The Making of a Hotwife, the training of a cuckold

It started from the moment I met my wife.

I was happily married at the time, or so I thought,
until she opened my eyes and set free the desires and
passions that I didn’t realize I had.

She was a new hire for the company, one of about a
dozen. I first saw her walking through the halls on her
orientation tour. I was immediately struck by her and
she hasn’t left my mind for a day since.

Jen is a very attractive woman. She stands about 5’2″
and has an athletic frame. Her face shines coyly from
the frame of her flaxen hair and her stormy grey-blue
eyes pierce right through to your soul.

Her breasts are proportionate to her frame, not too
large nor too small. Just the right size that made them
stand out firm and proud.

She had this way of smiling suggestively at you while
her eyes seemed so alive, playful, that it made your
pulse quicken and your breath pause.

I would learn later as we grew closer that her eyes
would always betray her. She may say no, but they always
belied the little vixen hiding, dancing, within.

Back then I had convinced myself I was a ‘face’ man. I
was most interested about the overall beauty and
attractiveness of a woman’s face foremost, everything
else came second. Jennifer did not disappoint me. Her
face was amazing; however, it was what I saw after she
passed me by that really set the hook.

Her sweet, round, pawg ass.

The way it swayed and sort of jiggled lightly as she
took each step. I had seen this before, but she had
something else. She walked with a power and a confidence
that pulled everything together and screamed out loud
that she knew how to use what God had given her.

If you have seen that walk you know exactly what I mean.
It is that walk and sense of sexual energy that
separates the pretty from the lusted.

As time went by we grew closer. I know now that she was
seducing me. Relentlessly seducing me. I enjoyed every
minute of it.

I left my wife and we moved in together. She did things
to me that I had only seen in porn or read about in
stories. It was fan-fucking-tastic.

She told me about things she had done, like having two
men at once, about fucking her boyfriend while another
guy watched through a window and preferring to swallow
when she gave head.

We had sex in public. She would take off her clothes and
masturbate while I drove her car. She introduced me to
prostate stimulation while devouring the head of my cock
like an ice cream cone in July. She pushed my
boundaries, she challenged me. She owned me.

The natural course of events happened. We got married
and had kids. The flames burned lower, but never out.

They would flare up every once in a while. Like the time
we went skiing without the kids and as we lay in bed
watching one of those dating shows she told me that if
she went on that show she would kiss her date, maybe

After some prodding she admitted she would fuck him.
Even if she was married. We had fantastic sex as we
talked about what she would do. The seed had been
planted, by her.

Over the next few years it would come up while we had
sex. More and more I talked about it, convinced it was I
that was steering her.

I told her how sexy she was and how it excited me to
think about it. I told her I had seen how men reacted to
her and that I had watched her flirting before.

She would fuck me a little faster, a little harder and
always came shuddering above me when I told her about my

Most of all, she kept planting little seeds of
suggestion along the way. Nothing big enough to shock
me, just enough to leave me curious for more.

I never really thought it would go anywhere beyond talk
or fantasy and honestly as much as I liked jerking off
to the ‘idea’, I was not so sure about reality.

That was about to change.

We planned to have a few people over one night. Nothing
special, just a typical beer/wine thing and some
munchies. Jen had invited a few people from her office.
She had become much to successful at my old company and
found greener pastures and better pay across town.

Jen told me that there was a guy, Peter, at her office
she wanted me to talk to about some design ideas so she
had invited him. She had talked about him once in a
while before. She told me that he was married, but that
a lot of the girls at the office were trying to turn his

“Just like I turned yours,” she laughed. If I had been
paying attention then I would have seen the little vixen
dancing in her eyes, but, then again, maybe I did and
ignored it anyway…..

Jen spent most of the day getting the house ready,
preparing food and just doing the average hostess stuff.
I noticed, however, that as the time got closer she
prepared more like she was going on a date than having
friends over for drinks.

She wore a new shelf bra that I had not seen before. It
was that kind that lifts and holds the breasts from
underneath. The white lace fringe dancing below her
nipples and areoles, allowing them to be easily seen,
and accessed if necessary.

Boy, did it work well. The lovely crowns of her breasts
were rosy and so inviting contrasted against the
innocent looking lace. The flesh of her breasts spilled
slightly over the edge of the bra since she had grown a
cup or so since having kids. I loved that look, that ‘I
am too big for my bra’ look.

