A counselor who finds that a counseling session goes all wrong

It had been 5 long years and more than enough
relational trials and tribulations but finally, at
last, with God’s leading and guiding, marriage
finally became a reality. Let me explain. In 2010 I
met Brian, a wonderful man who had just lost his wife
of 20 years. It was a storybook relationship, one
that every woman wishes she had, especially me and
especially after 20 years of hell.

What a dichotomy, I had 20 years of hell and Brian
had 20 years of bliss. We could not be more UNALIKE.
He knew everything about what it took to have a
trusting, loving and successful relationship. And
even though I acted like I knew, I didn’t know crap.
Even being a counselor I was still learning and the
more I learned, the more I desired to have a happy

I had let Brian down so many times with my lack of
understanding and not believing what he was telling
me about what was important in a relationship.
Between not being able to let go of the previous
unsuccessful disastrous relationships in my life; my
inability to believe what he needed; and constant
lying to try and shield him from my past and
embarrassment, the relationship was headed for

I had totally given up hope of ever winning this man
over and being able to experience what I had always
wanted. I did however, during this time, with much
encouragement from Brian, complete my Masters in
counseling and earned the right to put a “shingle” on
my door.

It was in the fall of 2014 that everything turned
around, I don’t know why except for prayer, but it
did. Brian asked me to join him in Florida and be his
life partner. He had an extra room that I could use
for counseling and I could be self-employed and work
from home. Doubtless to say I was thrilled and
overwhelmed by the turn of events. I walked away from
my full time practice, packed and headed to Florida.

Brian had been incredible over the last 4 years. He
challenged me, pushed me and encouraged me to be all
that I was meant to be. And as hard as I resisted his
advice most of the time I would always eventually
come around because I knew he was right. As a lover I
don’t even know where to begin. He took me places I
not only had never been, but that did not even know
existed. I learned to love EVERYTHING about sex
because it was with Brian. Passion like his for
everything in life I had never known. It scared me to
death at first, but I came to love him for it.

Brian was the National Motivation Coordinator and was
gone a least 1 week out of the month coordinating
seminars all over the country. Just another reason I
loved him so much. Given everything, I was determined
and had purposed in my heart for as long as God kept
us both alive I would do all I could to have a
successful and happy relationship with Brian, no more
screwing up… no matter what! Nothing in the whole
world was more important to me at this point. My
Prince had come… and I wasn’t losing him… again.

It had been about six months since I had moved to
Florida and everything was going so well I could not
even believe it. Brian was busy on his seminars and I
was busy establishing my Counseling business. We had
become affiliated with a wonderful church and most of
my clients came from there. I was blessed with being
able to establish a cash business and was racking up
an average of 30 billable hours per week, and at $60
per hour, it was very lucrative. It gave Brian and I
plenty of time on the beach and just to be together
and enjoy each other’s company, the greatest thing
was that I could establish my own hours so everything
was so flexible.

Life was good. But then…

I had been seeing Alyssa for about a month. She was
so sweet and such a wonderful girl. She was beautiful
with long light brown hair and such a fair and smooth
complexion. She was a very small frame and weighed
about 105 lbs. The Care from the church we were
attending had referred her to me and I was seeing her
on average of about once a week. She was 24 and had
married a man that was 15 years her senior.

They had no children and were both professionals. Her
main complaint was that he was so domineering and
controlling. I heard this lot in counseling so it was
nothing new. It was usually my practice that after a
month I would insist on meeting with the couple

What I had learned from Brian, and the past, is that
there is always two sides to every story. When I
brought this up to Alyssa, she became visibly shaken.
I was taken aback by her reaction and probed a little
further. Alyssa shared that she felt Jarrod would be
very, very upset if he knew she was counseling and
sharing their personal situations with ANYONE.

I related to her that it was imperative I meet with
the both of them if we were to make any progress in
the relationship. I used my wisest language to
persuade and encourage her to take seriously my
advice. At the end of our session, she promised she
would take my advice and try. I was very pleased with
myself for being so persuasive and looked forward to
being able to help them both.

It had been two weeks without any further contact
from Alyssa so I became concerned and called her. She
was very upset and related that Jarrod had not
reacted well to the news that she was seeing someone
and that he was adamant on not coming to a session. I
explained to her that it was my policy to not
continue unless they both came in at least once

I guess I could have just continued to collect $60
per visit and not thought anything about it but my
commitment to helping people just ran too deep to
vary from my known, proven and established protocol.
That’s when Alyssa asked me if I would mind calling
Jarrod myself and try to convince him to join her. I
was very hesitant at first cause this was not
something I was very comfortable doing, but Alyssa
was so sweet and sincere that I varied from my normal
protocol and agreed to call him.

This turned out to be very poor judgment.

Because like Brian, Jarrod traveled a lot, it was 2
weeks later that I was finally able to get a hold of
him. I began by explaining who I was and he
immediately snapped that “he knew who I was”, and
that he was none too happy that I was seeing his wife
behind his back. It took about ten minutes to finally
calm him down and establish a little trust in that I
only had their best interest in mind and that I
sincerely wanted to help them. After another fifteen
minutes of talking with him he finally agreed, for
Alyssa, to give it a try. I set the appointment for a
week later.

Brian had left after church on Sunday for a 10 day
trip to Orlando. He was very excited about this trip
as they would be able to accomplish a lot. During
church that day I ran into Alyssa and she informed me
that Jarrod was going to be out of town on our
scheduled appointment date and wondered if we could
possibly meet the next day on Monday.

I told her I would check the schedule and see and get
back to her. Upon arrival back home after taking
Brian to the airport, there was a message on my
machine that my last appointment on Monday had to
reschedule so it opened up a 5pm slot for Alyssa and
Jarrod. My phone call brought much glee to Alyssa as
she was so anxious for them to meet with me.

Since Brian was going to be out of town I really
booked myself heavy for his time away. I just
concluded I would work hard while he was gone and
when he returned I would take time off and we would
play for a week or so. I had 7 hours scheduled for
that day and by 5 I was really winding down.

Right on time the doorbell rang and there was Alyssa
and Jarrod. I must say I was shocked. Jarrod was a
tall muscular black man. I would never have imagined
in a thousand years that Alyssa would be with someone
like Jarrod. However, I was cordial, professional and
invited them in. Jarrod reached out his huge hand to
shake mine and when I did my hand disappeared, it was
so huge.

I could tell Jarrod was very nervous and tentative so
I did my best to relax them. Being the last
appointment of the day I spend a little more time
than usual chit chatting with them and sharing a cup
of coffee before we got started. The strategy seemed
to work as they both were very relaxed by the time
the session began.

