my eyes and said, “This is
your first time isn’t it?”

I nodded.

“Well, I’ll tell you now you don’t have to do anything
you’re not comfortable with, but if you do as I ask
you’ll experience a great deal of pleasure It’s your
choice, you can leave now if you wish or stay and I’ll
teach you everything.”

Part of me desperately wanted to run but there was
another part of me that wanted to reach down and take
his cock in my hand, the decision was made when my left
had wrapped around his shaft and pumped it gently. “Mmm,
good boy. Mmmm, that feels wonderful, let’s go get a
little more comfortable.”

He ushered me to one of the bedrooms and told me to sit
on the edge of the bed, as I turned around to sit, his
cock swayed about two inches from my nose, he was
circumcised like me and about the same size,. He knelt
in front of me and grasped my cock, then he ran his
tongue over the head and wrapped his lips around it, his
tongue flicking the tip back and forth, he took more of
me into his mouth, his tongue working on the underside
of the shaft.

I was in ecstasy!

His head bobbed faster bringing me to the brink, I
gasped and told him I was about to come, he didn’t pull
away, my load shot into his mouth, the bobbing slowed
and he finally released my deflating cock, he stood up
and pushed me back onto the bed, leaned forward and
lowered himself on to me. “That was wonderful, thank
you, I’ve wanted to do that to you all day.” His tongue
traced over my lips and then forced its way between, I
could taste my own cum and found myself kissing him back
wanting more.

He broke away, “Wow! You’re so horny, I’m so glad I took
a chance on you.”

His tongue returned to my mouth again and explored, he
put his hands on the bed and raised himself up “now do
you think you’re ready to wrap your lips around my cock?
I froze, heart pounding as I realized I was in way over
my head, way past the point of no return and simply had
no choice, I’d fallen into the situation willingly and
now just had to see it through so I nodded.

“Good boy, you won’t regret this I’ll teach you
everything you need to know and I promise you, you’ll
love it!” He rolled off me and laid on his back, he said
“get comfortable and stroke my cock with your tongue for
a bit, I ended up in the same position as the girl in
the photo.

“That’s the way, now with one hand fondle my balls while
you lick the shaft” my fingers gently played with his
balls and as my tongue made contact, his body shuddered.
“Oh yes baby yes! Don’t stop, that’s perfect!”

I ran up and down the length of him with my tongue, on
the fifth pass nearing the top, I took a deep breath and
wrapped my lips over the head and running my tongue over
the tip, he shuddered again and for a moment I thought I
had done it wrong, but then I felt his hands grasp the
back of my head easing me down until my nose was buried
in his pubic hair, he kept me there for a few seconds,
then started to rhythmically pump me up and down.

“Oh fuck that’s good, put pressure on with your tongue.”

I did as he instructed.

“Mmmm, so good!!” He picked up the pace and his
breathing followed suit. He suddenly took a sharp intake
of breath as his load coated my tongue, he kept me on
him for a few strokes more then released the back of my
head. “Oh man, that rates as one of the best blowjobs
I’ve ever had you’re a natural, come here” he drew me up
his body placed both hands on the cheeks of my bum I
could feel his cock next to mine rubbing against each
other he kissed me again and whispered “you’re so good,
so good, how do you feel now?!”

My emotions were in turmoil, I’d just given another guy
a blowjob! For Christ’s sake!!

On the other hand I had enjoyed it and wanted to find
out more…

I simply whispered, “teach me more please.”

“Oh yeah, you can bet on that,” he said, as he rolled me
over onto my back and ended up on top of me. He slid his
hand between us and caressed my cock. “You’re hard again
already!” he said in surprise. “I don’t know how you
young guys do it but I won’t complain.” He moved his
head down to my groin and proceeded to give me another
blow job.

Later as we both stood under the shower, his cock
pressing into my balls and his hand around my cock,
sliding back and forth he said, “Tomorrow I want you to
hand your notice in at the hotel, you’re coming back to
the mainland to work for me and I can’t wait to get you
back there.”

I slid my hand between us, wrapped it around his shaft
and proceeded to slide the head of his cock up and down
between the cheeks of my bum, it didn’t take him long to