My Physical Therapist

Although I didn’t want to admit it, my body needed some
therapy. Having always been the strong, silent type, it
kind of grated against my nature. But there it was. My
left knee was shot, so was my left shoulder. I had had
surgery on two of the disks in my back and, although now
out of pain, I needed to get stronger and more agile. So
I opted for physical therapy. It turned out to be a
great decision.

My name is Lee, I am forty-two years old and now single
after having been married for a short time. I am
business consultant specializing in growth strategy
which involves identifying and retaining top people for
a given organization. It can be a lot of fun.

I showed up at Athletes in Motion near where I lived at
the recommendation of my surgeon and my coaches. The
PT’s there did an assessment of my current state of
physical ability and took notice of my issues which had
resulted largely from sports I played earlier in my
life. I am still young so my body should respond to a
good plan and regular sessions. My optimism soared at
being myself again. I was not to be disappointed.

My physical therapist was Liz. She was tall and had the
body of a swimmer, which she was. Strong, broad
shoulders, a tight waist, and legs to die for. Her
father was from India and her dark skin accented her
beauty and let her natural glow shine through. She was
sixteen years younger than I, but she apparently did not
mind the age difference. We hit it off immediately.

Liz was a “hands-on” therapist and guided me through the
exercises so I did them precisely and for maximum
benefit. She wanted to feel my muscles flex and relax as
I went from one station to another. In the middle of the
routine was a set of activities on the mat table. When I
did abdominal breathing, she felt my abs to make sure I
was doing it right. Same with the pelvic rolls,
crunches, and bridges. I loved the bridges and she put
her hand at the height she wanted me to reach.

I was soon to notice her placing her hand lower and
lower on my abdomen and a couple of times, I actually
bridged up to it so that I would brush her hand with my
erect penis inside my gym shorts. We developed an
understanding that touching me was not only pleasurable,
but also very stimulating. Liz began to use that as an
incentive for me.

I generally used the mat at the back of the facility
which was more private than being out in the main room.
She would sit on the table with me and guide me as I
worked. She smiled a lot during my sessions, especially
when I used the Nautilus machine and the elliptical.
After a week or two, I began to look forward to my
therapy sessions and being with Liz as I got better,
stronger, and more flexible. She really knew her stuff.

Since she was touching me all over my body, including
some private places, through my workout clothes of
course, I tried to find ways to do the same to her. I
would brush her leg with my hand and press my arm
against her breasts. She would respond by pressing up
against me in the course of directing my exercises and
pressing a breast or her hip up against me. She made me
feel very good and aroused my manhood in ways I had
never before felt.

I found ways to touch her with my hands, especially
inside her thighs. She gasped the first time I did it
but did not pull away. She just closed her eyes and
sighed as I would caress her. We were discreet and no
one ever knew but the two of us. I began to schedule my
sessions when very few others were there.

One Friday afternoon, as usual, when virtually no one
else was there, she got very near to me and I kissed
her. That startled her and she did pull away then. She
looked at me with questioning eyes and excused herself
for a few minutes in favor of the girl’s bathroom. When
she didn’t emerge for a while, I ended my workout and
took my leave. I hoped I hadn’t blown it with her. Next
visit I thought I would find out.

After a fantastic weekend with friends, I went for my
Monday workout. Liz was there and seemed to be fine. I
did notice a wry smile from her every now and then, but
nothing out of the ordinary. It seemed to be just
another session under her guidance. That is until we got
to the mat exercises. She had her hand on my abs while I
did the abdominal breathing routine and at the fifth
rep, she just moved her hand down to the bulge in my
shorts and gave me a squeeze right on my cock. I
responded immediately as I got even longer and harder.
She gave me a big smile and moved her hand away. I had
to wait a few seconds before I could resume the set.

She did the same thing during the bridges and got the
same reaction from me. When I moved to the heel drag, as
I raised my knee, she put her hand on me and left it
there. We were alone in the back and she began to rub my
cock up and down through my shorts. I almost lost it
right then and there. When she kissed me with her hand
on my cock.

I creamed in my jock strap, blowing a huge load in
response to her attention to my most favorite body part.
At that point, I had to excuse myself and go to the
little boy’s room. The supporter I was wearing went into
my gym bag. When I returned, Liz was gone. I understood
why she had taken so long in the girl’s room the
previous Friday. She had to clean up after my kiss just
as I had when she rubbed my cock.

I would have to wait until my next session to see her
again. Or so I thought.

After finishing my routine rather quickly, I left. When
I got to my car, much to my surprise and delight, there
she was, standing right beside it. She had a huge smile
on her face and as I approached she said, “Give a girl a
ride, sailor?”

“My place or yours?” I replied.