Like with Alyssa, I began by doing a temperament
profile on Jarrod and explained to him that the next
time they came I would explain it to him and them how
it could be used to help them have a better
understanding of each other and eventually a better

They both agreed that this was the goal. The session
went quite well as they held hands throughout, but, I
saw that there was a time or two when Jarrod squeezed
Alyssa’s hand just a little too hard as she was
pressing through and explaining how she felt.

I could tell Jarrod was doing all he could to
restrain himself from reacting as she talked on.
Finally, when she had finished saying all she felt
she needed to say, I thanked her for her honesty and
transparency and turned to Jarrod. “Jarrod,” I said,
“how do you feel about what Alyssa had to say?”

Very calmly he replied. “Well for the most part I
think it is horse shit.”

Alyssa did not flinch but I must say I was taken

“Why do you say that Jarrod?” I countered.

“Well doesn’t the bible say, ‘wives submit to your

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this
from husbands over the years and it made me so angry.
Because what they really meant was they expected
their wives to be doormats. But like I had been
trained, I was ready for it.

Well Jarrod you know the Biblical reference to this
scripture is based on mutual respect and love for
each other and is followed by “husbands love your
wives”, and be ready to give your life for her. With
that Jarrod got this smug look on his face and
said… “Whatever!”

Well I thought, that didn’t go well. So trying to do
my best to salvage this session I resorted to asking.
Well Jarrod, then what do you think the scripture

“Tell me first Monica; do YOU SUBMIT to your

“I do Jarrod, in just the way I mentioned before.”

“Well,” he retorted in a very aggressive voice. “I
think it means that a woman is to serve her man
without any mouth and know her place.”

I could see a tear come to Alyssa’s eye but for
myself I’m sure Jarrod could see my aggravation as I
could feel my face turn beet red, that’s when I saw a
smile come to his face, he must have sensed he got to
me. I restrained myself from ripping him apart
because I knew it would do no good at this point.
Responding to this smug prick I said, well that
should wrap up our session for today, but I would
encourage you both to read this scripture together a
few more times this week and Jarrod could you at
least be open to considering the commonly agreed upon
interpretation of this scripture?

Sure Monica he replied with a condescending tone to
his voice, of course.

So, I set our next appointment in two weeks from
tonight since Jarrod was going to be out of town.

My gut told me to make this next appointment with
Jarrod and Alyssa the last appointment and just refer
them out to someone else. I really felt uncomfortable
with them at this point and didn’t want to continue.

Brian returned from Orlando and we spent a few days
playing and lying on the beach and just relaxing. I
had related to him my session with Jarrod and Alyssa
and he warned me that I had better distance myself
from them. I told him I agreed and that Monday’s
appointment would be the last one. I took solace in
knowing that Brian would be in the house during my
next appointment with them.

On that Monday, Brian got a call from a large
conference center in Miami that wanted him to come
and do a presentation to their board. He told them he
was tied up that day and I shook my head telling him
to go ahead, I would be fine. When he hung up he
asked me if I was sure. I replied yes, I knew how
important this could be for him and his business. So
he left Monday morning and would return on Wednesday.

It was another busy Monday as I had back to back
sessions from 10-4. But during them all I dreaded my
last one at 5 with Jarrod and Alyssa. My session at 4
concluded at 4:45 and I had 15 minutes to catch my
breath before my last appointment. I rehearsed over
and over again how I was going to conclude our time
together and refer them to another Counselor.
Promptly at 5 the doorbell rang. I reluctantly went
to the door and opened it.

There stood Jarrod.

Where is Alyssaz? I asked.

She had to stop at her mom’s, she will be along
shortly. Maybe you can just get started with
explaining my results to me.

His tone today was very soft and inoffensive.

Well I don’t usually meet with just the husband.

Can you make an exception Monica? I would really like
to get started.

I got goose bumps from my head to my toes as I
hesitantly agreed.

Come on in then and we will get started.

Alyssa’s on her way, right?

Right, Jarrod replied.

I began our session with all the normal disclaimers
and began the process of explaining his profile; he
listened intently as I explained how his aggressive
temperament could be very intimidating to someone
like Alyssa who is the total opposite. That’s when
Jarrod looked up and said, Well does my aggressive
nature intimidate YOU, Monica?

I felt my stomach spasm at the tone of his voice and
the question.

That is an irrelevant question Jarrod, I replied, we
need to stay on topic, I am trying to compare your
profile against Alyssa’s.

I am on topic Monica he snapped, does my
aggressiveness intimidate you?

With that I stood up, when I did Jarrod stood up too.

Jarrod, I think you had better go outside and wait
for Alyssa.

Well I don’t give a flying fuck what you think
Monica, Jarrod retorted. For the first time in my
counseling career I was lost. I didn’t know what to
do or how to respond. Not to mention being scared as
hell. I think Jarrod could sense the fear as he took
a step toward me. I immediately moved backwards and
ran into the wall behind me. Jarrod laughed as he
taunted me.

Is Monica afraid of me?

No Jarrod but I think you had better leave.

Not on your fucking life he snapped.

I attempted to move away from the wall but Jarrod
came around the table and placed his right hand on
the wall beside my head stopping me from exiting.

Smiling smugly Jarrod said, I’ll ask you again
Monica; does my aggressive behavior intimidate you?

On the inside I was shaking like a leaf and my knees
were ready to buckle. Where is Alyssa I thought? It
was like he could read my mind.

Oh, just so you know, Alyssa won’t be joining us
tonight he said smiling, it’s just you and me. Now
answer my fucking question Monica, he sternly said.

Yes it does Jarrod.

Then you will be very careful won’t you Monica?

I said yes, but I didn’t know to what. I just didn’t
want to stir this man up any more.

Then Jarrod took his left hand and moved it behind my
head and grabbed a handful of my hair. He laughed as
he literally saw my eyes pop out of my head from
fear, let go of me Jarrod I softly said trying my
best to maintain my composure. Laughing again Jarrod
pulled my head forward and placed his mouth on mine
and kissed me hard and aggressively. Nooooo I
screamed in his mouth trying to break away from his
grasp on me. Noooooo.

Jarrod then took his right hand and punched me hard
in the stomach knocking all the wind out of me. He
removed his mouth from mine as I gasped for air
choking and gasping. Still firmly holding my hair in
his left hand he motioned like he was going to punch
me again.

No, please I begged, please.

Well now, that’s more like it Monica he quipped.
That’s more like it.

Once I finally caught my breath and began to breathe

Jarrod said, Ok, Monica, let’s try this again and see
if you learned anything.

With his right hand clinched, he once again placed
his mouth on mine and began to kiss me.

I didn’t fight this time for fear of what would
happen, but I also didn’t participate.