The bra matched a white lace thong she slipped on. The
globes of her ass hanging there uncovered in the air.
She hadn’t worn a thong in years. Not since before the
kids. I always told her how much I loved feeling her ass
through sheer pants knowing that there were no panties
in the way. No grandma panties.

I saw my target and moved to run my hands over her
exposed cheeks. This was nothing new. I worshiped her
ass and she knew it. She liked it. Tonight, however, she
frowned disapprovingly and told me that we didn’t have
time to mess around right now.

She finished dressing by throwing on a silvery-white
silk blouse and a nice pair black silk pants. The shirt
was open enough at the neck so that when she bent over
someone was going to get a great view of her nipples
open and inviting because of the shelf bra. The pants
were some of my favorite because of the way they just
glided over her ass and allowed for the free jiggle and
sway that got me excited.

“Hey, you look fantastic! Who are you trying to
impress?” Just looking at her was making me horny as

She looked beautiful. She looked like a predator. I was
actually thinking that I might catch a few guys trying
to hit on her and see Jen get them all worked up. We
could talk about it as we fucked later.

“Oh, you never know.” Was her non-committal reply, but
the smile and shine in her eyes told me something was
up. Dance little vixen, dance. My first thought was
Peter. I ended up being right.

Everything was great, about a dozen people showed up. We
mingled around the house and by the pool. Jen introduced
me to Peter. He was a tall, muscular looking man. Dark
hair, tanned skin and about ten years younger than us.
We talked for a few minutes and he was polite, but his
eyes would always stray to my wife.

I could see him mentally undressing her.

Jen, for her part, was shamelessly flirting with him.
Lightly touching his arm, laughing at the slightest
joke, making strong eye contact and flipping her hair
like a school girl. She also made sure that she bent low
enough to allow her shelf bra work as intended. She made
sure to put her foot down a little harder when she
walked to make her ass flesh sway seductively.

Peter noticed every bit of it.

At one point I cornered her in the kitchen, “Are you
flirting with that man?”

“Maybe,” she said, her voice trailing off suggestively
as she walked over to me.

“Is it bothering you?” She traced the side of my face
with her hand and got even closer.

“Well, is it?” She asked in her most seductive tone. A
low, almost cat purr of a tone as her index finger
traced over my lips and she pressed her body against
mine. “Or, do you like it?”

My head was swimming, I had found it exciting to watch
her. At the same time I thought I should be doing
something about it, defending what was mine. As she
pressed against me I became aroused.

I looked down at her breasts. I noticed that she had
opened the neck of her blouse just a little more. Just
enough so that someone standing over her, like I was
now, or Peter had been not two minutes before, could see
right through the open neck of her blouse and get a
great view of her tits.

It made me hard and she could feel it.

“Do you like my new bra, daddy?” She whispered smokily
as she lifted my chin with her index finger. “I think
someone else does too…” She teasingly hissed into my
ear as she broke away and turned to walk back out to the
party. To Peter.

I watched her ass sway as she strutted off. She was
operating in full Jezebel mode and sending out strong

Eventually people started leaving and I realized that I
had not seen Jen and Peter lately. I felt it was odd, so
I went looking. I found them in the kitchen drinking
wine and chatting. I saw that my wife was getting very
chummy with him. She was leaning very close and would
laugh and touch him on the chest as he spoke.

He was leaning over her. It almost looked like he was
trying to whisper in her ear as he spoke, but I could
see from the way she leaned slightly back and allowed
unblocked access to the open neck of her shirt that he
was leaning over to get an eyeful of her tits and not
for clarity of conversation. Judging by the sizeable
bulge in his trousers, he liked what he saw. Very much.

She was getting very flirty with this man as I watched.
Then it happened. He leaned in for a kiss, his hand
sliding its way up to her breasts. She cocked her head
to receive the kiss and ran her hand along his arm as it
traveled toward her heaving breasts. She had a look of
excited lust on her face. I could see her wedding ring
as her hand found the side of his face.

I coughed loudly.

He appeared shocked at having been caught. Not her. She
had that naughty gleam in her eye that I have seen oh so
many times. I told her that flirting with someone else
right in front of me was not too cool, but I must admit
that it was exciting.

