Two couples, one black and one white

In our circle of friends there was one black couple,
Mark and Sally. My husband and Mark had met in
collage when they were both playing football, and
they had become fast friends. The friendship
continued after college when they settled in the same
city. We had gone to each other’s wedding and Sally
and I became close friends.

We had an active social life, and frequently got
together with Sally and Mark as well as our other
friends. They were a handsome couple and we had many
enjoyable times together. Rumor had it that Mark was
quite a stud, and in the past had no difficulty
dating women, often white women. This I learned from
my husband. I certainly could understand his appeal
to women as he was not only handsome, but also
charming. Ray said he had a sizeable cock which he
noted when they showered after football.

I admit I was attracted to him-I don’t think it was
just because he was good looking, but there was an
element of a primitive nature that appealed to me,
and I think that was because he was black as well as
handsome, in other words the attraction of the
forbidden. There were times when he looked at me that
I felt a tingle of lust, and I would blush. He would
smile and I was sure that he was aware of the effect
he had on me.

There were also times when Ray and I were making love
that I would fantasize that it was Mark who was
fucking me, and I would come very forcibly. This was
a mental kind of unfaithfulness that made me feel
guilty. Nevertheless I couldn’t control my feelings,
and I couldn’t control my arousal when he would look
at me, sensing the effect he had on me. Sometimes
under his steady gaze I would become moist-it was

Often Sally and I would get together when our
husbands were occupied, and sometimes during our
woman’s talk, she would talk about her husband, often
when she loosened up after a couple of glasses of
wine. She did confirm that her husband was well
endowed, and that sometimes she needed a rest from
him. She confessed that he had been with other women,
often with white married women, and that had happened
since they had been married. She said she didn’t like
it, but she ignored it because he always came back to
her, and she didn’t want to rock the boat.

Then Sally said I’ve seen the way you two look at
each other, and I think you are attracted to him. I
flushed at this, so she knew she was on the mark.
“You are a good friend, and I think if you were to
have sex with him, I wouldn’t feel badly about it.
Maybe then you would both get it out of your system
and things would return to normal, and we would still
be friends.”

I was amazed at this conversation. It seems she was
actually giving me permission to have sex with Mark.
She laughed at my consternation and said “It’s only
sex, not a big commitment. As I said he always comes
back to me, so I overlook his straying.

He certainly has proven with some white wives that
the rumors they have heard are at least true in
Mark’s case. When he screws them they know they have
been filled, and well and truly fucked. He enjoys his
conquests, especially of some good looking white
wives, giving them an experience that their husbands
can’t provide.”

I know he gets a real boot out of seducing a faithful
white wife, stripping her, spreading her legs and
mounting her, giving her an experience she won’t
forget. He is really sticking it to the husband while
actually sticking it to his wife. It is a humbling
experience for both of them, when the wife’s
resistance is overcome, and she surrenders her body,
lying spread and helpless as he enters her.

And you know, there are husbands who like to watch
their wife being fucked by a well-hung black stud
like Mark. It’s happened, and Mark really enjoys it
when the husband is watching him ravishing his
moaning wife. Mark says it doesn’t get better than

I went away thinking about what Sally said. I was
amazed, and I was not about to repeat what she said
to my husband. She was actually giving me a green
light to have sex with her husband? This puts a whole
new perspective on our relationship.

However, even though I fantasize about him, I am not
about to risk my marriage by having sex with him, and
I told Sally exactly that. She laughed saying, “Mark
has the ability to change a woman’s mind.” This
conversation was making me extremely uncomfortable,
mostly because I was aroused by the things that she
was saying.

I was sure that Mark would make a move on me, and I
was not disappointed. He stopped in one day when he
was sure that I was alone, and soon was pulling me
into an embrace. I resisted when he tried to kiss me,
but he held me firmly and soon he did kiss me. I
turned my head and said “no Mark-we can’t do this.”
But he was soon kissing me again, and involuntarily I
was becoming aroused. He slid his hand down to my ass
and pulled me tightly against him: I could feel his
erect cock against my body.

I was trembling in his embrace, and said, “This can’t
happen! I can’t do this with you. I’ve never been
unfaithful to Ray.” I managed to break away from him,
but I was shaking from the experience-I had almost
given in to him. My body wanted to but I wasn’t about
to make my husband a cuckold. We settled down and had
coffee. I think he knew how close I was to
surrendering to him.

After he left I fantasized about him-I just couldn’t
control my emotions. He evoked a deep- seated feeling
of lust. I think something primeval in wanting to
cross racial barriers and being taken and used by
him, wondering what he would do to a white woman who
was helpless, and giving herself to him.