Wooooosh. He punched me hard in the gut again, but
this time harder. I thought I was going to pass out,
I couldn’t catch my breath as I gasped.

Jarrod laughed as he whacked me on the back hard and
I began to breathe.

When I kiss you girl, you kiss me back, you hear?

Tears were running down my face I was scared to

Do you hear Jarrod screamed as he prepared to punch
me again?

Yes, I managed to utter.

What Monica, I can’t hear you?

Yes I said a little louder as my breathing would

Good Jarrod smiled. You just remember what I got for
you if you don’t cooperate. I’m going to teach you
the REAL meaning of SUBMISSION you dumb bitch.

His words burned into my soul as he moved my head
forward once more and placed his mouth on mine. He
kissed me hard and I had no choice but to kiss him
back. When I did he took his long tongue and slid it
into my mouth. A bolt of electricity coursed through
my body as he moved his tongue in and out of my

Pulling away for just a second he said, tongue me
back Monica.

I was dying inside as I moved my tongue into his
mouth, when I did he began to suck on it roughly. At
the same time he took his right hand and moved it to
my blouse and began to unbutton it. I protested as he
removed his mouth from mine and informed me that the
next punch would not be to my gut, but to my face.

I will fuck up that pretty little face of yours he

I stood lifeless as he continued to suck my tongue
and unbutton my blouse. Once he had undone the last
button he reached up and unsnapped my bra from the
front. I wanted to protest but I was fearful of what
he may do. All I could think of was Brian and how he
would accuse me of bringing this on myself. I was
devastated and so afraid. Then I felt his fingers
begin to tweak my nipples as he continued kissing me.
Another bolt of electricity coursed through my body
as he continued. My knees were buckling under me and
I began to collapse.

No you don’t, Jarrod said.

Then he moved his hand around my waist and pulled me
close to him. Looking me straight in the eyes, he
just smiled as he ground his groin into me.

You like? he laughed.

I could feel he was hard as a rock and huge. Because
I did not answer in the time frame he desired he took
a step back, wound up and slapped me hard across the
face. I saw stars and became very woozy so I dared
not answer negatively for fear of what he may do
next. So I just nodded my head. With that Jarrod
leaned over and took one of my little breasts in his
big mouth and started sucking and biting the nipple.
Oh gawd it hurt. But the sensation of him grinding
into me and abusing my breast made me swoon. He moved
his mouth off of me just long enough to say.

Move those fucking legs apart, now.

I moved my feet apart and when I did Jarrod moved
between them and began rubbing me hard again. I
gasped as the sensation was unbelievable. I tried my
best to conceal the uncontrolled and unwelcomed
orgasm that swept through my body but I think he knew
because he pulled away and with his right hand he
placed it under my skirt and on my right knee as he
began to lightly caress the inside of my leg. Shivers
ran though my body at his touch but I tried mentally
to separate myself from the situation.

Slowly moving his hand upward Jarrod looked me in the
face and reminded me of what would happen if I tried
to resist or NOT concentrate on what he was doing. It
was like he could read my mind. The tears running
down my face seemed to only spurn him on as he took
his other hand and began to once again roughly
squeeze my nipples. Just then his hand reached its
destination and he lightly brushed over my pussy with
the back of his finger. Oh gawd I thought as I began
to shake.

Then he concentrated on moving his finger up and down
slowly and methodically lingering on my clit each
time he reached the top. I could feel my eyes roll
back in my head as I opened my mouth but no sound
came out. He pushed hard against my clit and I began
to convulse. I couldn’t control the guttural sound
that emanated from deep in my being as I came again.

You really ARE a little submissive cunt aren’t you
Monica? Jarrod said.

Aren’t you Monica he said louder as the sound of his
voice shook me out of my stupor?

If you say so Jarrod I replied.

Take your panties off for Jarrod he commanded.

Nervously I reached under my skirt, took my panties
by the waistband and wiggled them off my ass, down my
thighs, over my knees and let them fall to the floor
where I stepped out of them. It didn’t take but a
second for Jarrod to cup my entire pussy with his big
hand. With his middle finger he began to toy with my
anus and with his thumb he started to rub my clit,
but what I wasn’t ready for was when he took his
index finger and shoved it deep inside me while at
the same time inserting his middle finger in my
asshole. That’s when I erupted like a volcano.

I began to shake with an orgasm, and the more I did
the harder he ground his fingers in and out of my
pussy and asshole while he rubbed my clit at a
maddening pace. Jarrod just watched me as I panted
and gasped for air all the time drooling like a dog
in heat. But, just as I was reaching what would have
been the most gargantuan climax yet, Jarrod removed
his hand completely from my pussy. He must have seen
the pleading i n my eyes because he stared to laugh
as he said.

Does Monica need something?

I began to gasp as the tightness in my stomach, groin
and labia was excruciating because of the unfulfilled
climax. Jarrod then took a step backwards and reached
out his hand to me.

Take my hand Monica and lead me to the bed where you
and your husband fuck.

Everything inside was screaming NO, but none the less
I reached out and took his hand in mine as I stepped
away from the wall. The pain was unbearable as I
tried to walk, I was cramping like childbirth, I
could hardly stand it.

There were my panties, lying on the floor; my blouse
and bra were hanging wide open and my skirt still
intact. I felt myself hurrying down the hallway with
Jarrod in hand. I’m sure Jarrod could see me cringing
from pain as I stepped into the bedroom that housed
the King-size bed that Brian and I shared. Jarrod
took his hand out of mine and moved it toward his
crotch bringing it to rest on the huge bulge in his
trousers. Jarrod then spoke.

I think Monica needs this, doesn’t she?

I couldn’t speak; I could only hear myself whimpering
like a puppy. As he simulated stroking it through his
trousers, he said.

Well I will take that as a YES, and he laughed. Are
you ready to submit to Jarrod you fucking white

I could feel the tears streaming down my face as I
nodded my head yes.

Then get your white ass over here and undress Jarrod
and do it fast before I lose interest and walk out of

I should have welcomed that proposition, but I
didn’t, especially because of the state I was in.
Hands shaking and my insides cramping, I hurriedly
removed his tie, then his dress shirt, oh gawd, what
a body he had, then I undid his belt and pulled it
out, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down his
legs till they hit the floor and he stepped out of
them. Then I looked at him and he just raised his
eyebrow. You’re not done yet sweet Monica.

I thought to myself, the moment of reckoning is here.
I moved my hand to his waist and placed them in the
waistband of his boxers and was ready to push them

Oh no Monica, that’s not how you do it he said
squinting his eyes. Get on your fucking knees and
PULL them down.