“Yours?” she asked.

“Hop in, Liz,” I answered as I unlocked the door with
the remote. “This could get complicated, you know.”

“Yes, I know, but so exciting as well,” she said as she
got in my side and moved over some. I followed.

When we were both comfortable, I kissed her for real.
She opened her mouth a little and I sucked her tongue
into mine. She sighed as I did that and she opened her
mouth wider so we could play dueling tongues. She tasted
sweet and her lips were very soft and warm.

She moved her hand into my lap and pushed it up the leg
of my shorts all the way until she found my erect cock
and put her hand around it very gently. She began to
squeeze it and move up and down on it. She knew what to
do to make a man feel good.

I broke the kiss and turned my attention to getting the
car started and us on our way. I wanted to undertake
some supine gymnastics with this lovely lady and I could
hear my place calling us both. She kept her hand where
it was and put her head on my shoulder.

It was just a short drive to where I lived and the trip
was hot and sweet. I parked the car, kissed her again,
and led her inside. She was very affectionate, hugging
and kissing me as I closed and locked the door.

There was no need for talking, no need for beating
around the bush, no need for being shy or hesitating,
either for Liz or for me. We both knew why we were here
together. I wanted her and she wanted me. It was that
simple. We could talk about it later. Now was the time
for loving and, most importantly, sex. She and I both
knew it.

Our professional relationship as physical therapist and
client was the farthest thing from our minds. We were
lovers, about to embark on a physical and emotional
relationship, and we both wanted and needed it.

I kissed her deeply and surprised her by picking her up
and carrying her into my bedroom. I laid her down gently
on the bed and began to remove her clothes one item at a
time. First, I removed her top revealing a sports bra
that flattened her chest. When the bra came off, her
ample breasts were revealed. I pulled her tights down
and was delighted to see her black, lace panties �
totally not athletic apparel. She had removed her
sandals already. The pleasant odor of pussy wafted
through the air. I reveled in the sweet smell of her
girl juices.

She never said a word, just looked at me with those
enchanting eyes as her total enjoyment showed on her
face. She was submitting totally to me as she should. My
Dom was in total control of the situation and of her. I
could feel she loved it. A strong man making her his

She was in control of our therapy sessions, but she
totally gave in when it came to sex with me. I
determined that I would make her enjoy this as much as I
did. I removed those sexy panties. She was now totally
naked on my bed and her eyes showed anticipation and

So I shot the moon. I pulled my under-mattress
restraints out and bound her wrists and ankles. She was
spread-eagled on the bed and looked luscious. Her eyes
were closed as I began to remove my own clothes. She
watched my every move and when I revealed my hard, erect
cock, she gasped. It was standing out from between my
legs like a steel beam and she almost fainted when she
saw it. Instead, she just went farther into subspace and
closed her eyes in anticipation of what was coming.

Restrained, naked in front of a man she didn’t really
know, horny as hell, she was producing mass amounts of
pussy cream from her vagina. I knew that no
preliminaries were needed. I just wanted to fuck her.

I moved between her legs and took careful aim then sank
my engorged cock deep in her honey pot. She gasped when
I went so deep in her with my initial thrust, but she
raised her hips to meet me and took everything I had.

I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping and massaging
my cock as I began to fuck her and we got into a rhythm
as I grasped her under her shoulders and used the
leverage to go deeper and deeper into her. She was very
tight and milked me for all I was worth. I felt the tip
of my cock press up against her cervix as I hit rock
bottom in her.

I was amazed at her ability to move with me even though
she was restrained tightly to the bed. I had never had a
woman respond to me that way. She was truly an amazing

I was all the way inside of her and she started cumming.
With almost every other stroke, she shuddered and
clinched my cock with her orgasming pussy muscles.

She was in great shape and she was so strong. Her
muscles gripped me more tightly than I had ever been
gripped before. Her pussy was a vise on my throbbing
member. She was like a female volcano, erupting from
between her legs and moving like an earthquake. I just
couldn’t believe how she could fuck.

With her energetic and enthusiastic orgasms, I felt the
fires arising in my own loins, responding to her. It
felt as if I were riding a bucking bronc. She was
milking my cock like an expert and I rewarded her with
an immense load of cum to mix with her vaginal
secretions. I pumped into her over and over until, at
last, she let out a carnal scream and collapsed under me
on the bed.

We were both totally drained. When we recovered, I undid
the wrist and ankle straps and freed her from her
restraints. She didn’t move. I lay down beside her and
began to cuddle her. Our afterglow did not begin to fade
for quite a while.

When I could speak, I just said, “Damn, Liz,” and
nuzzled her neck a little.