I didn’t think that this was the end of his attempts
to seduce me, and it wasn’t long before I was proven

Sally was out of town visiting her mother, and my
husband had invited Mark for dinner. I didn’t get
back from my office job before six, and by that time
they both were drinking and telling football stories.
Ray fixed me a drink and soon another one as they
said I was behind. The two of them were fixing
dinner, and it looked pretty good. I hadn’t changed
from my working clothes, but I took off the jacket of
my suit leaving me in a blouse and skirt.

A bottle of wine was consumed at dinner, and by the
time dinner was over none of us was feeling any pain.
While I cleaned up the men continued telling football
stories, and we all had an after dinner drink. When I
finished up in the kitchen I went into the family
room, and only Mark was there. I asked where Ray
went, and Mark said he went upstairs.

I found Ray sound asleep, snoring, and looking like
he had passed out. I tried to arouse him but I was
unsuccessful. When I came down I told Mark that he
was dead to the world; passed out.

Mark said, “I guess I better head out.” We finished
our drink, and when we stood up he pulled me into his
arms and kissed me. I was startled at the sudden
move, and for a moment did nothing as he held me in a
long kiss. I broke the kiss and said “no Mark! I
can’t do anything with you.” But he ignored my
protest, pulling me into his arms again, kissing me
passionately, his strong arms immobilizing me.

I was both aroused and panicky, feeling helpless in
his arms. I was also aware that the drinks I had
consumed were making me more susceptible to his
advances. In a moment he undid my skirt button,
pulled the zipper down, and was pushing my skirt down
over my hips till it fell to the floor.

I said, “My God Mark, we can’t do this, please… my
husband is just upstairs.” I tried unsuccessfully to
push him away.

“He may be just upstairs, but from what you said he
is not going to surface soon. I just want to hold you
for a bit, and then I’ll head home.” But while he was
saying this he was unbuttoning my blouse at the back-
pulling it off my arms, and pitching it onto a chair.
Now I was standing only in my bra and sheer lacy
slip, which did little to hide a view of my panties.
Recognizing that I was aroused I became alarmed at my

“Mark, you’ve got to stop. I can’t let you make love
to me. Please! Please don’t do any more! I’ve never
been unfaithful to my husband. You are an attractive
man but I just can’t let you do it to me.” He knew I
was responding, and even though I was pleading with
him, I didn’t think he would stop trying to seduce

I was proven right when he lifted me into his arms,
placing me on the large sofa. When I tried to sit up
my slip rose above my stocking tops, exposing my bare
thighs and garter straps. He kissed me again, holding
me firmly, reaching behind my back and unsnapping my
bra, freeing my breasts. I struggled weakly but he
pushed me flat on the sofa, holding my shoulders down
as he kissed me again, and began caressing my breasts
with his fingertips.

He replaced his fingers with his lips and tongue till
my nipples were stiff. Now I was half naked in his
arms, and responding against my will as he caressed
my bare thighs above my stocking tops. I knew if I
didn’t stop him soon I would find myself lying under
him with my legs spread, and taking his cock into me.
I thought I can’t take much more of this, as my body
responded to him, my vagina moistening.

I began struggling, but I was weak with my arousal,
my body flushed. He had pulled up my slip till it was
under my ass, my sheer panties exposed to him. I
protested again saying “this has to stop. I can’t
give myself to you, so please don’t do any more. You
know I’m attracted to you, but I can’t let you fuck

“I won’t do anything against your wishes. I just want
to hold you and caress you, and I will be satisfied
with that.” With that assurance I began to relax in
his arms. “You promise you won’t do it to me?”

He said, “I will not force you to have sex with me.
You’re so beautiful, and it would be wonderful to
make love to you, but I’ll respect your wishes.” I
was reassured by that and began to relax.

Then he started pulling my panties down and I said
“no! Don’t take my panties off!” He said he needed to
take them off so he could pleasure me with his mouth,
so I lifted my hips and he took my panties off, naked
now except for my stockings and garter belt. I
resisted when he began to separate my legs, but he
said he couldn’t pleasure me unless I opened my legs,
so I complied.

Then he began doing things with his mouth and tongue
on my labia and clitoris that had me trembling and
moaning, lifting me to erotic levels that I didn’t
think possible. My legs were fully spread and lifted
as he pleasured me. He alternated between lifting and
stroking my bud with his tongue, then sliding it back
and forth into my cunt. I was on an erotic plateau,
my body overwhelmed with waves of pleasure, spasms
that went on and on, and I cried out with the
intensity of my orgasm.

