A pretty girl asks older brother to show it to her. He does.

Billy, my lovely   sister said in her most
pleading voice, “Please let me see your penis.”

That took a moment to penetrate and then I stopped
polishing my history paper and turned to face her. She
was wearing two towels. One wrapped in her long blonde
hair and the other encircling her exciting young body,
from boobs to belly. “I beg your pardon?” I said,
smiling. Damn, but she was pretty. I don’t know we how
got to be in the same family.

“All my friends talk about their father’s or brother’s
or boy friends’ things, and I’ve never seen one.”


“You know what I mean!”

“Have you looked on the Internet?”

She nodded and blinked. “It’s not the same and besides
I don’t believe some of those. I saw one they said was
a foot long, but I’m sure it wasn’t. Please!”

“You promise not to tell if I do, not to go out there
and say I saw my brother’s dick and it’s only this
big.” I held my fingers a couple of inches apart,
smiling at her confidently, deciding what to do.

She smiled and crossed her heart. Her legs must be a
yard long; they’re impossible, at last half her
height. I felt my cock lurch. “Go put some clothes on.
I can’t talk to you like this.”

She teased, “Like what you see, huh?”

“You’re much too pretty to be running around like
that. Scoot.” I reached out and smacked her flank, and
her big towel came loose, baring her breast. She
grabbed the towel, pulled it all the way off and ran,
displaying her fine ass. My prick jumped again.

I laughed and tried not to think about her body. Damn,
she was only fifteen. I had never seen a better pair
of jugs or a cuter set of little pink nipples. They
made my mouth water.

She was back wearing a football jersey one of her many
admirers had given her, a game jersey that showed some
wear. I wondered if she had ever washed the thing. It
smelled of male sweat and bore a number of grass
stains. It hung to the top of her plump thighs.

“Okay,” she said, licking her lips. “Show me!”

“Promise? I will feel like a fool if you tell.”

She nodded and I pulled down my zipper and flopped it
out. It was more than normally long and thick, excited
by her body and the idea of what I was doing but still
a bit flaccid.

She backed up and took a deep breath. “How big is it?
You know… when it’s hard?”

“You want to measure it?” My plan, to get her hand on
it, was working.

“Ginger told me her boyfriend’s thing was six inches

“Don’t call it a thing.” I handed her my plastic

“Take your pants off. Your zipper is in the way,” she

I dropped my khakis to the floor and stood there in my
cotton shorts, both embarrassed and excited.

“It’s growing!” she said.

“It likes you,” I told her truthfully.

She went down on one knee, looked up at me with her
deep blue eyes, licked her lips and grasped my limp
penis and slapped it again the ruler. “It’s almost six
inches long, five and three-quarters. That’s big isn’t

“I guess… Well no, that’s normal I think. Five or
six inches.”

“But it’s soft and warm. I thought they got, you know,
hard, erect. I saw some like that on my computer, you
know, sticking out like flagpoles.”

I wondered if she had found tumblr yet.

“I think that’s enough,” I said, pulling up my pants
and belting them on. I put my cock away and yanked up
the zipper.

“Don’t they get hard, sometimes, you know, aroused?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Can I see yours hard?”

“No. It is not a plaything.” I baited the hook, my big
rigid hook.

She sat on my bed, pouting, and I went back to my

“You’re mean,” she groused.

“Yep, I am and that’s the show for today. Scram, I’ve
got work to do.”

“If I take this off, will your thing get hard?” She
gripped the bottom of her over-sized jersey.

“It might. Go away.” I turned away from her and heard
her pull the heavy shirt off and saw her drop it
beside my chair.

“Look!” she said gleefully. “I’m naked.”

I read a paragraph, read it again and then gave up and
rotated, feeling my shaft tremble. She was standing
there with her hand on her rounded hip. Her little
mound and vulva lips were hairless and smooth, her
labia tightly pursed. I shivered. She was perfect.

“Is it getting hard?” she asked.

Temptation won, as usual. I toed off my loafers, stood
and pulled off my pants and boxers and my cock jumped
out and rose like it was on coil springs. I tried to
control my breathing and tensed my belly muscles. It
jumped higher, quivering, almost fully extended.