“That was the most intense sexual experience I have ever
had,” she replied. “It was the first time anyone had
ever taken the opportunity to tie me down and fuck me so
hard and so well.”

She turned her head and kissed me softly and tenderly.
“I guess you found out that I like for a man to take
charge lead the way,” she observed.

“Yes, I picked up on that earlier, right after we began
to work together,” I told her. “I like to take the lead.
There are so many other wonderful things we can do
together and I want to do all of them to you.”

“I can’t wait,” she answered. “Like in a few minutes
after we recover?” She wanted more.

“Sure,” I said. “Maybe we can get to know each other
better, too.”

“I would like that,” she said. “We just bypassed that
and went straight to the sex. I have never done that

“It was the right thing to do,” I assured her. “I just
felt some kind of animal magnetism coming from you. It
just fell into place that way.”

“You had me when you kissed me the first time. I knew I
had to have you,” she admitted. “You made me cum then
and there.”

“Hence the long visit to the girl’s room?” I asked.

“You don’t miss much do you?” she confirmed my
suspicions. “Actually, I haven’t been with a man for
quite some time. You reawakened all those feelings in me
again, in spades. I owe you one for that.”

She was all smiles and so huggable at that moment.
“Let’s take a shower and clean up some,” I suggested.

“That would be great!” she answered. “I can use a shower
after working all day and our after-hours activities,”
she winked at me. “Let’s go.”

We bathed each other making sure that our privates got
plenty of attention. I made sure she was clean inside
and out and she caressed me with such tenderness that I
didn’t want her to stop. But she did and we dried each
other off and went back to the bedroom.

“So what deliciousness shall we indulge in now?” I asked

She kind of looked down, ducking her chin. I could see
we might have a problem.

“I would love to see what you have in store for us, but
I have to go now,” she confessed. “I promise you that
this will not be all there is between us, but for now, I
must ask you to understand and take me back to my car.”

I was crestfallen. There was so much I wanted to do with
her that evening. “Ok,” I said. “I wish you could stay,
but at least tell me why you must go.”

“I can’t do that right now,” she responded. “All I can
tell you is that I hope to see you at your next
appointment and that some parts of my life must remain
very private for now. I hope that we will get close
enough so that I can tell you sometime. For now, just
accept that I am very attracted to you and I love how we
work out and exercise together, either at AIM or here
where it is just the two of us.”

“I understand, Liz. It is Ok. Your private life is
yours, just as mine is mine. We can accept and respect
that from each other. Let’s get dressed and I will take
you back. This loving experience will always be in the
back of my mind and I am glad you were waiting for me
after our session. So, until the next one?” I suggested.

“Yes. Definitely. We haven’t really even begun to
explore each other and that is something I really want
to do,” she promised.

So I took this mysterious, fantastic woman back to where
she was parked, gave her a kiss goodbye, and hoped we
would have another chance to explore each other, very

She smiled as she got into her car and waved as she was
driving off. I watched her go with a huge smile on my
face. What a fantastic woman! I hoped I would see her

At my usual time, I showed up for my next regular
exercise session and workout. No Liz! I looked all
around, but she was nowhere to be found. My heart sank.
Nonetheless, I was able to complete my routine without
any help, showered, dressed and headed back to work.
Somehow I just couldn’t get my mind on what I was
supposed to be doing.

When I had done all I felt I could do, I took my leave
and headed out, determined to get Liz off my mind. My
only condolence was that I suspected something had come
up relating to her hurried exit after our first
encounter. Anyway, I would handle it.

There was a new bartender named Cortnie at my favorite
watering hole and I thought I would have a few and chat
with her for a while. It was a good choice. I was almost
able to get Liz off my mind. It surprised me that she
had made such an impact on me. Chemistry, I guess.

I had a couple of beers and some excellent Mexican food
and decided to head on home. Cortney had put the smile
back on my face. Her long, red hair and killer body
always put me in a good move even though she was into
other women and had a girlfriend. There was no need to
play those sexual games with her and we could just talk
honestly with each other. I liked her a lot as a person.
She was a pretty great bartender, too.

I have not seen Liz again since our brief encounter. She
left her work and none of the people there know where
she went or how to contact her. I did some poking around
and discovered she may have had a female partner. Rumor
has it that she was heartbroken after Liz left. She
believed Liz’s father had something to do with it. He
was a devoutly religious and had found out about Liz’s
lifestyle to which he objected strenuously.

Whatever happened, I still have hope that Liz will show
up on my doorstep some evening and tell me about it. She
promised me that that one encounter would not be all
there was between us and I believed her. In the
meantime, I will think of her fondly and go on with my
life. After all, ships do pass in the night and
sometimes only once. Maybe in this case there will be a
return trip.