“That wasn’t flirting. This is flirting,” she responded,
kissing him as she undid his zipper and removed his cock
right there in the kitchen in front of me. I couldn’t
move. I was angry, but the sexual excitement I felt at
seeing her hand on his cock as she kissed him froze me
in my spot.

She continued to kiss him and stroke his manhood as it
grew. He had a large cock. Bigger than mine for sure.

She broke the kiss long enough to look into his eyes and
purr, “My, my. Someone sure is a big boy…”

I was mesmerized by what I saw. She was lightly rubbing
her hand up and down his shaft, fondling the large
purplish head. She kept kissing him. The sides of their
cheeks puffing as their tongues dueled for space. He had
undone a couple more buttons to her shirt and worked his
hand inside. The shelf bra left her nipples exposed and
he took full advantage by squeezing and tweaking them
between his fingers.

Jen broke the kiss, “Do you like what you see?” She
stroked kept running her hand up and down his shaft as
she spoke to me. Her voice a mix of lust and taunting.
“Is watching me stroke this big, fat cock turning you

She did not wait for my reply as she dropped to her
knees and began pleasuring him with her very skilled
oral work. He just threw his head back and groaned his
approval as she licked the tip and continued to stroke
him, her open shirt allowing full view of her erect
nipples and flushed skin.

She worked earnestly on his cock, taking as much in as
she could, as he stroked her hair. Peter looked over at

“Your wife sucks amazing cock!” He gloated. Here he was
in my kitchen with my wife sucking his cock right in
front of me. Why not gloat?

She was determined to make him cream. The slurping
sounds of her mouth sliding up and down another man’s
dick mixed together with their moans of desire filled
the kitchen. My own cock was straining to be touched.
Jen looked over at me as she licked the head of his
cock. I could see in that look that she was getting off
on doing this in front of me. It was exciting her to
have me watch her.

“I wonder how his come tastes,” she said, as she looked
over at me, stroking him with one hand and tracing the
tip with the index finger of the other.

“Maybe some other time. I have other plans for it
today.” She bent forward and kissed the pre-cum oozing
from the slit.

She stood up and lead him by the hand to the couch on
the other room. She pushed him lightly backward and he
went to pull her down on top of him as he flopped into
the large, soft cushions. She stopped him by raising one
finger, like a librarian scolding a rowdy student.

Jen turned to face me as he ran his hands up the sides
of her legs and held her ass. She slipped away from him
and came over toward me and told me that now was the
time for me to make a choice.

She said that after telling her my fantasies of watching
her fuck, here was my chance to actually see it. She
said that she would ride his cock, but it was my choice.
She said that if I wanted to see her actually doing the
things I had told her about as we made love, then I
needed to take off her pants and underwear. She said she
wouldn’t do anything else until I made that choice. She
said that she would still love me and only me, this
would just be sex, and I would get to watch every bit of

I was frozen. I didn’t know what to think. I was torn
between my erotic fantasy driven desires and the man I
thought I was supposed to be. No real man let his wife
fuck around, especially not in front of him and never
found excitement in it.

Then she stepped closer to me.

I could smell the sweet wine on her breath and the
dampness of her sex. She leaned closer and whispered in
my ear. She said that it was turning her on to be
naughty in front of me, to be the woman of my fantasies.
She whispered that she would do what I wanted, she was
very wet and ready to show me the things I had told her
about. My inhibitions were fading.

To help sell her invitation she began to massage my
already straining cock through my pants. She looked deep
into my eyes and smiled as she felt the granite hiding
in my pants.

She whispered, “I guess I have my answer,” as she took
my hand and guided it to her belt.

She stared in my eyes as I undid her pants and removed
her clothes. When I got to her thong, she placed her
hands on my shoulders and guided me down so that my face
was level with her freshly shaved quim as I worked her
panties down to the floor. I could smell her musky
desire and the silken dew forming on her lips. I looked
up at her and she smiled down at me and raised me up,
stepping out of her underwear.

Once she was completely naked she guided my head to her
breast and stroked my head. As I sucked her nipple.

“I am going to let him fuck me with that big cock. You
know that, right? He is going to fuck me senseless and
make me cum. Can you imagine the sight of me cumming on
another man’s cock?” She said to me as I nursed her one
last time before another man claimed her pussy.