I was so overwhelmed by my climax that I didn’t
notice that he had stripped, nor did I notice
anything till he mounted me, pressing his cock
against my lips, moistening it.

I said “no! Don’t put it in me! You promised! Please
don’t fuck me! I can’t do this. I’m begging you.
Don’t fuck me!” I was tearful and panicky as I felt
the pressure of his cock against me. I was so weak
from my powerful orgasm that I was helpless. I felt
myself stretching as he pressed against me. He was
pushing powerfully and I was stretched more and more
till I thought I couldn’t open any further, and the
pressure of his fully erect cock was hurting.

He gripped my hips, pushing in even harder, and I
cried out as I was entered. My cunt was so stretched
around him that it was painful. He waited, then
slowly began advancing his cock into the depths of my
cunt till I didn’t think I could take any more. Then
I cried out again as I was fully impaled. I had never
been so filled. It was done.

He stayed fully into me till I got used to his size,
and then began slowly moving in me, sliding his cock
fully in and out. Then there was nothing but this
huge cock centered in my body, evoking unbelievable
sensations of pleasure as he stroked into me, my cunt
fully stretched around him. All my resistance was
gone as I fully opened my legs to this cock that
filled me, enjoying the most erotic experience of my
life as he serviced me so competently.

Then I thought, my God-he was in me with no
protection. I couldn’t take the pill so my husband
always used a condom. I moaned, “Please don’t come in
me, I’m not protected.”

He said he wouldn’t as he continued thrusting his
cock deep into my pussy. I was reassured, and now
gave myself totally over to the incredible pleasure
he provided, helpless as his plunging cock lifted me
to an erotic plateau, sustaining me there, fucking me

He increased his thrusting, carrying me along with
him as I began to feel a spasm, starting in my pussy,
spreading to my pelvis, and then throughout my whole
body, as I was overwhelmed with an incredible
experience that caused me to shake, clutching him
with my legs and arms, saying, “Don’t stop! Don’t

At that moment I felt him swelling in me, spurting
into the depths of my cunt as he gripped my ass. I
could feel the spasms of his cock, and the thought
that he could make me pregnant totally carried me
away, prolonging my orgasm at this primitive mating.
I had cried out again and again in the throes of my
climax, my body throbbing beneath him.

It was finally over, and it was sometime before he
removed his shrinking cock, and lifted off me. I
began sobbing at the enormity of my transgression. It
was the first time I had been unfaithful, cuckolding
my husband, and with a black man who filled me with
his semen, some of which was wetting my inner thighs,
but plenty was still in me.

I had turned over total control of my body to this
man who had raised me to unbelievable heights of
ecstasy, and now lying beside me, smiling at his
conquest. Another beautiful white wife seduced, on
her back, legs spread and taking his cock into her,
filling her with his sperm. For him it didn’t get
better than that.

I began sobbing, filled with remorse that I had been
seduced by him, yielding my body to this black man,
lying under him, as he filled me with a cock that
drove me to erotic heights that I didn’t think
possible. I was unnerved by the experience. I
couldn’t believe that I had submitted to him, flushed
and trembling as I yielded, helpless, opening my legs
and being serviced by that huge cock that thrust into
me so powerfully.

Finally I got control and began dressing, pulling my
panties over my sticky thighs. I said “this isn’t
going to happen again, and it wouldn’t have happened
if I hadn’t had all those drinks.” We finished
dressing, and I said, “You can let yourself out.”

I found Ray still sound asleep, and before I got into
my nightgown I washed my thighs and pussy. Some
seamen still came out, but there was plenty that
didn’t. I was awash with his sperm. I was tearful as
I slipped into bed beside the husband that I had
cuckolded, reliving the wild experience that his good
friend had provided.

My life did not return to normal. I could not forget
the way I had been taken and ravaged by Mark. The
experience reminded me of how vulnerable I was, and
at times I would feel myself moistening as I relived
the experience.

I was resolved that it wouldn’t happen again, but my
resolve was shaken when Mark appeared at my door,
knowing that my husband was working. He moved to me,
lifting me into his arms. In spite of my protests and
my resistance, he carried me into our bedroom. I
still struggled, saying, “No Mark, I can’t do this
again, please stop.” But he ignored this and began
stripping me.

He quickly removed my dress, then my bra and slip.
Then I just stood there as he took my panties off,
now standing naked before him. He quickly stripped,
then pushed me down on the bed. As I looked at his
huge erect cock I knew I was going to be taken again,
and I felt myself moistening with my arousal.