I dropped to my knees and reached up and placed my
fingers in the waistband of his boxers once again and
began to pull them down. I could see by the bulge in
his shorts that he was massive. When I came to that
point I had to stretch his shorts to the max to get
them over his manhood. Oh shit, my eyes widened and I
gasped as I gazed at this unbelievably huge hard cock
staring me in the face. The cramping re-intensified
in my stomach as I pulled his shorts the rest of the
way down and he stepped out of them. I was mesmerized
as I gazed at it, it was long, wide, blue black with
a bulbous head that looked like a spear.

Bet you’ve never seen anything like this before have
you Monica?

His voice snapped me out of my waking coma. No, I
shook my head.

Well before this night is over you will fall in love
with it he laughed. Now get acquainted before he
makes a real woman out of you.

I reached up tentatively, half in excitement and half
in fear and took it in my hand. Omg, it was like
steel, but yet so soft to the touch and every bit of
11in long. I gave a slight squeeze and I saw a drop
of pre-cum emerge from the piss hole.

Go ahead, taste it.

I hesitated and Jarrod grabbed a handful of hair and
pulled my head forward till it was right at my mouth.

Open wide baby, he commanded.

I opened my mouth and Jarrod pulled my head forward
till the head of his cock was buried in my throat. I
stared to gag as I tried to pull away.

Breathe through your nose bitch, he said.

I did and it relieved the pressure a little.

Now, learn a lesson in submission. Either you do what
you should do when you should do it or you suffer the
consequences. Understand?

I nodded yes.

Now give it some lovin’ and be real nice to it and it
will make all those cramps go away. Ok?

I nodded yes. He let go of my hair and I moved my
head away and took a deep breath. Then I grabbed hold
of his cock with both hands and began to hungrily
lick and suck it up and down the shaft.

That’s my good girl Jarrod quipped. Now you are
learning REAL submission. Now kiss those balls before
Jarrod fucks your little ass off.

His balls were huge, proportionally sized to the size
of his cock, and they were hard as a rock.

Kiss them Monica.

I puckered my lips and kissed and licked them

Ok Monica, time for the main attraction. Get up and
get undressed.

I stood up and removed my unbuttoned blouse, my
unsnapped bra and pushed my skirt down and let if
fall on the floor. The anticipation of what was
coming caused my cramping to intensify to an
unbelievable level. It was so bad that I took my
hands and put them on my stomach. Jarrod looked at me
and smiled.

We are about to take care of that once and for all my
dear Monica.

Waiting for my next command, Jarrod said.

Now get your ass on the bed and spread em. You better
give Jarrod a good welcome.

I moved to the bed and removed the quilt that covered
the king-size bed, I stared at the sheets that Brian
and I had just made love on the night before… I
started to cry. I was about to violate our marriage
bed, and somehow, I just knew he would know. Then I
felt Jarrod push me and I fell on the bed. He stood
staring at me as if to say…well? The pain had now
become so intense in my stomach that all I wanted was
relief. I arranged the pillows and rolled over on my
back positioning myself comfortably on the bed trying
my best to do as Jarrod said.

I lifted my knees and put my feet on the bed and
pulled my feet as close to my ass as I could until my
knees were pointing straight in the air. Then I
spread my knees as wide open as I could get them.
Jarrod was standing at the end of the bed with cock
in hand, stroking it slowly and deliberately. What a
specimen of a man. He must have been 6’2″ with not an
ounce of fat on him. When I was in position he moved
onto the bed and on his knees walked toward my
splayed legs.

I looked at Jarrod and said, Jarrod, I have never…
he cut me off and replied.

I know Monica, you have never had a cock this size,
that’s what all you white girls say, but you will be
surprised how your cunt will adjust. And do you know
why Monica?

“No, why Jarrod?”

Because it can’t wait to eat me up he said laughing.
That cunt of yours can’t wait to get this big cock in
it and fuck it good. Now, let’s see what we can do
about those cramps.

Jarrod maneuvered himself between my splayed legs and
waved his cock back and forth in front of my pussy.

Now Jarrod is never going to be accused of raping
anyone so from this point on Monica it’s going to be
all you. I will bend down enough to where you can
take hold of my cock and insert it into your pussy at
your leisure.

How humiliating I thought to myself, at least if he
did it I could come to terms in my mind that it was
not my fault, now, it is and will be ALL my fault.
The only way to get rid of the cramping was to do
what I needed to do. So I reached down and took his
cock in hand, it was so wide that my hand would not
fit all the way around it. Then Jarrod took the back
of his hand and rubbed it over my pussy. I shook.

Well, it sure seems nice and wet, no dryness problems

I took the head of his cock and began to rub it over
my soaked pussy and my body began to convulse in
anticipation. I moved the big head to the entrance to
my pussy and moved my hips forward until the head of
the monster disappeared inside me. I began to rock my
hips so that the head of his dick was fucking me.
That was all it took, my insides began to spasm and I
began to climax, I didn’t have enough of him inside
me to get the full effect so I tried pushing my hips
forward but I could only get an inch or two in.

I needed it deeper, much deeper. I needed to feel
pressure. Jarrod just sat there on his haunches
smiling as I struggled to get relief. What I needed
right now was NOT a passive cock, I needed an
AGGRESSIVE cock. My climax was on the brink but it
couldn’t get over the top because there was not
enough stimulation.

“Come on Jarrod,” I said as I pleadingly looked him
in the eyes.

“Come on what Monica?”

“You know what Jarrod. Come on.”

“Does Monica need me to be AGGRESSIVE?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

“You mean my AGGRESSIVE behavior doesn’t scare

“No,” I hissed again.

Let me ask you Monica; are you ready to SUBMIT your
whole being to me? Are you ready to do Jarrod’s
bidding anytime anywhere.

“Yes, yes, Jarrod, just come on, please.”

Please what Monica? Please what?

“FUCK ME JARROD, for gawd sake, FUCK MEEEEEE!”

With that Jarrod stretched himself over me,
positioned his elbows on each side of my shoulder,
looked me in the eyes, kissed me on the forehead and
said, your wish is my command, then with one clean
motion Jarrod pushed forward. OH MY GAWD I screamed
as I felt his big balls hit my ass, I wrapped my legs
around Jarrod’s back and pushed back. I had never in
my life felt such a surge of excitement, fullness,
pleasure, pain; my pussy was gushing and I was
climaxing like I have never known, Jarrod was pile
driving into me like crazy and I was taking all he
had to give.

G I VE I T T O M E!! I was screaming and grunting and
panting, give it to me, fuck me Jarrod, fuck me, fuck
me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee. Just when I thought it
couldn’t get any more intense I felt Jarrod’s ass
tighten and his cock begin to swell inside me.

