A man is hooked on public masturbation

I have public masturbation pants. Yup, sweat pants
with the pockets cut out, and a hole right between the
legs. You see, if I squat down, my cock fits right
through the hole. I can lay my hand on my leg and
stroke the sweet spot, and it is virtually impossible
for anyone to see it. I discovered, once my dick is
through the hole, all I need to do is stand up and it
tucks itself right back inside. Put on my masturbation
pants, record some porn on the cell phone, put in an
ear bud, and I can pull off some pretty amazing whack-
off feats.

I dropped my first public load on the floor of Wal-
Mart. I kept myself close to an orgasm for about two
hours, suited up, and headed out. It’s quite thrilling
to be walking through the store, watching people,
hearing a girl screaming for cocks in all her holes
softly in my ear. I had scouted out my spot a week

So I wandered to the air guns, and laid a bb gun in a
box on my lap, upside down and acted like I was
reading it. What I was really doing was twiddling my
dick’s sweet spot as it was hanging out the hole in my
pants underneath the box. It was an amazing rush to
feel the surge in my balls, and know I could blow some
cum. Then as I made the decision to do it, time stood

I could hear a woman laughing a few rows over, I saw a
cart flash by the end of the aisle, I felt my cock
bobbing up and down with each spurt that shot up the
shaft and out onto the floor. It was an extremely
intense orgasm that left a pile of goo right there on
the floor.

I couldn’t believe I had done it. I reached down and
stirred the puddle with my finger and then tasted it
to be sure. I stood up rubbed the cum around with my
feet, and headed out, wondering if the night shift
waxing the floors would wonder what happened.

I was addicted. I decided to try it at some
restaurants, and realized picking the right seat would
be crucial. I dropped my second public load at a
McDonalds. When sitting down, a little shuffling of
the masturbation pants allows my dick to pop out the
hole and flop down on the chair or booth.

There is a little nook that I placed myself facing
out, having tested it and knowing that anyone walking
by would not be able to see my cock. The sounds of raw
fucking in my ear, and a warm hotcake wrapped around
my dick, and it wasn’t long before I felt the cum
bubbling up. I leaned forward so I could shoot it
right onto the floor.

As I hit the point of no return a worked appeared a
few feet in front of me to empty the trash can, and as
they bent over to do their work they glanced in my

The spurts were already cumming, so I turned a little
to the right and shut my legs a bit as the last few
blasts splattered on the floor. I dropped a napkin on
the floor, sipped my coffee, and wondered if they had
seen the cum dribbles. I vowed to be careful in the

My third public load was at a Tim Horton’s. I was in a
corner up against a wall, looking out at traffic. I
pulled a chair in a cross the table so if someone in a
passing car was looking they wouldn’t see. There was a
dozen or so people in the restaurant, but no one could
see what was happening.

I was splayed out nicely, with my cock dangling off
the edge of the chair. As I made the decision to let
it rip, I noticed a police car daring by, and could
hear the conversation of a young couple talking about
their upcoming trip. I felt the familiar bobbing as I
watched the world go by in front on me.

As the last few dribbles shook loose from the head of
my cock, I simply sat back and relaxed, enjoying the
knowledge that I had once again blasted some cum on
someone else’s floor. I left the cum on the floor for
a while before rubbing it in with my foot.

I dropped my forth public load on the floor of
Kroger’s grocery, in the book aisle. I had to be
careful as there was a security camera at the end of
the aisle. I decided it was a safe place because I
would be blocking any view of what was happening and
I’d use the same trick from Wal-Mart and have a book
in my lap for extra cover.

It took a little while to build up to the point where
I was ready, which was okay as I was flipping through
books. An old lady had entered the row and was looking
at cards about 20 feet away. It was time to make the
choice whether to cross over to the point of no
return, or let it subside and try again another day.

I wanted to feel the orgasmic rush and so I let go. It
was one of those that kind of took over my whole body,
and my legs were shaking and twitching, the book on my
lap was flopping around, the old woman was deep into a
card, and I was dropping a sizable pool of cum on the
floor of Kroger’s.

As my orgasm slowed to its finish and I was able to
get hold of myself, I realized I couldn’t just dash
away and leave the old lady to slip in my goo. So I
looked at a few more books there and really smeared
the cum around with my feet until it was spread thinly
enough to dry quickly. I wondered if anyone watching
the security camera would understand what just

I dropped my fifth public load on the floor of
Wendy’s. I was facing the counter but had a half-wall
in front on me. I could see everything that was
happening at the counter but they could see nothing of
what was happening with me below the mid-section.

There were no other tables occupied near me. I decided
to open it up a bit, since it was relatively safe. So
I scooted my chair back away from the table so as to
remove the cover a bit more. Then it was a full fist
stroke this time, unlike the others that were more
single finger on the sweet spot.

I looked straight ahead at the girls at the counter as
I shot ropes of thick cum out onto the carpet of
Wendy’s. I then finished my meal, and decided that
cleaning my mess on carpet was much easier.

I dropped my sixth public load in my pants. However,
there was a woman standing only feet from me, and I
just missed eye contact with a young hottie at the
point of no return.