She moved away from me and over to the couch. I watched
as my wife, my naked, beautiful wife began to do things
to this other man right in front of me that I had
fantasies about.

He appeared to enjoy the fact that he was going to fuck
her in front of me. He told me how good the things she
was doing to him felt. He said that he had wanted to
fuck her for a while, always seeing her walking around
the office. He liked the way her ass jiggled.

She stopped getting him ready and moved to the floor on
all fours, her ass up high and proud. He caressed her
womanly curves and positioned himself behind her. He
massaged her ass as he spoke to me sincerely.

“This is a fantastic, soft, round ass. I love how it
moves when she walks. Your wife is sooo fucking hot! I
have wanted her, I have fucking stroked my cock in my
office as I watched her bending over at the copier.”

He stayed still, not attempting to enter her. “Grab my
cock, Jennifer. I want you to put me inside of you while
he watches.”

She looked at me and said that she wanted to watch me
stroking myself as she allowed him to fuck her.

I did. I sat back in my favorite chair and stroked my
cock as I watched my wife take hold of his cock and move
it up and down, spreading her warm juices around to
allow him smooth entry. She kept looking at me as she
lowered her head to the pillow on the floor and pushed
her hips back toward him.

I could see the look in her eyes as he entered her.

She moaned, “Oh, he is so fucking big! I have never had
anyone this big!”

He smiled and slapped her ass lightly as she bounced
back and forth on him. Her ass was jiggling and I could
hear the slap of their skin as they rammed together. I
could see the wave of the impact moving through her ass,
her hips, her breasts and making her brace herself
against the floor.

He began to thrust back at her. I could hear the
squishing, sucking sounds of her pussy gripping his
broad cock.

My wife was fucking another man in front of me and I was
enjoying it. Her tits were swaying back and forth and in
slight circles as he pounded into her. I could smell
their copulation.

She was moaning in a low, steady growl as her first
orgasm built deep within her. Her face was red, mouth
open and eyes closed as she concentrated on pushing back
at him and riding out on her orgasmic wave.

Peter looked at me as slapped my wife’s ass while
fucking her. He slapped her hard enough to leave a red
mark. She moaned louder as her orgasm overtook her.

“Slap me harder!” she half wailed ad half moaned.

He obliged, the smacking sound ringing in my ears along
with the sound of her release.

“Oh, fuck! I am fucking cumming again! OOOOOH!” she
screamed into the bend of her elbow to keep the noise

It was everything I had thought it would be. It was the
most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Eventually she recovered and disengaged from him long
enough to have him lay back and mount him. She was in
her favorite position, right on top, in charge and
moving her ass up and down as someone fondled her ass
and nursed on her breasts.

Peter was thoroughly enjoying himself. His hands
wandered freely all over her body. He massaged her ass
as he feasted on her breasts.

Peter smiled his approval at me, “Jennifer is the best
fuck I have ever had.” he was panting as he spoke, she
was giving him a great workout. His muscles gleaned and
he was shiny with fucksweat.

“I may have to fuck her again, you don’t mind do you?
How about you Jen, do you like my big cock fucking you
in front of your husband?”

“Oh, fuck yes. I love your big cock in my pussy! Fuck me
harder, I want my husband to see you make me cum again.”
her voice trailed off as she dipped her head and braced
her hands on his chest as her orgasm returned. I had
never made her cum with such abandon.

She continued to ride him as his hands wandered all over
her soft body. She dismounted and bent over the cushions
of the couch. She looked back over her shoulder at me as
she seductively moved her ass side to side, an
invitation for him to finish.

Her new conquest moved in behind her and easily slid
back into her. I knew from my own time inside her how
warm, wet, smooth and at the same time firm it felt. But
I had never fucked her as thoroughly as this. He was a
bull taking his calf, bending her body to the pleasures
of his cock!

“Fuck, Jen, you have the best fucking pussy I have ever
had! I was right about you!” He looked over at me and
smiled. His big cock pistoning in and out of my wife. I
could see her pussy lips making a tight seal around his
shaft, as if trying to work the cum out of his balls.

“You don’t mind if I cum inside you, do you?” He wanted
to claim her completely, to mark her as his. To take
her. He stopped fucking her while waiting for the

Without missing a beat, she kept working her ass around
in circles, rolling her hips, milking his cock. She
didn’t voice her answer, but she looked at me and
waited, “It is up to you” was all she said, but the
desire on her face told me what she really wanted. What
I wanted to see….

