Elve’s Holiday

She could not believe that she was lost. How could she
lose her group? One minute she could see them up on
the snowmobile trail and the next, they were gone. She
got up to a place where two trails met and she had no
idea which way they had turned.

Sandra was on a snowmobile trip with a group of
friends. They went from one bar to the next getting
pretty plastered and then, they would move on to the
next bar. This last one was a race. The one who lost,
had to buy the next round of drinks.

Sandra had problems with her sled and tried her
damnedest to get caught up with them. Now, she did not
know the way. She got so turned around that she did
not know which was up and it was getting cold!!

Sandra finally stopped the sled. She knew she should
keep on trying to find the way, but needed to find her
bearings. The snow was starting to fall again and she
was shivering uncontrollably from the cold. She was
getting tired, too tired. Perhaps if she closed her
eyes for a minute…

Sandra felt fuzzy and warm. She felt like she was
flying away in the air, unsure of what was going on,
nor did she care. She fell into a deeper sleep…

When she came to, she could hear voices and feel
someone carry her into a warm room. She opened her
eyes, but could not see. She was blindfolded. What
was going on? What has happened to me, she wondered?

She could hear this deep jolly voice boom out. “Here
she is guys, all yours for doing a good job for me
this year. Have a good time and leave some for me
later. HO HO HO!!”

Sandra’s eyes went wide with fear. She could not see.
She could feel her clothes being removed from her and
little hands running all over her. Feeling and
pinching her everywhere. Her sensations ran wild. Fear
and strangely arousal at the sensations being caused.

She could hear little voices saying how lovely her
body was and hands feeling her cunt and fingers, tiny
ones rubbing her clit.

“Look. She likes it,” a little voice said.

“She will learn to like what we do later or else,”
said another little voice.

Sandra wondered fearfully what they meant by that. She
was forcefully brought upright by ropes to a standing
position. She could feel she was being tied spread-
eagled with her wrists being bound to two posts and
could hear something like chairs being slid up next to

“Now girlie,” said a voice in her ear, “the fun

The voice was breathing heavily into her ear and she
could feel hands running over her breasts. Pinching
lightly the nipples and then pulling hard on them.
The voice said, “We are sure going to have fun with
these later. But, first we need to get you warmed up a

The hands and the voice moved away and she could hear
some movements behind her. Some hands reached out and
grabbed her ass and run them up and down her cheeks
with fingers lightly probing her asshole.

“SLAP!” A hand spanked her ass. Rubbing again and
“Smack!” on the other cheek. The spanking smarted and
she jerked every time they brought a hand down on her
ass. The slaps were getting pretty hard and her cheeks
were starting to burn from them.

“Take the blindfold off, she needs to see what’s
coming next.” The blindfold came off and Sandra
blinked in the bright light until her eyes got

She was right in her surmise; they were small men
ranging in height from 2 to 3 and 1/2 feet. They
looked young and handsome considering though. Strong
too. Their arms were well muscled and chests were
broad and their legs looked strong too.

The voice in her ear piped up. She could see his face
now. “My name is Jasper. I am the Head of The Elves.
To you I am Master and so are the rest of them. You
will not need to know their names. Except you will
call them “Sir” when addressed. Got that?”

Sandra looked at their stern faces and nodded. Jasper
took one step towards her and slapped her hard on one
of her breasts. Sandra screamed. Jasper said, “I said,
you got that? How do you reply?”

Sandra tearfully responded, “Yes Master.”

“Good. You are going to do just fine girlie, just
fine. We are going to play a game now. It is kind of
like musical chairs. You are going to love this game.”

Jasper leered and went to a box. “Line up guys. One
for each.”

Each of the elves went up to him and he handed out
what looked like the old fashioned paddles missing the
little rubber balls and rubber bands. They then went
and formed a circle around Sandra. “This is one of our
favorite games. We enjoy this one very much.”

Jasper went over to a CD player and stuck a CD into
the case and pressed play.

The heavy metal music had a good steady beat to it and
the elves proceeded to walk around her to the beat.
All of a sudden, as one elf passed her, he reached out
and smacked her hard with the paddle on her ass and
continued on. The next elf did the same.

Around and around they went smacking her ass with the
paddle. Harder and harder. The music was going faster
now and the paddling was keeping time with the beat as
the elves went faster around her.

The paddling was so hard now that they were making
Sandra cry out, “NO PLEASE. STOP IT!”

Tears were welling up in her eyes, but the paddling
continued as long as the music did and the elves were
laughing and crying out with glee at her struggles and
squirms as the paddles hit her flesh.