Then Jarrod began to scream. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh

Then I felt his hot cum begin to spray my insides. It
was hot and soothing and it made me cum even harder.
I grabbed his ass, wrapped my legs around him as
tight as I could and held on for dear life. He fucked
me like a wild man his huge balls slapping against my
ass with every forward motion. He was ripping me
apart but it didn’t hurt it was just this
overwhelming feeling of being filled to the brim.

My pussy wanted more and more, he was right, it
couldn’t get enough. I heard myself saying his name
over and over again. Oh Jarrod, oh Jarrod, oh Jarrod,
oh Jarrod. Finally our climaxes subsided and we lay
there panting, big Jarrod lying on top of me.

What the hell was that? I cooed.

It was SUBMISSION Counselor, it was SUBMISSION.

As we lay there getting ready to drift off to sleep
my phone rang. Oh gawd, could it be Brian, I hope not
I thought. But it wasn’t him, the caller ID indicated
it was Alyssa.

It’s Alyssa, I said to Jarrod.

Answer it, he said.


Hi Monica, this is Alyssa. I just want to say that
I’m sorry about everything.

What do you mean? I asked.

You know she said. But the truth of the matter is
this. Jarrod always gets what he wants. But I’m sure
that by now you know that all too well.

Ah, ah, ah…

That’s ok Monica, I do understand. Tell Jarrod I will
see him in the morning. Ok?

Ah, well, ok I stammered. Hanging up the phone I
looked at Jarrod with what must have been a quizzical

What? Jarrod said.

She knows?

Of course she knows you dumb bitch.

She said she will see you in the morning.

That’s right too he said, we have only just begun.
Before this night is over you will be mine, lock,
stock, barrel and soul.

When he said it, he smiled.

I moved my head down to Jarrod’s cock and laid a big
kiss on it as I licked off our combined juices. Mmmmm
Jarrod moaned.

You like I asked?

I like Monica, I like.

Then I laid my head on Jarrod’s big chest and cuddled
into his arms and we fell asleep.


It seemed like we slept for days but as I looked at
the clock it was only 10pm. Jarrod has since rolled
over and was on his back soundly asleep, his big cock
lying over his leg like a snake. By bladder was about
to burst so I quietly got out of bed and headed to
the bathroom. Closing the door I proceeded to sit on
the cool toilet seat and felt the wonderful feeling
of relieving myself. My poor pussy was so sore and
the warm urine soothed it as it trickled over.

Oh gawd I thought to myself, how did I let myself get
here, how did I let myself get into this situation?
But the most important question was HOW IN THE HELL
WAS I GOING TO GET OUT???? It was apparent, at least
to me, that this man has an insatiable appetite for
sex, and from what he said before going to sleep his
expectations was that the night was young. What about
his wife, what about Brian, what about my counseling
business, what about LIFE going forward?

Well it was clear to me, this had to stop and it had
to stop NOW. It could go no further, if Brian ever
found out then my life as I know it will be over. All
I had dreamed about, prayed for and longed for all my
life, and finally received, would end after 6 short
months? Oh God, how could that be? I did nothing
wrong, God knows that, I am a victim here, yes, my
body may have responded the way it did but it was
never my desire for this to happen. I was forced, no
matter what I felt inside. My body betrayed me. But
it wouldn’t happen again, no matter what.

Flushing the commode I went to the sink and ran warm
water over a soft hand towel and began to wipe my
face, it felt good, refreshing. The first order of
business was to get some clothes on and have a talk
with Jarrod. Slipping back into the bedroom I picked
up my blouse, bra and skirt. I had just put my bra on
when Jarrod rolled over and noticed I was not in bed.
He quickly looked over his shoulder and saw me
getting dressed.

What the fuck you doing girl? he shouted.

I need to get dressed Jarrod.

Did I tell you to get dressed, he snapped.

Again, my stomach began to spasm by the tone of his

No but…

But fuck, Jarrod barked. I tell you what to do and
when to do it girl.

Jarrod, we need to talk, seriously. This just can’t
go any further, it is just not right, you know that.

I don’t know anything of the kind, Jarrod retorted.

Listen Jarrod, just walk away and we will act as
nothing happened.

Like nothing happened, I ‘m supposed to forget how
you screamed begging me to fuck you. I sexed you good
girl, and you were out of your mind. Right or Wrong?

Yes but…

but fucking nothing Jarrod yelled as he jumped up off
the bed and moved toward me, I took two steps
backward before he grabbed me by the arm. Come on
Jarrod, please, we can’t continue this. Please, I’m
begging you. Go home to your beautiful wife and love
her the way she needs loved.

I do love her the way she needs loved, I fuck her
brains out every damn day, you have no idea the
sexual appetite that little bitch has.

Then she should be all you need Jarrod, why go

Cause I love white pussy, and I love variety.

And Alyssa is ok with this?

Hell no she isn’t ok with it, but what are her
choices? She gonna leave me? She aint’ gonna find
another man to take care of her like I do, especially

Well there is more to a relationship than sex Jarrod.

Really now? Well you weren’t saying that earlier when
you had Jarrod’s big dick in you fucking you out of
our mind.

But you forced…

Forced my ass, you just needed a little encouragement
to bring out the real white whore in you.

I’m not a whore… whappp, Jerrod back handed me and
knocked me up against the wall.

You ARE a whore Monica, a fucking typical white
whore, and now you are MY white whore.

Gawd no I thought to myself, this has to stop, how am
I going to stop it? Jarrod then grabbed me by the
hair and pulled me behind him into the bathroom.

I gotta piss girl and you’re going to hold it for me.

No I protested, no, this is enough. With that Jarrod
took his other hand and grabbed my face full on and
squeezed it till my mouth puckered.

You ARE a dumb bitch aren’t you Monica? You just
don’t learn a lesson easy do you? Well I was going to
let you get off by just holding my dick while I
pissed, but since you want to be so rebellious then
we will do it another way, we will need to teach you
another lesson in obedience.

Jarrod then pulled me toward the shower and slid open
the glass door. He stepped into the shower and pulled
me in after him. What the hell is he going to do I
thought. Closing the glass door Jarrod proceeded to
push me down onto the shower floor.

Sit with your back to the wall bitch he ordered. Like
I told you, Jarrod needs to piss, but now Monica is
going to be the toilet.

No damn way I shouted as I attempted to get up.
Whapp, he slapped me hard on the side of the face and
I fell back down to the floor seeing stars. Then he
grabbed his cock and began to piss.

Better close your eyes and mouth bitch unless you
want to drink it.

I closed my eyes and mouth as tight as I could as he
began pissing all over my face, hair, neck and tits.
Then I felt it move down to my stomach and then my
pussy as he ordered me to open my legs, then he began
pissing all over my pussy. Would he never stop I
thought? How can that much piss be in anyone?

