The Degradation of Elaine

“When are you coming to one of my parties,” asked
Edwin Field.

His secretary Elaine smiled back at him, “I know what
goes on at your parties, I’m a married lady,” she

“But your husband is a fucking wimp. You can’t be
getting enough cock from him.”

“I get enough thank you, now do you mind, I have work
to do. You’re my boss for god’s sake.”

“Alright, alright, but I won’t give up you know.”

Elaine smiled back and waved him away, it was true,
her husband was a fucking wimp, her sex-life was
virtually nonexistent in the last few years.

Elaine had two kids, Harry sixteen and Amber,
fourteen, she was sure Amber was sexually active with
someone, she had found condoms in her drawer but said
nothing, it would be embarrassing if she wasn’t.

Her boss Edwin held wild parties, some of the girls
had gone and told her, they were nothing but orgies
held by Edwin and his wife Josie.

Elaine was an attractive thirty four year old, blonde,
great figure and great tits.

Half an hour later Josie came by the office, “hi
Elaine, Edwin in his office.”

Elaine was on the phone, she nodded and pointed to the
office for Josie to go in.

Some ten minutes later she came back out, “Edwin tells
me you won’t come to our parties, I’d love you to come
Elaine, tell you what, I’ll show you what you’re

She walked over and locked the door, “we don’t want to
be disturbed now do we.”

“What are you doing?” asked Elaine looking worried.

“Edwin, come in here will you.”

Edwin walked into the office grinning, Josie knelt in
front of him and unzipped his flies. Elaine gasped as
a huge black cock sprung free, it was fucking massive.

Josie smiled over at her and closed her lips around
the black dong sucking it. Elaine was hypnotised, she
had never seen a cock that big, the shaft was shiny
where Josie had sucked and wet it. Her pussy was
throbbing and getting wet as she watched a little
enviously at Josie sucking the huge black cock.

“Why don’t you come and join me Elaine, there’s plenty
here for two,” she said holding out her arm to Elaine.

Elaine was in a quandary, she so wanted to suck and
stroke that cock, but he was her boss and that was his
wife calling her.

Her pussy was getting wetter, her resolve was getting
weaker, she should have left the office but her legs
carried her towards the black cock.

Elaine didn’t know how it happened but suddenly she
was kneeling by Josie who was pointing her husband’s
cock towards her mouth. She closed her eyes as the
huge head went inside, her tongue was licking
furiously a s she felt a hand slide between her legs
and rub her wet cunt. Fingers were searching for her
hole and now there were two inside, “she’s wet
darling,” said Josie taking her fingers out and giving
them to her husband to suck clean.

“Nectar,” he said licking his lips a s Josie returned
her fingers to Elaine’s cunt.

Josie was behind her now, Elaine’s blouse was being
unbuttoned, her hands were being pulled off the cock
but she didn’t take her mouth away as Josie took off
her bra and squeezed her tits.

She felt her skirt being pulled down and her knickers,
she made no resistance as her skirt and knickers were
taken away.

Josie was on her back sliding under Elaine’s ass, she
jumped slightly as she felt a tongue lick her pussy.
She hadn’t felt this good in years, Edwin was right,
her husband was a fucking wimp, the tongue was working
well, Elaine was going to have her first proper orgasm
without a vibrator for years.

Josie spluttered as Elaine ground down on her face and
showered her with cum all the time sucking and moaning
on the black cock.

Josie slid out from under her, “she’s ready honey”
pushing Elaine down on her hands and knees. Edwin was
already stepping out of his pants and walked behind
Elaine, holding his cock his wife gave it one last
suck before he got down and aimed it at Elaine’s wet

A scream came from Elaine as he entered her, not a
scream of pain, but an unadulterated scream of pure
joy and pleasure at eh huge cock inside her.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me boss, fuck me hard,” as he
pounded her mercilessly.

Josie ha d positioned herself in front of Elaine with
legs open, pulling her head down Elaine was now
staring at Josie’s bald cunt. Although she had never
licked a cunt before her tongue came out as she tasted
a woman’s pussy juice for the first time.

She was cumming again, this black cock was like
nothing she had ever felt before inside her, cum was
gushing coating Edwin’s cock as he continued to fuck

Josie was moaning loudly and pulling Elaine’s head
into her cunt when she exploded, this time it was
Elaine’s turn to be showered as Josie rubbed her clit
and shot squirt after squirt over Elaine’s face.

Edwin was still fucking and Elaine was still squirting
when he grabbed her ass cheeks tightly. She felt the
cum warm her pussy as he shot his sperm deep inside
her pussy.

Elaine lay on her stomach exhausted, Josie was pulling
her panties on, “keep his sperm inside you Elaine,
it’ll remind you of the pleasure you had today, maybe
now you’ll join our parties, there are plenty more
cocks like Edwin’s there, just think of three or four
of those cocks fucking you in one night, maybe even an

“Clean his cock Elaine, it’s good manners,” said Josie
as Edwin held out his cock to her mouth.

Elaine was in a daze, without thinking she opened her
mouth and sucked his cock tasting both his and her

“Now I think it’s time we got some work done,” said
Edwin all business like again.

