Story of My Self Torture

My name is Debbie and I’m a 49-year-old white divorcee.
I am 5 foot 7, 148lbs, I have green eyes shoulder length
brown hair. My measurements for those who want to know
our 38C-29-38. I used to leave my pubic hair but now I
shave completely clean.

I’ve had a few male friends in the past but they were
just like my ex-husband could not understand my
sexuality. You see I’m a masochist. Yes, I love
inflicting pain on myself or have others inflicted for
me. I’ve always been like this since a young girl. When
I would tell most men that I like to be spanked, whipped
on both my breasts and my pussy they would think I’m
nuts and run for the hills. My husband tried but
couldn’t bring himself to beat me like I wanted. I like
my breasts hurt and my pussy to hurt.

So that brings me to one of my fantasies that I indeed
carried out on myself. I had read on some S&M sites
about to torture and cunt torture and was amazed at all
the different variations that you could torture a few
male tit or cunt. I was really surprised that I came
along a site that showed a woman sitting naked on a ant
hill. She let those ants crawl all over her cunt as she
squirmed from the tiny bites that they were given her. I
just about came looking at that short video and wished
that it was me on at anthill.

I came up with what I thought was an ingenious way to
really self torture my clit and deep in my cunt. To give
me the ultimate pain. I gathered a 1-1/2vacuum tube and
cut it about 8 inches long. I got tape in taped 2 small
rubber ties with hooks on the end to both sides of the
two close to the and that was cut. I then set up a
weightlifting bench and raised where you put the barbell
on its holder to its highest setting I fastened ankle
cuffs on each side to except my legs and secure them.

Then I got too large wide leather belts from the
Salvation Army store that will go one around my pelvis
area just above my cunt the other around above my tits
and below my armpits so I will be secured to the bench
and could not get up.

Next I secured a ring in the floor with a chain that
would go to the handcuffs that I would lock on my wrist
like couldn’t stop what I was about to do to myself. I
had taken the key for the lock that would unlock my
handcuffs in on a heavy shoelace I froze the key in one
of those popsicle freeze containers (the ones who used
to make ice pops) this would be hung so I could reach it
with my hand and the only way to free up the key as I
torture myself would be to melt the pop to get to the

What I had done all set up I went in search of my
tormentors and found in my backyard a ant hill of red
ants. I scooped around 50 to 60 of these red ants into a
container with a stocking lid on it so they would still
get air. I also had a pair of old stockings that I cut a
patch out of them and configured it so it would go over
the vacuum tube then wrapped several routes of plastic
electrical tape as to form a cap that would go on the
end of the tube and allow air to get in to the tube but
keep the ants from crawling out of the tube.

The final step was to get out my commercial tens unit
this unit has five contact leads on it so I could put a
positive and negative on each nipple and I put one on my
clit. This unit would be set on a AC timer that would
come on a couple minutes after I started my torture. The
unit was set at 8 on the power dial.

With everything gathered, everything set up I chose 11
o’clock on Saturday at the time to proceed to torture
myself. Everything was in place in my rec-room. The ants
were collected everything was ago at 11 o’clock I strip
down naked got the tube ready to insert deep into my
cunt I had to string with the key hanging close to where
my hands would be. The tens unit was at the ready
already set up with timer on. I stuck the tabs on both
nipples in one image to away from my nipples. I stuck
one on a alligator clip on my clit with a pad 2 inches
above my clit.

I proceeded to lock my ankles in the ankle restraints
with my pelvis pitched up I readied to handcuffs so I
can snap them on quickly. The final thing for me to do
was to insert the tube deep into my cunt. It took a bit
to get it deep and up against the opening of my uterus
because I would not use any lube that way the walls of
my cunt would grab the to and hold it in me better.

Then I attached the rubber straps to the rail of the
weight bench to keep that tube deep in me. With my heart
pounding and with anticipation I did the final act and
that was to take the lid off the container of red ants
and poor them down the tube I quickly put the nylon On
the end of the tube then it quickly snapped to handcuffs

By the time I laid down and was putting handcuffs those
ants were already biting at my uterus. God did it hurt I
was strapped down and it took all my effort to put the
handcuffs on and then I grabbed the ice pop with the key
and held it for I wanted to unlock myself and get those
pesky red ants out of me. Just as I was trying not to
scream the tens unit clicked on sending pulses of
electricity to both my nipples and my swollen clit. I
was incensed with pain shaking uncontrollably by what I
was doing to myself. Has the pain from those ants biting
me and the electricity burning me I was actually coming
uncontrollably from the pleasure and pain I was

My cunt was grabbing the tube tightly as I was cumming
and cumming!

It was 45 minutes later and after five orgasms from the
pain the key to my handcuffs finally became available. I
quickly unlocked my hands and shut the tens unit off. My
legs by now were cramping so I locked them and then
pulled the tube out of my cunt closed up with the ants
still deep in my cunt.

And yes they were still biting more than ever because
they were running out of air. I had such a burning pain
right below my belly button from the burning itching
uterus. That would be with me for days after the ants
died. Of course eight hours later I did douche all those
little tyrants out of me.

Will I do it again you ask? Yes maybe with yellow jacket
bees, or crickets, or maggots. Something that will eat
and give me pain at the same time. I’d love to hear from
any one of you women out there that love to do what I do
to my body…