Then he started back up again pissing on my stomach
again and moving up to my tits and finally my face
again. Oh gawd I thought, please stop, please, but he
didn’t. He pissed, and pissed and pissed. Finally I
felt the flow start to subside a little and then
slowly come to a complete stop.

Well, how did you like that Counselor Jarrod jeered?
Any more great fucking advice for me?

I just sat there sobbing with my eyes and mouth still
tightly closed.

Open your eyes bitch, Jarrod commanded.

He was still standing right in front of me with his
big cock hanging in my face.

Now take my cock in your mouth whore.

I must have hesitated to long because he wound up and
was ready to slap me again when I yelled. No, no, no,
ok I will.

Jarrod smiled. Good, you finally learned your lesson

I took hold of his cock and moved my mouth toward it
and placed my lips over the head.

Stroke it baby Jerrod said, stroke it good.

As I did it began to get hard again, it was so big my
jaw was aching but I knew better than to complain or
take it out.

Look at me Monica. Jerrod is going to give you a
little treat, and I swear as I am standing here that
if you take my cock out of your mouth until I’m
through I will beat you so bad you will be

I just looked up at him, tears streaming down my face
and pleading in my eyes.

I’m not impressed counselor, just get ready, and hold
me tight and steady.

Oh gawd I thought, he is going to cum. But to my
surprise he didn’t, he began to piss in my mouth. I
opened my mouth and began to scream but all that came
out was piss and a gurgling sound.

Don’t you take it out bitch, he screamed.

He was laughing as he watched me do all I could to
keep from swallowing any of it as it kept flowing out
of my mouth and down on to my chest. Then he reached
down and grabbed my nose and held it. Trying to
breathe I took a hard gasp and a mouth full of his
piss went down my throat.

Swallow it Monica, he shouted as his pissing subsided
but what was left in my mouth went down my throat. I
began to gag and choke trying to get my breath as he
finally released my nose. Then I started to puke piss
all over the place. He just stood there laughing as
he watched me convulse.

Well Monica, did you learn anything?

You’re fucking crazy, I screamed, you are going to
burn in hell. You are the devil incarnate. With that
he cocked his foot and kicked me squarely in the

Fuck you Monica, he laughed, fuck you.

I was laying in the fetal position on the floor
crying when I heard him fumbling with the shower.
Then the shower came on and began to flow on me.

Get your filthy ass cleaned up Monica, you’re a
fucking mess he laughed as he got out of the shower
and closed the door.

I was a mess, a complete mess. I had piss in my hair,
down my throat and all over my face, I had shit
myself when Jarrod kicked me in the stomach and my
vagina was aching like a tooth ache. And God only
knows what Jarrod has in store for me when I’m done
in the shower. Other than murdering him and going to
jail for the rest of my life I didn’t know what else
to do. The warm water careened over my body as I
shampooed my hair and lathered my body with soap. I
never wanted the shower to end, I wanted to stay here
forever, or just die, anything to escape this crazy

What the fuck you doing in there? Jarrod yelled from
the bathroom door.

I’m trying to get clean, I rebutted.

You think that’s possible Jarrod yelled back
laughing? Get your ass out here; I got a surprise for

Oh no I thought, I can’t even imagine what it is.
Since he didn’t leave me any clothes I assumed he
meant for me to be naked when I entered the bedroom.
Toweling off and putting on body cream at least I
felt human, for the moment anyhow. The hair dryer
whirred as I put the final touches on my hair. Taking
a deep breath I turned, walked through the bathroom
door, turned left and entered the bedroom.

Standing there was Jarrod and another black man that
was bigger than him, and much much darker. Well, you
clean up good Monica, Jarrod jeered. Meet my friend
Jeremy; he’s in from California, and in dire need of
some good high quality white pussy. And Monica, you
are definitely good, high quality white pussy.

I turned and bolted out of the room and headed toward
my office where I slammed the door shut and locked
it. Both men approached the door laughing, then I
heard Jerrod bellow.

I guess the white bitch just doesn’t know how to
learn a lesson, but you know what Jeremy, we will be
glad to teach her right? Right Jeremy laughed. Hey
counselor, you must know there is nowhere to go.
You’re naked so you can’t go out the window, and this
measly door is nothing for us to break down, it’s
like a twig to us.

Both men were laughing hardily. I was shaking like a
leaf; I was falling apart, and wringing my hands I
didn’t know what to do.

Monica, we are going to give you a choice. Open the
door and we won’t break it down. But, if we break it
down we are really going to be pissed, and that will
NOT be good for you my dear. So decision time. The
ball is in your court.

What choice did I have? Either way I was going to get
raped, there was no negotiating that, did I want them
to be rougher than they were already going to be OR
take my chances they would be just a little more
gentle if I didn’t piss them off?

The door made an eerie click as I turned the lock,
grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open.
There was Jarrod and Jeremy standing there, naked and
with their arms folded. If I thought Jarrod was built
looking at Jeremy he looked like a lightweight.
Jeremy must have been 6’6″ and 260lbs. I came to find
out he was an ex NFL player, I was not surprised.

Well, well Monica, I think you finally made a good
decision. Welcome.

Welcome was not the feeling I had right now as I just
stood there preparing for my punishment, whatever it
was going to be.

Dear Monica, Jerrod quipped , I have decided that I’m
not going to hurt you. I’m not going to beat the shit
out of you for bolting out of the bedroom and making
us come after you.

I didn’t know if I should be grateful or terrified.

Take my hand Jerrod said as he extended his hand to

Reluctantly I put my hand in his. As we started to
walk down the hallway toward the bedroom Jeremy
whirled around and with the palm of his hand slapped
me hard across the side of the face. My knees buckled
and I fell to the floor, still with my hand in
Jerrod’s. Looking up at Jerrod with a quizzical look
on my face he laughed and said, I told you I would
not hurt you, I didn’t say anything about Jeremy.

It seems Jerrod has been much too easy on you
Counselor; it has taken you too long to learn
obedience, which will stop NOW. Jeremy reached down
and grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled me to my
feet. He took his hand and slapped me four more times
back and forth on the face. That’s the last thing I
remembered as everything went black.

I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke I
was lying on the floor and both men were standing
over me.

Ok Monica, Jeremy said, decision time. Do I keep
hitting you until you learn your lesson? OR, have you
learned it?

I’ve learned it, I whispered.

What bitch? Jeremy quipped.

I’ve learned it I said louder.

What have you learned Monica? Jeremy asked.

I’ve learned that you are the boss and I will do what
you say, no arguments, if not I will suffer the

There you see Jarrod; all it takes is a little

You da man Jeremy, Jarrod laughed, you da man.