He pushed my legs apart and mounted me. I had stopped
struggling and protesting. I was tearful as I
surrendered to him, and I was unresisting as he
pressed the bulbous head of his cock against my wet
labia, pressing powerfully, my cunt giving way to the
intense pressure, and with a wail I was entered. My
knees lifted as he advanced his cock into the depths
of my vagina, filling me completely.

He began a steady thrusting that lifted me into an
erotic high, sustaining me there. I felt him swelling
even more, knowing that he was going to come in me
again. I knew it was no use asking him not to. I felt
him spurting his semen into me, and I was shaken by a
powerful orgasm, clutching him with my legs and arms,
my body is spasm beneath him.

Finally he lifted off me, smiling because he did it
to me again, happy that he had made me climax as he
filled me with his semen. I was lying there with my
legs still spread, sperm leaking from me as he
dressed and left.

This had to stop-I couldn’t let him fuck me again-I
had to break the passionate hold he had on me, so
strong that I couldn’t prevent him from taking me.

It seemed that fate entered into the decision, as I
was told that Sally and Mark were leaving as Mark was
being transferred to another city. I breathed a sigh
of relief-perhaps now I would be free of the
compulsion to be fucked by him.

About a week before they were to leave town, and when
Ray was away at a seminar, a crisis again. I had just
finished dressing to attend a women’s business
meeting when Mark showed up. I said “Oh no! You are
not going to fuck me again. You need to leave-NOW!”

“You’re eminently fuckable, so why shouldn’t I give
you a going away present?”

“Please go-I’ve got to get to a meeting, and I’m not
going to get on my back for you again.”

“Well, maybe we can think of a different position for
you.” And with that he picked me up and carried me
into the bedroom, dropping me on the bed.

“No! Please! I can’t do this. I can’t let you take me
again. You’ve done enough to me, and I can’t do this
to my husband. I can’t be unfaithful again.”

“Oh, I think you can-one more time will be good for
you-I think you need servicing again, and your
husband is not going to take care of you like I can.
And since you are all dressed up to go to your
business meeting I’m not going to strip you.”

He was smiling as he flipped me over on my stomach,
pulling my blouse out of my skirt, lifting it up
above my bra which he unsnapped, freeing my breasts.
I was struggling and pleading but that didn’t stop
him from stroking my breasts and nipples which were
stiffening to his touch. He pulled me to my knees,
flipping my skirt and slip up till they were hanging
from my waist, my panty clad ass now exposed to him.
Next he slipped my panties down to my knees, exposing
me erotically, my moist cunt fully displayed to him.

I was both aroused and frantic – I had never been
exposed so lewdly. I pleaded again saying “please
don’t put it in me. I’m begging you-please don’t fuck
me. Don’t do it to me. Not like this!”

He ignored my protests as he pressed my head and
shoulders to the bed, spreading my thighs till my
panties were stretched at my knees. He gripped me
with one arm around me, holding me in position,
stroking my vagina and clitoris with his free hand. I
sobbed, unable to control my arousal, moistening more
to his caresses.

I was shocked, exposed to him like this, my garter
belt stretched over my rounded ass, my cunt opening
to him. I had never been taken this way; it was so
primitive, helpless, and surrendering to this black
man, and suddenly I was overcome by the erotic nature
of this, knowing I had no defense against being
fucked by him.

He had stripped and now positioned his fully erect
cock against my pussy, just holding it there, wetting
it on my vulva. He teased me with it, moving it up
and down between my lips, keeping it there, enjoying
my helplessness, showing me that he was in charge. I
was moaning, waiting for the inevitable,
surrendering, knowing I was about to be ravished
again. I was flushed and trembling as he was poised
to enter me.

Holding my hips in position, he pushed powerfully as
he stretched and entered me, and I screamed as I was
penetrated. I was groaning as he continued pressing
into me till I was fully impaled, and I cried out as
I climaxed. I couldn’t believe I had come so quickly.
He waited till my spasms subsided, then began slowly
and steadily began thrusting into me. It was so wild
and primitive, taken like this, having no control
over the thorough fucking I was receiving, my very
helplessness making this the most erotic experience
of my life.

He continued thrusting his huge cock into my
stretched cunt, driving me to higher and higher
levels of passion, my body responding to the thorough
fucking I was receiving, moaning as I was driven
towards another climax. I felt him swelling, tightly
clutching my ass as he began spurting into me,
filling me with his semen. Groaning, I cried out, my
vagina in spasms around him, my body shaking in the
throes of my orgasm which went on and on.

