First Time with My Friend Anna

When we arrived at her home we talked as she made coffee, she told me she had parted from her partner some months before, I couldn’t believe my luck!, we sat on the sofa and continued to chat.

She was so easy to talk, you know how sometimes we meet people and just immediately gel with them. As I was talking, she leaned forward and kissed me, I returned her kiss. She pulled away and said ‘Shaun, please will you fuck me?, I have missed you so much.’ She lead me to her bedroom.

Anne drew the curtains and began to unbutton and remove who blouse and skirt, she had beautiful body. I began to undress, I tend to be quite a shy person particualrly when it comes to initiating sex, but this seemed to flow was so natural, was already hard felt like I would explode.

We kissed and touched sitting on the bed. I kissed her neck, moving down to her perfectly rounded breasts, her nipples erect through her bra, I reached round to unfasten, I was struggling with the clasp, we laughed a little, so she reached round to realse her bra and throwing it to the floor.

I took each nipple in my mouth gently sucking, her eyes closed. I moved to kiss her tummy, further down, gently parting her slender legs, exposing tight white lacy panties, kissing and licking the inside of her thighs, I reached and pulled her knickers to one side, exposing her thick black pubic bush her cunt lips were glistening and already engorged, I slipped my tongue delicately teasingly around her erect clit, at the same time sliding a finger, then two into her moist but tight vagina, before working to her slit, sliding my tongue inside her.

Anne let out a quiet moans of delight, her hips undulating slightly, I pullled her panties down over her legs and let them fall to the floor. She parted her legs, I removed my shorts, then remembered that I had no condoms, I asked Anne if she had any she said it was ok, then she had recently started taking the pill, that I needed to hurry.

My cock was throbbing she came forward, taking me in her mouth, her tongue flicking accross the tip of my penis, she worked along the shaft gently grasping my balls, I released my self, as she lay back on the bed parting her legs, grasping her thighs I eased her down to the edge of the bed, she grabbed a pillow placing it under head. holding her leg up I eased the tip of my cock inside her, and gently withdrew, her vagina becoming more and more moist with every stroke.

Anne gripped the sheets, and let out gentle moans as my thrusts became deeper and more urgent. I slowed and withdrew from her, gentle encouraging her to turn round, she got up on all fours, her head against her pillow, her vagina was fully exposed glistening with moisture and pre-cum fluid.

I again eased my cock into her, thrusting grew more and more intense and vigorous, her groans of delight became loader, I was about to cum, I was about explode, restraining myself turned her over and eased down on top of her, my cock slid inside her cunt, wrapping her legs aroung my back, her hands around my neck, thrusting deeply, Anne meet my every thrust, her body undualting and trembling, her hands tightly around me, impelled by nature thrusting grew faster and faster, I shuddered as my body went into uncontrollable spasm crying out with pleasure releasing shot after shot of
spunk into Anne vagina, we collapsed into each others arms still inside we rested for while, her body still trembling. I pulled away and semen was oozing from her glistening exposed vagina, I grabbed a few tissues and cleaned her up.

It was the most exhilarting sexual experience I have ever had, one I will never forget We still remain great friends to this day.