My Wife Doesn’t Know My Friend Fucked Her

My wife Meg is a 5’2″ with red hair and a 34-29-35 body
measurements. There’s no fat on her at all. Her green
eyes make you want to melt when you look into them and
my buddies are always trying to see down her top or up
her skirt.

One night I got Meg pretty drunk when a couple of my
friends were over. She had on a pair of see-through
panties on. She was sprawled on the couch and I slowly
lifted her skirt up until my buddies could see she how
nicely she keeps herself clean shaven.

That got them going, my buddy Biff said he’d give me 500
bucks if I’d let him fuck her. Hearing that, Meg seemed
to wake up to what I was doing and I was in the dog
house for a week. My buddies scurried out of the house
and I was left to face my wife’s wrath. She told me that
if she wanted those guys she would of married them. That
she wasn’t something to be shown off and that her body
was for me only. When I asked what she thought about
swapping or threesomes I was instantly in deeper hot
water and she said that I could just fucking forget it,
that if she even thought I was trying anything or
thinking about wife swapping she would cut my balls off.

So I went along thinking there was no way I would ever
see her getting fucked by anyone but me, that is, until
I read a story online about a guy who tricked his wife
into having sex with his friend without her knowing it
wasn’t him. I read that story very carefully and after a
day or two came up with a plan of my own.

After making my decision, I went to the adult book store
and got what I needed. Now if I could just get Meg to go
along with me, I might yet see a strange cock in her
pretty little pussy.

That very next Saturday I took her out to dinner and
dancing and we had more than our normal amount of
drinks. Meg wasn’t drunk, just really happy. When we got
home I said I wanted to be a little bit kinky tonight
and showed her the blindfold I’d bought.

“So you’re going to wear a blindfold?” she asked.

I laughed and said, “No silly, it’s for you to wear. I
read an article that said if you deprive your partner of
one of her senses, then other senses become enhanced. I
want to experiment so see if that’s true. You might
enjoy it.”

She looked at me and said, “That sort of makes since.
Okay, let’s do it.”

So we stripped and climbed on to the bed and I put the
blindfold on her and asked if she could see anything.
She said no, so I pushed her down on the bed and really
fucked her like we haven’t done in a long time. My lust
was fueled by the thought that with the blindfold on she
wouldn’t be able to tell if it were me or someone else
fucking her. That really turned me on.

After I had cum and rolled off her, she admitted that
she’d loved having the mask on, that it made it seem
like everything was more intense. “And you licked my
clit it was like have 4 tongues on me at one, I guess my
senses were just heighten to where I could really feel
every little thing.”

So Meg was sold on the idea of a blindfold. We played
with the mask for a week and she was well adjusted to it
when I suggested that she think about some hot looking
celebrity guy and pretend I was him fucking her. She
went along with that right away, she has this thing for
an Australian actor named Chris Hemsworth.

It worked out really well because my Aussy accent is
pretty good and I did an admirable job of pretending I
was him, fucking her brains out. So when starting
moaning, “Chris, of Chris, fuck me!” I told her what I
was going to do to her in my accent and shoved my cock
into her at the same time and she went nuts, hammering
her pussy back at me like she had ever done before. She
loved, I had her hooked.

About a week later I said I showed her some soft rope
and said that it was my fantasy to tie her up when we
made love and asked her if she would let me. What could
she say, I was going along with her Hemsworth fantasy,
it would be churlish not to go along with my bondage

It turned out that Meg got off on being bound, and
unable to stop her fantasy lover from using her. She was
so into it that at one point I was afraid the neighbors
might come over to investigate.

Meg admitted that we’d first started all this kinky
stuff she hadn’t been sold on the idea, but that she was
wrong, she was having fantasy lovers fucking her and it
a lot of fun. She kissed me with more lust than I’d felt
from her in a long time.

So the next time we did it I said, “How about you name
call me Johnny tonight?” Her eyes narrowed and she asked
why I wanted her to use my friend’s name.

I replied, “Because I see the way he looks at you and I
know he would love to be in my place, and that thought
really turns me on. It’s harmless fun, just like you
calling out Hemsworth’s name.”