“Go ahead” was all I could think to say.

It worked. He resumed fucking in and out of her, but
this time his strokes seemed a little longer and a
little harder. He was fucking her with a purpose now, he
was going to cum in another man’s wife.

She continued to stare at me and put her head down on
the couch as he grasped her firmly about the waist. All
in one move he locked himself in as close to her as he
could, while pulling her tightly back against him.

“He is going to cum in me…I can feel his cock
swelling. He is so big it is right up against my
cervix…!” I could see by the look in her eyes and on
her face she enjoyed telling me.

But she didn’t have to tell me. I knew what was coming.
He was going to cum inside of her. He loudly groaned as
he released into her. Her eyes went wide and glazed

“Oh, God! I can feel it! His cum is so fucking warm! He
is breeding me!” her voice trailed off as she came on
another man’s cock. She was taking her bull’s seed into
her womb, she was his now.

He shuddered as he came, white mancream oozing out from
her pussy and around his cock. She kept moving her hips,
milking him, riding her own final orgasmic wave.

“Oh, FUCK!” was all he could manage to say as he
collapsed forward over her back. His upper body covering
her like a blanket as she remained bent over the couch
in the doggy-style position.

After he finished, he withdrew from my wife. A torrent
of cum gushed from inside of her. I wondered how much
more was in there, I also wondered if she had taken her

He got up and went into the bathroom, his cock swaying
impressively as he strutted confidently from the room. I
could not take my eyes from it and noticed that it
glistened from the coating of fuck juices it had

My wife remained bent over the couch for a few minutes,
riding the post fuck glow as their juices ran down her
leg and onto our floor.

A few minutes later I could hear Peter leaving on his
motor cycle as she rose and came over to me.

She reached between her legs and gathered some of the
juices that were still flowing out of her womb. She
coated my cock heavily with them and began stroking me.
I could smell their sex.

I was aching for relief. I wanted to cum when he did. I
wanted to walk over and spray my seed on her back, but I
waited. She asked me if I had enjoyed what I saw. I told
her that I did, I told her that she looked fucking

She continued moving her hand up and down my length as
she told me that it was sooo exciting to have me
watching her as she had sex with someone.

She said that she was nervous, but that she decided to
pick Peter because he was married and she didn’t want a
boyfriend. She looked at me and said that she had also
picked him because she had heard about his cock from one
of the girls at work that had dated him in high school.

She kept talking and explaining to me as she reached
between her legs for more lubricant. She coated the
outside of my anus with the mixture of her juices and
his cum as she took me in her mouth and slipped her
finger through my sphincter and into my ass.

I felt her teasing my swollen, fluid filed prostate as
her tongue swirled around the head of my rigid cock. The
thought occurred to me in my orgasm craving mind that my
wife had just put another man’s cum in my ass….

Soon any thoughts other than my own pending release
vanished in a haze of her skilled oral manipulations and
the afterglow of what I had witnessed her doing to Peter
in front of me.

She stopped sucking, but kept toying with my gland, as
she looked up devilishly at me. She told me that she had
not planned on the bareback part. She said that she had
placed some condoms in the drawer by the bed, but that
they ended up out here instead and it just kind of

Then she looked me in the eye and said, “I guess it was
a bad time to stop taking my pills….!” Quickly, her
mouth went back down to cover my cock.

That did it. I groaned loudly and she took me in her
mouth as I came. I exploded like a rocket, it felt like
my cock exploded and disappeared in a cloud of semen as
she milked me with her mouth and massaged my prostate.
It felt amazing and she swallowed every drop.

“There, all better!” She purred as she removed her mouth
from my rapidly deflating cock.

She looked at my dwindling member, moving it around with
her fingers, before stating somewhat offhandedly, “Gee,
I hadn’t really noticed until now how MUCH bigger he was
then you!” “Oh, well, that doesn’t matter, does it?”

She kissed my slumbering penis, then rose and strutted
off to the bathroom to clean up. Her ass wiggling
invitingly as she went, a trail of her bull’s baby
making seed drizzling down the inside of her legs!

I had a feeling things were going to be different from
now on…