When he withdrew his shrinking cock he pulled my
panties up, trapping our fluids; then dropped my
skirt and slip down, moving beside me, smiling at
this wife who had been thoroughly fucked and driven
to a climax by a black man who filled her with his

Now I knew what it felt like to be truly ravished, to
be fucked so powerfully. Submitting, against my will,
taken and used by him. He enjoyed having this white
wife helpless, her legs spread, as he pushed his big
cock into her. Now I knew what a black stud like him
could do to a white woman who surrendered her body to

It was so primitive… so erotic, being taken from
behind, on my hands and knees, his thick cock
thrusting into me. I was helpless as he fucked me so
powerfully, filling me with his semen, perhaps
inseminating me. As I felt the spasms of his cock, I
thought he is making me pregnant, and it made my
orgasm even more intense.

I was sobbing again, having submitted once more, and
being driven to heights of ecstasy that left me
shattered, and with a cunt that was awash with his
semen. I knew it was useless asking him not to come
in me. And knowing he was ejaculating into my
unprotected cunt, and the thought that he might be
impregnating me sent me over the top. But I felt
degraded that I had submitted to this black stud who
had taken me and fucked me so competently, taking
pleasure in my submission.

I got my bra and blouse fixed, and he pushed me out
the door, not letting me clean up, his semen wetting
my panties.

I realized I was helpless, and I knew I would submit
again if he tried to fuck me. It was fortunate that
they were leaving town, and I resolved not to be
alone with him again.

I loved my husband, and I couldn’t understand why I
had been unfaithful, why I had submitted my body to
this man, and been fucked so thoroughly. It was
something raw and primitive, this black man releasing
a powerful erotic response that I never knew I was
capable of.

I had been driven to the point where my whole body
was centered on this huge cock which was filling me,
thrusting into my cunt, till my body was shaking, and
I had exploded as his throbbing cock spurted into the
depths of my vagina. At that time I knew I would
submit to him whenever he wanted; that I would
willingly spread my legs, opening my cunt for him; to
be penetrated again, and filled with his semen.

Then a couple of days later, Sally called and invited
me to lunch at a quiet restaurant she liked, wanting
to get together before they left town. I agreed, and
I wondered if she knew what had happened between her
husband and me.

After we ordered, she made it clear that she did
know. Sally said, “I know what happened between the
two of you. Mark told me everything, including all
the details of each time he fucked you.”

I was shattered that she knew everything.

She continued, saying, “How did you like having that
big cock in you? He really did it to you he said. And
how did you like being on your hands and knees with
your ass in the air, taking his cock into you from
behind? I wish I had been there to see him fucking
you that way, and filling you with his semen. I don’t
suppose Ray knows how you’ve been serviced by my

I was flushed with embarrassment as she continued.
“Don’t feel bad. Mark has a sexual aura about him
that attracts white women, and he loves fucking white
wives, making a cuckold of their complacent husbands.
Sometimes the husband likes to watch his moaning wife
being serviced, watching his thick cock working away
in his wife. He feels empowered, sticking it to the
husband while actually sticking it to his wife.”

I was getting angry at this point. I said, “How could
you want your husband to fuck other women? And to
enjoy hearing about it?”

She replied, “It’s black people’s time now, making
white women pay for what was done to black women in
slavery days. You won’t forget what it was like lying
under a black stud like Mark with your legs spread
and taking his big cock in you, and filling you with
his semen.

“Do you think he make you pregnant? You know, if he
did you won’t be the first white woman he’s knocked
up. We really enjoy it when he gets a white woman
pregnant, especially a married one. A real present
for the husband.”

“I thought we were our friends. I can’t believe he
told you everything, and you enjoyed hearing about
what he did to me.”

“Don’t feel bad, I encouraged him to seduce you,
knowing what a faithful wife you were, and I couldn’t
wait to hear all about the details of how he fucked
you. I wish I had been there to see him working away
in you, your legs spread, your pussy filled, and you
moaning, and crying out as you came. He gave you some
experiences you’re not likely to have again, and you
should be thrilled at being serviced by a black man
with a very large cock.”

I had heard enough, and I left. I was angry that I
had been set up by both of them, and had been their
entertainment. I was happy when they left, but I
could not forget the way I had responded to him,
helpless as he fucked me to powerful climaxes.

There was more fallout. Sally’s wish came true. I
found out that I was pregnant and I was devastated. I
knew that it had to be Mark’s baby I was carrying.
The timing was right. What to do? I would have to
confess to my husband everything that had happened,
and there would be an awful scene.