How could she refuse? So after we started fucking I
pulled out and said here comes Johnny and put my cock
back into her and she started fucking me back harder and
gamely said, “C’mon Johnny show my husband how real man
can fuck his wife!” Then Meg started crying out Johnny’s
name over and over again as her body bucked in orgasm

As she was in full lust mode, I murmured in her ear,
trying to sound like my buddy, “You want me to knock you
up babe? You want to have my child of mine so you’ll
always remember me?”

In her passion Meg was yelling, “YES! YES FUCK ME

I blew my load in her groaning in intense pleasure as I
felt my cum pumping into my wife’s slick pussy. This
might have been the best orgasm I’d ever had in my life.
Meg had played along with me most dear fantasy and she’d
done it superbly.

After we both came down from our extreme high, Meg said
she hoped she hadn’t gone overboard. didn’t go over
broad. I replied that it was just a fantasy done in the
privacy of our marriage bed and that we were consenting
adults, so where was the harm.

That was Sunday night. On Monday I decided to talk to
Johnny. We work at the same place and during lunch as
casually asked, “Hey John, you still interested in doing
my wife?”

He was eating a sandwich and stopped in mid-chew and
looked at me as if I crazy. Then he said, “I’ll up the
offer dude. I’d give you $750 for one go at your lovely

I replied with a smile, “You can keep your money, my
wife isn’t a prostitute, but I think I can get you into
her pants if you’re willing to risk it.”

“Are you kidding me? You would let me fuck Meg? Would
she let me?”

“The answer to that is no, but I have a plan to trick
her into letting you fuck her. It’s a fantasy of mine,
and if you’re up for it you can fulfill it for me. But
you’ll have to wear a condom because I shoot blanks so
she’s not on the pill.

Johnny was up for anything that allowed him to sink his
dick into my wife’s pussy so he readily agreed to wear a

As part of my plan I gave him the spare keep to the
house and told him at Meg and I would be going out next
Saturday night and that I would call him about an hour
before we got home. “You park around the corner so she
won’t see your car. Go in to the house and hide in the
guest bedroom with the door cracked open so you can hear

“When I get Meg in our bedroom I’ll leave the door open
so you can watch from the hall and when I have her
ready, you come in ready for action. By that I mean with
a condom.

“There’s no mouth or ass fucking just her pussy and
don’t said a word, or if you have to respond to
something mumble or moan. And once she’s cum, you need
to skedaddle out of there before she takes the blindfold
off. I’ll be right there and I’m sure I’ll have cum
before her because I’ll be jacking off watching you two.
I’ll smear my cum all over my dick and push into her
pussy before she knows what’s going on, that way she’ll
have cum in her and won’t suspect anything. You’ll have
to let yourself out of the house quietly. You understand
all that?” I asked. Johnny just nodded and smiled.


That Saturday I took Meg out and got a bunch of drinks
into her then after dinner said I needed to go to the
restroom and made a call to Johnny so he could get in
position before we arrived.

When I came back to the table I said that I wanted to do
the Johnny fantasy again tonight. Meg smiled merrily at
me and playing along replied, “Is that where you went,
to call him so he can meet us at home so you both can
fuck me tonight?” she smiled. “You better but a big box
of condoms by the bedside so he doesn’t knock me up.
It’s been a week since we last had sex so I’m ready for
just about anything hon.”

If she only knew…

When we reached the parking lot, I teases, “Are you
ready to be fucked by Johnny tonight?” Meg smiled, and
slightly slurring her words from the alcohol, she said,
“More than ready hon, I’m looking forward to it.”

On the way home I put my hand up her skirt and found she
had on the garter belt and nylons I gave her. It was the
first time she had ever put them on. She’d said it made
feel slutty wearing them. I guess she didn’t mind
feeling slutty tonight. A good sign. My fingers came
away from her pussy dripping wet.

When we got home Meg teasingly asked, “So where’s
Johnny, isn’t he supposed to fuck me tonight?”

I said, “I’m sure he’s on his way. I guess we’ll just
have to start without him.” And up in the bedroom I
turned and looked at the guest bedroom door. It was open
a few inches and a pair of eyes were watching us. My
heart started thumping in my chest, this was really
going to happen!

I had the blindfold on her and had tied her arms and
legs to the head board and foot board, then I went down
on her, eating her out, and making her cum for the first
time that night. While I was doing that I waved at John
to come in.