I’d been wanting to blow a load while placing my order
at a restaurant or something like that. I wanted to
experience an orgasm while close to a stranger.

I had to make a bank deposit, and so went to the bank.
Upon approaching the teller and making the deposit, I
had my hand in the ‘pocket’ of my masturbation pants.
Luckily she took a bit longer than usual to finalize
the transaction. I needed that time to make up my mind
if I was going over the threshold or not.

I caught the eyes of a beautiful young teller in the
back, and decided to go over the edge. She turned back
to her work as the first spurt of cum was rising. I
could feel the cum running down my leg all the way to
my ankle.

The teller told me it’d be just a few seconds longer.
The man next to me was talking. I felt the gooey
wetness all down my thigh as the last spurts subsided
as my transaction finished.

I turned and walked out the door, wondering if anyone
could notice the wet spots forming and wondering if
that girl had any clue what was about to happen when
she looked me in the eye.

My seventh public load took forever to happen, as I
wanted to try the ‘in the pants’ version again, and it
took a long time to cum to fruition. I finally blasted
some in my pants while leaning up against the counter
waiting for my food at Burger King.

It took too much effort and wasn’t an incredible
experience, and so I decided to return to dropping
loads on floors.

I dropped my eight public load on the floor of Arby’s.
I had tried here several times before, but it just
never felt right. I was committed to defiling the
place with my cum. I was in a booth facing the
counter, and no one in the restaurant could see me
below the table.

I was against the back of the booth, so when I blew,
the cum would run over the seat edge and drip onto the
floor. The lady was taking an order at the cash
register when I decided to cross over. I felt the
lurching of my shaft as the jizm spilled out onto the

I could hear the music overhead, and the lady up front
say, ‘Have a nice day.’ I looked down and saw the last
of the stream of cum drip over the side and onto the
carpet of Arby’s.

I had conquered another, and now it was time to double

My ninth public load once again landed on the floor of
Wal-Mart. I had already scouted out my spot, and
missed on two occasions due to people in the aisle.
This time, a nice-looking young worker was at the end
doing inventory. Her large cart blocked her view of my
spot in the bike row. I squatted and popped my dick
through the hole.

I acted like I was looking for a bike inner tube. I
few little diddles and I was ready. I looked around
and decided to blow my load. Squirt after squirt shot
out and landed on the floor. I could hear each one as
it hit the floor. I could see the girl on the other
side of her cart working as I reeled in my ecstasy.

I gave the perfunctory shakes of the cock to get the
last few dribbles out, and I’m sure a big smile
crossed my face as I stood up. I smeared it around a
bit so it would dry quicker, and walked down the aisle
past the worker.

A couple turned the corner at the same time heading
down the aisle I was leaving. I wondered if they would
notice the slippery spot down by the inner tubes.

For the 10th public load I had stiff cock for over 2
hours, on the verge of orgasm for most of it, before I
headed out to blow a load in public. After a few
places that didn’t feel right, I finally ended up in
McDonalds late in the afternoon. There were only a few
customers. I’ve always wondered how it looks as my
cock flexes as it spurts cum that drips off the edge
of the booth on onto the floor.

It felt right, and so I decided to try to capture it
on film. Once I decided to go for it, I didn’t even
need to touch my dick, it was ready to blow. I had the
camera rolling on the chair across from me, as I felt
the surge of jizz.

As my last spurts were hitting he floor someone walked
around the corner so I just closed up. Fantastic!
Check it out in my vids!

My 11th public load ran down the booth and pooled on
the floor of a Burger King. I was determined to get
another one on video, and so I discovered that the
fast food places are really slow late afternoon. After
several tries, the place was pretty empty.

There was a young couple 2 booths right in front of
me, and workers behind the counter. I made the
decision to shoot my load, and as my dick pulsed, I
could feel my face go flush, and quite enjoyed the
realization I was capturing on film, me blowing a load
in a public place. Check it out in my vids!

I christened a new place for my 12 public load, Dairy
Queen. I found a spot in the back facing the counter,
there were only a few other people at seats in a
nearby section. I felt comfortable enough to pull my
balls through the hole, and it was quite wonderful
feeling them on the chair.

When I made the decision to blow, there was a worker
emptying trash just on the other side of the wall,
maybe 5 feet away. I got a bit of masturbation in
first, and then let it rip. What a gooey mess!

About 60 seconds after I shut the camera off the
worker walked around the corner and I wondered if she
could smell the cum that was pooled up on the floor.
See it in my vids.

I had discovered a new thrill with filming my orgasms,
and so for my 13 public load I returned to Arby’s. It
was late afternoon, the restaurant was mostly empty,
and so I pulled my cock out and enjoyed slapping it
against the chair.

It’s an act of defilement, like a girl who lets lots
of guys fuck her, there is a pleasure in doing things
against the social norm. I have grown to enjoy the
knowledge that my cum has sullied a public
establishment, and to watch it on film is a nasty
display that turns me on.

So, I felt my balls tighten up, heard the music
playing, and let it cum. It pooled on the chair and
dripped in long strings to the floor. I wondered if
mine is the only cum to ever land on this floor…

Not really the end…