Elaine spent the rest of the afternoon uncomfortably
in her chair, Edwin’s cum was leaking out and her
panties were soaking wet. Curious she put her finger
inside and tasted his cum. She would never have done
this with her husband but somehow with Edwin she felt
it was okay, she wanted that big cock in her mouth and
pussy again.

Edwin said nothing as they finished work. Elaine was
hoping he would ask her over to his house or even fuck
her again before she left.

Elaine reached home and went straight upstairs. She
removed her panties which were now completely sodden,
cum was still dripping from her cunt as she pushed her
fingers in tasting it again.

A week had gone by and still Edwin hadn’t mentioned
anything about that afternoon Friday came again and
still not a word, Elaine was frustrated, she was
permanently thinking about his cock and how she wanted
to suck it for him before he fucked her again.

The weekend passed slowly, Elaine was using her
vibrator a lot more, ‘maybe tomorrow he’ll ask me to
suck his cock and then fuck me’ she thought as she
brought herself to another orgasm.

About six o clock the phone rang, it was Josie,
“Elaine, this is Josie, I want you to come in early
tomorrow morning at eight o clock, you will strip
naked and wait for my husband on your knees, okay, oh,
one more thing, my husband likes bald pussies.”

Elaine answered without thinking, “I’ll be there.” She
put the phone down he r heart beating, she was going
to get to suck and fuck that beautiful black cock

“Did she go for it,” asked Edwin stoking the young
girls hair who was on her knees sucking his cock. Her
name was Lesley, she was a daughter of one of Edwin’s
converts, he had hinted he was going to ditch her from
his fuck stable unless she brought her daughter in to
play as well. She didn’t hesitate, next night she
turned up with her daughter and gave him to Edwin and
his wife to abuse.

She had only been thirteen when they did, the first
time he had fucked her they had to gag her she
screamed so much, now she was a seasoned whore taking
it in both holes and entertaining Edwin and his
friends by being a hostess at his parties.

Of course she wasn’t the only, there were a few young
girls who Edwin could call on for his parties, he had
eyes on Elaine’s daughter Amber, he had met her a few
times and vowed that one day he would fuck both her
holes and she would suck his cock.

Josie came back to the couch where Edwin was having
his cock sucked, she opened her legs and the white guy
on his knees in front of her buried his face in her
black cunt. Cunthia, as Josie called him was a husband
of one of the women. He had called Edwin and Josie
fucking niggers when he first saw them, something he
would live to regret.

They had taken him home and beat the shit out of him,
they had threatened to kill his wife and daughter if
he didn’t do what they wanted. Josie had taken him for
herself, he would lick her ass or her cunt when she
wished, she made him clean her cunt after she would
pee, they never forgot what he said.

“On the couch slut, your whore mother will be here to
pick you up soon.”

“Yes Sir,” said Lesley climbing up on the couch her
ass and pussy ready for her master.

He lubed her ass and then stuck his cock into her
pussy as she gasped out loud, even after six months
she was still tight for this monster cock. Lesley
gripped the couch as he fucked her, she tried to enjoy
it but he was so fucking big, he had the biggest cock
of all the black men that had fucked her, and there
were many.

Lesley gritted her teeth and gripped the fabric
tighter as Edwin pushed his cock against her ass hole.
She daren’t complain, she had once tried to pull away,
both Josie and Edwin had punished her severely, she
never did it again.

She felt the huge cock slide into her tiny ass hole,
bit by bit Edwin pushed until all of his massive cock
was up inside her ass. Lesley prayed he would cum
quickly, at least she wouldn’t have to clean his cock,
Cunthia would see to that today.

Edwin was in no hurry to cum, he loved this young
girls tight ass hole, with long deliberate strokes he
pulled all the way out and then pushed it all the way

Tears were rolling down Lesley’s cheek as he fucked
her ass, it was fully ten minutes before Lesley felt
his cum shoot into her ass hole. Edwin was digging his
nails into her flesh as he spurted load after load
into her.

Cunthia’a head was lifted from Josie’s cunt, his mouth
opened and a black cock was shoved in as he sucked it
clean. Josie pulled him by his hair down to Lesley’s
ass, “clean it out, if I find any left I’l punish you,
got it.”

“Yes Mistress,” said Cunthia fearful of more
punishment. There was a dungeon in the large house
owned by Edwin and his wife, he had been taken there
and whipped until he was covered in stripes which he
still bore to this day, he never mentioned the word
nigger again.

Cunthia buried his tongue in the young girls gaping
ass hole, his nose was pressed tight against her as he
sucked the cum from her. A maid let her mother in, she
had come to collect her daughter, she had been to a
friend of Edwin’s where she had been abused and fucked
all weekend.

“Did you have a nice weekend slut with all those black
cocks in your ass and pussy.”

“Yes Sir, I thoroughly enjoyed your friends fucking
me,” she lied. Her holes were sore and her lips were
cracked through sucking so many cocks, she must have
swallowed a gallon of cum.

“Cunthia’s just cleaning the cum from your daughters
ass, she’ll be ready in a minute.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Elaine was in the bathroom, she was shaving her cunt
ready for tomorrow morning, she admired herself in the
mirror, ‘not bad’ she thought.

If she had known the degradation and humiliation that
she and her daughter were about to endure she wouldn’t
have been so happy. At work Edwin was one sort of man,
away from work both he and his wife were monsters
caring about no one’s feelings but their own pleasure.