As he walked in I saw his hard-on was huge, I couldn’t
believe it, it must have been at least 9-inches long and
thick… a lot thicker than mine. I hadn’t planned on
that! Would Meg know the difference, I was afraid she
would. But oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound, too
late to turn around now.

As Johnny neared the bed I said, “Oh, there’s Johnny,
all ready to join in.” And then tried to sound like
Johnny’s voice and said, “Now baby, you’ll get the
fucking of your life because I’m hung like a horse.”

Having said that I stood up making Meg groan, “”No don’t
leave me!” reaching out blindly for me. Still imitating
Johnny’s voice I replied, “Your hubby’s just getting out
of my way, clearing the deck for action, so to speak.”

Then as I stood there watching, slowly jacking off my
cock, Johnny crept on to our bed got between Meg’s legs,
then wasting no time, he started working his huge cock
into her.

Meg moaned, “What the fuck are you trying to put in me?”
Then John forgot not to talk and said, “It’s only my
cock babe.”

I froze… but Meg said, “Man, you’re getting good at
sounding like Johnny hon, and this thing you’re using on
me is… Oh shit!” She squirmed as Johnny slid balls
deep into her shaved pussy.

Meg had her first orgasm on another man’s cock then and
there. She had been a virgin when we married and she had
only given one other guy a hand job before me. So here
she was, cumming on another man’s cock for the first
time. She hadn’t commented on the size difference yet,
but seemed be enjoying it all the same, wrapping her
legs around the real Johnny and moaning his name as she
wildly fucked him back.

I stood there only feet away as my buddy began to give
my wife multiple orgasms, I had ever seen or heard of
such a thing before but here was my wife Meg moaning,
“Fuck me Johnny, fuck me with that huge cock of yours.
You know what you are doing honey, you’ll to make a
woman out of me. Knock me up stud, give me your baby! Oh

Again Johnny broke the rules and said, “So you want my
baby do you, well we’ll just see if we can’t do
something about that and he doubled his thrusts, fucking
driving his cock in even deeper into Meg and then
grabbed her legs and putting them up over on his
shoulders and driving home deeper yet.

Meg started moaning like a woman possessed and I could
see she was squirting her cum out around her thrusting
cock. Her love juice out of her like mad woman. she
looked like she was going to pass out, when Johnny said,
“FUCK WOMAN!” and I could tell he was cumming, his body
tensed and he stopped thrusting for a moment as he
unloaded in my wife.

As he neared the end of his cum, Johnny collapsed onto
Med and mumbled, “Fuck, woman, you’re one hot fuck and a
right pretty one too.”

Hearing that Meg got her hand free and grabbed her
blindfold, pulling it off. I knew my life had just ended
as Meg looked at me standing there naked beside the bed
with my dripping little cock in hand, having jacked off
watching them fuck, and then looking at Johnny on top of
her with his cock still firmly planted deep within her.

As I help my breath, Meg said, “So this is that what
it’s like to have a real man fuck me? I think I want
some more,” and she started moving her hips, fucking
herself on Johnny’s still ridged cock. That’s when my
buddy said, “better hold off Meg. I need to change the
condom, I don’t think it’ll hot tow loads. You wouldn’t
want me to knock you up for real now would?”

As I watched, my wife moved her hips faster looking into
Johnny’s eyes. She said, “Yes I would love get pregnant
with your child Johnny, my pitiful husband can’t give me
a kid and since he likes watching, let’s show him how
it’s done, shall we?”

I stood there with dick in hand as Johnny started
fucking my wife again, this time with no condom. He’d
pulled it off and flung it away after Meg had invited
him to make her pregnant.

The damn rubber splatted against me and I could feel his
warm cum oozing down my belly as I stood there with my
stiffening cock.

They went at it all night long and half the next day.
Although Meg said she still loved me, she did want kids
the normal way and Johnny could give them to her. “And
oh that cock of his. This isn’t such a bad idea of yours
after all hon. And if you’re really good, I’ll let you
in sometimes and even give you blow job now and then,
but I want to concentrate on Johnny for the time being.

So that’s my life now, we have three kids all by Johnny
and one more on its way, all over the past 5 years.

I guess I did this to myself, but we have the family we
always wanted and Johnny got a promotion at work and is
moving away… so maybe I can have my wife back again
all to myself. I’ve had enough of wife sharing for one
life time.