Ok, now that we have settled that, let’s get down to

Jerrod proceeded to pull me up off the floor and
march me to the bedroom.

You say she is really hot huh?

She’s hot alright Jarrod said, you just got to get
her motor running, just got to light her fire and she
will be like a bitch dog in heat. Well then, let’s
get started. Jerrod sat me down on the bed and pushed
me into the laying position. How pathetic I must have
looked, lying there limp and beaten.

Spread your legs Monica, Jeremy said.

When I did, he leaned in between them and placed his
mouth directly on my pussy. His tongue was hot as
fire and soft as silk. He began to lick me from my
clit to my asshole. Electricity shot through my body
as he licked soft and lightly. A much different
person than 10 minutes ago. Then his tongue came to
rest on my clit and he began to flick it back and
forth. Oh gawd I heard myself scream, oh gawd.

Told you Jeremy, Jarrod laughed, just watch.

Jerrod grabbed a leg in each hand and spread them
even wider as he continued his assault on my clit and
then plunged his middle finger deep in my pussy.
Fuckkkkk, I screamed as a climax coursed through my
body like a lightning bolt. I couldn’t keep my ass on
the bed as I started to buck like a wild horse.

Shit Jerrod chuckled, look at her go.

Jeremy kept fingering me as he licked my clit faster
and faster. No more, no more, please no more I
screamed as I pounded Jeremy on his shoulders with my
fists. I went through one eruption after another as
this stranger took me where I had never gone before.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh I screamed, I must have sounded like a
Basset hound as I howled myself through multiple

You got her going now Jer, give her what she needs.

Jeremy removed his mouth and finger from my pussy and
mounted me, looking me in the face he growled like an

Grab by cock bitch and put it where it belongs, right
in that hot cunt of yours.

I reached down and felt the hugest cock I ever knew
existed. I thought Jerrod was massive but this, oh my
gawd it was a baseball bat, I directed it toward my
soaking wet hole, and then Jeremy pushed. He had no
mercy as he shoved himself in me all the way in one
fail swoop.

Ohhhhhhhhh gawddddddd, I screamed as the pain was
excruciating from this massive invader.

Shut up bitch and fuck me.

He pounded me like there was no tomorrow my pussy
adjusted and the numbness went away as I began to
feel again and oh my gawn, what I felt. Nothing and I
mean nothing in my life had ever consumed me like
this gargantuan cock that was violating me. Every
time he drove into me he knocked the wind out of me
and I gasped for air as he pulled out and readied
himself for the next thrust. Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh
gawd I grunted as he pounded me over and over again.
I guess Jerrod was standing at the vantage point
where could see Jeremy’s cock sliding in and out of

Hell man you are tearing her apart Jerrod exclaimed.
She never gonna be good for any white man again he
howled. You ought to see her gushing Jer, she’s
cumming like a fountain.

Of course what I didn’t know was that Jerrod was
filming the whole thing on his IPhone.

Fuck her Jer he kept taunting, fuck her pussy off.

Jeremy was sweating like crazy as he continued to
pound me through climax after climax.

How you like it bitch, Jeremy screamed, how my white
bitch like her big cock.

I couldn’t talk, I could only grunt as this huge man
was ruining me for life, in every way. Then Jeremy
started to cum and I thought someone rammed a taser
in my pussy, oh gawd I screamed as he filled me to
overflowing with his hot juice. I had been cumming
constantly not even knowing when one ended and
another one began.

I was like a live electrical wire out of control.
When Jeremy had finally dumped his entire seed inside
me he raised up on his haunches and began to beat his
chest like King Kong. He was an animal.

Scoot down here bitch and take my cock in your mouth
and suck it. NOW he screamed, I need to cum some

I scooted under him till his cock was directly in
front of my face. I raised my head and took his cock
in my mouth, it was so big I could only take the head
in and even that stretched my jaw to the limit. He
began to stroke his cock and the crazy animal began
to howl and his cock started to erupt as he held the
back of my head in one hand and his cock in the

I choked and gagged as his cum filled my mouth and it
began to flow out of my mouth and my nose, and ran
down my chin onto my chest. Finally, he was finished
and let loose of my head and it fell to the bed. I
was gasping for air as he sat there on his haunches
panting like a dog.

You da man Jerrod chanted as he continued to video on
his IPhone.

Now it’s your turn Jerrod, Jeremy exclaimed. Monica
is ready for more aren’t ya bitch?

No, no, I can’t take anymore.

What? What did you say?

No, please, please.

What you say bitch? he growled.

Yes I resigned, whatever you want.

That’s more like it. You see Jerrod, she just needs a
little encouragement to be obedient, don’t you

Yes I whispered. Jeremy moved off the bed and took
the IPhone from Jerrod, what your pleasure dude?
Hmmmmm Jerrod mused, I done had her mouth and her
cunt, I guess that only leaves her tight little ass.
NOOOO, I screamed, no, please Jerrod, please for gawd
sake no.

She begging man, Jeremy quipped, still filming

The terror in my eyes must have been priceless to
these two animals as they just laughed.

Roll over bitch and get on them knees, Jerrod

I’m begging you Jerrod, please don’t do this, please
don’t. I’ve been cooperative, I’ve done what you have
asked, please don’t do this to me I begged sobbing

Counselor, we gonna do this the hard way or the easy
way, you choose.

Still sobbing uncontrollably I rolled over on the bed
and struggled to my knees.

Spread em Monica, Jarrod commanded.

All I could do is pray I would die or pass out; I
just didn’t want to go through this. Please, oh
please I whimpered. I felt the bed sink in as Jerrod
got on his knees between my spread legs. I was
shaking all over as he began to rub his huge tool up
and down over my tight hole.

Jerrod please I begged, please, please don’t. Then
Jerrod reached his hand to my pussy and got it good
and wet with my flowing juices and rubbed it all over
my ass. He then took his middle finger and slowly
slid it in to the hilt. I felt like I was going to
throw up, but I knew this was NOTHING compared to
what was coming.

I’m gonna give you a break Monica, not that you
deserve it. I’m gonna help you get used to it. Now
relax and breathe through your mouth. Relax that
spinster he said.

I tried my best to relax and when I did he inserted
another finger and moved it in and out and back and
forth, sort of reaming me as it were. I knew he was
loosening me up for the kill.

Just relax Monica, he said.

I’m trying Jerrod, I’m trying, but I’m scared.

Just relax, I’m not going to hurt you, you hear?

Ok I whimpered. Thank you. I felt a third finger go
inside me and move all around when Jerrod said.

I think she’s ready for the big boy he laughed,
Jeremy laughed along with him. Ok Monica, here we go.
That was the first time I actually heard a human
being inside this man.