She gasped and fell back to the bed. “My god, it’s
awful! I can’t believe it.”

I smiled and grasped it and swung it back and forth a
couple of times. “Satisfied?” I took a step toward

No don’t! she gasped. “Please!”

“Come on, measure it now. See what I’ve got.” I knew
exactly what I had, and I was very proud of it. It was
an iron-hard woman pleaser that several of my lawn-
mowing customers had learned to enjoy and taught me to
use it to good effect. I had boned a few local
schoolyard sluts and enjoyed a couple of sloppy
blowjobs too but never had a real girlfriend, and I
had never displayed it for anyone as excitingly pretty
as my young sister.

She made a funny noise in her throat when I handed her
the ruler. Then she grasped my rearing horn and
pressed it down against the plastic, looked up at me
and then down again and said, “Gawd! It’s almost nine
inches. That can’t be right.”

“Sounds right to me.”

“Does it get bigger, harder?”

“Not much.” It was aching and my balls were tightly
tensed, a fat knot against the base of my thick shaft.

She sat down on the bed and blinked at me, licking her
lips. I was tempted, tempted to feed it to her, but I
sat down beside her. My cock stood almost straight up,
trembling, pulsing, oozing.

She sniffed, reached out and petted it gently. Up and
down and around the head with her hand.

“That feels nice,” I said.

She grasped it a little tighter and slid her hand up
and down. I put my hand on her thigh and moved it up
to her groin.

“It’s so soft and smooth, your skin is.” She blinked
at me and gripped it a bit tighter, rotating her hand
as she stroked.

Startled, she looked up at me as I hooked a finger
into her and probed upward. She gasped.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

She inhaled, whimpered and I added a second finger.
She was warm and wet inside.

“Lick it,” I suggested, finger fucking her very
gently, looking for a special spot.

She bent and licked its head, once. It jumped.

Then she shivered and yelped. I had found it. It was
just barely within, and hiding in the upper side
somewhere. I wiggled my fingers and she gasped,

“Let me try with my cock.” Ah, the moment of truth had

She nodded.

I stood, and she leaned back on the bed and spread her
legs and closed her eyes as I hovered over her rubbed
my cock up and down her slit and then eased it into
her. I went in just an inch and watched her pink lips
close around the ridged head. I put my hands on her
shoulders then I flexed my cock.

She groaned quietly and her lovely body shivered as if
she were cold.

“Enough?” I asked her quietly.

She shook her head, tumbling golden curls.

My cock quivered in her inner lips and I flexed my
knees and she grasped my buttocks and pulled me into

“Do it,” she moaned. “Go ahead do it! Do it!”

I eased back and it popped loose. “We shouldn’t,” I
said. “It’s wrong.” I wanted her to beg me to fuck
her, to pop her cherry.

She shook her head, grasped my thick shaft with both
hands and brought its rearing, purple head to her
lips, opened her mouth and took it in, about half of
it and then licked it and sucked it, looking up at me
with pleading eyes.

I gritted my teeth and began slowly moving it in and
out, just an inch or two. The pleasure was
indescribable. She raked it with her teeth and rubbed
the head repeatedly with the rough tongue.

I groaned and she moaned, one hand on my rigid shaft
and other cupping my tensed scrotum.

“It’s going to spurt,” I moaned, felling the lava
inside me flowing.

She nodded and sucked harder, taking it deeper, into
her throat until she gagged. And then she squeezed my

I blew, by body shuddering, bending over her, I
clamping my jaw to keep from gasping out my pleasure
and relief.

She sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed,
looking up at me with tears in her eyes all the while.

Coming down slowly from the increasable high I smiled
at her and I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let
it droop, still oozing cum. “I think that’s enough,” I
said. “We have to stop.”

She nodded and licked her lips, her eyes wide a little
in shock at what we’d just done.

I bent, cupped her face and we kissed, gently. “Go,” I
said, somewhat reluctantly.

She nodded, stood and walked out of the room without
looking back.

I decided that when I did her, it would be from the