The music stopped and with one last crack of the
paddle by Jasper they all stopped and looked at her.

Sandra was sobbing helplessly and hanging by her ropes
realizing that she was at their mercy until they tired
of her.

“That was a fun game. Let’s do another.”

Jasper said, “All right. What do you want to play?”

“Well, I know what I want to play,” said one. “Me and
my buddy here have got a bet on how long we can hang
on. Can we see who wins the bet?”

“Sure,” Jasper said. “Go ahead.”

The two elves dragged a chair up to Sandra and climbed
up in front of her. One of them grinned at her and
then they lowered their heads and proceeded to suck on
her nipples. Licking and sucking on them making Sandra
gasp and feeling, it went right in her clit and she
wiggled her hips wishing someone would suck down there

“Mmmm, I like this better than candy canes. But, you
know what I do to candy canes, don’t you?” said one.

“No, what do you do to candy canes?” said another.

“This.” With that word the elf bit down hard on her
nipple and pulled outward on it. Making Sandra cry out
in pain.

“Oooh,” said another. “I like to do that to candy
canes too.” Then he did the same to the other nipple.

Then both of them let their feet go off the chair.
Sandra screamed. They were hanging by their teeth from
her nipples. The rest of the elves laughed and cheered
them on. One group cheering on one, and the other
group supporting the other fellow.

Finally, the first one let go the nipple and fell to
the floor. The second one hung on for a minute more
before he let go and accepted congratulations for
winning the bet and collected his winnings.

Sandra’s nipples hurt. They bled from where the teeth
bit into them and she was crying uncontrollably at her
plight. She kept on hoping this was a dream, but
wondering how a dream could have so much pain.

One of the elves came up to her and climbed onto a
chair. He had ribbon in his hands and he grabbed a
breast and wrapped the ribbon around it bringing it up

He brought it up and around her neck and did the same
with the other breast and then bringing around behind
her back. Over and over he did this until her breasts
just bulged out in front of her and were getting red.
When he finished, he took his time and created the
prettiest bow right between her breasts.

“Look, they are getting redder than Santa’s cheeks.”

“Oh yeah, which ones?” They all laughed at the joke.

The elf who bound her breasts reached down and suckled
the nipples again. Licking the blood off of them and
nursing as he would a baby. Sandra was afraid that he
would jump off and hang by his teeth too, but he

He continued gently nursing each breast and fondling
them as gentle as any lover would. She was unaware of
what he would do next. Then he took his fingers and
started flicking them back and forth across the
nipples making Sandra squeal and coo in pleasure at
this. Another elf came up under her and started
playing with her cunt.

“She is all wet. Anyone for juice?”

The elf started licking her cunt and making her moan
in pleasure and starting to enjoy the pleasure being
given to her. He was playing with her hole with his
fingers, sliding them in and out of her. She felt them
ball up and pop! They slid right in.

The other elves saw this and one ran and grabbed some
more bindings. They bound her thighs to the post so
her legs were wide apart.

“Another game?” Said one.

“Yeah, how many fists can go up a cunt?” The first elf
asked. “Who is in?” The elves came around and started
sliding fingers up alongside the first elf’s fist and
sliding inwards and upwards. Fucking inwards until
they had three fists up there.

“Oh, come on! There’s room for more here.” He jammed
his fist hard up into her making her cry out. And
again he did. The other two did the same.

Another elf came forwards and worked his fist into
her. Four of them hard-fucking her with their fist.
The first elf went back to licking her clit while
fucking her, while another elf came up and another
fist was inserted into her already stuffed pussy.

“No,” said Sandra. “Please, I’ll do anything but no
more fists. PLEASE!”

The elves didn’t listen to her plea. They continued to
simultaneously fuck her and another came forwards and
worked himself in there too. Six little elves fisting
her at once. She felt like she was being torn in two.
The first elf did not stop licking her clit and she
was getting aroused despite the pain and getting close
to what was to be the first of many orgasms that

“She’s getting tight in here, about ready to blow.”

“Let her blow,” said Jasper. “She has more of them
coming yet tonight.”

With that, Jasper came forwards and inserted his fist
in too. It was all it took to get Sandra over the
edge. She came in spasms. Starting at her gut and
spreading down her legs and then upwards over her
body. She screamed in the pain and the pleasure of all
of those fists inside of her.

One by one the elves popped their fist out. Licking
the juices off of their hands and smiling at the

“Oooo yummy. This is going to be one fun night!”