Ok, I replied.

Just relax like I told you.


Reach up here Monica and spread those ass cheeks for
me, now. I reached up and with two hands I spread my
ass cheeks as wide as I could. Then I felt his huge
shaft come in contact with my ass. Oh gawd I thought,
oh gawd. Jerrod pushed and his cock head popped into
my asshole. I gagged as I thought I was going to

I told you to relax Monica, do ya want to do this the
hard way or the easy way?

The easy way I sobbed. I relaxed the best I could and
I felt the rest of his shaft begin to penetrate me,
little by little. At least he was going slowly I
thought. I tried my best to control my gag reflexes
as he continued to push until I felt his balls come
to rest on my pussy and I knew he was all the way in.
I was numb, I couldn’t feel anything.

“That asshole is opening up nicely Ms. Monica,”
Jerrod laughed. Getting it all on film Jeremy
laughed. “What a show. This gonna sell for thousands
on the internet, especially when we fuck her in both
holes at the same time,” Jeremy howled.

Oh no I thought. Oh no. Jerrod kept still for a few
minutes till my ass became adjusted to his big

You ready Monica? Jerrod asked.

I hope so, I answered.

Ok, here we go. Jerrod pulled all the way out to the
head and then slowly pushed back in.

Ohhhhhhhh, Jerrod moaned, that feels real good; bitch
got a nice tight ass.

I started to dry heave as he pushed this big pole
inside me.

Damn girl, when you do that you about squeeze my cock
off with that tight asshole, do it, again he laughed.

I could see that Jeremy moving closer to get a better
angle of Jerrod’s big cock penetrating me. Then I
felt Jerrod’s hand reach under me and start to rub my
clit. The prick was going to try and make me cum
while he was fucking my ass. He continued to rub my
clit as I began to feel the sensation of his cock
sliding in and out of me. I opened my mouth to scream
but nothing came out except heaving. Then I felt
Jerrod begin to move in and out a little faster as he
rubbed my clit harder and faster. Jeremy moved the
IPhone close to my face as my eyes rolled back into
my head.

“Holy shit man!” Jeremy shouted to Jerrod, “I think
she’s gonna cum.”

It was then that a blood curling scream emanated from
deep inside by being. Jeremy pushed my face into the
pillow as I screamed for all I was worth. I was
cumming, in both ends, I couldn’t believe it, but it
was true. A double orgasm, as he pumped in my ass and
assaulted my clit. My throat was raw from screaming
into the pillow as my world was turned upside down
and I was consumed in a full body orgasm.

When I lifted my head from the pillow, there to greet
me was Jeremy stroking his cock and it began to
squirt in my face, at the same time I felt Jarrod
begin to blast off inside me. I instinctively opened
my mouth and let him cum down my throat. I swallowed
and swallowed as his hose kept pumping cum into my
mouth and Jarrod unloaded in my ass. That’s when
everything went black and I collapsed on the bed.

For the next hour I was in and out of conciseness as
I only vaguely remember Jeremy positioning himself
underneath me ramming his cock into my pussy as
Jerrod continued fucking my ass. I can’t remember if
I came again but I do remember the two of them
simultaneously cumming inside me laughing and howling
all the while. Then I blacked out completely.

The clock on the bed stand said 3am when I finally
came to. I didn’t know if I was alone or not so I
gingerly turned in the bed to see if anyone else
where there. Empty. They were gone. Thank gawd I
though. I swung my legs over the bed to get up and
the pain in my ass was unbearable. It was burning and
aching as my head began to spin again. I just sat
there until I got my bearing and put my head between
my legs to get the blood flowing again.

Flashbacks began to emerge from my fucked up mind, ,
especially the two of them in me at the same time,
grunting and violating me. I knew I would never be
the same again, normal sex would never be an option,
I knew they would never leave me alone, they would
come back time after time and who knows what other
perverted plans they had in mind for me, I was sure
they would share me with as many of their other
friends as they could. Finally I was able to maneuver
myself onto my feet and walk toward the bathroom. The
house was empty; it was like nothing happened, like
it was a dream, except for the pain in my ass. I got
to the shower and turned it on and fell on my knees.

Oh gawd did it ever feel good. Once I could think
straight I began to realize that this would NEVER be
over. They had the film, and they would be back for
me. I could count on it. What was I going to do? How
would my life ever be the same again? It was ruined.
All that I had hoped and prayed for was now reduced
to NOTHING by these two animals.

The only thing I could think to do was to leave
Brian, now, right away before he returned home. He
would know something was up and if he didn’t I could
be sure he would receive a copy of the tape making
him more than aware that I did not belong to him any
longer. I could not bear to see his face. He had
finally started to trust me and now this. There is no
way I could ever explain this away, it just would not
happen. My life was over; I would have to go into
hiding the rest of my days. Nothing else seemed

I finally drug myself back to bed where I laid
sobbing like a baby till I finally fell asleep.

I was startled by the phone ringing; the clock said
8:39am. It was Alyssa on the caller ID. I picked up
the phone and managed a weak Hello. Monica, I heard a
sobbing Alyssa say, are you awake?

I am now Alyssa, what can I do for you?

“Monica, the police just left.”

“Why?” I asked.

Well Jarrod and his friend Jeremy must have been out
drinking and when they were driving home they lost
control of the car and it ran head on into a
telephone pole and they both died instantly.

I jumped up off the bed as I held the phone tight to
my ear. “My gawd Alyssa, that’s terrible.”

“Monica, what time did Jarrod leave your house?”

I thought for a second and said, well right after he
talked to you he got a call and said he had to go
meet a friend. So I guess it must have been around 8
or so.

“So he didn’t hurt you anymore?”

“No Alyssa,” I lied, “he didn’t.”

“Monica, can you come over and sit with me?”

“Of course Alyssa, I will be over shortly.” I didn’t
know whether to laugh, to cry, to rejoice or just
scream Hallelujah. I just chose to fall on my knees
and say “THANK YOU LORD”. No one would ever be the
wiser. It was a miracle, for sure.

A week has passed since the tragedy; the church had a
funeral and burial for Jarrod and Jeremy. There were
a lot of tears and chatter about what a “good man”
Jerrod was. I thought to myself, if only they knew.
But no one would ever know. Ever.

It turned out the phone that contained the video was
so badly damaged that Alyssa just threw it out, and
as justice would have it, there was an insurance
policy for $1,000,000 and Alyssa was the beneficiary.
She actually never really said it, but I know she was


It’s been two months now since that fateful night,
and we have become friends. She is dating a really
nice white guy and we go out to dinner often. Brian
likes them and commented one night in bed that it was
a shame we never got to know Jerrod better. I thought
to myself, Thank the Lord… God is Good